1895 Population of several Florida Towns

As the years pass and Florida’s population grows by the thousands each year, we tend to forget how few people were in Florida just a hundred years ago or less.

    When I came across these population figures for some of the towns in our own area of Jefferson County and the some of surrounding towns I was amazed. I looked at other towns in Florida and found it very interesting of where people were in 1895 in Florida. Some towns that were very populated then, barely exist now and others that didn’t exist then are heavily populated now. One of the big surprises was Key West. As the largest and richest town in Florida in 1895, it had 18,080 people with 200 cigar factories. In 2000 there was 25,478 people living there, most retired.

Monticello was then (at 1216 people) and still is, the largest town in Jefferson County. It has about doubled in population to 2,541 people in 2008. This represents only 17.5% of the population of 14,451 people in Jefferson County in 2008.


The following is the 1895 populations of some towns in Jefferson County, the nearby counties and some of the larger towns in Florida.  Keep in mind that the population of North Florida was mostly rural farmers and these figures represent only the “Townies”.  However the size of the towns represented the density of the rural populations of the time.  Enjoy ….

By Verne O'Neal

Town Number
Aucilla 216
Greenville 300
Hayward's Land 256
Iamonia 301
Lloyd 351
Waukeenah 402
Salem 101
Madison 781
Monticello 1,216
Perry 107
Pinhook 43
Spring Warrior 23
St Marks 76
Stephenville 76
Tallahassee 2,934
Quincy 681
River Junction 402
Chattahoochee 383
Apalachicola 2,727
Alamo 203
Bloxham 5
Bristol 304
Carrabelle 482
Marianna 926
Mt. Pleasan 32
Scotland 52
Smith Creek 32
Sneads 101
Jacksonville 17,201
St. Augustine 4,742
Palatka 3,039

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