North East Florida Time Line

1513 Ponce de Leon discovered Florida

1565 Pedro Menedez de Aviles founded St. Augustine

1628 Jose Hernandez awarded the first Spanish Land Grants along the St. Johns River

1750 Creek and Seminole Indians migrated into the lands previously inhabited by Timucuans

1761 British Royal Botanist, John Bartram described signs of ancient Indian plantations along the river

1763 Spain ceded Florida Territory to England

1764 The first major settlement along the St. Johns by white men was established by Denys Rolles, near East Palatka

1765 William Bartram farmed Indigo and explored the St. Johns River, taking inventory of plant species

1780 Fort Gates outpost established

1783 Florida returned to Spanish rule

1791 Travels of William Bartram published

1799 Seminole Indians began raiding plantations and and settlements along the St. Johns River

1802 La Casa Fuerte de Buena Vista, a Spanish Fort was established on the St. Johns River

1816 Bernardo Segui received Royal Land Grant (Palatka), on the west bank of the St. Johns River, to build a Trading Post

1821 Florida became a U.S. Territory

1822 Jacksonville was founded

1835 Seminole Indian War began in Florida

1835 Fort Shannon established in Palatka

1835 Fort Gates Ferry established

1838 Steamboats began plying the St. Johns River

1840 Palatka established as a Port of call for shipping of agriculture products

1845 Florida admitted to statehood

1849 Putnam County became 28th Florida County

1855 Hart Stagecoach began running from Palatka to Tampa

1861 Florida withdrew from the Union

1862 Palatka occupied by Union Troops

1863 William Dunn Moseley, Florida First Governor was buried in Palatka

1864 Battle of Horse Landing

1865 Battle of Palatka

1885 Seven steamboat lines operated out of Palatka

1887 Palatka has more than 6000 hotel rooms to accommodate arriving steamboat passengers

1906 Welaka advertised nationally as a health resort

1938 Billy Graham baptized and ordained at Palatka Peniel Baptist Church

1940 Babe Ruth arrives in Palatka for training camp

1941 Babe Ruth Chief of Faculty for Palatka All-American Baseball School

1967 The dredging of the Cross Florida Barge Canal began South of Palatka

1998 St. Johns River designated an American Heritage River

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