Newspaper Obits, Marriages, Births

Newspaper Obits, Marriages, Birth

From the Florida Baptist Witness July 30, 1885
Judge Anderson
MAYO died July 15, 1885, at his residence near Lake Lindsay, Hernando County, Fla. He was one of the oldest and most useful citizens of Hernando County. He was born in Chester County S.C. September 12, 1812, and moved to Florida in 1851. He was on of nature's noblemen, whose qualities of mind and heart made him alive to everything that would elevate society. He served his county for many years, and was always faithful to the trusts reposed in him. his extensive reading and good judgment mad him a wise counselor, his advice was eagerly sought by all. He was a man, who without any sacrifice, reached down to the humblest, white and black; and his delight was to entertain God's servants. His hope was alone in the atonement made by Christ for sinners, an din this he often expressed a belief in the doctrines of the anti-missionary Baptists. He leaves a pious widow, an only daughter and numerous relatives and friends.

From the Florida Baptist Witness December 24, 1885
I married two couples two weeks ago. Bro. Wm. Eugene
LAW married Miss Blanche MAHONEY, from Kentucky at the residence of Bro. W.B. JORDAN on Nov. 25th. and Bro. Y.B. TRAMMELL married Miss Phoebe MARSHALL, at the Baptist church, on the night of Nov. 26, at Brooksville. Frank DeCOURCY, Pastor

From the Florida Baptist Witness November 28 1888
On Tuesday night 30th ult., at the residence of the groom's father at South Brooksville, by the same [Paul WILLIS], Mr. Fred A. SPRINGSTED to Miss Emma HOFFHERN. Beautiful floral decorations and elegant reception.

On Thursday night 18th. inst. at Istachatta, in the public hall, by the same, Mr. C.I. TOWNSEND to Miss Sue SMITH. usual floral emblems and crowded hall

From the Florida Baptist Witness.
May 19, 1887: Marriages. "At Brooksville, April 20th C. F. VENABLE and Miss Alina GUSTAFSON

July 21, 1887 "Bro. DUNKLIN writes us, that our friend Miss Lee MILLER of Crystal River, was married recently to James JENNINGS, the sheriff of Hernando County."

From the Tampa Journal
January 2, 1890: "Mill Lulu BLAKE, formerly of Tampa was married to Mr. Madison WALKER of Brooksville in Fort Myers Christmas night. Rev. C. E. PELOT, officiating."

Florida Baptist Witness, Ocala, FL
February 12, 1896: Sister TOWNSEND, in the early morning of Jan 2 last Sister Jane TOWNSEND of Istachatta passed from earth to heaven. Semmingly in the midst of life, she came to Webster to spend Christmas with her uncle E. J. FUTCH, and while there the messenger came for her...

Sister W. R. COGGINS, widow of Rev. W. R. COGGINS died Jan 11. She was a consistent member of the Bushnell Church

March 16, 1898, We regret to chronicle the death of Brother Henry STURGIS, son of Rev H. H. STURGIS which occurred at Sanford Fla., Feb. 18, 1898. He was born in Buena Vista, Ala., when he was yet a little boy... He was married Oct. 26, 1897, to Miss Minion DAVIS of Bloomington, Ind., who with his parents, three sisters, and one brother survive him.

Jun 21, 1899, John C. LAW Jr. the lovely seven months old babe of Brother and Sister John C. LAW of Brooksville, died May 29, 1899. L. D. GEIGER

Florida Baptist Witness, Ocala Fl, Nov 18, 1895 Accidently Shot, Rhodes SAXON, eldest son of County Clerk Frank E. SAXON, was accidentally killed Friday at the home of A. P. NOTT, south of Brooksville, about 10:30 o'clock.
The deceased was about eighteen years old and two years ago was a page in the state senate. He had planned to go to the swamp in a few hours to join his father in a hunt..The internment took place Staturday. Brooksville Star

Florida Baptist Witness Ocala FL, Aug 8, 1900 George Hermon, youngest son and child of Mr. and Mrs. James S. Jennings, of Brooksville, died of brain fever Jan. 29, 1900. He had the tenderst of nursing and the ablest medical attention, Doctors Stringer and Gwynn both attending him, but none of this availed. Little Hermon was only ten months old. L.D. Geiger

Florida Baptist Witness, May 4, 1888 Bro. J.D. GREEN, ofSeaside, is Married --Lawfully married, or married with Law, for he married Miss Jane LAW of Brooksville, Well, I do not regard her as green for marrying so clever an ex-Georgian, if he is Green.

Florida Baptist Witness,September 26, 1888, I baptized Miss Sallie ALEXANDER, Last Tuesday night, into the fellowship of the Brooksville church. Her sister Mrs. TYNER, died of consumption at her father's home, near Brooksville, last Saturday at 2 P.M., and was buried in Lake Lindsey Cemetery, last Sunday, the writer officiating (Paul Willis).

Yesterday afternoon, at about 5 o'clock, I joined in holy wedlock Mr. Jno. R. WEST, and Miss Annie Laura ABBOTT, at the home of the bride's father, near Brooksville. May long life and prosperity attend them. P.W.

Married on the 9th of December 1890, by Rev. C.S. REYNOLDS, at the residence of the bride's father, at Ozona, Hillsborough county, Florida, Mr. J.A.A. BYRD, of Hernando county, and Miss Kate ALEXANDER, of the former place.

Hernando County Marriage Book D, page 2, Asa Porter SHARP married Mary Eva KING 17 Feb. 1878, Hernando County, Florida. Minister of the Gospel JR Mays.

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County Commissioners

Benton County
845 Charles RUSSELL, John WIGGINS, John S. TAYLOR, Ed. J. KNIGHT
1847 John S. TAYLOR, John WIGGINS, John SELPH, George DIKES
1848 James L. TERRY, Ciprian T. JENKINS
1849 Isaac B. BAKER, William H. MCDANIEL, John TOWNSHED, Isaac WELLS

Hernando County
1852 Ciprian T. JENKINS, John TOWNSHED, William R. CRAIG, John P. CRICHTON
1855 Anderson MAYO, John TOWNSHED, Frederick LYKES, Jacob WELLS
1857 Frederick LYKES, Anderson MAYO, John TOWNSEND, Jacob WELLS
1859 Anderson MAYO, Thomas c. ELLIS, Aaron T. FRIERSON, Arthur J. BAKER
1863 John TOWNSEND, David HEDICK, Jacob WELLS, Simon EDWARDS
1864 Anderson MAYO, Thomas C. ELLIS, John A. SUTTON, Allen B. MONDON
1866 John A Sutton, A. B. MONDON, A. S. ENOCHA, J. W. ALLEN
1872 Josiah B. LAW, Joshua MIZELL, Sampson JORDAN
1876 Josiah B. LAW, Joshua MIZELL, J. M> RHODES, A. W. LEVI, J. MILLS
1877 Anderson MAYO, W. J. BAKER, J. B. LAW, E. R. KING, J. W. O'BERRY
1879 Anderson MAYO, J. B. LAW, W. A. COBB, N. A. CARTER, A. GREENLEAF

County Judges

1843 William W. TUCKER
1845 Isaac GARRISON
1848 Perry G. WALL
1852 Elias J. KNIGHT
1853 John EUBANKS
1854 Joseph M. TAYLOR
1856 Perry G. WALL
1863 Samuel J. PEARCE
1864 William M. GARRISON
1870 Henry ROWNTREE
1874 W. B. CENTER
1879 William L. FRIERSON

Clerks of the Circuit Court

1845 Charles GOODRICH

1853 William M. GARRISON
1862 John MCNEILL
1863 John L. PETERSON
1864 John L. PETERSON
1865 Thomas S. WINN
1866 W. J. BARNETT
1869 William L. MCMINN
1875 John C. LAW

Tax Collectors

1851 Ezekeil L. SELPH
1856 Francis B. HAGAN
1858 James A. BOYET
1862 William D. EUBANKS
1877 Henry D. EDWARDS


Peter Karr Baillie was born in Scotland in 1800 and was living in Thomas County, GA in 1830. By 1836 he had established a mercantile business in Leon County, FL near St. Marks where he also served as a Militia scout during the Seminole War and fought in the Battle at Chickasawhatchee Swamp. The following year he moved to Lowndes Co, GA where he engaged in a real-estate business with Francis Jones. While there he married Maria Ann Cope, of a Salzburger family, who had moved to Valdosta from Effingham Co, GA.

In 1843 P.K. Baillie filed for an Armed Occupation Permit for 160 acres of land in Hernando Co, FL near Ft. Cross and Annuteliga Hammock. He later received a patent for this land but two years later he was in Jefferson County, FL where he served as election inspector for preceinct 4 in Florida's first state-wide election. He appears to have remained in Jefferson County, operating Baillie's Store, for the next several years. He purchased 160 acres in that county in 1854 and in 1856 he applied for and received Bounty Land for his service in the Seminole War. It was about this time that he returned to Valdosta and took up farming. The Baillie family appears to have remained in Valdosta through the Civil War. The three eldest sons served in the Confederacy and one of them died early in the War. In January 1866 the family moved to Hernando Co,FL and in 1867 P.K. received title of all of fractional section 22 which was known as Baillie's Bluff. P.K. Baillie died in 1877, ten years before Pasco County was created, but his surviving children remained in the area, marrying into many of the original pioneer families. P.K. is buried in West Elfers Cemetary in present day Pasco County, FL.

Galen Chambers zia@nefcom.net

Wilson Bates, and James M. Bates were brothers. They both homesteaded land under the Armed Occupation Act on land that is now a part of Hernando County. I have not, as yet, found his wife's name and only know one of his children's name. Below are the records that I have found.
Florida Land Records:
Name: Wilson Bates
Acres: 160 Sign Date: Dec. 1, 1849 Land Office: Newnansville
Act / Treaty: Aug. 4, 1842 Stat. Ref.: 27 Stat. 502
His Permit No. 712 - His Certificate No. 288 - Land Office at
Newnansville, Fla. - Vol. 1 page 288. Dec. 1, 1849 - The land
description was: E 1/2 of SW 1/4 & W 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sect No. 36 in
Township No. 23 S, of Range 20 E., S & E in the Alachua Land District -
containing 160 acres.

Earl R. Bates
523 S. Terry Dr.
Frontenac, KS 66763


William Horn MEIN, b 1805 d 1869 served with Capt Breakers Old Guard
during Civil War . Married to Sabra Jane Smith
Both are buried at Lake Lindsey Cem. in n Hernando co.

James Russell SNOW b1842 d 1908 served in S.C. during Civil War. Moved to
Hernando co in or about 1866. Married Charolette

Ederington (daughter of Francis Ederington ) buried at Lake Lindsey.


Mitchell Jones was born in Georgia in 1837. He then married a woman by the name of Maragaret A. Hancock They are shown living in Pasco county in 1870. In 1870 he bought 40 acres of land. Mr. Jones was a Farmer and Mrs. Jones was a housekeeper. In the 1870 census, it showed them to have 5 children. In 1880 census it showed them to have 9 children. their names are as follows: Leroy, Gilbert, Heilliard, Lula, Laurence, Ada, Edward, Dora, Leola. This gentleman was also shown to be in Capt.John Parson's Co 1st Bttn Spc. He applied for the pension in 1903 in Pasco Co. He then passed away in 1917 and was buried in the Townsend House Cemetary Vetran section.

Leslie Watts Banister

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