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First I would like to acknowledge Fran Smith who has so lovingly been your County Coordinator until now. She has passed away and left the torch to me to try to keep up with your growing needs.
Hello, My name is Ray Richard and I am your temporary County Coordinator.
If you need help with locating anything or you would like to add something to these pages or any other county.
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Hamilton County History.....

Duval encompassed much of North Eastern Florida when it was formed from St. John's County in 1824. In 1827 a new county was cut from Duval. The name chosen was Hamilton named for Alexander Hamilton, our First Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton is bound to the north by Echols and Lowndes Counties in Georgia. This is a very unique county. Lots of counties in Florida boast of their many lakes. Not so with Hamilton. Of course there are a few, but their claim to fame is being bounded on three sides by rivers. On the eastern border there is the beautiful Suwannee River made famous by Stephen Foster's song. Interestingly enough, Mr. Foster never laid eyes on the river. The western side and sounthern border are bounded by the Withlachoochee River. And that isn't the end of it. Passing throught north to south is the Alapaha River, nicknamed the "River of Sand" aptly named because during parts of the year the river runs underground leaving a very sandy dry riverbed. Hamilton has the distincton of having the oldest cemetery in Florida. Being so old, there are many homes and buildings to enjoy. History is everywhere. Many people visit each year to enjoy the rustic old time Florida feeling. They relish the back to nature vistas that are so relaxing.

Our Neighbors.....

Echols County, Georgia

Columbia County, Florida

Suwannee County, Florida

Madison County, Florida

Lowndes County, Georgia

Sad News to report.....

It is with my deepest sorrow that I inform you,
 our long time friend and leader has passed.
Fran Smith
August 05,1943 - September 11, 2016
She was a great friend and helped many within our group
learn to create the lovely pages you find here on our sites.
She is missed greatly and will forever live on in our hearts, minds, and on our pages.
Rest in Peace your work is done.

Our New....

Ray Richard is our New President and State Coordinator.
Please bear with him as he quickly gathers the reins to a large undertaking.
We are all sure of his abilty to lead us and help us grow.
Please stay tuned as changes are in the wind!

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