Hosford Elementary & Jr. High School

1938 - 39 First Grade Class

Teacher:  Allie Roberts

Transcribed By Amber Lollie

Last Name



Birth Date

Parent  or Guardian

Atkinson Betty


9/9/31 Mary Atkinson
Cartwright Jerldine   6/6/32 Delton Cartwright
Clay Henry   12/20/32 Dave Clay
Colvin James E. 1/22/31  
Creel Charles F. 5/12/30  
Duggar Carla   6/26/32 Adelbert Duggar
Duggar Evon   2/21/32 Charlie Duggar
Elliott Geneva   5/26/31 J. D. Elliott
Elliott Mary   12/20/32 J. D. Elliott
Glisson J. M.   8/26/31  
Hosford Duncan   6/3/31 R. L. Hosford
Hosford Issac   12/2/32 R. L. Hosford
Howell Gertrude   6/8/31 J. W. Howell
Ireland Emma   11/26/31 Leo Ireland
Johnson Elizabeth   11/2/31 William Johnson
Jones Dorthy    

William Jones

Kent Charles   5/7/31 Melvin Kent
King Oleah   6/1/32 Jim King
Kyle Clyde     W. J. Kyle
Lee Billy   1/19/32 Roy Lee
Lewis Massey   8/27/32 Mrs. W. M. Meggs
Love Katie Sue 11/22/32 Jack Love
Love James E. 6/26/32 John Love
Mercer Jimmie   1/9/33 Boone Mercer
Mercer L. V.   9/7/31 Lewis Mercer
Phillips Albert   5/7/31 Albert Phillips
Phillips Marion   5/4/32 Albert Phillips
Pyne Janice   1/28/31 Dave Pyne
Rudd Darleen   11/9/32 M. J. Rudd
Russell Doris   12/18/30 Rosa Bass
Sanders Dewey   1/28/32 Olan Sanders
Sanders J. L.   12/9/32 J. P. Sanders
Shuler Catherine   3/6/32 Chester Shuler
Smith Agnes   1/8/31 Howard Shuler
Stamm Rose Marie 5/10/31 W. J. Stamm
Stoutamire Earline   1/28/31 S. J. Stoutamire
Sykes Sadie Irene 9/19/32 Charlie Sykes
Tharp Betty   8/9/31 Roy Tharp


Mellie     Albert Whitaker

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