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* Note:  These articles marked Special are ones the Tribune placed in their paper the following day from when the article was written.

LaBelle Will Have New Golf Course as Well as Net Courts

Jan 10, 1923 Special to The Tampa Tribune
LABELLE Jan. O- An important agreement was made last week between B. L. DeLaney who is now completing his golf course and E. E. Goodno owner of the Everett Hotel.
     In return for certain town improvements Mr. DeLaney is going to open his golf course for the use of all guests of the Everett Hotel.  Mr. Goodno has agreed to build tennis courts in the town park across from the hotel and to remove from the park the two small buildings, one an office and one a garage, situated on Bridge street.  
Both the golf course and the tennis courts are to be free to guests of the Everett hotel and Mr. Goodno has also decided to offer the use of his swimming pool gratis to hotel patrons.
     Both Mr. Delaney and his friend Mr. Chapman are enthusiastic about the proposition of golf, tennis and swimming along with the many natural attractions about LaBelle including the beautiful river, excellent hunting and fishing, boating, swimming, canoeing, etc., will draw several of their own friends and many other winter visitors who are looking for just such an ideal place in Florida.
     The new golf course is an example showing the beauty that is obtained by merely clearing debris and useless growth from our fields of palm and pine.  This golf course bounded on two sides by the river is unquestionably one of the most beautiful courses in Florida.  Judge Delaney foundly compares it with the well known course at St. Augustine and believes his own to be the more beautiful.
     The LaBelle course is surveyed to avoid the river at every stroke.  Although there are some natural obstacles others have been constructed to make the game difficult and the finished course is nearly as sporty as it is beautiful.   
LaBelle to Buy Back its Bonds, 10 Cents on Dollar

Sept 18, 1931  Tampa Tribune (Special)
Mayor Carl Royer today announced that the city of LaBelle had arranged for the purchase of  $3000 worth of its own bonds at 10 cents on the dollar.  The purchse will be made through a Cincinnati bond firm.  LaBelle, a city of 1000 population, has an outstanding bonded indebtedness of $200,000.
In Murder of Labelle Youth        Body of 18-Year-Old Boy Found with 4 Bullet Wounds

Tampa Tribune Sept. 10, 1927  FORT MYERS, Sept. 9 (Tribune News Service.Special) Dr. S. J. Sirmons, physician of LaBelle and his companion, Floyd Lucky, also thought to be of that town, were arrested here today by Deputy Sheriff Roy Larson in connection with the death of Albert Douglass, 18-year-old son of Sam Douglass, of LaBelle whose body was found concealed under brush and palmetto leaves near his home at 11 o'clock this morning.
    The youth had been missing since early last night, and when found this morning an investigation showed four bullet wounds in his body.
Arrested at Fort Myers

Sheriff Dan McLaughlin, of Hendry county, started a search after having been informed by several LaaBelle residents that Douglass had been in company with Dr. Sirmons last night.  Learning that the doctor was last seen going toward Fort Myers in an automobile, the Hendry county sheriff called on Sheriff F B. Tippins of Lee County.  Investigation here resulted in the doctor's arrest as he entered a local garage to get his car, which he had left to be washed.   
     Officers said when the car was driven into the garage it was splattered with blood and showed signs of having been driven through thick brush.
     The physician denied knowledge of the killing.  He was found to have a revolver and a box of ammunition when searched.  Both men were taken to the Lee county jail to await the arrival of Hendry county officers.
      A coroner's jury returned a verdict of murder.
Telephone Building to be Erected  at Clewiston

CLEWISTON June 22, 1929 Special -Tampa Tribune -- A one-story telephone exchange is to be erected here by the Inter-County Telephone company.  Cost of the structure has not been announced, pending receipt of bids from contractors


Refinancing to Permit Opening in December

Fort Myers, Oct 17, 1930     Operation of the Clewiston plant of the Southern Sugar company will be resumed some time in December, it  was said by P. G. Bishop, sugar expert and operating vice president of the company.  Bishop passed through Fort Myers on his way to Clewiston from Louisiana..  He flew here from New Orleans.
     Funds necessary to carry on operations at the Clewiston plant have been arranged for, Mr. Bishop said.  The mill will be started with a capacity of 4000 tons a day.
     "Everything is working out nicely." Mr Bishop said, "and the money necessary to carry on the operations until the harvest has been arranged for."
New Machinery Tested      

     "The number of men to be employed will depend largely upon experiments with the new harvesting machinery," Mr. Bishop said.  "We have been experimenting with new types of harvesting machinery for some time."
     The year's crop is the largest since operations were started in the Clewiston area, he added, and manufacturers will be helped by upward reaction in the sugar market.
      Operations at Clewiston were suspended early this year when financial difficulties developed and the mill went into the hands of a receiver.  Refinancing negtoiations have been carried on for several months and their successful termination resulted in the announcement today.
Four Clewiston Buildings Burn

Dec 7 1933 Tampa Tribune-Special  CLEWISTON Fire originating from an undetermined cause in the ice plant of the Florida Power & Light company here today destroyed four business buildings with a loss estimated at nearly $20,000.  Part of the loss ws covered by insurance.
     The ice plant, which was not at the time in use; the Clewiston Fish company plant; the Clewiston company shop and the seed and feed warehouse of the Clewiston Drug company were destroyed.  little of the contents of any of the buildings, except the feed and seed warehouse was saved.  
     The Moore Haven fire department was called but arrived too late to be of material asistance.  Employees of a local contracting company rigged up a pumping outfit and prevemted further spread of the blaze.

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