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Civil War   1861-1865

       Confederate States of America Postage Stamp           
       C S A Pension Files

Spanish American War   1898

World War I   1917-1918

World War II  1941-1945

     Hillsborough County, Fl World War II Casualties - Army and Air Force   
     Hillsborough County, fl World War II Casualties- Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard
Ficarrotta, Herman E. US Army
Hallock, Duncan US Army Brig. General  Ret.
 Roberts, Murray Bonnell S Sgt KIA

 Korean War   1950-1953

Aldridge Eugene Gilbert 1Lt Air Force Tampa   12-Jul-54 Died While Missing  
Anderson Alfred J   Pfc Army Hillsborough 24 Nov-51 Killed in Action
Burbage  Byron McQuady Capt  Marines Tampa  24 Jul 51 Killed in Action
Burke Doyle J   2Lt  Army Hillsborough 28 May 51 Killed in Action
Bush William D 1Lt  Air Force  Tampa 2 Apr 51 Died while Captured
Coiner  Randall E  2Lt  Army  Hillsborough 16 Apr 53 Killed in Action
Cooper  James W  Pvt Army  Hillsborough 11 Sep 50 Killed in Action
Cox Joseph D   Capt Army  Hillsborough 30 Nov 50 Killed in Action
Du  Bose Clyatt R Pfc Army  Hillsborough  5 Jul 50  Died while Captured
Eppley  Richard Lev Cpl  Marines Tampa   28 Nov 50 Killed in Action
Escalante  William Pvt Army Hillsborough  13 Jan 53 Died While Missing
Farmer  John N  Sgt Army Hillsborough  8 Apr 51 Killed in Action
Goodwin  Andres J Pvt  Army Hillsborough  18 Oct 52  Killed in Action
Hall  Roger Clififod  ????? 1Lt Air Force Hillsborough  26 Apr 54 Died While Missing
Hilgerson John J   Pvt  Army Hillsborough  17 Aug 50 Killed in Action
Hodges James L  Pfc Army Hillsborough  18 Sep 50 Killed in Action


Ficarrotta, Herman US Army
Ficarrotta, Joseph Frank US Army instructor combat photography
Longway, Mark Decorated Air Force Veteran 10 Sep 2010 Hillsborough Co, Fl


Vietnam War   1962-1975

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Desert Storm - Persian Gulf, Iraq 1991



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