Putnam County Sheriff's Index

A special thank you to Julie S. Bettinger for looking up the info for me.
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NameService BeganService Ended
Robert T. Boyd18491852
Nathan Norton18531855
James B. Brown18551856
Howel A. Baisden18571859
Napoleon B. Mizell18591862
Steven J. Wall18631863
John L. Monro18631865
William B. Stephens18651867
Thomas A. Shelley18821886
G.J. Zehnbauer Jr.18861888
James H. Shelley18881892
John W. Hagan18921901
R. C. Howell19011908
R. L. Kennerly19081916
Peter M. Hagan19161924
William M. Cannon19241924
Raiford J. Hancock19241928
Peter M. Hagan19281930
Raiford J. Hancock19301930
Carlyle Hayes19411944
W. J. Revels19451954
Myrtle G. Revels19541954
E.W. "Walt" Pellicer19551988
Taylor Douglas1989
Jeff Hardy2008