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As our cemeteries age, the stones often become unreadable as well as some only had wooden markers or metal FHM (Funeral Home Markers) to start with and those are often lost or letters switched around making it hard to determine if you are getting the correct information at all or not.  

To help you find your loved ones site, Chuck Matson has also given permission to add his more recent website to help with newer additions.  He has had a tremendous amount of help from others in the actual photographing of the tombstones.  If you still are unable to find what you are looking for, please email me and I will try to get the information for you. 

RIP  Charles Theodore "Chuck" Matson  August 30, 1942 - September 3, 2013.  Chuck shared his information with me to perpetuate his work.  He had help from several individuals who photographed the tombstones and helped in other ways accumulate the information.  He will be missed.  
Check wrote:  The Florida Genealogical Society published an 8 volume set that is the most complete list of Hillsborough County cemeteries that I have found but they did miss a few. It contains 89 cemeteries in the county plus 2 that are located just outside the county but mainly serve county residents. I have found quite a few more and am adding to the list all the time. So far I have found 126 cemeteries in the county. Currently this site has over 86,000 graves listed. I also have almost 25,000 headstone pictures online. The year established is the earliest date on a headstone. Some cemeteries were formally organized as much as 30 or 40 years after the first burials. Very few cemeteries are completely up to date. That won't happen for a long time to come so keep checking back for updates. A word about sources is in order. If I use a direct quote it will be so noted in the same paragraph or at the bottom of the same page. Otherwise the information came from the following list of sources. The "# graves" column only indicates how many graves are included on this site, and not how many there actually are in a particular cemetery. Some headstones may have been missed or there may be unmarked graves that have not been included in previous surveys discovered through research or information received from family members. "yes" in the stone column without a link means that I have seen a picture of a headstone for that person but since it is not my picture and I haven't received permission, I haven't used it other than to confirm information for the listing.

If anyone has any information about the history of any of these cemeteries, knows of any I do not have listed or would like to help me take pictures of the headstones - PLEASE E-mail me. Joyce from Odessa gave us over 3500 headstone pictures which will be included in their appropriate locations. My goal is to list all the graves in the cemeteries of Hillsborough County along with pictures of all the headstones that still exist.

Disclaimer: This site is intended to help people find out where their relatives were buried and possibly some information about them not readily available in other places. We make no warranty, representation or guaranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any of the information. We use information gathered from various sources and checked for glaring errors but cannot guarantee the final results in any manner or fashion other than we have made our best effort. If anyone finds what they believe is an error, we will be happy to supply the information we relied upon or to correct our data when presented with proof as to the supposed error. Please don't claim my data is wrong but not give me proof of that assertion.
Hillsborough County Cemetery locations

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(only includes city owned cemeteries. The rest are listed below.)

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Current Active Cemeteries - 83
  Cemetery   Town # graves Established   Notes
  Alderman-Pelote Cemetery   Lithia 499 1851  
  American Legion Cemetery   Tampa 748 1922  
  Antioch Cemetery   Bealsville 593 1909   see Pinehill
  Antioch Cemetery   Thonotosassa 739 1884  
  Beth Israel Cemetery   Tampa 500 1952   Property owned by city of Tampa
  Bethlehem Cemetery   Dover 923 1857  
  Bethlehem Memorial Cemetery   Ft. Lonesome 579 1876   Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
  Bloomingdale Community Cemetery   Bloomingdale 1,009 1901  
  Branch Family Cemetery   Temple Terrace 45 1884  
  Brandon Family Cemetery   Brandon 75 1857  
  Cedar Grove Baptist Church Cemetery   Keysville 455 1859  
  Cementerio Espanol Cemetery   Tampa 1,320 1896   aka Centro Espanol Old Cemetery
  Central Cemetery   Lithia 109 1938  
  Centro Asturiano Cemetery   Tampa 601 1904   Property owned by the city of Tampa
  Centro Asturiano Memorial Park Cemetery   Tampa 2,364 1911
  Centro Espanol Memorial Park Cemetery   Tampa 1,565 1891  
  Colon Cemetery   Tampa Unk     Maintained by the city of Tampa - listings are included with Marti Colon
  County Line Cemetery   Lutz 198 1877 aka Willie Grantham Cemetery
  Exum Family Cemetery   Thonotosassa 23 1936  
  Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   Wimauma 1,402 1875  
  First Baptist Dover Cemetery   Dover 1,573 1904   aka Dover Cemetery renamed to First Baptist Dover
  Gan Shalom   Lutz 90 1999 Jewish cemetery
  Garden of Memories Cemetery   Tampa 167 This is a huge cemetery
  Garden of Peace Cemetery   Plant City 1,505 1905   owned by Plant City
  Gulf City Cemetery   Gulf City 122 1912  
  Hackney Riverview Cemetery   Riverview 1,279 1886   aka Riverview Cemetery
  Hebron Cemetery   Keysville 189 1891  
  Hillsborough County Indigent Burials   Tampa 2,056 1950   Includes the county cemetery and burials in perpetual care cemeteries.
  Hillsboro Memorial Gardens Cemetery   Brandon 13     aka Tampa Memorial Park Cemetery - This is a huge cemetery
  Hopewell Cemetery   Plant City 448 1893  
  Hopewell Church Cemetery   Tampa 318 1872  
  Hopewell Memorial Gardens   Plant City 817 1907   Funeral home also
  Hunter Cemetery   Lithia 31 1875  
  Hurrah Cemetery   Picnic 344 1869   aka Alafia Cemetery
  Jackson Heights Cemetery   Tampa 494 1869   aka Oakland - owned by city of Tampa
  Keystone United Methodist Church Cemetery   Odessa 820 1873  
  Lake Carroll Cemetery   Tampa 1723 1877   aka Magdalene Cemetery
  Lakeview Cemetery   Tampa 36 1911   aka Flynn or Chapman Cemetery
  Limona Cemetery   Limona 710 1874  
  Little Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   Picnic 60 1934  
  Loving Care Cemetery   Seffner 74 1878   aka Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery - Sampson Forrester lived to be 102
  L'Unione Italiana Cemetery   Tampa 3,526 1898   aka Italian Club Cemetery
  Lutz Cemetery   Lutz 1,634 1885  
  Marti Cemetery   Tampa 4,859   owned by city of Tampa
  Mathews Cemetery   Mango 270 1868  
  Mayberry Cemetery   Seffner 263 1906   Sammie Simmons lived to be 112
  Memorial Park Cemetery   Plant City       owned by Plant City
  Memorial Park Cemetery   Tampa
  Mount Enon Cemetery   Plant City 2,426 1841  
  Myrtle Hill Memorial Park Cemetery   Tampa 1,014 1912  
  New Hope Cemetery   Brandon 663 1875  
  New St. Mary A.M.E. Church Cemetery   Mango 111 1898  
  Oak Grove United Methodist Cemetery   Tampa 1,415 1890  
  Oaklawn Cemetery   Tampa 1,230 1849   owned by city of Tampa
  Oaklawn Cemetery   Plant City   1883   owned by Plant City - includes Oaklawn East, Oaklawn West and Moody Family cemeteries.
  Orange Hill Cemetery   Tampa      
  Pinehill Cemetery   Bealsville 42 1867   Pinehill and Antioch Cemeteries in Bealsville are both owned by the same church
  Pleasant Grove Cemetery   Durant 1,291 1855
  Pless Family Cemetery   Cork 13 1951  
  Providence Cemetery   Riverview 686 1882  
  Pyramid Crypts   Tampa   Masoleum and graves are located inside Woodlawn but is privately owned and operated.
  Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery   Tampa 4,460 1926   was Shady Grove Cemetery
  Rodeph Sholom Cemetery   Tampa 512 1881   Property owned by the city of Tampa
  Rose Hill Memorial Park Cemetery   Tampa      
  Ruskin Memorial Park   Ruskin  1,893 1910  
  S.M.S. Italia Cemetery   Tampa 200 1910  
  Salem Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   Sydney 332 1883  
  Samford Cemetery   Riverview 424 1884   aka Dusenberry aka Peru Cemetery
  Schaari Zedek Cemetery   Tampa 288 1896   aka Congregational Cemetery - Property owned by city of Tampa
  Seffner Cemetery   Seffner 1,163 1868   aka Lenna City Cemetery
  Serenity Meadows Memorial Park Cemetery   Riverview   1998  
  Shiloh Cemetery   Plant City 142 1841   owned by Plant City
  Showmen's Rest Cemetery   Tampa 643 1951  
  Simpson Family Cemetery   Antioch 86 1852   located on church property
  St. Louis Catholic Cemetery   Tampa unk 1842
  Sunset Memory Gardens   Thonotosassa 4,773 1938
  The Home Cemetery   Tampa 149 1936  
  Thonotosassa Cemetery   Thonotosassa 336 1855   owned by Hillsborough County
  Turkey Creek   Turkey Creek 638 1863  
  Welcome Cemetery   Lithia 75 1935  
  Wimauma Cemetery   Wimauma 129 1878   aka Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery
  Woodlawn Cemetery   Tampa   owned by city of Tampa
Inactive - 12      Red background = cemetery in danger or in very poor condition
# graves Established
  Blue Family Cemetery   Keysville 13 1879   small parcel on 10 acre farm w/home
  Carney Gravesite   Bloomingdale 1 1856   John Carney killed by Indians - there may be 2 graves
  Mary Help of Christians School Cemetery   Tampa 17 1928
  McCormick Family Cemetery   Seffner 1 1982   single grave of owners son located on business property
  McDonald Family Cemetery   Keysville 7 1898   
  Memorial Park Cemetery   Tampa   1927   aka Tampa Memorial Park Cemetery
  Robles Family Cemetery   Tampa 22 1874  
  Strickland Family Cemetery   Thonotosassa 3 1898   There are only 3 headstones but many more may have been buried here.
  The Oak Tabernacle Cemetery   Plant City 2 1900   located in front yard of a private home
  Thirteen Mile Run Cemetery   Lutz 19 1915   Recently cleaned up
  Worth Cemetery   Durant 18 1888   aka Durant Cemetery
  Wynns Memorial Park   Seffner 1 1860   Single grave located in a subdivision. Plot is county owned.
Cemeteries that were destroyed, bodies moved, exact location lost over time or unable to locate (as in "ghost cemetery")
Cemeteries where bodies were moved
# graves Established
  Blizzard Family Cemetery   Seffner 1 1983   body supposedly moved - family never found proof of that
  Egmont Key   Egmont Key   1864   Union & Southern Bodies moved
  Fort Brooke Cemeteries (3 cemeteries)   Tampa   1835   bodies moved to Woodlawn Cemetery in Tampa, Florida
  Mays Family Cemetery   Riverview 4 1881   bodies moved to Oaklawn Cemetery in Plant City, Florida
  Sacred Heart Cemetery   Tampa 2 1888   Bodies from graves moved about 1930.
  Waters Family Cemetery   Wimauma 4 1883   bodies moved
Cemeteries that were destroyed
# graves Established
  Barnes/Buzbee Family Cemetery   Riverview 11 1884   There were about 40 graves destroyed for a citrus grove
  Boyette Baptist Church Cemetery   Boyette 1 1912   sold for taxes & destroyed
  Byrd Family Cemetery   Plant City 3   From WPA veterans survey - no listings in WPA survey, only cemetery
  Crestview Cemetery   Tampa   From WPA veterans survey - located near I-275 & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
  Keystone Memorial Park Cemetery   Citrus Park   1860   Was on the Tony Lewis property - Sold and may have been destroyed
  Morgan Cigar Factory   Tampa 1 1931   Headstone & bones found on property - Coroner said bones not human
  Port Tampa Cemetery   Tampa   African American cemetery destroyed for McDill AFB
  Ridgewood Cemetery   Tampa 55 1942   Disposition of bodies unknown
  Spanishtown Creek Cemetery   Hyde Park     may date to 1500's destroyed by development
  Stemper Cemetery   Lutz   1890   located in front yard of a private home
  Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery   Thonotosassa 8 1886   Destroyed for citrus grove
Other burial grounds
# graves Established
  Fort Foster graves   Thonotosassa   1824   Soldiers and Seminoles were buried in or near fort.
  Harney Flats Indian remains   Seffner       Indian bones found just off 301 near Vandenberg Airport
  Indian mounds   Thonotosassa       There are 12-15 mounds in the area - locations not published due to potential vandalism
Exact location unknown
# graves Established
  Armwood Family Cemetery   Keysville   1903   in Alafia State Park
  Blocker Family Cemetery   Plant City 2 1880   From WPA veterans survey
  College Hill Cemetery   Tampa   From WPA veterans survey
  Lewis Family Cemetery   Lithia 1 1873   From WPA veterans survey
  Lillibridge Family Cemetery   Welcome 1 1917   From WPA veterans survey
  Lightsey Family Cemetery   Lithia   Found in the State Master Site Index
  Mitchell Family cemetery   Seffner 1 1800's   grave of Thomas Mitchell found in History of Hillsborough County by Ernest L. Robinson
  Mount Taber Cemetery   Plant City   Taken from the funeral notices published in The Courier 1-9-1987
  Oak Park Cemetery      1973 listing for Robert Norton found in indigent burial list.
  Peace River Cemetery   Seffner   Included in the Cemetery Junction listings for Florida with a Seffner, Fl address.
  Zion Cemetery   Tampa   Found in the 1920 city directory.
  Ryals Family Cemetery      
Columbariums - 4
# graves Established
   Church of The Resurrection Columbarium   Tampa   2001  
  St. Andrew Presbyterian Church Columbarium   Sun City Center      
  St. John's Episcopal Church Cremains Garden   Tampa 25 1975  
  United Community Church Columbarium   Sun City Center      

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