Telogia School Burns

Bristol Free Press

September 11, 1930

SCHOOL HOUSE GOES UP IN SMOKE MONDAY Monday night between nine and ten o’clock the school house at Telogia went up in smoke. This being the second time it caught fire within twenty-four hours. Around the same time Sunday night it was detected that the front porch of the building was on fire but this was soon extinguished. The school building had been remodeled some time last year at a cost of more than two thousand dollars and seated with new desks. School began there Monday, September 1st. under adverse circumstances and there had been no fire in the building since school began. It was generally thought here Monday when it was learned that it was found on fire Sunday night that a spark from the train that night caught it, but since it caught and burned completely up Monday night, there is not any doubt now but what it was directly caused by the hand of some incendiarian. The Telogia School is located in a special school district and is in good shape financially. It is not known whether the building will be rebuilt, but is rather expected that they will consolidate with either Hosford or Bristol, both of which is located in separate special school districts. The building was partially covered by insurance.

contributed by Amber Lollie


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