C Gadsden County, Florida, Genealogy Resources

Woodland Cemetery, Havana, Florida

This cemetery was photographed by Donna Warlick and Angela Boynton Cassidy over a 9-month period between fall
of 2006 and summer of 2007. The index was compiled by Angela Cassidy and some notes in parentheses are from her
personal knowledge and research. Additional notes were provided by her mother, Barbara Boynton.

Updated December 6, 2013

Woodland is an active, public cemetery, and plots are sold by the Town of Havana. An article by the Havana Herald
dated January 11, 1990, "Woodland Cemetery Established by Sewing Club", detailed how the cemetery started. The
Young Matrons Sewing Club, established about 1924, was having one of their sewing and chatting afternoons when the
need for a cemetery was brought up. The cemetery was purchased by the Sewing Club from the American Sumatra
Tobacco Co. for $500. The sewing club helped sell lots and also organized the landscaping, with the first phase of
planting costing them about $200. Names were submitted for the cemetery, and the club voted to accept "Woodland"
which was suggested by Olive Morgan. The first person to be buried in Woodland was W. S. Loyd in 1927. He was
sewing club member Nellie Spooner's father, whose body was transferred from the Shelfer Cemetery. In the late 1970s
the sewing club bought 55 dogwood trees for the cemetery. The gates were erected later by the Havana Garden Club.

Directions: From Tallahassee, Florida, travel north on U.S. Highway 27 to the Havana city limits. The cemetery is on
the right just inside the city limits. From Quincy, travel east on State Road 12 to Havana and turn right at the first traffic
light onto U.S. Highway 27 south. The cemetery will be on the left, about 5-6 blocks away just past a Ford dealership. It
is adjacent to and visible from the highway.

In the table below, if only one name is in color, there is one tombstone photo, but if both the given name and surname
are in color, there are two photos. One may be a military marker or a closer view of the text on the tombstone.

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Epitaphs
ADAMS Attie Blalock 6-6-1886 3-14-1981    
ADAMS Anna Louiza 1905 1958    
ADAMS Thomas Harris 7 Aug 1904 15 Aug 1956    
ALEWINE Dewey H. 3-28-1898 1-27-1994 d/s Hobson N. Musical notes on slab, Order of Eastern Star emblem
ALEWINE Hobson N. 7-6-1898 1-17-1961 d/s Dewey H. Masonic emblem, stone saying "Erected with love by Larry F. Ferguson
ALEXANDER Civil Louise 10-11-1923 2-22-2006 d/s Columbus Ray Married 8-10-1941
ALEXANDER Columbus Ray 9-8-1917 8-15-2007 d/s Civil Louise Married 8-10-1941
ALEXANDER James W. 1-31-1933 12-29-1985    
ANDERSON John H. 2-12-1918 10-18-1980   Spc 3 US Army, WW II, Korea
ATKINSON Margaret L. 1-23-1931 9-21-1987 &d/s w Raymond D.  
ATKINSON Raymond D. 6-12-1921 5-20-2003 d/s w Margaret L.  
BAKER Hazel Jackson 12-13-1925 1-13-1993 d/s with Ottis Everett  
BAKER Ottis Everette 5-16-1913 8-27-1992 d/s with Hazel Jackson  
BARFIELD Fred Thomas 5-10-1929 10-8-1989 d/s Anna Tipton Married 2-1-1-52, US Navy Korea
BARINEAU B. Ames 2-22-1892 5-6-1979 d/s Mary D. CPL US Army WW I, Co. D 56th Inf. 7th Div. (Died from injuries sustained in vehicle accident)
BARINEAU Gustaf Ames 9-3-1989 (one date) Infant son of Steve and Sandra Barineau  
BARINEAU Lloyd Donalson 5-16-1935 5-26-1982 d/s Shirley Kelley (Son of B. Ames and Mary D. Barineau)
BARINEAU Mary D. 11-26-1896 4-27-1979 d/s B. Ames (Killed in vehicle accident)
BARINEAU Shirley Kelley 7-23-1939 5-22-2005 d/s Lloyd Donalson  
BARRETT Barbara Jean 8-12-1840 11-24-1977   Our Beloved Daughter and Mother
BARRETT Lillie Faye 2-3-1909 3-27-2004 (W/o Marvin Barrett, Sr., dau/of Miles N. and Maggie Mills Vickers)  
BARRETT Madison E'Lise 01-28-1992 (one date)   Our Beloved Angel
BARRETT Marvin, Jr. 8-23-1937 10-17-1994 (Son of Marvin, Sr. and Lillie Faye Barrett) SP4 US Army
BARRETT Marvin, Sr. 3-15-1906 4-19-1953 (Husb/of Lillie Faye Vickers Barrett)  
BARRETT William Michael 4-2-1957 12-20-1999   Our Beloved Husband, Father, Son and Grandson
BARROW Betty 1943 2001   (Bevis Funeral Home marker only)
BARTLETT James Allen 9-24-1917 12-15-2003 d/s Merle McCrory, Married 7-17-1940 "Father", TEC4 US Army Air Forces WW II
BARTLETT Merle McCrory 8-12-1920 1-14-2007 d/s James Allen, Married 7-17-1940 Mother
BASS Marshall W. "Jack" (one date only) 1-31-1941    
BEASLEY Claude C. 8-12-1886 5-27-1960 (stone matches Florence Beasley) Husband
BEASLEY Florence S. 5-9-1900 9-21-1975 (stone matches Claude C. Beasley) Wife
BEASLEY Harry H. 1-21-1926 9-3-2000   Husband
BEMBRY Flora C. 9-13-1923 3-4-2005 d/s John  
BEMBRY John 9-6-1916 1-7-2000 d/s Flora  
BENNINGFIELD Benjamin F. 7-30-1900 12-23-1963 d/s Margaret  
BENNINGFIELD Margaret R. 3-18-1914 10-28-1990 d/s Benjamin F.  
BENNINGFIELD Roy 12-04-1903 12-17-1993 d/s Velda Married 6-18-1927 "Father"
BENNINGFIELD Velda 9-22-1908 (Death date not inscribed, died 2007) d/s Roy Married 6-18-1927 "Mother"
BERT (Dr.) Clara Virginia 1-29-1929 2-25-2011 (d/o Harold C. Bert, Sr. and Jean McDavid Bert)  
BERT Elizabeth Rogers 8-21-1881 6-27-1977 d/s John Gustav  
BERT Ella Jean M. 9-26-1895 4-8-1974 d/s Harold Carl (Dau/of Richmond and Ella Holley McDavid)
BERT Harold Carl 11-6-1930 1-2-2006 d/s Mary V. (Harold "Red" Bert, Jr., son of Harold Carl, Sr. & Ella McDavid Bert)
BERT Harold Carl 7-18-1895 12-11-1972 d/s Ella Jean M.  
BERT John Gustav 9-2-1884 12-3-1971 d/s Elizabeth Rogers  
BIDDY Ted L. P.E. in Acworth, GA 8-25-2011   US ARMY
BLACKBURN John Hugh 1-21-1919 4-24-1988 (Husb/of Louise, father of Theodore)  
BLACKBURN Theodore Lamar 6-15-1955 8-8-1960 (son of John Hugh & Louise Blackburn) Theodore--our sweet Angel is with his God
BLACKMAN Daniel A. 11-11-1909 12-12-1994 (Husband of RuthMerritt) US Navy WW II
BLACKMAN Ruth Merritt 5-10-1929 in Havana, FL 2-13-2011 in Tallahassee, FL (widow of Dan Blackman, d/o Hardy and Vera Perkins Merritt) T/SGT
BLACKMON William Thomas 4-29-1920 3-10-1943   T/SGT
BLACKWOOD Bernard O. 1903 1948 d/s Elizabeth Ann  
BLACKWOOD Elizabeth Ann 1906 1988 d/s Bernard O.  
BONEY Charles Edward 2-5-1952 4-20-2005 (Son of Julius C. Boney)  
BONEY Julius C. Boney, Sr. 4-29-1925 3-11-1972    
BOOTH Genia Chester 12-17-1912 1-1-2006 d/s Elizabeth Ann  
BOOTH Malcolm Curtis 1-30-1911 11-6-1973 d/s Genia Chester Booth  
BOSTICK Mary L. 9-16-1904 10-28-1975 (sis/of Thomas Bostick) (Havana school teacher)
BOSTICK Thomas J. 10-27-1909 4-27-1995 d/s Mable Laing  
BOWDEN John Daniel 9-8-1948 10-6-2009    
BOWEN Dorothy Kay 611-21-1953 11-7-1989 (Dau/of Raymond and Dorothy Bowen) (unmarried)
BOWEN Raymond Jennings 6-7-1909 12-2-1994 (triple stone Dorothy Maxwell, wife, & Dorothy Kay, daughter) Maj US Army WW II, Masonic Emblem
BOYETTE Infant Son 6-8-1958 (one date) s/o Herman and Bettie Boyette  
BROADUS Horton 12-20-1911 2-22-1947   Erected by Mother
BROCK Lloyd Edward 11-24-1921 10-24-1998 d/s Gaynell CPL US ARMY WW II
BROCK Thomas D. 6-19-1952 10-17-1988 (Son of Lloyd and Gaynell Brock) Tommy--A Beloved Man Who Preached the Word, Lived the Word, and NOW is with the Word--Jesus
BROOKS Esther Cunningham 1-17-1890 1-19-1949    
BROWN Clifford A. 10-2-1945 1-14-2002 d/s Carol L. Precious Lord Take my Hand
BROWN Odis W. 6-23-1923 10-4-1998 d/s Leo S. Married 3-18-1944
BROWN William Lee 10-16-1946 1-2-2008   AN US NAVY
BROWNING Johnny 3-17-1928 8-21-1964 (Killed in auto shop accident) Masonic emblem
BRUCE James Edward 11-22-1966 2-25-1994   wooden marker almost unreadable
BRUCE Virginia 9-15-1943 6-23-1999   wooden marker almost unreadable
BRUNDYDGE Carolyn (no date) (no date) Infant daughter of Mattie R. & William H. Brundydge Obituary
BRUNDYDGE Hattie W. 1870 1943 d/s Horace K. Mother
BRUNDYDGE Horace K. 1866 1931 d/s Hattie W. Mother
BRUNDYDGE Mattie R. 11-14-1912 7-4-1966 d/s William H.  
BRUNDYDGE William H. 4-3-1912 1-31-1985 d/s Mattie R.  
BURNS David Francisco 11-1-1892 7-4-1969 d/s Maggie Susie Moore Married 9-1-1921
BURNS Maggie Susie Moore 6-11-1892 10-21-1978 d/s David Francisco Married 9-1-1921
BUTLER Aubrey M. 9-8-1903 7-5-1965 (1st husb/of Kathleen Patterson Butler Cowart, s/o Mary Eubanks Butler)  
BUTLER Aubrey Patterson 2-8-1930 8-19-1986 (1st husb/of Helen Martin Butler Conger) ("Pat", son of Aubrey and Kathleen Patterson Butler)
BUTLER Cecil Victor 10-20-1911 5-3-1985 (Husb/of Frances Lester)  
BUTLER David Arthur Butler 2-11-1882 5-8-1934    
BUTLER Donald L. 6-16-1932 11-19-1995 (Husb/of Ella Jean Driver) (Son of Aubrey & Kathleen Butler)
BUTLER Kathleen P. 9-8-1909 5-22-1993 (wife of 1) Aubrey Butler, 2) Kenneth Cowart) (Daughter of Robert J. and Margaret Patterson of Madison Co., FL)
BUTLER Mary 4-1-1901 10-12-1976    
BUTLER Mary E. 9-14-1879 12-18-1972 (dau/of Needham & Emma Bell Eubanks)  
BUTLER Sophia Garland 3-10-1891 3-7-1973   A life of love with grace and beauty
CAMPBELL Elizabeth W. 9-1-1881 9-19-1949 d/s Joseph J.  
CAMPBELL Joseph Walker 12-6-1908 12-08-1972    
CAMPBELL Joseph J. 11-17-1881 12-23-1955 d/s Elizabeth W.  
CANNINGTON Betty J. 5-21-1937 12-16-1991 d/s Billy E.  
CANNINGTON Billy E. 10-31-1930 3-29-1998 d/s Betty J.  
CARDEN Debra Renee' 7-27-1968 3-2-2001    
CARROLL John A. Carroll, Jr. 10-08-1929 5-26-1995 d/s Earmer L. Lambert Precious Lord Take My Hand
CHANDLER April Victoria Chandler 5-9-1978 8-10-2001   Beloved Sister and Daughter
CHESTER Betty Ruth Jones 10-31-1928 9-8-2000    
CHESTER George Henry 7-26-1879 12-22-1969 d/s Ida DeLacy  
CHESTER Ida DeLacy 3-20-1883 6-5-1976 d/s George Henry  
CHESTER Michael Guyte 12-20-1923 1-13-2000 d/s Mary Alice Cantey (s/o George & Ida Chester) Precious Lord Take My Hand
CHEWNING Gideon Strange 1866 1931    
CHRIST Helen Sapp 5-7-1909 9-14-1983    
CHURCH Martin E. "Marty" 1973 1996   In Loving Memory, Our Beloved Son
CLARK Tommie 1891 1956   Mother, Rest in Peace
CLEVELAND William D. 1897 1983   US Army WW I
COKER P. D. 2-7-1918 9-20-1995 d/s Marilyn Touchton Daddy, At Rest
COLEMAN Pearl B. 1909 1993 d/s P.D. Mother, At Rest
COLLINS Fred Anthony 7-4-1926 03-19-2008 (husb/of Marilyn Morgan) Papa
COLLINS Marilyn Morgan 8-12-1927 12-12-2002 (2nd wife of Fred Collins, d/o Clarence & Olive Morgan) "Pep"
COLVIN Bessie Daughtry 5-31-1898 12-20-1980 d/s James Thomas Mom
COLVIN Grace M. 2-27-1947 9-9-2002 d/s with William P. Married 11-20-1962
COLVIN James Thomas 12-22-1882 11-29-1952 d/s Bessie Daughtry Dad
COLVIN Robert Franklin 10-6-1918 5-14-1973   Son
COLVIN Warren Thomas 1-18-1921 1-4-1992    
COOK Judy Lois Poppell 1-24-1955 8-7-1911 (d/o Elbert and Jewel Poppell, gr/dau of Brink and Claudia Poppell and Maxie and Lois Dees) (formerly married to Rodney Cook)
COWART Allie Reasoner 8-14-1907 5-17-1978 d/s with William Kenneth (1st wife of Kenneth Cowart)
COWART William Kenneth 10-1-1907 11-8-1995 d/s Allie Reasoner (Husb/of 1) Allie Reasoner, 2) Kathleen Butler)
CRAIG Charles T. 11-27-1960 12-15-2005 d/s Roseleen A. Deaton, mother  
CREEKMORE Lillian B. 1902 1995    
CREEKMORE William Melton 4-22-1923 5-10-1980   S1 US Navy WW II
CROSS Virginia 4-14-1923 3-2-2004 d/s Joseph  
DANIELS Edith Miller 2-16-1887 5-18-1990 (wife of Robert Murry Daniels, dau/of Daniel Webster Miller & Margaret Bell)  
DANIELS Edwinola Jordan 8-31-1917 in Plant City, FL 5-28-2010 (w/o Howard Daniels, d/o Grady and Stella Padgett Jordan)  
DANIELS Howard 9-11-1915 11-28-1985 (Husband of Edwinola Jordan, son of Robert Murry Daniels and Edith Miller) (Postmaster, Havana, FL)
DANIELS Robert Murry 11-8-1880 1-14-1946 (Husb/of Edith Miller, son of Joseph and Martha W. Fletcher Daniell)  
DARSEY Edyth Womack 8-9-1913 10-13-2004 (wife of Samuel Eliot Darsey)  
DARSEY Infant 5-13-1950 (one date) Infant daughter of Edyth & Eliot Darsey  
DARSEY Samuel Eliot 7-6-1911 12-1-1987 (Husb/of Edyth Womack)  
DAUGHTRY Lula T. 9-17-1871 1-1-1961    
DAUGHTRY W. H. "Bud" 7-23-1872 12-27-1941    
DAVIDSON Sheridan Lee 5-31-1949 6-10-1952   One of Gods Jewels
DAVIS Alice L. Walsh 2-3-1911 10-3-1951 Son of Rev. & Mrs. Lee Davidson  
DAVIS Cora L. 9-11-1887 1-10-1969 Wife of R. L. Davis, Jr.  
DAVIS Ellis 5-6-1913 4-3-1959   SGT Co.K 309 Infantry Regt. WW II
DAVIS Henry Ford 1923 2004   (Funeral home marker only)
DAVIS James Thurman 12-18-1913 3-6-2006 d/s Jewel Brown  
DAVIS Jewel Brown 9-1-1913 1-3-1982 d/s James Thurman  
DAVIS R. L., Jr. 2-10-1909 6-11-1953   Masonic emblem
DAVIS Robert L. 9-11-1887 1-10-1969 Husb/of Cora L.  
DAWKINS W. Gus 2-12-1912 3-5-1995 d/s Mrytle P., Wed 9-30-1949 TEC 5 US Army WW II
DAWKINS Lucille Agnes Garner 4-12-1925 5-1-2005   Mother
DAWKINS Mary Wells 10-14-1919 8-13-1998    
DAWKINS Steven Keith 1956 2004   (Funeral home marker only)
DAWKINS William Curtis, Sr. 2-8-1919 3-10-1982   PFC US ARMY WW II
DAWSON Gary L. 10-4-1962 (no date) d/s with Lisa P.  
DAWSON Lisa P. 10-5-1966 (no date) d/s with Gary L.  
DAWSON Patricia Ann M. 1-4-1935 6-2-2008 d/s with Wm. Franklin Married 12-19-1960
DAWSON Wm. Franklin 4-15-1931 (no date) d/s with Patricia Ann M. Married 12-19-1960
DeCOSTAS Mary "Mollie" Wilcox 2-1-1880 2-26-1965 d/s William Milton They Shall Meet Again Who Have Loved Each Other
DeCOSTAS William Milton 3-6-1815 5-31-1945 d/s Mary "Mollie" Wilcox They Shall Meet Again Who Have Loved Each Other, Masonic Emblem
DeCOSTAS William Roger 11-18-1902 11-27-1954    
DEES Lois Hart 11-5-1901 2-7-1997 d/s Maxie D. (Mother of Jewel D. Poppell)
DEES Maxie D. 3-9-1900 4-4-1978 d/s Lois Hart (Pharmacist, Havana, FL)
DeJARNETTE Louis L. 12-11-1874 6-12-1943 (Husb/of Maude McDavid)  
DeJARNETTE Maude McDavid 8-28-1883 2-11-1949 Wife of Louis L. Obituary Havana Herald 2-17-1948, Part 1, Part 2
DELACEY Fannie L. 4-18-1895 1-17-1994    
DELACY James Thomas 10-2-1892 7-28-1953    
DENNIS Frank W. 1-9-1903 1-13-1937    
DICKENS Mary Frances 12-13-1998 (one date)   In Loving Memory, Beloved Daughter
DICKEY Annie E. 3-2-1872 7-31-1937    
DICKEY Charlie E. 1908 1949 d/s Edith G.  
DICKEY Edith G. 1908 1949 d/s Charlie E.  
DICKEY Frances 10-8-1921 12-14-1999 d/s Julian, Sr. Married 5-8-1937
DICKEY Frances Elizabeth 7-3-1939 12-20-1954   Dau.
DICKEY Julian, Sr. 4-16-1910 3-1-1984 d/s Frances Married 5-8-1937
DICKEY Katie M. 3-14-1907 12-25-1976 d/s Robert Dickey  
DICKEY Myrtie Mae 10-28-1915 8-29-1971 d/s William Thomas Beloved Mother
DICKEY Robert Hayes 2-12-1903 8-15-1977 d/s Katie M.  
DICKEY William Thomas 8-21-1906 8-29-1971 d/s Myrtie Mae Beloved Father
DIXON Judith Lynn 5-7-1951 5-9-1951    
DODSON Beulah Mae 5-3-1924 2-4-1989 d/s Davis O. Our Loving Father
DODSON Davis O. 4-13-1920 3-1-1990 d/s Beulah Our Loving Father
DODSON Herman 2-5-1939 7-13-1989 d/s with Check Dodson Our Loving Father
DODSON John H. "Check" 9-19-1910 11-22-1993 d/s with Herman Dodson Masonic emblem
DOLL Doris Benner 7-6-1901 10-22-1970 d/s John Henry  
DOLL John H. 5-24-1890 10-4-1969   Colorado WAGR SUP CO 35 INFANTRY WORLD WAR I
DOLL John Henry 5-24-1890 10-4-1969 d/s Doris Benner  
DOLL Robert Allen 2-16-1922 10-27-1967    
DONALDSON Margaret M. 8-17-1925 6-6-2004 d/s James Lester Donaldson II Married 7-25-1946
DOUGLAS Jacob 2-25-1976 6-9-2002 d/s with mother, Joyce Inscription-1; Inscription-2;Inscription-3
DRAVES Arnold C. 7-31-1919 8-13-1986   US Air Force
DRIVER E. Leonard 9-21-1895 8-22-1985 d/s Marcia Slappey  
DRIVER Marcia Slappey 11-19-1910 3-1-1982 d/s E. Leonard In God's Care
DUDLEY Jack Evans 9-17-1911 11-12-1997 d/s Mattie Kate Editor and Publisher (Havana Herald newspaper), Col. US Army, World War II
DUDLEY Mattie Kate H. 4-18-1912 12-25-2003 d/s Jack Evans (dau/o Fred & Marie Harris) Journalist and Columnist (Havana Herald newspaper)
DUKE Doris Jane ______ 7-25-2011 (w/o Harold "Bubba" Duke)  
DUNFORD Hazel Y. 7-17-1919 10-10-1983    
DUNFORD Malvern C. 7-4-1920 9-25-1969   CPL HQ CO 45 Infantry Div WW II
DUNN Christine B. "Kitt" 11-2-1921 7-27-1983 Children: Frank Jr., McArthur, Larry "Country", Kathy Sue A Virtuous Woman Psalm: 23
DURBIN Charles D. 1905 1976 d/s Helen M.  
DURBIN Helen M. 1909 1995 d/s Charles D.  
DURDEN Nolia 12-05-1908 6-3-1957    
DUTTON Ruby W. 10-18-1905 4-12-1997    
DYKES John D. 10-25-1905 12-31-1989 (Husb/of Martha S.)  
DYKES John O. 5-5-1936 3-4-1987    
DYKES Martha S. 7-9-1907 7-19-1991 (Wife of John D.)  
EDWARDS Mellie Cobb McLellan 9-25-1888 6-16-1990    
ELKINS Annie Ferrell 1-31-1886 1-23-1976 d/s John Thomas Elkins, Sr. (w/o 1) Sam Vickers, 2) John Thomas Elkins Sr.)
ELKINS Council W. 6-10-1896 5-2-1975 d/s Dossie S.  
ELKINS Ellie C. 1905 1979    
ELKINS Mary E. 1890 1968    
ELKINS John Thomas, Sr. 4-11-1883 4-28-1956 d/s Annie Ferrell (2nd husb/of Annie Ferrell Vickers)
ELKINS Thomas H. 11-1-1923 12-29-1995 d/s Iva Merle Married Dec 24, 1955
ELKINS Thomas H., Jr. 6-9-1957 14-14-2001   My Children Laila, Clint, Sarah
ELLINOR PLOT          
ELLINOR Annie Floyd 1854 1936    
ELLINOR Doris Parrott 11-14-1918 3-26-1993    
ELLINOR Elizabeth Mae 7-30-1912 5-20-1924 Dau/of S. F. & Zadie Waites Ellinor  
ELLINOR Ettie Sanders 6-7-1890 7-21-1972    
ELLINOR Faye Horton 9-9-1913 9-20-1996 (Wife of Merrill Floyd Ellinor)  
ELLINOR Frances Cumbie 11-5-1904 5-18-1996    
ELLINOR Gregory Thomas 1960 1961 Son of Patricia and Thomas Ellinor  
ELLINOR Harry Edward 8-2-1924 12-29-1955 Son of Byron & Frances Ellinor (1st husb/of Elizabeth McDavid Larkin)
ELLINOR Joseph Richard 6-2-1888 1-14-1964    
ELLINOR Lawson Benjamin 4-2-1882 5-3-1949 (Husb/of Roberta Woodberry)  
ELLINOR Lawson Byron 9-15-1905 6-15-1948 Son of Lawson & Roberta Ellinor  
ELLINOR Mary Zadie 12-9-1891 8-15-1974 d/s Samuel Fleming (Her maiden name was Waites)
ELLINOR Merrill Floyd 7-31-1909 12-14-1986 Son of Lawson & Roberta Ellinor (Husb/of Faye Horton)
ELLINOR Robert A. 10-10-1912 5-24-1961 Son of Lawson & Roberta Ellinor  
ELLINOR Roberta Woodberry 9-12-1887 3-8-1970 (Wife of Lawson Benjamin Ellinor) A Life of Service to Others
ELLINOR Samuel Fleming 10-20-1885 2-6-1966 d/s Mary Zadie  
ELLINOR Thomas Allen 1883 1894    
ELLINOR Walter Allen 1848 1908    
ELLINOR Walter Leroy 1892 1904    
EUBANKS Bennett T. 6-27-1893 10-10-1941    
EUBANKS Carl Austin 6-12-1917 3-1-1970    
EUBANKS Clarence C. 6-12-1892 8-9-1925    
EUBANKS Clyde R. 2-23-1898 5-7-1947 (Husb/of Inez McLellan, father of Emmie Inez) (committed suicide)
EUBANKS Emmie Bell 1-8-1857 5-4-1931 (w/o Needham Eubanks)  
EUBANKS Emmie Inez 2-13-1931 5-7-1947 (Dau/of Clyde R. & Inez Eubanks) (Killed by her father)
EUBANKS Inez McLellan 6-28-1911 8-15-1997 (Wife of Clyde R. Eubanks) (d/o Mellie McLellan Edwards)
EUBANKS John Edwin 3-22-1914 8-23-1968    
EUBANKS John Henry 11-22-1877 4-20-1957 (s/o Needham & Ervina Eubanks, husb/of Katie Paterson)  
EUBANKS Katie Paterson 1-14-1883 10-8-1957 (w/o John Eubanks, d/o Donald and Georgia Johnson Paterson)  
EUBANKS N. 4-18-1854 10-2-1924   (Given name was Needham)
EUBANKS Violet Lucille 8-16-1908 2-15-1926    
EVERIDGE Mary Lou 9-10-1904 12-16-1992    
FERREE James 10-13-1926 2-23-1994   S2 US Navy WW II
FERRELL Clarence V. "Bull" 11-19-1922 2-5-1994   US Navy WW II
FERRELL Henry Alex 11-19-1911 7-4-1988 d/s Juanita E.  
FERRELL Henry O. 10-24-1880 2-22-1956 d/s Zeola E.  
FERRELL John Henry 4-8-1889 11-28-1973 d/s Lula P.  
FERRELL Juanita E. 4-9-1916 9-10-1999 d/s Henry Alex  
FERRELL Louise D. 11-29-1931 1-28-1995 d/s Corry  
FERRELL Lula P. 12-8-1889 5-2-1955 d/s John Henry (Dau/of Vernon Gandy Poppell & Sara Alwilda Vickers)
FERRELL Robert ______ 8-5-2011 (h/o Kathy Ferrell, s/o Norma Ferrell)  
FERRELL Zeola E. 3-19-1899 12-29-1981 d/s Henry O. (Sis/of Doc Lambert, Melford Lambert, Katie Lambert, & Mrs. John Mills)
FINCH Dianna 5-26-1976 (one date) Infant Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Finch  
FINLEY Donna Carole Bruce 6-23-1968 11-6-1993   (badly weathered board marker)
FOREHAND Rannie W. 3-27-1919 10-12-1970   FLA TEC5 269 Medical Det. WW II PH
FOURAKER Clarence 11-15-1920 4-5-1984 d/s Lillian F.  
FOURAKER Lillian F. 3-3-1918 3-8-2005 d/s Clarence  
FREE Fannie W. 8-13-1862 7-11-1946    
FREEMAN Monica Diane 12-2-1952 (one date) Daughter of Charles Roy and Mary Irene Freeman A precious gift for a little while
FUNDERBURK William I. 9-9-1921 12-10-1964   CWO AGC USAR WW II
GAINOUS Agatherl Weeks 2-3-1901 7-24-1966 d/s Lucious Rollin  
GAINOUS Lucious Rollin 11-18-1898 3-25-1980 d/s Agatherl Weeks  
GANDY Mildred E. 1-8-1916 11-2-1991 (wife of Norman F.)  
GANDY Norman F. 12-1-1912 11-28-1994 (hus/of Mildred E.)  
GANDY Richard Norman 7-3-1939 6-2-1997 (son of Norman and Mildred Gandy)  
GANDY Ronald 3-30-1938 (one date) Infant son of Norman & Mildred Gandy  
GARLAND Johnnie Mae 12-7-1928 in Meigs, GA 10-9-2011 in Tallahassee, FL (w/o Adron Garland, d/o Homer Calvin McGill and Amanda Julia Childree McGill) Photo
GARLAND Johnny Phillip 6-19-1949 4-26-1989 (Son of Adron & Johnnie Garland) A Loving Husband and Father, I love you Daddy, Mary Lynn, US ARMY
GARY Nettie M. Schwall 10-04-1909 3-30-1976    
GEE James A. 1-5-1892 3-30-1965 d/s Ruby  
GEE Ruby D. 4-23-1897 7-5-1986 d/s James A. Daughter of William A. & Donnie Spooner Dawkins
GENTNER Victor A. 5-24-1907 9-8-1975    
GIBSON Odiest L. (one date) 6-5-1936   Alabama Pvt. 306 Engrs. 82 Div., He was beloved by God and Man
GLEATON William 2-15-1931 3-4-2009 d/s with Amy Geraldine Gleaton Master Craftsman
GOLDEN Myron Fritz, Jr. 10-24-1954 11-30-1996    
GOMILA Boon McDavid 10-09-1897 12-21-1967 (Dau/of Richmond and Ella Holley McDavid)  
GOODFELLOW George W. 9-10-1911 9-1-1996 d/s Virginia E.  
GOODFELLOW Virginia E. 5-23-1924 3-16-1997 d/s George W.  
GOODMAN Donald Sterling, Lt. 6-25-1927 7-12-1950   John 15:13, Florida, 2nd Lt. 21 Inf. 24 Inf. Div. WW II Korea
GOODMAN Fannie L. 10-10-1892 11-23-1975   Mother
GRAHAM Carol Jean 3-13-1938 9-27-1957 (Dau/of Lewis and Hazel Graham)  
GRAHAM Hazel Sheffield 2-25-1920 12-6-2002 (d/s Lewis, mother of Carol)  
GRAHAM Lewis William 9-9-1912 8-12-1976 (d/s Hazel, father of Carol)  
GRANTHUM Sue Ellyn 11-15-1946 12-14-1968 (d/o Mary Lenice Granthum, sis/o John Thomas Elkins, Jr., Nonnie Zeigler, Marge Underhill)  
GRAY Howard Clinton 5-19-1897 3-23-1987 d/s Yvonne Rollo, Married 6-6-1923 (Son of James H. and Sara Catherine Johnson Gray)
GRAY James Forrest 7-5-1934 7-21-1934   (Infant of Howard and Yvonne Gray)
GRAY Richard Byron 9-19-1944 11-26-1997 d/s Millie Bramlett Gray (Son of Willie and Robbie Gray)
GRAY Robbie L. 8-25-1918 7-5-1989 d/s Willie B. Gray  
GRAY Willie B. 4-14-1915 5-7-2006 d/s Robbie L. Gray (Son of James H. and Sara Catherine Johnson Gray)
GREEN E. "Bennie" 6-13-1921 9-15-2005   Wife
GREGORY Floyd King 3-8-1920 12-23-1982 (Husb/of Dorothy Miller, s/o George Floyd and Zilla King Gregory) 1st SGT US Army, WW II
GREGORY George B. 7-24-1918 7-4-1986 (buried right of Ola King Thompson)  
GREGORY George Ballard 8-27-1948 10-20-1948    
GREGORY George Floyd 9-13-1890 9-1-1961 (h/o Zilla King Gregory)  
GREGORY Infant Son 6-17-1951 (one date) Infant son of King & Dorothy Gregory  
GREGORY Mary Henderson 10-23-1911 10-5-1972 d/s Thomas Munroe Gregory  
GREGORY Thomas Munroe 11-7-1902 7-24-1978 d/s Mary Henderson Gregory (s/o George B. and Jaco Floyd Gregory)
GREGORY Thomas Munroe 1931 1937    
GREGORY Zilla King 6-26-1892 5-28-1980 (m/o Floyd King Gregory, w/o George Floyd Gregory)  
GRENIER Cheryl A. 3-6-1947 7-21-1966   REV. 21:4
GRIFFIN Scott H. 12-1-1964 11-1-2002 (Son of Dorothy Barksdale Griffin) d/s Anna P. Our Beloved Scott
GRINER A. Lester 9-10-1903 12-22-1985 d/s Edna Rawls Father
GRINER Edna Rawls 7-31-1911 12-15-1994 d/s A. Lester Mother
HACKNEY Mary W. Ogden 1-9-1925 3-1-2001    
HACKNEY William H. 4-17-1915 4-5-1995   PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
HALL Linda Sue 1-20-1947 11-21-1990    
HALL Woodrow Wilson 4-7-1913 9-10-1969    
HAMP Carl Daniel II 9-24-1948 12-11-1965    
HANSHAW Roy W. 2-1-1907 2-18-1989 d/s June M.  
HARBIN Daniel B. 7-19-1963 12-19-1994 (s/o R. C. Harbin)  
HARBIN Robert Cary "RC" 7-18-1927 4-6-1988   Town of Havana Police Emblem "20 Years Service"
HARLEY Agnes Gee 1-13-1899 3-26-1992 d/s Thomas B.  
HARLEY George H. 2-24-1882 12-7-1965    
HARLEY Thomas B. 12-31-1887 6-27-1960 d/s Agnes Gee  
HARRELL Belle R. 1-17-1910 12-6-2002 d/s Conrad  
HARRELL Conrad 12-2-1902 1-22-1970 d/s Belle R.  
HARRIS Fred L. 4-28-1886 3-12-1979 d/s Marie R. (f/o Mattie Kate Dudley)
HARRIS Marie R. 9-1-1889 8-29-1991 d/s Fred L. (m/o Mattie Kate Dudley)
HARRISON Ronald Charles 7-18-1938 5-12-1979   A1C U.S. AIR FORCE
HARRISON William Tate 6-30-1971 12-26-1987 (s/o Bobby and Sandra Peavy Harrison)  
HARVELL Dora A. "Dee" Strickland 5-29-1914 8-29-1992 d/s William Patrick  
HARVELL Marcia E. Infant 1958 (one date)    
HARVELL William Patrick "Nick" 11-11-1911 4-18-1989 d/s Dora A.  
HATCHER Madeline Inez 7-17-1927 3-14-2007    
HAVILAND Eva M. 1894 1982 (Wife of Francis P.) (Havana school teacher)
HAVILAND Francis P. 1863 1941 ("Percy",Husband of Eva M.) (pecan grower)
HENDERSON David Sonja 8-16-1937 4-29-1938 Daughter of Murlean & Dorsey Henderson  
HENDERSON Dorsey F. 10-24-1915 5-4-1960    
HENDERSON Luther Randolph 12-29-1881 3-31-1948    
HENDERSON Murlean New 1-30-1917 4-25-2000>    
HENDRICKS William Murray 5-15-1904 12-24-1968> d/s Zelma Laverne (Policeman, Town of Havana)
HENDRICKS Zelma Laverne 7-28-1904 12-29-1992> d/s William Murray  
HERRING Alice Hough 6-18-1933 5-15-2006> d/s Edwin L. (d/o Willie Arthur and Charlie Pearl Chitwood Hough)
HERRING Nellie B. 1897 1980> d/s Patrick Hoyt (Nellie Butler, d/o Lewis E. & Susan Reeves Butler)  
HERRING Patrick Hoyt. 1893 1981> d/s Nellie B.  
HICKS Jewell 4-4-1923 12-3-1996>    
HILDRETH Maggie LeVar 10-30-1911 6-23-1976>    
HILL Lena J. 7-27-1899 6-11-1984    
HILL Monica I. 1918 1998 d/s William  
HILL Tanner James 4-22-1997 6-30-1998 d/s Tate Hill Our Little Blessings
HILL Tate 4-22-1997 6-30-1998 d/s Tanner James Hill Our Little Blessings
HILL William 1930 1988 d/s Monica I.  
HINSON Alma M. 4-30-1875 3-24-1965 (Wife of W. D. Hinson) Mother
HINSON Pauline McGill 4-6-1920 (no date) d/s W. Bart Hinson (Dau/of )
HINSON W. Bart 4-13-1919 1-31-2006 d/s Pauline McGill (dau/o Homer and Nandy Childree McGill)
HINSON W. D. 9-18-1866 12-27-1939 (Husband of Alma M.) "Father", Masonic Emblem
HIRES Jim Wilson 1922 1999   Retired Chief Petty Officer, US Navy
HIRES Pauline Nell 1930 1996    
HODGES Mary Lou 3-10-1917 10-9-1997   Our Mother, Our Friend
HOLDER Henry L. 3-19-1894 12-12-1963    
HOLDER Phronie E. Brown 6-11-1887 8-22-1951    
HOLLADAY Nancy H. 4-7-1913 12-10-1980    
HOLMAN Everett 7-28-1906 7-14-1948 (1st husband of Mary Ingram, f/o Gwen Holman) triple stone with Mary Holder Ingram and Joshua Ingram
HOOK Luther H. "Buck" 10-3-1933 9-8-1988 (1st husband of Betty Butler)  
HOOKS Janis 1911 1986 (m/o Farley Light, 2nd w/o Tom Cook) only a Morgan-McClellan Funeral Home marker)
HOWELL Melissa Elizabeth 9-17-1904 12-23-1996 d/s William Phillip  
HOWELL William Phillip 11-15-1903 3-14-1973 d/s Melissa Elizabeth  
HUBER Wilmer Francis, Jr. in Miami, FL 8-5-2011 in Tallahassee (h/o Christsa Beierling Huber)  
HUETT James Michael 10-6-1981 10-19-1981    
HUGHES Andrea Leigh 11-4-1998 11-5-1998 Precious daughter of Brian & Jeannette, Beloved sister of Danielle, Alex & Kathryn The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His compassion is new every morning. great is they faithfulness, O Lord! Lamentations 3:22-23
HUGHES Ian Patrick 4-20-2004 (one date)   Luke 20:36
HUNT Laura Hopson 9-16-1890 2-19-1964    
HUNT Oliver M. 1912 1982 d/s Roseline M.  
HUNT Roseline M. 1922 2003 d/s Oliver M. (dau/o Homer and Nandy Childree McGill)  
HURST Humphrey C. "Doc" 8-14-1915 12-14-1990 d/s Christell Merritt  
HURST Mary K. 12-21-1908 6-1-1985 d/s Robert L. Married 11-6-1927
HURST Robert L. 8-20-1909 6-25-1969 d/s Mary K. Married 11-6-1927
HUTCHINGS Clara Turner 10-1-1911 3-2-2005 d/s Richard Moir (Mother of Jean Miller and Anne Moreland)
HUTCHINGS Richard Moir 9-17-1904 10-4-1985 d/s Clara Turner (Father of Jean Miller and Anne Moreland)
HYATT Jack H., Sr. 1911 1996 d/s Katherine P4M2 US Navy WW II (principal, Havana High School)
HYATT Katherine 1908 1998 d/s Jack H.  
INGRAM Joshua A. 2-10-1909 5-16-1977 d/s Mary Ingram (2nd husband of Mary Holman)
INGRAM Mary L. 9-6-1913 9-30-1969 triple stone with Everett S. Holman and Joshua A. Ingram (wife of 1) Everett Holman, 2) Joshua Ingram)
INKS William D. 3-11-1921 8-27-1993   TEC5 US Army WW II
JOHNSON Essie Maude 9-26-1916 5-23-2009    
JOHNSON Kenneth E., Sr. 1-29-1920 4-9-1989   US Navy WW II, "Papa" We Love You
JOHNSON Marie L. 12-6-1928 7-4-2000   Beloved Mother
JONES Bessie Elkins 5-15-1899 8-25-1981 Wife of Henry W. Jones  
JONES Bill 11-3-1932 8-5-1996   William F. Jones, PFC US ARMY KOREA
JONES Brian David 11-11-1966 11-25-2005 (Son of Lovic and Merle Jones)  
JONES Christopher Edmond 8-11-1989 (one date)    
JONES David Henry 4-14-1954 9-25-1990    
JONES Handley Dennis 1-17-1939 6-1-2008   LCPL US Marine Corps - Vietnam
JONES Handley Drew 11-18-1917 5-23-1960   FL, PFC US ARMY World War II
JONES Hilry C. 14-24-1905 6-16-1957    
JONES James Lee 2-22-1925 8-17-1982 d/s Iantha Woodward Wed 2-5-1949
JONES J. Lovic 1-31-1922 4-10-1979 d/s Merle Sailers  
JONES Mable Kelly 12-11-1915 10-18-1997    
JONES Merle Sailers 10-8-1926 3-18-1991 d/s Merle Sailers  
JONES Myrtice C. 1924 1996 d/s Wayland H.  
JONES Myrtice Thelma 12-18-1904 2-20-1984    
JONES Rual Bradford 4-6-1927 10-11-2002 d/s Bonnie Hartzog Married 9-20-1950, US Army WW II
JONES Sam R. 1-13-1926 3-6-1945   FLORIDA PVC 36 TANK BN 8 ARMD DIV, World War II
JONES Samuel Russell 12-20-1934 4-23-1948   &Asleep in Jesus
JONES Thadeus 12-13-1919 10-10-1983   US Army WW II
JONES Troy 12-17-1926 1-11-1997    
JONES Wayland H. 1913 1999 d/s Myrtice C.  
KARBAUM Franz 4-24-1866 10-19-1945    
KARSCHAT Callie Cowart 11-14-1905 11-18-1997 d/s Erich  
KARSCHAT Erich 5-15-1903 3-22-1997 d/s Callie Cowart  
KEITH Mary E. 3-12-1885 12-11-1970    
KELLEY Ida Moore 8-28-1904 5-10-1996   Sister, In Loving Memory
KELLY Jimmy Timothy 4-3-1942 1-25-1995   US Army, Vietnam
KELLY John A., Sr. 4-1-1901 3-16-1989   We love you Big Daddy
KELLY Louvenia Dennis 9-7-1904 3-1-1987    
KEMP Eileen Cone 6-25-1913 3-24-2002   Order of Eastern Star emblem, "Forever in God's Love"
KEMP George Gurley 8-10-1898 9-1-1978 Brother of Glover Lee Kemp & Erma Kemp Vason An inspiration to all who knew him
KEMP Glover Lee 10-21-1902 9-15-1975 (s/o Geoge E. & American Perkins Kemp, bro/o George Gurley Kemp & Erma Kemp Vason) How Great Thou Art, Masonic Emblem
KEYES Harold W. 3-13-1908 5-21-1990 d/s Mary Ethel  
KEYES Mary Ethel 4-2-1911 12-31-1986 d/s Harold W.  
KINLAW Margaret 1934 1996   Funeral Home Marker only
KINSAUL James R., DVM 8-17-1921 2-9-1998    
KUEHLKE Christian G., Jr. 3-9-1913 12-13-1999   Lt. Col. US Aarmy WW II KOREA
KUEHLKE Lucille 1916 2003   Bevis Funeral Home marker only
LAING Carla Ruth 4-19-1946 5-11-1964 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Laing handwritten slab
LAING Dixie 10-4-1915 10-18-1928   Asleep in Jesus
LAING Lavern Dalton 7-28-1922 10-2-2004 (date not on stone, obtained from obit) (d/s Robert Lee Laing, Sr.) (She had remarried to Dave Tompkins and her name at time of death was Lavern Tompkins)
LAING Mary Shorter Lanier 11-21-1878 6-19-1957 d/s Samuel David Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven
LAING Robert Lee, Jr. 12-24-1947 4-8-2003 d/s Marg Sue Suber (Son of Robert Lee Laing, Sr. and Lavern Laing Tompkins)
LAING Robert Lee, Sr. 10-18-1920 9-15-1970 (d/s Laverne Dalton Laing Tompkins) (Son of William R. Laing and Maggie Lou Walsh)
LAING Samuel David 5-2-1874 5-29-1950 d/s Mary Shorter Lanier Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven
LAMBERT Addie M. B. 7-10-1921 2-26-2009 d/s with Earnest Lambert  
LAMBERT Clyde "Buddy" 11-25-1918 1-24-2003 d/s Ruth Lee Brockett  
LAMBERT Clyde Faust 8-14-1903 7-3-1992 d/s T.J., Jr.  
LAMBERT James William III "Billy" 7-29-1981 4-21-2004   Loving son, brother, grandson, and friend to everyone he met
LAMBERT Judith 6-26-1956 8-31-2006 (buried left of stone for Earnest & Addie Lambert)  
LAMBERT Lelia E. 1-2-1885 7-22-1937 d/s Robert Nearer My God to Thee
LAMBERT Robert 3-24-1924 5-25-1998 d/s Elsie Renfroe Nearer My God to Thee
LAMBERT Ruth Lee Brockett 11-4-1919 11-14-1991 d/s Clyde "Buddy:  
LAMBERT T. J., Jr. 1-21-1903 1-15-1977 d/s Clyde Faust  
LAMBERT Thompson J. 8-30-1872 6-1-1943 d/s Ruth Lee Brockett  
LANIER Annie L. 12-14-1897 7-12-1985 d/s Reuben S.  
LANIER Emily 8-21-1881 11-13-1973    
LANIER Reuben S. 4-8-1895 7-27-1991 d/s Annie L. Masonic emblem
LASHLEY Foster H. 10-6-1929 7-16-1966 d/s with mother, Bernie Morrow Love Lives On, Florida M SGT 82 Airborne Division
LAWRENCE Thomas 7-22-?? 6-15-2006   Beggs Funeral Home marker only
LEMONIE Ethel L. 2-8-1921 9-16-1974  :  
LeNORD Jacques R. 10-9-1980 6-4-1957 (Husb/of Ruby Finkley)  
LeNORD Ruby F. 6 -25-1908 1-9-1986 (Wife of Jacques R.) (dau of Andrew Thomas Finkley and Alice Lenora Burns)
LESTER Mary Claybrooke 2-24-1909 3-19-2001 (W/o Samuel Holmes) (childless couple)
LESTER Samuel Holmes 6-15-1902 1-24-1975 (Husb/of Mary Claybrooke, s/o John Vickers Lester & H. Cornelia Dickson) (childless couple)
LeVAR Homer A. 10-3-1883 10-8-1947 (h/o Mellie Rawls) Masonic emblem Obituary, Havana Herald 10-9-1947
LeVAR Mellie R. 10-16-1888 10-3-1957 (Mellie Rawls, w/o Homer LeVar)  
LEVERETT Anita May 4-26-1904 11-13-1978 (m/o Gene Leverett)  
LEWIS Barbara S. 7-4-1927 2-26-2008    
LEWIS John R. 8-18-1922 12-10-1987   CMR US NAVY WW II
LEWIS Olive Blanche 1914 2002   Bevis Funeral Home marker only
LOHR John Ronald 1942 2007 d/s Sandy Lauffer Married 2-23-1991
LONG James Michael 12-11-1946 7-17-2006   RM3 US NAVY Vietnam
LONG N. Jeanett 8-5-1944 1-17-2003   RM3 US NAVY Vietnam
LOYD Dora Elizabeth 3-27-1884 9-17-1939 Wife of W. S. Loyd  
LOYD Laura Spencer 10-29-1855 4-25-1943 (Mother of William Spencer Loyd) Mother
LOYD William Spencer 9-16-1877 1-18-1927 (Husb/of Dora Elizabeth Loyd, son of Laura Spencer Loyd)  
MAHAFFEY Annie Ruth 3-27-1909 12-21-1956   Mother
MARSHBURN Pearl D. 8-16-1920 3-21-2005   This faithful servant of the Lord has gone home in the arms of the Angels. Footstone: Beloved Daughter, Wife and Mother. The Heart of Our Family"
MASHBURN John Cleveland 8-13-1911 312-25-1976 d/s Hazel Yawn  
MASTERS Harrison E. 2-2-1880 3-29-1946   (wood working shop owner, Havana)
MASTIN Robert Elliott 9-5-1944 9-2-1960 Son of Franklin & Janet P. Mastin  
MATHERLY Rebecca S. 1884 1956    
MAY Cecil Wilson 5-27-1915 2-9-2006 d/s Vivian F. Williams Married 12-31-1935
MAY Vivian F. Williams 8-6-1917 9-20-2002 d/s Cecil Wilson (dau/of W. L., Sr. and Lula Williams) Married 12-31-1935
MAYNORD Inez Gilbert 1-27-1908 1-31-1972 Sister of Charlsie Whipple  
McCAUL Barbara Ann 7-13-1933 7-10-2005   Loving Mother and Grandmother
McCLELLAN Frank S. 7-29-1927 2-14-1993 d/s Dorothy H. ("Sonny", bro/of William Ray)
McCLELLAN William Ray 8-19-1932 6-2-1960   Heaven is much sweeter now because of Ray's presence
McCOY John Patrick 6-10-1920 5-20-1977   SSGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
McCRORY Charles H. 1910 1984 d/s Ruth R.  
McCRORY Ruth R. 1919 1984 d/s Charles H. (d/o J. Henry & Nannie Robertson)  
McDAVID Blondza Cates 4-21-1892 12-9-1973    
McDAVID Ella Holley 3-29-1861 5-38-1939 d/slab with Richmond Terrell  
McDAVID Laura H. 6-4-1898 3-16-1985    
McDAVID Richmond Cameron 3-30-1890 8-21-1948 (s/on Richmond Terrell and Ella Holley McDavid)  
McDAVID Richmond Terrell 12-24-1858 11-25-1925 d/slab with Ella Holley Masonic Emblem
McDAVID Ruby 1-5-1886 12-9-1974 (dau/of Richmond Terrell and Ella Holley McDavid)  
McFarland Bessie J. 2-11-1881 3-9-1962    
McFarland Florence Pittman 7-25-1914 3-28-1949 Wife of E. B. McFarland  
McFarland Robert L., Sr. 1-20-1876 5-30-1940    
McFarland Sallie J. 10-16-1845 8-15-1931    
McFarland William H. 12-9-1925 2-19-1935    
McLellan Doris Overstreet 2-4-1913 1-15-1991 d/s J. Ghent  
McLellan Infant (one date) 4-9-1947 Dau/o Ghent & Doris McLellan  
McLellan J. Ghent 4-12-1913 9-20-1978 d/s Doris Overstreet (s/o Mellie McLellan)  
McPherson Judy Anne 7-23-1942 7-27-1995   Treasured Forever
MERRITT Hardy L. 7-31-1879 12-16-1944 (husb/of Vera Perkins Merritt, s/o Jonathan W. Merritt and Rhoda Angeline Marsh buried in Thompson Cemetery) "Father" "With Christ in Heaven"
MERRITT Vera P. 11-26-1893 11-18-1981 (w/o Hardy Merritt, dau/o Harris O. and Virginia "Jenny" Perkins) "Mother", "With Christ in Heaven"
MILHOLLIN Thelma P. 12-14-1913 10-8-1994    
MILLS Eskey 11-16-1907 4-22-1984 (husb/o Eva M. Colvin, s/o David Byron Mills and Ora C. Vickers)  
MILLS Eva M. Colvin 8-26-1916 10-15-1981 (w/o Eskey Mills)  
MILLS Steve Hugh, Sr. 8-3-1948 12-22-2006   US NAVY - Vietnam
MITCHELL Annie G. 6-13-1881 2-17-1974 (w/o James Mitchell, m/o James L. Mitchell) (Maiden name Griffin)
MITCHELL Cheryl Ann 12-23-1945 3-3-1951 dau/o Edward & Maurice Mitchell  
MITCHELL Edward M. 3-22-1921 4-23-1978 d/s Maurice E. Married 7-17-1939
MITCHELL James 5-24-1853 5-20-1933 (husb/o Annie G. Mitchell, f/o James L. Mitchell) Interred Decatur Co. GA
MITCHELL James L. 8-5-1916 12-16-1965 (husb/o Miriam Hines, s/o James and Annie G. Mitchell) (Name was James Lockett)
MITCHELL Miriam Hines 7-17-1920 1-3-2004 (w/o James L. Mitchell, dau/o Benjamin Hope Hines and Gussie Eva Gibson) (Teacher, Havana High School, nicknamed and called "Tiny Hope" or "Tiny")
MOORE Earl Leslie 7-13-1932 2-27-1956 (s/o Homer A. & Gordie Poppell Moore) TE2 US NAVY
MOORE Emory Alfred 9-28-1929 4-8-1962 (s/o Homer A. & Gordie Poppell Moore) T. SGT. US AIR FORCE
MOORE Gordie Poppell 1-31-1904 8-6-1987 (w/o Homer A. Moore, d/o Winfield Scott Poppell and Mattie Rogers)  
MOORE Homer A. Poppell 4-24-1904 3-22-1982 (husb/o Gordie Poppell)  
MORELAND Augustus Wallace 9-18-1886 8-29-1947   Obituary, Havana Herald 9-4-1947
MORELAND Carlton 9-26-1923 9-12-1928   (first interred Shelfer Cemetery, then moved to Woodland)
MORELAND Hugh William 4-17-1928 8-7-2004 d/s Ann Hutchings (s/o Carl and Rosalie Sapp Moreland)
MORGAN George Mark 4-17-1903 10-7-1976    
MORGAN James Clarence, Jr. 10-4-1901 6-25-1963    
MORGAN James Clarence, Sr. 1-28-1874 3-31-1959 (Husb/o Sallie Fletcher)  
MORGAN Mamie Lou Sapp 1-21-1906 1-24-1994 (w/o George Mark Morgan)  
MORGAN Olive Waits 11-21-1902 2-20-1991 (w/o Clarence Morgan, Jr.)  
MORGAN Sallie Fletcher 2-21-1877 9-14-1971 (w/o James Clarence Morgan, Sr.)  
MUMFORD Jamie Elmer 22-11-1921 10-29-1979 (d/s Bessie Gray)  
NAZWORTH Emma V. 8-13-1870 7-1-1953   In memory of our loving sister, Gone but not forgotten
NELSON Charlie F. 7-26-1909 6-7-1993 d/s Leila J. His toils are past, his work is done, He fought the fight, the victory won.
NEWHALL Charles Eric 9-8-1951 (no date) d/s with Marietta Deborah  
NEWHALL Marietta Deborah 4-12-1951 11-9-2007 d/s with Charles Eric  
OGLESBY George W. 7-13-1915 10-20-1980   Pvt. US Army World War II
OLIVER Lewis E. 9-12-1907 2-8-1959 d/s Velma B. Gone but not forgotten
OLIVER Velma B. 5-12-1913 6-11-1998 d/s Lewis E. Gone but not forgotten
OLSON Dorcas P. 1913 1997 d/s Rolf H.  
OLSON Rolf H. 1924 1986 d/s Dorcas P.  
OVAK Robert 1931 1984    
OVERSTREET J. Ralph 12-13-1917 5-12-1944   1st Lieut. 350 Inf. 88 Div. World War II
OVERSTREET Juanita M. 7-25-05 8-22-1969    
OVERSTREET Matthew Henry 3-12-1878 3-12-1938 d/s Nancy May Maxwell  
OVERSTREET Nancy May Maxwell 5-23-1883 9-23-1979 d/s Matthew Henry  
OWENS Eric Dalton 9-15-1994 6-20-1997    
PAGE Mark Allen 1962 1977   Morgan McLellan Funeral Home marker only
PARKER Albert Smith 8-3-1923 12-19-1987   SFC US Army - WW II - Korea - Vietnam
PEABODY Ben Lee 10-17-1919 11-1-1996 d/s Mattie Mae Tullos  
PEABODY Kathrine 1916 1996 d/o Leonard & Lucy Peabody  
PEABODY Leonard S. 11-1-1876 11-29-1951 d/s Lucy Hinson  
PEABODY Lucy Hinson 7-12-1883 2-11-1974 d/s Leonard S.  
PEAVY Audrey Faircloth 1-14-1924 11-12-2004 (2nd wife of Magnus DeLacy Peavy Jr.) My Redeemer Lives
PEAVY Elizabeth Sanders 2-14-1887 18-23-1981 Wife of M. D. Peavy, Sr.  
PEAVY Elton L. 11-29-1937 9-5-1985 (s/o Robert Peavy)  
PEAVY Ernest Patrick 8-3-1906 1-19-1908    
PEAVY Jean Barbara 4-26-1924 4-13-1087 d/s William Knott  
PEAVY John W. 14-4-1856 8-24-1934 (John Wesley Peavy, husb/of Letitia Clementine DeLacy)  
PEAVY Letitia Clementine DeLacy 4-17-1857 12-15-1944 Wife of John W. Peavy  
PEAVY Magnus DeLacy, Jr. 7-14-1921 3-11-2008 (husb/of 1) Viginia Skipper, 2) Audrey Faircloth Bassett) (s/o Elizabeth Sanders and Magnus DeLacy Peavy, Sr.)
PEAVY Magnus DeLacy, Sr. 12-22-1880 12-23-1969 (husband of Elizabeth Sanders) (s/o John Wesley Peavy and Letitia Clementine DeLacy)
PEAVY Minnie B. 7-28-1919 6-8-1983 d/s Robert H.  
PEAVY Robert H. 12-9-1889 10-30-1973 d/s Minnie B.  
PEAVY Virginia Skipper 5-7-1022 1-13-1988 (w/o Magnus DeLacy Peavy, Jr.) (m/o Magnus DeLacy III, Lynda E., Sandra N., John Wesley)
PEAVY William Knott 10-3-1914 4-20-1994 d/s Jean Barbara ("Bill" in adulthood but called "Wilnot" as a child, s/o William Arthur and Amelia Bowen Peavy, policeman, Town of Havana)
PHILLIPS Paul O. 12-30-1924 4-12-2004 d/s Myra M.  
PITTMAN The Rev. Miss Bertie 8-28-1932 48-18-1988   Priest, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Huntsville, Ala.
PITTMAN William Bertis 8-4-1889 3-1-1958    
PITTMAN Winifred Rose 10-17-1918 9-25-1931    
POPPELL Beth Fincher 4-21-1922 3-8-1973 d/s Milton Vernon  
POPPELL Brinkley Gandy 3-12-1893 12-12-1976 d/s Claudia Bell) (S/o Vernon Gandy Poppell & Sara Alwilda Vickers)
POPPELL Claudia Bell 6-2-1892 3-9-1959 d/s Brinkley Gandy (Claudia Julia, dau/of Vernon Taylor Bell and Elizabeth Newell Cromartie)
POPPELL Effie B. 12-15-1928 9-29-1997 d/s Hubert L. Married 9-24-1957
POPPELL Hubert L. 5-30-1921 12-8-1998 d/s Effie B. (s/o Raymond and Pearl Stephens Poppell) Married 9-24-1957, US Army World War II
POPPELL Milton Vernon 8-23-1917 2-9-0903 d/s Beth Fincher (son of Brink and Claudia Poppell)  
PORTER Leonard 3-28-1926 2-16-1988   US ARMY
PORTER Marvin A. 10-22-1907 8-25-1985 d/s Ruth B. Daddy
PORTER Ruth B. 1-20-1909 8-20-2001 d/s Marvin A. Mama
POWELL Lawrence William 12-25-1899 5-20-1951 (Husb/of Lois Higdon) (Pharmacist, Havana, FL)
POWELL Lois Higdon 8-9-1900 2-8-1994 (Wife of Lawrence William) (Dau/of Joseph & Lillian Herring Higdon)
QUINSEY Virginia 5-15-1928 3-25-1998 d/s Willie James Our Children: Laverne, Nancy, Glenda, Ann
QUINSEY Willie James 8-23-1925 7-29-2002 d/s Virginia Our Children: Laverne, Nancy, Glenda, Ann
REAMS Carroll Brinson 3-29-1939 6-15-1989    
REVIS Ralph 1935 1980   No stone; Morgan McClellan FH marker
REYNOLDS Annie L. Henderson 8-26-1988 4-14-1974    
RITCHIE Shirley Baker 9-16-1928 5-15-2003   Keekaw, Forever in Our Heart
ROBERTSON J. Henry 1896 1978 d/s Nannie B.  
ROBERTSON Nannie B. 1895 1964 d/s J. Henry  
ROBERTSON John Howard 9-30-1936 12-29-1995 d/s Rosemary H.(Henderson) "Poppie", Married 2-27-1959 (s/o J. Henry and Nannie Robertson)
ROEMER Ernest C., Jr. 9-1-1907 1-23-1995 d/s Jewell Rollo  
ROEMER Jewell Rollo 6-26-1909 4-27-1997 d/s Ernest C., Jr.  
ROGERS Carrie Jane 2-12-1933 10-23-1995 (Wife of Gamwell Clark M.) Devoted Wife, Mother and Grandmother
ROGERS Gamwell Clark M. 2-25-1909 7-11-1997 (husb/of Carrie Jane) Devoted Husband, Father and Grandfather
ROGERS Infant Son (no date) (no date)   Infant Son of Gamwell & Carrie Rogers
ROGERS M. Ethelreda 1893 1962 d/s William  
ROGERS William 1894 1961 d/s M. Ethelreda  
ROLLO John H. 10-11-1867 4-6-1941 (Husb/of Sarah Lloyd)  
ROLLO Sara Henri 6-16-1918 8-20-2001    
ROLLO Sarah Lloyd 12-16-1874 12-11-1972 (Wife of John H.)  
SADLER Bruce Wayne 1-29-1948 3-25-2000   SGT US ARMY VIETNAM
SADLER Cecil 1-7-1917 1-12-1975   PFC US ARMY
SADLER Janie M. 1-11-1918 3-4-2007 d/s Olan W., Married 12-7-1947 (Dau/of Malcolm & Ella Walsh Hinson)
SADLER Olan W. 5-29-1914 7-23-2006 (Olan Wheat) d/s Janie M. (Childless couple)
SANCHEZ Christopher James 9-29-1003 (one date)   Sleeping in Heaven
SAPP Harmon H., M.D. 2-17-1872 7-14-1960    
SAPP Hattie Adams 2-13-1879 1-17-1956    
SAPP Helen B. 12-01-1909 5-12-1983 (w/o Dr. J. Winston, Sapp, Sr.)  
SAPP J. Winston, MD 7-16-1906 1-12-1969 (1st husb/of Helen B. Sapp Killinger) (Physician, Havana, FL)
SAPP Jacob Council 8-18-1886 11-20-1952    
SAPP James Winston, Jr., MD 11-20-1932 9-12-1995 (s/o Helen B. and Dr. J. Winston Sapp, Sr.)  
SAPP John L. 1882 1927 (Husb/of Viola T.) His Memory is Blessed
SAPP Viola T. 1892 1940 (Wife of John L.) She was the sunshine of our home
SAPPINGTON Christian M. 6-29-1883 3-30-1978 d/s Joseph H. (Sr.)  
SAPPINGTON Joseph H. 12-19-1876 6-16-1947 d/s Christian M. GEORGIA PVT 3 US VOL INF, SP AM WAR
SAPPINGTON Joseph Hayes, Jr. 12-27-1913 10-28-1967    
SAPPINGTON Fannie Rachel 6-10-1909 1-18-2003 &(dau/of Joseph & Christian Sappington, never married) (School Teacher, Havana High School)
SASSER J. M. 3-26-1921 9-14-1988 (married Willie Mae Poppell) Daddy
SASSER Linda Mae 12-25-1942 3-8-1943 Daughter of J.M. and W.M. Sasser Our Darling, In Heaven there is one Angel more
SCHWALL Donald Jerome, Sr. 2-16-1919 11-22-1989   1st Sgt US Army WW II
SCHWALL Haywood Brookins 8-31-1872 12-03-1961 d/s Willie Lee Mills  
SCHWALL Haywood Brookins, Jr. 3-08-1906 10-10-1969    
SCHWALL Ollie Belle 6-08-1903 12-28-2003   (never married)
SCHWALL Willie Lee Mills 10-26-1876 11-25-1932 d/s Haywood Brookins, Sr.  
SCOTT Steve Wade 12-18-1955 7-16-1982   Father
SELLARS C. J. 3-19-1911 6-24-1975 d/s Lois M. With Christ in Heaven
LEE Sha 10-1-1900 12-20-1976 d/s with Wang Hung  
SHELFER Gary L. 6-04-1936 3-07-1983   (Gary LeVar Shelfer, s/o Lewis and Mildred LeVar Shelfer)
SHELFER Lewis W. 12-30-1904 2-24-1984 d/s Mildred L.(Son of Joseph Edward & Lula Butler Shelfer) Married 4-24-1929
SHELFER Mildred L. 10-3-1909 3-8-1992 d/s Lewis W.(Dau/of Homer and Mellie Rawls LeVar) Married 4-24-1929
SHIVER William Jerry 10-24-1944 2-25-2003   (plastic marker)
SIVILS Glover Eugene 7-9-1890 4-6-2001   (Funeral Home Marker only)
SLAPPEY Wesley W., Jr. 7-7-1909 1-14-1976 (s/o Wesley Washington Slappey, Sr. and Elizabeth McCloud,1st husband of Pauline Kempr)  
SMEDLEY Charles N. 12-27-1875 11-22-1946 (husb of Jimmie McDavid)  
SMEDLEY Jimmie McDavid 3-3-1887 6-5-1963 (wife of Charles Smeldley, dau of Richmond & Ella Holley McDavid) (Teacher at Concord School)
SMITH Bonner Matau 9-5-1913 8-13-1971 (Husb of Faye Reeves, Son of William Bonner Smith)  
SMITH Carl E. 1931 1975   (Funeral Home Marker only)
SMITH Catherine Teresa Dixon 11-20-1876 5-23-1944    
SMITH Davis Dickson 3-6-1919 11-22-2003 (Husb of 1) Jovel Grantham Smith, 2) JoAnn Smith (Son of William Virginius Smith and Sara Lester, GG-grandson of John "Virginia" Smith)
SMITH Faye Reeves 4-23-1916 5-8-2004 (wife of Bonner Matau Smith)  
SMITH Margaret Allie 11-10-1890 12-13-1976    
SMITH Margaret Carol 10-25-1955 11-7-1997 (dau of Matau and Faye Smith)  
SMITH Maxwell Reeves 11-14-1941 8-25-1966 (Son of Matau and Faye Reeves Smith)  
SMITH Oscar Lee 5-23-1882 2-21-1963    
SMITH Osgood S. 1906 1933    
SMITH Sara Lester 3-6-1894 12-26-1980 (Wife of William Virginius Smith, Dau of John Vickers Lester and Harriett Cornelia Dickson)  
SMITH William Bonner 3-19-1889 11-30-1953    
SMITH William Virginius 10-17-1891 10-3-1960 (h/o Sara Lester, s/o William Erastus Smith & Bettie Gamble Davis) (Gr-Grandson of John "Virginia" Smith) Obit-part1, Obit-part 2, Havana Herald, 10-6-1960
SPEAR William C. 11-1-1925 5-23-1992 d/s Marion Piper To God be the Glory ("Pete", Basketball Coach, Havana High School)
SPOONER Barbara G. 8-20-1928 (no date) (w/o Bill Spooner)  
SPOONER Herbert L. 9-8-1885 11-26-1958    
SPOONER Nellie Lloyd 1-3-1904 9-19-1991 (w/o Robert S.)  
SPOONER Robert S. 9-30-1892 3-27-1973 (h/o Nellie Lloyd)  
SPOONER William Robert (Bill)   3-30-2008 (h/o Barbara Ann Gilmore, marrid 7-15-1951) (U.S. Navy Veteran)
STALLINGS Charles L. 6-14-1930 9-24-1994 (husb/of Troy Jowers, s/o Florence & Lucille Stallings) We Love You
STALLINGS Florence 8-23-1892 9-24-1994 d/s Lucille P.  
STALLINGS Lucille P. 3-30-1906 7-29-1989 d/s Florence  
STAYER Carl A. 3-22-1904 8-8-1990 d/s Margaret S. (f/o Jan Miller)
STAYER Margaret S. 2-20-1907 9-20-1974 d/s Carl A. (m/o Jan Miller)
STEINMEYER Margaret D. 1-7-1912 6-3-1978    
STEPHENS Alvin Orus 2-19-1921 12-24-2005 (H/o Virginia Tillis)  
STEPHENS Hattie Lee 5-27-1909 5-22-1985    
STEPHENS James 1946 2005 (s/o John & Ruth Avirett Stephens) Bevis Funeral Home marker
STEPHENS John F. 1-23-1888; 1-8-1964 d/s Ruth Avirett Masonic emblem
STEPHENS Ruth Averitt 10-11-1914 4-9-1993 d/s John F.  
STRICKLAND Sandra Jean 1-2-1969 11-3-2008 (w/o Justin E. Strickland, dau/of Jack and Dorothy Turner) (obit: born and died in Tallahassee, FL)
SULLIVAN Goldie E. 9-9-1903 8-4-1888 d/s William E.  
SULLIVAN William E. 11-2-1904 2-11-1996 d/s Goldie E.  
TAYLOR Ruby Lester Ellinor 8-15-1912 3-21-1992 (m/o Carol Miller and Robert "Bobby" Ellinor) (Married 1st Robert Ellinor)
THAGARD Frances R. 5-8-1931 6-14-1984 d/s Joseph L. God Bless You, Fran, Married 10-5-1950
THOMPSON Ola King 10-24-1870 8-21-1933 (buried left of George B. Gregory)  
TILLIS Elma T. 2-13-1886 9-29-1980 d/s Osie M.  
TILLIS Osie M. 12-12-1878 1-25-1968 d/s Elma T.  
TOUCHTON Marilyn 7-3-1937 11-24-1998 d/s P.D. Coker Mother, At Rest
TOUCHTON Steven Patrick 12-15-1952 11-26-1995 triple stone with parents, T.W. and Opal Touchton It is well with my soul
TRIPPE Cecil Gordon 11-18-1986 2-10-2004   RM3 US NAVY World War II (Town Manager, Havana)
TRULUCK Jessie 7-26-1910 9-18-1976 d/s Walter Harley (Jessie Campbell, teacher, Havana High School)
TRULUCK Walter Harley "Bubba" 1-9-1914 10-10-1973 d/s Jessie (POW WW II Bataan)
TULLOS Charles Thomas 9-11-1886 3-3-1947 d/s Mattie May Father
TULLOS Charles W. 9-25-1918 6-14-1978 d/s Ruth Cook TEC4 US ARMY World War II
TULLOS Mattie May 10-24-1897 2-18-1947 d/s Charles Thomas Mother
TULLOS Ruth Cook "Gussie" 12-13-1922 5-12-2005 d/s Charles W. (d/o Tom and Johnnie Lassiter Cook)
UNKNOWN         (grave right of Cheryl Grenier, no marker)
UNKNOWN         (grave right of Christopher Sanchez, no marker)
UPTAIN Louise L. 12-28-1926 8-6-1995  (1st wife of Roy Uptain, d/o William and Maggie Walsh Laing)  
UPTAIN Roy V. 6-6-1920 12-6-1995  (Married 1) Louise Laing, 2) Dorris Laing Schoffner)  
WALSH Henry 3-17-1867 11-30-1933 (h/o Maggie Lane, s/o Patrick & Nancy Walsh of Concord) Weep not for me Maggie for I am waiting in Glory for you Memorial by his wife, Gadsden County Times 11-29-1934
WALSH Maggie Lane 5-11-1879 9-28-1947 (w/o Henry Walsh, childless couple) My trust is in God
WALSH Homer B. 11-15-1891 1-9-1952 d/s Minnie Walsh (Homer Bartow, s/o Edward "Ned" Walsh and Martha Virginia "Jenny" Connell of Concord) Obit,/a> and Photo
WALSH Minnie E. 7-10-1891 6-11-1981 w/o Homer B. Walsh (dau/o Don Albin Vickers and Florence Jane Laing of Concord) Photo
WALSH Wilma O. 6-22-1916 9-5-2001 d/o Homer B. and Minnie Vickers Walsh  
WANG Han-Chang 9-28-1930 10-8-1964   Navy of the Republic of China
WANG Hung 8-25-1890 5-10-1961 d/s with Lee Sha  
WARNER Mary Ann 9-14-1935 1-8-2008 (w/o Jimmy Warner, d/o Aubrey and Kathleen Butler)  
WESTON Kenneth Steven 12-25-1963 12-17-2003    
WILLIAMS Donald Edward 3-10-1929 2-22-1976 (h/o Frances Powell Williams, son of Lula and W. L. Williams, Sr.)  
WILLIAMS Lula V. 7-25-1894 6-23-1967 (w/o W. L. Williams, Sr.) married 9-6-1914
WILLIAMS Sarah Elizabeth Sandusky 11-29-1917 in Monticello, KY 1-7-2011, Tallahassee, FL ("Sandy", w/o W. L. Williams, Jr., d/o Cleo P. Sandusky and Mayme Coffee Sandusky)  
WILLIAMS William L., Jr. 10-30-1919 9-11-1971 ("W.L.", h/o Sarah Elizabeth "Sandy" Williams, s/o Lula and W. L. Williams, Sr.)  
WILLIAMS William L. (Sr.) 11-19-1892 3-18-1969 (h/o Lula V. Williams) married 9-6-1914
WOMACK Arthur M. (Mitchell) 1885 1974 (Husb of Grace Glenn, Son of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr. and Sara Emma McLaughlin)  
WOMACK Ethyl (Maria) Marshall 2-13-1889 6-4-1985 (Wife of Harry Ware Womack, Dau of John Dill Marshall & Jane Houser)  
WOMACK Grace G. 1895 1982 (Wife of Arthur Mitchell Womack, dau of Washington Robins Glenn & Emily Hufton)  
WOMACK Harry Ware 9-4-1880 3-1-1956 (Son of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr. and Sara Emma McLaughlin, h/o Ethyl Maria Marshall) Masonic Emblem
WOMACK Lee Frederick 4-6-1890 7-17-1940 (d/s with Ruby Viola DeCostas, Son of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr. and Sara Emma McLaughlin)  
WOMACK Ruby 3-17-1898 6-6-1980 (d/s with Lee Frederick Womack, Dau of William Milton DeCostas & Mary Alberta Wilcox)  
WOOD Elmer R. 12-14-1922 5-11-1987 (d/s Lottie)  
WOOD Lottie Langham 5-26-1920 6-24-1989 (d/s Elmer R.) In Loving Memory
YAWN William Thomas "Billy" 4-4-1923 11-14-1988 (d/s Alice Jenkins) Our Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather
YAWN Annie B. 4-27-1900 7-21-1969    
YAWN John D. 7-19-1900 1-20-1969 d/s Myrtice M. In the rock I am sweetly resting Once made for us. Slab: Father and Mother of Lonnie Sylvester and Beulah Mae
YAWN Myrtice M. 10-18-2006 5-5-1981 d/s John D. In the rock I am sweetly resting Once made for us. Slab: Father and Mother of Lonnie Sylvester and Beulah Mae
YAWN Dewey Ottice 1-1-1952 4-23-1996 d/s Beatrice Elaine We Love You Dad
YAWN Rachel Cornelia Dodson 11-22-1929 9-21-2005 d/s Lonnie Sylvester Married 8-14-1946
YAWN Ruby Louise 2-6-1917 11-3-1989 d/s Willie Monroe Wed 1-28-1939
YAWN Susie Elizabeth 9-18-1984 12-31-1972    
YAWN Lonnie Sylvester 10-25-1921 9-17-1981 d/s Rachel Cornelia Dodson Married 8-14-1946
YAWN Thomas S. 9-26-1905 1-19-1986    
YAWN Vester T. 1954 2002 d/s Janice W. Dad
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