Woodbery-Womack Cemetery

Surveyed and photographed December 2006 by Angela Boynton Cassidy.

This cemetery has been known by several names. It has been called the Johnston Cemetery, the Hopkins
Cemetery, the Womack Cemetery, and now the sign on the fence says Woodbery-Womack Cemetery. There is
a post with a little box and information inside that says the contact person for donations to this cemetery is Frank
Miller, 3001 Lang Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32303, 850-562-0039.

The Woodbery-Womack Cemetery is about 2 miles north of Old Salem near Havana. Travel State
Road 12 west out of Havana for about one mile, turn right on Salem Road (Hwy. 159) and go about 2 miles.
Just as the road makes a long curve to the left, the cemetery is on the right side of the road. It has a chain
link fence around it and is clearly visible. It is about 3 acres in size, with lots of room between the stones. It
is a family cemetery.

Bowen, Alice M., b. 11-16-1865, d. 8-26-1934, "Mother"

broken stone, Name broken off but handwritten dates remain, 1863-1927 (this was not on the Mormon Tomb Index in 1957, so it may be a "rescued" stone from another cemetery or either it was not visible at that time. This cemetery has only recently been cleared of trees and underbrush.)

Brown, Clara M., b. 8-5-1884, d. 2-15-1913, Wife of J. J. Brown, Closeup View

Colvin, Billie Jo, 1948-1995, Slab View

Colvin, Jesse David, b. 8-14-1886, d. 2-13-1955, d/s with Mary Bell Colvin

Colvin, Joey, b. 8-30-1981, Mother--Billy Joe Colvin, Father--Jimmy Colvin

Colvin, Mary Bell, b. 11-11-1911, d. 5-1-2000, d/s with Jesse David Colvin

Dawkins, Ada Wilcox, 1864-1902 [Little River Pioneers, page 138: Ada Leila Wilcox, 1st wife of William Henry Dawkins, dau/of Everett Augustus Wilcox and Elizabeth Pain Lambert]

Dawkins, Archibald (Arch), b. 9-5-1896, d. 10-25-1986, Rest in Peace [Little River Pioneers, pages 138 and 171: Archibald Robert Dawkins, son of William Henry Dawkins and Ada Leila Wilcox, husband of Viva Brown, who last lived in Jacksonville]

Dawkins, Liza Womack, 1837-1923 [Little River Pioneers, p. 116: Mary Eliza Womack, dau/of Henry Mitchell Womack, Sr. and Nancy Browning, wife of James Willis Dawkins of Vicksburg, MS. Bible death date and age at death indicate she was born about 1835 in Gadsden Co. and died 2-17-1924 in the Scotland community of Gadsden Co.]

Dawkins, W. D., 1891-1900

Dawkins, W. H., 1860-1932 [Little River Pioneers, p. 116, William Henry Dawkins, husb/of Ada Leila Wilcox, son of James Willis Dawkins and Mary Eliza Womack]

Dykes, Arthur, b. 3-3-1886, d. 1-22-1947, Closeup View

Dykes, Claudie, b. 9-6-1883, d. 6-15-1948 (appears to be twin of Maudie)

Dykes, Joseph E., no dates

Dykes, J. T., b. 12-26-1838, d. 5-3-1918

Dykes, Margaret, no dates

Dykes, Maudie E., b. 9-6-1883, d. 2-6-1944 (appears to be twin of Claudie)

Dykes, Sarah A., b. 3-20-1850, d. 5-4-1914

Freeman, Elloise, b. 1-11-1892, d. 8-9-1909 [Little River Pioneers, p. 118: Emma Rebecca Womack and Elloise Freeman went swimming in the Womack millpond and were drowned. They are buried together and share a marker.]

Gaulden, Edward R., no dates

Gregg, Frederick H., PFC US ARMY WW II, b. 8-11-1913, d. 12-14-1983

Hopkins, Bertha B., b. 3-14-1884, d. 8-16-1966

Hopkins, Dorothy B., b. 10-6-1927, d. 3-2-1999

Hopkins, Edward Mathew, b. 12-12-1948, d. 4-15-1972

Hopkins, Emma Lou, b. 9-30-1930, d. 12-30-1930

Hopkins, George Lavon, b. 5-16-1947, d. 6-6-1967

Hopkins, Lura Virginia, b. 9-9-1954, d. 8-9-1977

Hopkins, Phillip M., b. 9-7-1926, d. 8-23-1997

Hopkins, Sara Ann, b. 2-23-1946, d. 2-23-1946

Hopkins, T. G. (Tally George), b. 11-29-1863, d. 9-26-1948 Obituary, Gadsden County Times, 9-30-1948

Hopkins, Vernon Lee, b. 5-23-1948, d. 10-20-1048

Johnston, Achsa J., b. 1826, no death date

Johnston, Mile M., 1815-1880 (Mormon Tomb Index states names as Miles; however obviously new stone says Mile M. Johnston)

McElvy, Albert B., 1844-1922

McElvy, Jas. T., b. 9-24-1879, d. 7-26-1939, WOW Monument

McElvy, Edward Wilk, b. 3-30-1885, d. 6-26-1969, Interred at Oak Grove Cemetary, Tampa, Florida

McElvy, James M., 1870-19(64?)

McElvy, Martha J., b. 6-16-1847, d. 10-11-1871

McElvy, Sallie Ann, 1952-1905

McKenzie, Martha J., b. 8-19-1837, d. 12-31-1901, "Our Mother", Wife of W. A. McKenzie

McKenzie, Robert Archabald, b. 9-28-1855, d. 7-13-1937

McKenzie, W. A., no birth date, d. 4-1-1866, "Our Father", Hus of Martha J. McKenzie

Purington, Abbie Pratt, b. 5-16-1896, d. 3-29-1981

McLaulin, Ascha L., b. 9-10-1851, d. 4-27-1907 [Little River Pioneers, p. 120: Ascha L. Womack, wife of John McLaulin, dau/of Henry Mitchell Womack, Sr. and Nancy Browning]

McLaulin, John L., b. 5-17-1854, d. 9-6-1921 [Little River Pioneers, p. 120: son of Robert McLaulin and Carolyn Vaunch, husband of Ascha L. Womack]

McLaulin, Robert M., b. 8-11-1886, d. 4-20-1918 [Little River Pioneers, p. 120: son of John McLaulin and Achsa L. Womack, died of flu in an army camp in Macon, GA, unmarried]

Turner, Ella V. Womack, b. 4-23-1873 in Gadsden Co., d. 9-24-1926, Gadsden Co., wife of John Turner, no children. Daughter of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr. and Sara Emma McLaulin. [From Little River Pioneers, p. 118]

Womack, Emma Rebecca, b. 3-24-1892, d. 8-9-1909, d/s with Elloise Freeman [Little River Pioneers, p. 118: Emma and Elloise Freeman went swimming in the Womack millpond and were drowned. They are buried together and share a marker.]

Womack, Green, b. 9-8-1845, d. 2-9-1917, Wife of E. C. Harley [dau/of Henry Mitchel Womack, Sr. and Nancy Browning, Little River Pioneers states most likely born Sept. 8, 1854 because she was not on the 1850 census and the 1860 census indicates she was born in 1854, wife of Edmund Collins Harley, Jr.]

Womack, Henry Mitchell, b. 7-10-1838, d. 10-18-1910 [Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr., son of Henry Mitchell Womack, Sr. and Nancy Browning, husband of Sara Emma McLaulin]

Womack, John L., b. 2-13-1883, d. 10-7-1883 [son of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr. and Sara Emma McLaulin]

Womack, Maner, 1871-1920 [unmarried son of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr. and Sara Emma McLaulin]

Womack, Martha C., b. 3-19-1879, d. 9-25-1879 [Martha Carrie Womack, dau/of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr. and Sara Emma McLaughlin]

Womack, Sara Emma, b. 6-11-1861, d. 11-12-1913, Wife of H. M. Womack [Sara Emma McLaulin, dau/of Robert McLaulin and Carolyn Vaunch, wife of Henry Mitchell Womack, Jr.]

Woodberry, Eddie C., b. 3-31-1888, d. 10-24-1893, son of E. H. & F. A. Woodberry

Woodbery, Collins L., b. 8-16-1886, d. 2-6-1908

Woodbery, Edward Hunter, b. 1-24-1859, d. 8-26-1927, Husband of Florida A. Woodbery, "Father"

Woodbery, Florida A., b. 9-20-1868, d. 1-16-1911, Wife of E. H. Woodbery

Woodbery, Margaret Brown, b. 10-14-1886, d. 6-30-1926

Woodbery, Mary H. Smith, b. 1-17-1902, d. 3-13-1991, Interred at Hillcrest Cemetery, Quincy, FL ("Miss May", wife of William Potter Woodbery, Sr.)

Woodbery, Thomas W., b. 4-15-1856, d. 4-26-1908

Woodbery, William Potter, Sr., b. 3-20-1890, d. 1-26-1972, Interred at Hillcrest Cemetery, Quincy, FL, "In Memory of"

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