Welcome to South Palatka Historic District

This page is here for your knowledge and enjoyment.
Please remember most of these places listed here are PRIVATE homes .
We ask that you respect their privacy. If you know of a home that should be listed here please let me know.

Private Residence1890
1122 15th St. Palatka
Boaz House1923703 Emmett St. Palatka
Private Residence1915121 Morris St. Palatka
Phillip's  House1915107 Morris St. PalatkaGreat
Rion House1940105 Morris St. Palatka
Forward House1855622 River St. Palatka
Private Residence1903620 River St. Palatka
Merriam House1905618 River St. Palatka
Private Residence356 Oak St. PalatkaGreat
Philips House1914616 River St. Palatka
Barstow or Robshaw House1912614 River St. Palatka
Hamm House1912520 River St. Palatka
Private Residence1919510 River St. Palatka
Private Residence506 Emmett St. Palatka
The Manse 1909504 River St. Palatka
Quarterman House1856500 River St. Palatka
Hamm House1902North corner of River and Kirkland Sts. Palatka
Warren House1905418 River St. Palatka
Wattles House1905414 River St. Palatka
Private Residence412 River St. Palatka
James Hart House1915410 River St. Palatka
Murrary House1884330 River St. Palatka
Canova House1886326 River St. Palatka
Tilghman House1884324 River St. PalatkaGreat
Private Residence1853221 Laurel St. Palatka
Blanchard House 1887400 Emmett St. Palatka
Gerber House1915419 Emmett St. Palatka
Private Residence1865418 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Harper House416 Emmett St. Palatka
Mellon House1882424 Emmett St. Palatka
Gardner House1876129 Kirkland St. Palatka
Private Residence1884510 Emmett St. Palatka
Baldwin-Carmen House1887513 Emmett St. Palatka
Private Residence117 Dodge St. Palatka
Private Residence 1885126 Dodge St. Palatka
Underwood House1881223 Dodge StreetGreat
Conant House1886603 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Private Residence612 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Private Residence614 Emmett St. PalakaGreat
Private Residence1884621 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Vertrees House1884627 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Riles House1923628 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Lecks House1909622 Emmett St. Palatka
Murphy-Canfield House1884618 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Private Residence1908600 Emmett St. PalatkaGreat
Site of Carelton House1875Southeast corner of  Ried and 5th Sts. Palatka
Private Residence1915399 Ried St. Palatka
Private Residence1909209 4th St. Palatka
Site of Private Residence1857200 4th St. Palatka
Robinson House1876117 3rd St. Palatka
Private Residence1886109 3rd St. Palatka
Bogue House 1892231 2nd St. Palatka
Private Residence117 Hotel St. Palatka
Private Residence118 Hotel St. Palatka
Private Residence121 Hotel St. Palatka
Private Residence125 Hotel St. Palatka
Private Residence119 Hotel St. Palatka
O'Conner House1938707 South 15th St. Palatka
Madison House1857107 Madison St. Palatka
A.E WilsonRiver Street Great