Surveyed by:  Verne O'Neal


There is a single grave with a CSA Memorial (2nd Lieut. George W. White, 1880-1860).  It is located about 200 feet down Ed Bishop Road where it leaves SR 2578 about a mile south of I-10.

The gravestone is off the dirt road (Ed Bishop Road) about 40-50 feet on the right side (South).  It is visible from the road in the bush.  It appears to be visited occasionally, as there was a red bow on it.  I found out that there could be 20-30 people buried there with no markers and this was the site of an old church.  From George White's family I understand his wife and 11-year-old son are buried next to him.  The graveyard has been cut and cleaned in recent years but it is grown up again with the large oaks.  It is typical of many forgotten cemeteries of our early settlers of Jefferson County.


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