Will of Joseph McBride, Gadsden County, Florida

From Gadsden County Will Book #6 (second will book).
Note: This book continues to WILL BOOK A (third will book), Gadsden County Courthouse, Gadsden County, Florida.
This transcription by Pamela Vojnovski, May 30, 2007, was made from a second-generation photocopy of the original
book pages, NOT from microfilm. Photocopies obtained from Miles Womack.

Note by Angela Cassidy: The word Jno. below is an abbreviation for John. The word Salubrity is the community
where the will was drawn and signed.
Page 116

Territory of Florida
Gadsden County

In the name of God Amen…. I Joseph McBride…. Being in Sound Mind and in Contemplation of death, do – make this my last will and Testament –

First. I will and desire that my affectionate wife have and posess the whole of My property after paying all just and legal debts.

Second. I will and desire that My affectionate wife and my two sons William & James do act as My Executors, and that they be not required, to give Security for their faithful performance as such.

Third. I will and desire that my son James, have the sole management and Control, of my stock in the Union Bank of Florida - & to act as Bank agent, Generally –

Fourth. I will and desire, at the death of my Affectionate Wife, that the whole of the Estate be divided – between my two sons William and James, Except any donation My affectionate wife may think proper to make to any of our relatives…..

Page 117

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal.

Done in the presence of            Joseph McBride {seal}
Sophia McBride
D. S. McBride
Jno. W. Malone                        Salubrity       September 1839

Territory of Florida, Gadsden County ___?
Personally appeared before Me David L. White Judge of the County Court for the County aforesaid Jno W. Malone, Subscribing witness to the Within Will, who after being duly sworn, deposeth and Saith, that he saw the Testator Joseph McBride sign the same as for his last will and testament, and that he signed the same as Subscribing witness thereto, and also saw Sophia McBride and David S. McBride sign the same as subscribing witness thereto in the presence of the Testator and in the presence of Each other –
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 7th day of Octr. 1839
David L. White Judge, G. C. Ct. Jno W. Malone

Recorded this 8th Day of Oct. A. D. 1839
Jno G. Gunn Clk.
By R. L. Lester DyClk

Page 118

Territory of Florida
Gadsden County

Whereas Joseph McBride Deceased late of the County and Territory aforesaid....did by his last will & Testament Nominate, Constitute, and appoint Wm. H. McBride & James A. McBride, Executors Thereof…..

And whereas the said Wm H. and James A. McBride have been duly qualified according to Law, Executors of the said last will and Testament of the said Joseph McBride deceased,

Therefore to the true intent that the said will may be well and truly performed, … I David L. White, Judge of the County Court of said County – do issue this Probate.

And do hereby authorize and Empower the said Wm H. and James A. McBride as Executors as aforesaid , well and truly to Collect, and administer all and singular, the Goods and Chattels rights and Credits of the said Joseph McBride, deceased in all manner and things, Concerning the same, according to the intent and meaning of the said last will and testament and according to Law –

___ ___by requiring the said Wm H. & James A. McBride Executors as aforesaid to make and render to the said County Court a just and true account of their Executorship when thereto required –

Witness David L. White Judge of the County Court for the County aforesaid at Quincy This 8th day of Oct. A. D. 1839.
                                                                David L. White Judge

Recorded this 8th day of Oct. 1839
Jno G. Gunn Clk
By R. L. Lester Dy Clk.