Principal Ocklawaha River Steamboats


Photos found at State Archives Of Florida, Florida Memory Project

The Steamers who travled the St. Johns.

I am listing first the steamers I believe to have ties to Palatka. 
The second table will be for Steamers I believe at least stoped off in Palatka.
I am sure this list will never be complete. But I will list what I find.

Name of SteamboatYear BuiltBuilt WhereOwnerLengthWidthDepth
James Burt1880?Hart???
Silver Springs1868PalatkaHart???
General Sumter1859PalatkaHart81193
Emma White1860?Grey - Hart???
Ocklawaha1867 or 1868PalatkaHart60 +20 +?
Pansoffkee1868 or 1869PalatkaHart50 +18 +?
Marion1871PalatkaGray - Hart78188
Alligator1893PalatkaLucas / Hart5718.73.5
Metamora1890Silver SpringsLucas69.6164
William Howard1903PalatkaHoward8521
City Of Ocala1912Silver SpringsCarmichael37.613.43.5
Billow1887Wilmington DelwareThompson56.8144.3
Eureka1894Silver SpringsLucas???
City Of JacksonvilleClyde

Steamboat Owners

S.J. Bauknight

R.W Thompson

R.H. Thompson

J. Ed Lucas

C. Ed Carmichael

Henry Gray

Hubbard L. Hart

Visting Steamers

Name of  SteamboatYear BuiltTradeHeaded To / Coming FromOwned by
EssonArmy TransportU.S.  Army
OcmulgeeCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
St. MatthewsCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
William GastonCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
WelakaCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
MagnoliaCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
SeminoleCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
St. John / Helen GettyCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
St. Mary'sCottonSavannah GaSavannah Line
FloridaCottonCharlaston SCCharleston Line
CarolinaCottonCharlaston SCCharleston Line
EvergladeCottonSavannah Ga / Charlaston SCCharleston Line
GordonCottonSavannah Ga / Charlaston SCCharleston Line ?
CecileCottonSavannah Ga / Charlaston SCCharleston Line ?
Nick KingTourist ?General Robert E. Lee Visited in 1870Charleston Line ?
St. JohnsTouristCharleston Line ?
City PointCotton ?Charleston Line
CalhounCotton ?Charleston Line
DictatorCotton ?Charleston Line
City of PalatkaCotton ?Charleston Line
City of MonticelloCotton ?Charleston Line
Lizzie Baker Savannah Line
Fannie Dugan Savannah Line
SapphoSavannah Line
Sylvan ShoreSavannah Line
?Brought Ice Loaded Cotton An CornWarren Ray Line
Lollie BoyTourist / FreightTeasdale And Reid Line
MetaTourist / FreightTeasdale And Reid Line
TuskawillaTourist / FreightTeasdale And Reid Line
CometTourist / FreightBeach And Miller Line
GeorgiaTourist / FreightBeach And Miller Line
Crescent CityTourist / FreightBeach And Miller Line
Gov. SaffordTourist / FreightBeach And Miller Line
CrescentTourist / FreightBeach And Miller Line
StarTourist / FreightBeach And Miller Line
AnitaTourist / FreightDeberry Line/Baya/Clyde
PastimeTourist / FreightDeberry Line/Baya/Clyde
FlorenceTourist / FreightDeberry Line/Baya/Clyde
Water LilyTourist / FreightDeberry Line/Baya/Clyde
RossTourist / FreightDeberry Line/Baya/Clyde
Frederick De BarryTourist / FreightDeberry Line/Baya/Clyde
City Of JacksonvilleTourist / FreightDeberry Line/Baya/Clyde
Sylven GlenTourist / FreightBaya Line/Clyde Line
H.T. BayaTourist / FreightBaya Line/Clyde Line
John SylvesterTourist / FreightPost Line
Eliza HancockTourist / FreightPost Line
FloraTourist / FreightPost Line
May DraporTourist / FreightPost Line
H.B. PlantFreightH.B. PlantPeoples Line
Jonnie LaneFreightH.B. PlantPeoples Line
ChattahoocheeFreightH.B. PlantPeoples Line
MargaretFreightH.B. PlantPeoples Line
Uncle SamFreightH.B. PlantPeoples Line
VolusiaTourist / FreightLund Line
HattieTourist / FreightLund Line
City Of GeorgetownIndependent
Queen Of The St. JohnsIndependent
City Of SanfordIndependent

Some Of The Steam Boat Captains

R.J Adams

Lee Vogel

Thomas W. Creaser

Henry A. Gray

T.W. Lund Sr.

T. W. Lund Jr.

A. L. Rice

George U. Beach

John W. Miller

Henry B. Post

William Howard

Mike Coleman

J.E. Lucas

N.B. Broward

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