Dan Sanford
Extracted from
The Palatka News
February 01, 1906
Page 4

Name: Dan Sanford
Age at death: U/K
Date of death: Monday, January 28, 1906
Place of death: U/K
Date of birth: U/K
Place of birth: U/K
Resident of: Palatka
School info: U/K
Church info: U/K
Military info: U/K
Work history: Palatka Police Officer, Flynn Cigar Company,
Fire Department Chief, and in a postion with J.F. Brewer
Member of: Odd Fellows
Parents: U/K
Survived by: His Wife, and Two Children
Officiating services:U/K
Services handled by:U/K
Interment: He was buried in Quincy
Paralysis and Stroke

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