Surveyed by:  Lynn Davis


 A. B. Clayton/1841/Aug. 25, 1887’

This is Anguish Butler Clayton, b. 14 Mar 1841 in Lowndes County , GA, d.25 Aug 1887 in Jefferson Co., FL from complications from dysentery contracted during the Civil War.  He was the son of Joseph W. Clayton and Harriet A. Kinsey?.


 Victoria A. Clayton     November 28, 1843/September 17, 1912’

This is Victoria Ann Brickle Clayton, wife of Anguish Butler Clayton.  She was born in Lloyd, Jefferson Co., FL and died in Gainesville , Alachua Co., FL.  She was the daughter of John Hamilton Brickle and Ann Young.


 Florida V.’ Clayton

This is Florida Victoria Clayton, born  21 Mar 1913 in  Gainesville, Alachua Co., FL and died  28 Dec 1913
in Quincy, Gadsden Co.,


 ‘Clara V.     Jan. 13, 1916/April 11, 1916’

This is Clara Vertie Clayton.  She was born and died in Quincy, Gadsden Co., FL.  She was a twin – her twin’s name was Nettie Virginia Clayton and she lived into her 70s. 


 O. J. Jr        3-28-1917/9-19-1917’

This is Orlando John Clayton, Jr.  The family Bible shows his date of birth as  23 Mar 1917 and death 9 Dec 1917 .  I tend to believe the family Bible.  He was born and died in Quincy, Gadsden Co., FL.





    Florida Victoria, Clara Vertie, Nettie Virginia and Orlando John, Jr., were all the children of Orlando John Clayton and Virgie Andrews. 
    Orlando John Clayton was the son of Anguish Butler Clayton and Victoria Ann Brickle.   


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