Forts built between 1838/1843

* Fort Roger Jones (1839), Aucilla (Ocilla Ferry), north of US 90.

* Fort Noel (1839 - 1842), south of Lamont on the Aucilla River,
   six miles (10 km) northwest of Fort Pleasant in Taylor County.
   Also known as Fort Number 3.

* Camp Carter (1838), near Waukeenah.

* Fort Welaunee (1838), a settlers’ fort built on the Welaunee Plantation near Wacissa.

* Fort Gamble (1839 - 1843) established on the site of Fort Welaunee.

* Fort Aucilla (1843),two miles(3 km) south-east of Fort Gamble, southwest of Lamont, between the Aucilla and Wacissa Rivers. Also spelled Ocilla.

* Fort Wacissa (1838), a settlers’ fort located south of Wacissa on the Wacissa River, West of the Cabbage Grove.

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