1. Aebi, Mary L.
  2. Aebi, Urs
  3. Allen, Addie
  4. Allen, Christopher Columbus
  5. Allen, George Edward
  6. Allen, George Martin
  7. Allen, Martha M. Hutto
  8. Allen, Muffin
  9. Anderson, Carl
  10. Anderson, Ingrid
  11. Arey, Ann Paulette
  12. Arey, James Ray
  13. Arsenault, Priscilla T.
  14. Arsenault, Robert Joseph
  15. Baker, Celestia Althea
  16. Baker, Paul O'Brien
  17. Barrow, John J.
  18. Barrow, Martha O'Daniel
  19. Black, Glenn Thomas
  20. Black, Mary Jane "Kress"
  21. Blanton, Henry Edward, Sr.
  22. Blanton, Robert Salter
  23. Bowen, Clarence Marvin
  24. Bowen, J. E.
  25. Boyett, Bessie Collins
  26. Boyett, William Benjamin
  27. Brass, Terry Joseph
  28. Brinson, Mary L.
  29. Bryant, Joshua J.

  30. Bryant, Mattie F.

  31. Buskirk, Mark Van
  32. Campbell, Allie William
  33. Clark, Joe M.

  34. Combs, James T.
  35. Combs, Mary Louise
  36. Cox, Elizabeth Jane

  37. Davis, John Clifford
  38. Davis, John F.
  39. Davis, Melton Marshall
  40. Davis, Miley
  41. Davis, Ursula Miley
  42. Dean, Derenda Diane

  43. Dean, Lummie L.

  44. Dean, Marvin H.

  45. Edwards, Ellen S.
  46. Edwards, Frank S.
  47. Edwards, Rubye Alice Peavy
  48. Edwards, William Jones
  49. Evans, Edna C.
  50. Evans, Norman B.
  51. Exum, Amelia B.
  52. Exum, Baby Ray

  53. Exum, Elvis

  54. Exum, Guy A.
  55. Exum, James L.

  56. Exum, Jeremiah Ian

  57. Exum, Jesse J.

  58. Exum, Johnnie H.

  59. Exum, Keith M.

  60. Farmer, Carolyn Peavy Urquhart
  61. Farmer, Herbert O.
  62. Fetterolf, Leroy W.
  63. Fleetwood, Carolyn Edwards
  64. Fleetwood, Charles William
  65. Fleetwood, Richard D., Sr.
  66. Flowers, Ludie A.
  67. Fountain, Thomas G.
  68. Freeman, Etta Colston

  69. Garner, James R.
  70. Garner, Luther Webster
  71. Garner, Roger Nelson
  72. Garner, Timothy Allen
  73. Garrett, Edward C.
  74. Garrett, Hester J.
  75. Garrett, Mervin E.
  76. Gibson, Ronald Dean

  77. Gilbert, Alma Laura

  78. Gill, Verna Mae - Age 7 years June 3, 1942 - No headstone

  79. Gillentine, Rose Marie
  80. Gipson, Billie Jean III
  81. Goodson, Alvie W.
  82. Goodson, Eva Mae
  83. Goodson, Frank Elijah
  84. Goodson, Fred A.

  85. Goodson, Johnnie Mae

  86. Goodson, Ollie H.
  87. Goodson, Riley R.

  88. Goodson, Sandra
  89. Goodson, Sernia

  90. Goss, Effie L.
  91. Gunn, Dealder F.
  92. Gunn, James T.
  93. Hale, Estelle
  94. Hale, James
  95. Hale, James G.
  96. Hanna, Larry G.
  97. Heath, Herbert H.
  98. Hesion, Scott
  99. Hinson, Ernest H.
  100. Hinson, Ronnie I.
  101. Hinson, Viola Ivie
  102. Hurst, Baby girl
  103. Hurst, Charlie Perry

  104. Hurst, Howard D.

  105. Hurst, Mary A.
  106. Hurst, Missouri McClellan

  107. Hurst, Richard
  108. Hutto, B. Lee
  109. Hutto, Violet M.
  110. Hutto, Wiley L. Jr. - September 7, 1927

  111. Hutto, Wiley L.
  112. Hyde, Archie L.
  113. Hyde, Minnie L.
  114. Irby, Teresa
  115. Jefferson, Charles
  116. Jefferson, Charles M.
  117. Jefferson, Emma L.
  118. Jefferson, Mary L. Burdett
  119. Jefferson, Mary Pauline Davis
  120. Jefferson, William "Bill"
  121. Jefferson, William L.
  122. Jones, Ed. E.
  123. Jones, J. J. "Syke"
  124. Jovanovic, Paul Robert, III
  125. Keaton, Mollie
  126. King, Barbara Irene Petrie Exum
  127. King, Nana Exum

  128. Kress, Ethel S.
  129. Kress, George
  130. Kress, Lee D.
  131. Lambert, George S.
  132. Lambert, Lula Ada
  133. Lambert, Martin B.
  134. Lambert, Mary F.
  135. Lawrence, Hattie Viola She is buried next to Lucy Williams who is her sister. Julia Portervint is her niece.

  136. Lawrence, Heber Newland
  137. Lawrence, Vera Estelle
  138. Leman, Frank W.
  139. Lewis, Aebi Urse
  140. Lewis, Frank C.
  141. Lewis, Infant Son

  142. Lewis, Sarah E.
  143. Loy, Loretta Saunders

  144. Mancini, William C.

  145. Masterson, Sandra Roberts
    Born: September 8, 1947

  146. McCord, Maude Baker
  147. McCoy, Claude B. Estelle Baker
  148. McGuire, Carl E.

  149. McGuire, Mary E.

  150. McNerlin, Jonnie Faye Goodson

  151. Meadows, Clara E.

  152. Meadows, Claude A.

  153. Meadows, Leonard C.

  154. Miley, Alice C.
  155. Miley, Emmaline Oentz
  156. Miley, Jacob Aloysius
    Born: 1850
    Died: February 23, 1861
    Dates supplied by Jacob's great-grand nephew.

  157. Miley, Julia Adams
  158. Miley, Martin M.

  159. Miley, Sular

  160. Miley, Swell B.
  161. Miley, William G.

  162. Moree, Sandra Ann Cole
  163. Morse, Isabelle Garrett
  164. Murray, Judith A.
  165. Nix, Infant Son
  166. Nix, Myrid Rose
  167. Nolan, James Thomas
  168. Nolan, Joshua J.
  169. Nolan, Margaret E.
  170. Nolan, Mike "Gypsy"
  171. Norris, Martin D.
  172. O'Brien, Infant Daughter
  173. O'Brien, Infant Son
  174. O'Brien, Rosa Isabel Rigby
  175. O'Brien, William S.
  176. Ogden, Joseph H.
  177. Ogden, M. E.
  178. Ogden, Marthena Dykes
  179. Ogden, Shelmon
  180. Ouzt, Edwards Edwards may be the last name and Ouzt the first.

  181. Parketon, Charles H.
  182. Parketon, John Otis
  183. Parketon, Mary S. Ure
  184. Pearson, Joseph I.
  185. Pearson, Martha J.
  186. Peavy, Bethany Frances Jane Ward
  187. Peavy, Charles Homer
  188. Peck, Fernando C.
  189. Pemberton, Cynthia "Kate" Ogden
  190. Pemberton, James Walter

  191. Pemberton, Moses C.
  192. Pierce, Robbie C.
  193. Pollock, Infant Son
  194. Pollock, Jane Mariah Godwin
  195. Pollock, Ralph Paul
  196. Pollock, Thomas B.
  197. Portervint, Alfred Sr.
  198. Portervint, Ellick Ulmont
  199. Portervint, Elton "Buddy" Elton "Buddy" Portervint was the owner of the Portervint general store that had existed in Thonotossassa for many years.
    He is also the brother to Ellick Portervint, and Mazie C. Portervint.

  200. Portervint, Julia W.
  201. Prine, Agnes Mae Pollock
  202. Prine, Aubrey Ellen
  203. Prine, Vernon H.
  204. Redwine, Betty M.
  205. Redwine, Dennis P.T.
  206. Redwine, James F. Sr.
  207. Redwine, Joann C.

  208. Redwine, Linda E.
  209. Redwine, Thomas
  210. Redwine, Thomas Eckle
  211. Reed, A. E.
  212. Reed, Mollie A.
  213. Rhodes, Katie Jo

  214. Rigby, Flora Wilkins
  215. Rigby, Infant Daughter
  216. Rigby, Marvin Hagen
  217. Rigby, Nancy K.
  218. Roberts, Andrew "Louis"
  219. Roberts, Pearl M.
  220. Rogers, Billy I received this info below from Ruby Phillips who is a daughter of Mazie C Portervint and grand-daughter of Alfred and Julia Portervint:
    The Rogers babies Jody and Billy, also have a baby sister next to them in an unmark grave. There had been a headstone on her grave just like their, but it went missing. These are Julia and Alfred's grandchildren from their daughter Mittie Portervint Rogers(she is not buried at the cemetery).

  221. Rogers, Jodie Paul
  222. Roque, Victor Darryl
  223. Salisbury, Delmar Gail
  224. Seely, Jonas - Capt. Co. M 4 Ind. Cav.

  225. Sellers, Jerry Loyd
  226. Settle, Mark William
  227. Shiver, Gwendolyn M.
  228. Sikes, Dorothy Angie

  229. Sikes, Katie M.

  230. Sikes, Thomas K.

  231. Simmons, Juanita
  232. Singletary, Beth Ann
  233. Singletary, Edison W.
  234. Singleton, Charles D.

  235. Singleton, Susie M.

  236. Smith Anna R.
  237. Smith, Cindy B. J.L. Reed Funeral Home records, vol. 1906-08 page 388, shows her death date as September 5, 1907.

  238. Smith, Ethel

  239. Smith, Florida Miley
  240. Smith, Frances L.
  241. Smith, George Franklin
  242. Smith, George W.

  243. Smith, Katerine Wilma
  244. Smith, Myrtie L.
  245. Smith, Robert E.
  246. Smith, Selma M.
  247. Smith, Thomas J.

  248. Smith, Ulysses W.
  249. Smith, William Wilbur
  250. Smithie, Esther Hutto
  251. Smithie, William "Buck"
  252. Stanford, Irving E.
  253. Stanford, Loisell
  254. Stanford, Ira "Smokey"
  255. Staples, Ralph Shane
  256. Stewart, Edmund Mumford
  257. Stewart, Florida Annis
  258. Stewart, Linda J.
  259. Stewart, Naomi R.
  260. Stewart, Ronald N.
  261. Stewart, Wallace Meridy "Gator"
  262. Strait, Agnes Lee

  263. Strait, Baby 1924

  264. Strait, Clarence O., Sr.
  265. Strait, Daniel

  266. Strait, Drew

  267. Strait, Marnis

  268. Strait, Margaret

  269. Strait, Mary Kent

  270. Strait, Owen Wynne
  271. Strait, Ruth V.
  272. Strickland, Arthur Eugene
  273. Strickland, Frank James
  274. Strickland, James S.
  275. Strickland, Grover Cleveland
  276. Strickland, Mary Magdaline
  277. Taylor, Cherrie E.

  278. Tompkins, Mary
  279. Tucker, Geneva Smith
  280. Tucker, John Wesley
  281. Tucker, Richard William
  282. Van Buskirk, Mark
  283. Varnadoe, Mazie C. Portervint Mother of Margaret Stewart Von Pusch

  284. Vaughn, R. J. "Bill"
  285. Vaughn, Ruth
  286. Veal, Ernest
  287. Von Pusch, Margaret Stewart
    Born: March 5, 1934
    Died: July 16, 2009
    Oldest daughter of Mazie C. Portervint Varnadoe
    After burial
    Flowers on grave
    Margaret Stewart VonPusch is also related to the Stewarts, Goodsons and Williams located on the west side and in other places in the cemetery. Her father was Lawrence Stewart who is buried in the national cemetery in Bushnell Florida.

    VON PUSCH, Margaret Stewart, 75, of Thonotosassa, Fla., passed away July 16, 2009. Predeceased by her loving parents, Lawrence and Mazie Stewart , she was the beloved mother of Linda (Richard) Merrick and Deborah (Drew) Irick; cherished grandmother of Robert (Kristen) and Jason Merrick, and Randy (Ginger), Andrea, Amber and Andrew Irick; great- grandmother of Jackson, Harper and Parker Elizabeth Merrick, and Aiden Green and Ace Irick; and dear sister of Cookie Phillips, Judy Hughes and Alicia Stewart . Services will take place at 1 p.m. Thursday, July 23, at the Church of God of Thonotosassa, with internment following the service at Thonotosassa Cemetery. Brewer & Sons FH
    OBITUARIES Tampa Tribune, The (FL) - Wednesday, July 22, 2009

  288. Voyles, Thelma
  289. Walker, Charles H.
  290. Walker, Janice Marie
  291. Walker, Nora L.
  292. Walter, Kevin L.
  293. Walter, Zella Jean
  294. Whitehurst, Mrs. Susan Louise
  295. Whitehurst, Berrien "Tony"
  296. Wilder, Martha
  297. Wilhite, Jamie Doss
  298. Williams, Alma L. - December 17, 1916

  299. Williams, Clara Jane "Jennie"
  300. Williams, John Archie "Barefoot"
  301. Williams, Lucy Wife of Thomas and mother of Julia Portervint.
    Hattie Lawrence is her sister.

  302. Williams, Thomas Husband of Lucy and father of Julia Portervint.

  303. Williams, Howard O. - December 21, 1911

  304. Wilmoth, Brian E. "Bub", Jr.

  305. Wilson, Mainard A.
  306. Windham, Susan L.
  307. Windham, Thomas L.
  308. Wolgamuth, Robert E.
  309. Young, Donnie Gail
  310. Young, Maxine
  311. Young, Stanley D.
  312. Young, Roy Olin

Unmarked Graves
  1. Boyette, Bessie Collins
  2. Boyette, William Benjamin
  3. Combs, Garnet Norman - son of James Thomas & Mary Louise Combs

  4. Combs, Henry Thomas - son of James Thomas & Mary Louise Combs

  5. Davis, Hattie A.
  6. Davis, Zada Pollock
  7. Edwards, Frank S., Jr.

  8. Edwards, Infant Son

  9. Gill, Verna Mae - Age 7 years June 3, 1942

  10. Goodson, Johnnie R.
  11. Hobson, Allen J.
  12. Hockenuos, Cecil
  13. Jones, Eva E.
  14. Jones, John Lonzo
  15. Liscone, Sarina
  16. Maine, Bob Lee
  17. Maine, Gladys

    I received the following about Bob & Gladys:
    I was just surfing the net and was pleased to find your listing for the cemetery since I have family buried there. I grew up on Main Street in Thonotosassa and still have a lot of family there. I can identify two of the unmarked graves in the cemetery. As you go through the gate just to the right of the sidewalk are two concrete slabs with no stones. The larger slab covers the grave of Bob Lee Maine (1894 - 22 April 1948). The other smaller slab covers the grave of his daughter Gladys Maine (17 Nov 1928 - 1933). They were the husband and only child of my great-aunt Beulah Ivie Maine Alderman. I can remember as a child going to visit the graves of Bob and Gladys as she was Aunt Beulah's only child. Also, Viola Hinson has a tombstone in the cemetery and she was the sister of Beulah so her maiden name was Ivie.

    I have a lot of fond memories of growing up in Thonotosassa and am pleased to see someone helping to preserve its history. I moved to Tennessee in 1969 but my heart remains right there on Main Street and I go back frequently to visit family who still live there.

    Darleen Byrd Trent
  18. Morse, W. O. "Lt. Co. D 29th Ohio Inf."

  19. Moye, Joseph J.
  20. Moye, Mary Ann COOPER
  21. O'Brien, William W.
  22. Pemberton, Henry F.
  23. Rigby, Mary Hagin
  24. Roe, John R.
  25. Rogers, Infant of Mittie Portervint Rogers. See the note under the Rogers children, Jody and Billy Rogers.

  26. Roundtree, George Lee
  27. Singletary, R. Hubbard
  28. Smith, Arthur M.
  29. Smith, Esther
  30. Smith, Mrs. R. A. J.L. Reed Funeral Home records is the source for this person.

  31. Tanner, Winiford Gardner (listed as Winny in her marriage records)
  32. Vaughn, Fannie
  33. Windham, Thomas Winfield
    Born: April 22, 1861
    Died: January 29 1937
    Lord & Fernandez Funeral Home handled the funeral

Unknown Graves
  1. Marker is near the Barrow Family

  2. Marker found in northwest corner of cemetery

  3. Marker found in northwest corner of cemetery

  4. Marker found in northwest corner of cemetery

  5. Marker found in northwest corner of cemetery

  6. Marker found in northwest corner of cemetery