The Miley Family

William G. Miley 1802-1862

Emaline Miley 1814-1907

William G. Miley, a pioneer settler of Thonotosassa, Florida, was a farmer and stockman. William Goodman Miley, of Scottish ancestry, was born August 3, 1802 in South Carolina. He was married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown. After her death, in Augusta, Georgia on December 25, 1833, he married (2) Emmaline Ouentz (or Oentz), born August 16, 1814 in South Carolina. Her parents had relocated from Europe to Charleston, South Carolina. Emmaline was a Jew and had married William after extracting his promise that he would sell his slaves and buy no more.

White men had attempted to build homes for their families in this favored section but had always been driven away by the danger of Indian attack. In 1846, however, William Miley, a hardy pioneer with his wife and five small children had established a home, and, despite frequent danger from marauding Indians, and several flights with his family to Fort Brooke, he maintained that home as long as he lived and it is still in the family.

In the month of December 1846, there came news of hostile Indians at a time when William Miley could not take his family to the fort for protection. So he hastily gathered his children and sick wife into a fortified log cabin near his home. That night an Indian woman wandered into the neighborhood and was taken in by Mr. Miley. Before morning a son was born to Mrs. Miley and the Indian woman also gave birth to a son. Thereafter the Indians left the Miley family unmolested. The baby, named Martin M. Miley, born under such trying circumstances grew into stalwart manhood, a splendid example of the sturdy pioneers who made Hillsborough County. As a young man he served with notable credit as a soldier of the Confederacy.

"Emiline" Miley was enumerated in household # 40 in the 1870 of Hillsborough County. Her occupation was given as a farmer. Living within her household were: Florida Smith, her 18-year-old daughter; Menoni Smith, age 1, Florida's child; and Emmaline's unmarried children, Martha Miley, age 16; Harney Miley, age 13; Sula Miley, age 9. Emmaline Miley died December 11, 1887 and was buried beside William G. Miley in Thonotosassa Cemetery.