William & Honora Edwards Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the Sawdust Community. From Quincy, take U.S. Hwy. 90 west to County Road 12 south.
Turn left onto Hwy. 65 South. Travel .8 mile. Turn left on private dirt road named Primrose Lane. It veers left slightly and then
back to the right. Continue to the end of the road where it stops at a locked chain link gate. There is no sign, but this is the
entrance to the cemetery. Looking over the gate, you see an approx. 500 feet wide easement that extends to the right and
up a hill. At the top of the hill, the cemetery is on the left inside a chain link fence. It is well maintained; however, the stones
badly need cleaning.

Surveyed March 28, 2000, by Wayne Carpenter (deceased). Originally typed by Betty James Smith

Surveyed and photographed in 2006 by Donna Warlick and Angela Cassidy. Click on names in
burgundy font to see photos. The photos did not turn out well because some of the stones are blackened
by mold. Thanks to Gladys Rowan for providing relationships of some of the people.

For landscape views of the cemetery, click on the links here: View 1, View 2, View 3

The first table has been typed alphabetically by Angela Cassidy to include new people buried since the 2000
survey. The original survey is at the bottom of the page in the original order, in case you are looking for relationships
of people by their proximity to others.

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Notes
Alday Kristin 1972 2002   funeral home marker only
Bradley Elizabeth Annette Sullivan 12-31-1914 11-7-2003 Wife of Maurice Aubrey Bradley, d/o Samuel N. & Lovie Strange Sullivan, Sis/o Albert L. & Francis P. funeral home marker only
Edwards Albert O. 6-11-1872 5-30-1911   And shall come forth they that have done good into the resurrection of life.
Edwards Bettie Fletcher 2-19-1877 11-26-1949    
Edwards Carrie E. 7-16-1858 4-10-1932    
Edwards Della E. Suber 10-5-1869 6-25-1929 Wife of H. Lee Edwards A tender mother and a faithful friend.
Edwards D. W. 2-28-1866 3-16-1904   Thy trials ended Thy victory won
Edwards Florence E. 2-13-1860 7-25-1954   A tender mother and faithful friend
Edwards George Walter 10-17-1926 12-29-1986 h/o Mary Ann Collins U.S. Army WW II : May he find joy in the life everlasting
Edwards Henry 8-11-1827 5-3-1904   Asleep in Jesus - Blessed sleep
Edwards H. Lee 6-29-1864 1-20-1953   May he find joy in the life everlasting
Edwards Honora Darby 1803 1888   Wife of Wm. Edwards
Edwards James B. 4-5-1852 12-6-1925 Obelisk photo To him we trust a place is given among the saints with Christ in Heaven
Edwards Louise Maynard 8-24-1918 4-21-1979 Wife of Wm. B. Edwards Gone but not forgotten
Edwards Marianna 8-11-1839 9-4-1902    
Edwards Mattie M. 5-3-1894 12-20-1897   Safe at rest
Edwards Meadie B. 4-17-1887 8-23-1958   Gone but not forgotten
Edwards Mittie F. 5-5-1890 11-24-1977   Gone but not forgotten
Edwards Queen Ann 11-16-1829 1-17-1917 Wife of Henry Edwards  
Edwards Rachel 5-23-1923 9-6-1928    
Edwards Susan K. 1963 1986   Queen of my Heart = Brett & Susan
Edwards Wade 3-13-1829 11-26-1903    
Edwards William B. 1-4-1922 11-16-1992   Husband of Louise Maynard
Edwards William 8-27-1800 1-17-1866 Husband of Honora Darby This is the person for whom the cemetery was named.
Hawkins Elizabeth 1-29-1841 1-19-1915   To my Mother - A tender mother and a faithful friend
Maxwell Edward A., II 7-1-1948 10-8-1979   Lived life my way
Rice Beatrice S. 1911 1991    
Rice Charlie R. 12-14-1898 4-26-1980    
Shepard Ruth Lea 12-29-1901 9-8-1921   Safe in the arms of Jesus
Suber Clyde 1-4-1902 9-19-1905 s/o G.E. & B. Suber, (Berta Suber was granddaughter of Wm. and Honora Edwards) Our Darling Baby
Sullivan Elaine L. 11-11-1930 2-17-1987 d/s Albert L. Sullivan A loving wife and mother
Sullivan Albert L. 10-24-1916 7-7-1981 d/s Elaine L. Sullivan CPL U.S. Army WW II - A dedicated husband & father
Sullivan Elbert 1903 1920    
Sullivan Elizabeth 8-11-1839 6-28-1911 Wife of S. N. Sullivan; grandmother of Clyde Suber T'was hard to give you up but thy will O God be done
Sullivan Elizabeth 1874 1917 Wife of John L. Sullivan  
Sullivan Eunice 1917 1971    
Sullivan Francis Parker 8-29-1912 4-9-2002   Pvt. U.S. Army WW II
Sullivan John L. 1870 1928 h/o Elizabeth Sullivan  
Sullivan John S. 2-22-1914 4-16-1972    
Sullivan Leanor 1897 1916    
Sullivan Lovie Ora 10-6-1884 1-9-1971 Lovie Ora Strange, wife of Samuel N. Sullivan  
Sullivan Newton 1893 1959    
Sullivan Nora 1891 1921    
Sullivan S. N. 5-14-1845 8-22-1904 h/o Elizabeth Sullivan  
Sullivan Samuel N. 6-7-1884 7-19-1917 h/o Lovie Ora Strange Original Stone cast aside by fence
Sullivan Stewart 1910 1935    
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Original William Edwards Cemetery Index dated 2000

Surname Given
Phillips Chas.
Phillips Chas.
Owens Ida V.
Owens Andrew M.
Owens Fannie
Owens Lizzie V.
Owens Susan
Edwards Elwood P.
Edwards Albert O.
Edwards Bettie Fletcher
Maxwell Joe E.
Maxwell Edward A., II
Maxwell Patricia E.
Edwards D. W.
Edwards Florence E.
Hawkins Elizabeth
Edwards Meadie B.
Edwards Mittie F.
Edwards Louise Maynard
Edwards William B.
Edwards Susan K.
Edwards George Walter
Edwards H. Lee
Edwards Della E. Suber
Edwards Queen Ann
Edwards Henry
Edwards Mattie M.
Shepard Ruth Lea
Edwards Rachel
Edwards Carrie E.
Edwards James B.
Edwards child
Edwards William b. 1800
Edwards Honora Darby
Edwards Wade
Edwards Marianna
Sullivan Lovie Ora
Sullivan Samuel N.
Sullivan Elizabeth b. 1839
Sullivan S. N.
Sullivan Elaine L.
Sullivan Albert Lucien
Rice Beatrice S.
Rice Charlie R.
Morris Eula S.
McAlpin Annie
unknown infant
Sullivan John L.
Sullivan Elizabeth b. 1874
Sullivan Leanor
Sullivan Nora
Sullivan Elbert
Sullivan Stewart
Sullivan Newton
Sullivan Eunice
Sullivan John S.
Suber Clyde
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