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Updated  10 July 2011


Hillsborough County Cemeteries Online 

As our cemeteries age, the stones often become unreadable as well as some only had metal FHM (Funeral Home Markers) to start with and those are often lost or letters switched around making it hard to determine if you are getting the correct information at all or not.  The listings from the USGW Archives are several years old and will probably give some information not available now.  By the same token they are not updated as the years go by in most cases.  To help you find your loved ones site, Chuck Matson has also given permission to add his more recent website to help with newer additions.  He has had a tremendous amount of help from others in the actual photographing of the tombstones. Please view his listing at < http://www.hillsboroughcountycemeteries.com/ >   If you still are unable to find what you are looking for, please email me and I will try to get the information for you. 

These cemetery lists below are posted in the US Gen Web Tombstone Project Archives thanks to the hard work of the Greater Brandon Genealogical Society and others that have contributed their time and effort.

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A special thanks to Mr. Chuck Matson for allowing his compilation of the cemeteries of Hillsborough County to be added HERE for your research.

You may also add to the Cremains, Columberiums, Memorial Gardens, Interments of Hillsborough residents outsite the county here. It is helpful to those whose family members were not placed in a normal cemetery setting to have a record of where they may be found. It will save researchers much frustration. Please consider sending them to me.

Robles Cemetery  Donated by Sue Bodishbaugh
Drive east on Sligh Avenue, and just before the 4-way stop at 30th Street, on your left, on the north side of the road, back in the stand of large old  oak trees, there is a small cemetery with about a dozen markers. A short  concrete block wall divides the sidewalk and the cemetery.

The cemetery wall itself, mostly red bricks, is broken in many places. Inside, portions have been bricked off for different families. A few  markers are outside the wall. All have a chain fence to the back of the property but the front is open to the public. Some markers are worn smooth.  No sign, no explanation. Some of the stones bear the sign of the Woodmen of the World.

Bloomingdale Cemetery  Donated by Sue Bodishbaugh located in Brandon, Hillsborough County Florida.
Bloomingdale Cemetery  List of internments at Bloomingdale Cemetery

Matthews Cemetery Donated by Diane Cooper