Dear Mr. Matson,

I read the article in today's edition of the St Petersburg Times about the old cemetery on 22nd St Tampa. My wife has a great-great uncle, Archibald Paul Etheridge, that we have long believed to be buried there also. His death certificate (#12432 attached) says that he died while in the County Hospital on Livingston Ave (which became 30th St.) and was buried in the County Cemetery (which is close by). He had no relatives near by (he had a brother living in Portsmouth, VA.), so we expect that he was placed in a "potters field". He died August 23, 1928 and was buried August 28th.

We hope that this information may be of some help to you in your research. If you have any information which would confirm Archibald's burial location we would be most appreciative of any insight you could provide. Of course we would be pleased for you to consider using this information in your upcoming cemetery records and book. Please keep our email address on record so that you can advise us when your book will be published.

Ron Williams