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An often overlooked resource is church records. Especially way back when many people did not read or write. The priest or minister kept a record of important dates such as baptism, birth, church membership, marirage, death. Sometimes this is the only record researchers can find. As our society becomes more mobile it is harder to keep up with moves between the census years. Any additional place to search should not be forgotten. Perhaps keeping a list of sources for various records will remind you where you might find additional information. If you know of a church not listed please let me know.


Name Phone Address Est. Date
Bethany Baptist Church 386-325-8773 Hwy 209 Bardin

Name Phone Address Est. Date
First Baptist Church
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
Mary Elizabeth Church
Naomi Church
Seventh Day Adventist Church

Name Phone Address Est. Date
Bostwick Baptist Church 386-328-3869 131 Tillman St. 32177

Name Phone Address Est. Date
First 7th Day Baptist Church 386-328-7555 125 Carraway Mail Route Road  

Crescent City
Name Phone Address Est. Date
Abundant Harvest Church of God of Prophecy
Beulah Baptist Church 467-9034 106 Beulah Church Rd. 32112
Bethlehem Free Will Baptist 386-328-9628 613 N. 10th Street  
Church of God and Christ 386-698-1085 1054 Huntington rd.  
Church of God by Faith 386-698-4611 810 Randolph St.  
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 386-698-1417
 2379 US-17 
Church Of The Holy Comforter 386-698-1983 223 N. Summit St.  
Community United Methodist Church
Crescent City Church Of God 386-698-2445 109 Ewers Rd.  
Elizabeth Baptist Missionary Church 386-698-4366 1227 Old Hwy 17  
Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter
First Baptist Church 386-698-1578 101 South Summit Street  
First Baptist Church of Pomona Park 386-649-4265 112 Holly Ave. Pomona Park  
First Presbyterian Church 386-698-2117 301 Cypress Ave.  
Friendship Baptist Church 386-698-3736 286 Smiley's Store Rd.  
Howe Memorial United Methodist Church 386-698-2635 252 Summit St.  
Iglesia Alianza Cristiana
Iglesia de Jesucristo Asamblea Apostolica
Jethro First Baptist Church 386-698-0873 101 Cedar St.
Johnson Temple Church of God in Christ
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 386-698-4288 121 Ewers Rd
Mount Zion the Overcoming Body of Christ
New Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church
New Life Church of God
New Mount Tamo Baptist Church
Pentecostal Full Gospel Crusade Church 386-698-2721 1022 Huntington Rd.  
Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ
Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church 386-698-2055 2725 S Highway 17  
Triumph of Church and Kingdom of God in Christ
True Foundation Ministries 386-698-2511 608 Randolph St.  
United Methodist Parsonage 386-698-1396 429 Pine Street
Union Bethel American Methodist Episcopal Church
Word of Faith Bible Church

Name Phone Address Est. Date
Believers Harvest Time Ministries Inc. 386-659-2680 1320 State Road 100  
Florahome First Church Of God 386-659-2270 1167 State Road 100  1923
Florahome United Methodist Church 386-659-2287 101 W. Michigan St.  1914
Living Hope Family Worship Center 386-659-1365 1109 State Road 100  
New Grace Baptist Church 386-659-1620 400 North Pine Ave.  2011
Oak Avenue Baptist Church 386-659-2981 400 N. Oak Ave.  

Name Phone Address Est. Date
Paran Baptist Church 386-659-2083 125 Paran Church Rd.  

Lake Como
Name Phone Address Est. Date
Little Melrose Church of Old Regular Baptist Faith and Order  
Melrose United Methodist Church 352-475-2456 5802 Centre St.  
Ochwilla Baptist Church  
Saint John Missionary Baptist Church  
Trinity Episcopal Church  

Name Phone Address Est. Date
Abundant Life Ministries 386-325-2795 890 S. State Road 19  
Acts Ministries Inc. 386-325-6160 600 Putnam County Blvd.  
All Saints Anglican Church 386-325-8247 1250 S. State Rd. 19  1978
Allen Chapel Methodist Church 386-328-8089 1517 Washington St.   2001
Apostolic Church Of Jesus Inc. 386-328-7628 200 S. 4th Street  1970
Baptist Church
later became Peniel Baptist Church  07 19 1852
Berean Baptist Church of Putnam County 386-972-1012 207 Tammy St.   
Bethany Baptist Church 386-325-8773 345 Bardin Road  1896
Bethany Missionary Baptist Church 352-475-2456 309 Highlawn Ave.  
Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church 386-325-7025 1001 N. 19th St.   
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
719 Reid Street   1908-1912
Bethel Assembly of God Church
Bethlehem Baptist Church 386-312-0551 800 Madison St   1994
Bethleham Free Will Baptist Church 386-328-9728 613 N. 10th St.  
Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church 386-325-7025 1001 N. 19th St. 32177  
Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church 386-325-7025 1001 N. 19th St. 32177  
Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church 386-325-7025 1001 N. 19th St. 32177  
Bostwick Baptist Church 386-328-3869 131 Tillman St. 1987
Calvary Baptist Church 386-328-1595 1414 Bronson St.
Calvary Baptist Church 386-328-9606 3005 S. Palm Ave. 1942
Calvary Missionary Baptist Church 322 N. 10th St
Christ Witness Church of the Almighty God
Church Of Christ 400 College Rd
Church of Christ Westside 386-328-3574 210 E. Peniel Rd
Church Of God By Faith 1511 Washington St.
Church of God of Prophecy 386-325-4519 6727 Crill Ave.     1994
Church Of Jesus Christ LDS 386-325-2904 1414 Husson Ave.
Church Of The Kingdom Of God 386-312-0105 1015 Washington Street
College Park Baptist Church 386-325-7991 3435 Crill Ave. 1965
College Road Church of Christ 400 College Road 1963
Durham Woods Baptist Church 386-312-9929 151 Hoover Road
Emmanuel United Methodist Church 386-325-5496 700 Main Street
Etonia Primitive Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church 3920 Weaver Rd
First Assembly Of God 3111 Saint Johns Ave.
First Baptist Church 386-328-1531 501 W. Oak Street
First Baptist Church of San Mateo
First Baptist Church Of Hollister Hollister Church Rd
First Born Church of the Living God
First Church Of God 2915 Saint Johns Ave
First Presbyterian Church of Palatka 386-328-1435 123 South Second Street 1858
Francis Baptist Church 386-325-1717 155 County Road 309 C 1995
Grace Community Baptist Church Inc. 386-328-4824 161 Peniel Church Road 1985
Grace Truth Holiness Church 700 N. 11th St.
Greater Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church
Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 1000 N. 19th St.
H T Christian Center 820 N. 11th St.
Hillcrest Baptist Church
Holy God's Mission Church 386-328-0164 102 W. Miller  Street 1994
Hope Church
House of God Church
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 201 Mission Rd
Lake Como United Methodist Church 386-649-8480 112 Highland Ave.
Lemon Heights Baptist Church 2400 Saint Johns Ave
Light-House of God
Little Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
Midway Baptist Church 158 Bardin Rd
Mount Tabor First Baptist Church 386-328-6898 4909 Saint Johns Ave 1869
Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church 1501 Bronson St.
New Hope Baptist Church 386-326-0049 117 E. Towles Ave. 1945
New Testament Church of God
Northside Church of Christ 386-325-9006 903 Olive Street 2007
Oak Hill Baptist Church 686 Bardin Rd.
Palatka Baptist Temple 908 N. State Rd 19
Palatka Church of God 386-325-2557 3704 Crill Ave.
Palatka First Church of God
Peniel Baptist Church 386-328-3548 5227 Silver Lake Drive 1972
Pentecostal Church of God in Christ 624 N. 9th Street
Refuge Church Of Our Lord 386-325-1958 614 N. 18th Street 1938
River Road Baptist Church 386-328-1035 344 W River Road 1990
Saint James United Methodist Church 386-328-1461 400 Reid Street
Saint Johns Baptist Church 386-328-2104 938 Westriver Road 1977
Saint Johns Avenue Baptist Church 386-325-7951 2400 Saint Johns Avenue 1999
Saint John Lutheran Church 386-325-4708 1262 S. State Road 19 1975
Saint Joseph Primitive Baptist Church 165 Phillips Dairy Rd.
Saint Marks Episcopal Church 386-328-1474 200 Main Street 1846
Saint Marys Episcopal Church 386-329-9322 809 St. Johns Ave.
Saint Monica Catholic Church 386-325-9777 114 South 4th Street 1858
Seventh-Day Adventist Church 386-325-2350 400 S. Palm Ave. 2008
Silver Lake Missionary Baptist Church Inc. 386-328-5068 128 Union Grove Cmtry Road 2011
Soul Mission Church of Christ 307  N. 11th Street
Tabernacle Baptist Church 386-325-5421 2701 Reid Street 1955
The Church of the Kingdom of God 1015 Washington Street
The Living Word Baptist Church
The House Of God Church 386-328-1312 723 N. 19th Street 1997
To God Be The Glory Holiness Church 3521 Saint Johns Ave.
Trinity Baptist Church 386-328-6853 5021 Silver Lake Drive 1997
Trinity United Methodist Church 1400 Husson Ave.
United Pentecostal Church 386-328-2056 1105 S. State  Road 19 1978
Universal Holiness Church
Victorious Faith Church of God in Christ 823 Husson Ave.
Westside Church Of Christ of Putnam County, Inc. 386-326-4484 207 Stillwell Ave. 2008
Zion Temple Church of God in Christ 386-328-1300 1601 Bronson St. 1994

Putnam Hall
Name Phone Address Est. Date
Church of Christ of Interlachen
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Community Hope Church of God
Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church
First Baptist Church of Interlachen
First Church of God
Iglesia Pentecostal Unidos en Cristo
La Luz Verdadera
Living Hope Family Worship Center
Mason Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church
New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Oak Avenue Baptist Church
Paran Baptist Church
Saint John Church
United Methodist Church

San Mateo
Name Phone Address Est. Date
Church of God 328-1377 160 E. St. Rd. 100 32187
Dunns Creek Baptist Church
Mount Tabor Church

Name Phone Address Est. Date
All Saints Anglican Church 386-325-8247 1250SR 19 South 1978
Calvary Baptist Church
Christ Independent Methodist Church
Church of Christ of Westside
Church of Life Tabernacle
Grace Community Baptist Church
Liberty Baptist Church
Mount Zion Church
Peniel Church
Saint John Lutheran Church
Southside Baptist Church
Southside Church
Trinity Church

Name Phone Address Est. Date
Church of God By Faith 684-4573 638 3rd Ave.
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
First Baptist Church
Georgetown United Methodist Church
Pleasant Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church
Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church
Welaka Baptist Church
Welaka United Methodist Church