J. C. Whittle Cemetery

Originally surveyed by Wayne Carpenter in September 2001. Photographed and survey updated on November 27, 2010,
by Donna Warlick and Angela Cassidy.

Directions: From Quincy, go west on State Road 12, veering left at Douglas City heading toward Greensboro. Continue
through Greensboro and follow S.R. 12 about 4.5 miles, turn right on Pine Grove Church Road. Turn left on Boykin Road,
a wide clay road. Continue about a mile and over a hill, turn right on Whittle Road. Go one-half mile and turn left at a blue
sign saying "NW J C Whittle Cemetery Rd". From here it is a two-rut road that ends in a wide open space a little over an
acre, and the cemetery is straight ahead. It is surrounded by fence posts and barbed wire. Although it says "No Trespassing",
the family just put that sign up to keep out riff raff and people in trucks doing donuts. If you have a legitimate reason for being
at this cemetery, there will be no problem with the family. We were met on site by Miss Ruby, daughter of J. C. Whittle, who
graciously escorted us around and told us about relationships of the people buried there.

Miss Ruby told us that there used to be a Methodist Church at the end of the road and a school that
went to the 6th grade. She explained that this cemetery is the family of J. C. Whittle. His mother was
a Boykin, and that is the source of the Boykin family here.

Please send me photos and obituaries of people buried here, and I will include them. Angela Cassidy

If the surname is in burgundy font, that is a photo of the tombstone. If the given name is also in color, it is a
second photo, either a closeup shot of text or a military plaque.

The beginning of Whittle Road, where you turn from Boykin.
Wide, sandy dirt road, up and down hills. Some of the highest elevations in the county are in this area.
Sign for JC Whittle Cemetery Road on left.
This is JC Whittle Cemetery Road
Clearing where the cemetery is located
J. C. Whittle Cemetery sign

Surname Given & MAIDEN Birth Death Relationship Notes
Bellew James H. 21 Feb 1870 3 Jun 1938 (we did not see this grave but left this info from Wayne Carpenter's survey) At Rest
Boykin Bowen 27 Aug 1898 1 July 1917   Weep not for me my parents dear, I am not dead but sleeping here
Boykin H. 1855 1925 (h/o Martha Ann Boykin, grandfather of J. C. Whittle) He was the sunshine of our home.
Boykin Lurley E. 23 Jan 1899 15 Mar 1963 (w/of William Boykin, m/o Thora Parker)  
Boykin Martha Ann 8 Jan 1858 27 Sept 1940 (w/o H. Boykin, grandmother of J. C. Whittle) At rest, Not dead but sleeping
Boykin Mildred E. 19 Sept 1933 28 June 1935   At Rest
Boykin Minnie E. 24 Jun 1896 18 Feb 1898   Gone to be an angel
Boykin William H. 23 Aug 1884 25 Aug 1948 (h/o Lurley Boykin, f/o Thora Parker)  
Caito Eleanor Boykin 27 Sept 1930 (living)    
Hall Cora Taylor 1914 1992    
Lowe Georgia A.   8 Years Old (dau/of Margie A. Lowe) (buried outside of the fence beside her mother)
Lowe Margie A. 4 Sept 1897 (only one date, not sure if birth or death) (m/o Georgia W. Lowe) (buried outside of the fence beside her daughter)
Monk H. Harold 7 July 1924 17 Mar 1992 (h/o Mary Whittle Monk, who was sister of Cora Whittle Taylor Hall) PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Parker Gerald R. (Randy) 14 July 1948 (living) d/s Peggy Tyus Parker (s/o Thora E. Boykin) wed June 16, 1973
Parker Peggy S. Tyus 24 Jan 1955 (living) d/s Gerald R. (Randy) Parker wed June 16, 1973
Parker Thora E. Boykin 16 Nov 1923 17 Dec 2008 (dau/of William and Lurley Boykin, mother of Randy Parker) Beloved Mother and Granny
Sawyer Naomi Cheryl Mahaffey 11 Nov 1963 27 Jun 1969   (she had Bright's disease and had 4 kidneys)
Shepard Bessie 1 Oct 1886 29 Sept 1918 d/s Ralph D. Shepard Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God
Shepard Mattie Maude 1 Dec 1906 28 Jan 1917    
Shepard Ralph D. 22 Oct 1884 21 Mar 1953 d/s Bessie Shepard Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God
Thompson Katherine Whittle 23 Oct 1927 (living)   In God's Care
Whittle Burrell E. 10 Sept 1872 14 Mar 1951 (h/o Elizabeth Rebecca Whittle, father of J. C. Whittle)  
Whittle Charlie L. 3 July 1902 29 Sept 1981 (bro/of J. C. Whittle, h/o Kittie S. Whittle, married 1st to Lucy (Shepard?) You are gone but the memories linger
Whittle Elizabeth Rebecca 7 Sept 1879 11 Feb 1943 ("Lizzie", w/o Burrell Whittle, mother of J. C. Whittle) A precious one from us is gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home that never can be filled. Until we meet again.
Whittle Infant (one date) 10 Nov 1937 Inf. Son of Charlie & Lucy Whittle  
Whittle James Clifford 30 Nov 1910 29 Mar 2009 d/s Tina Bell Chester Whittle wed April 20, 1930
Whittle Kittie S. 6 Dec 1908 21 Jun 1995 (2nd w/o Charlie Whittle, and Kittie had been married before Charlie) You are gone but the memories linger
Whittle Tina Bell Chester 19 Oct 1910 24 Mar 2000 d/s James Clifford Whittle wed April 20, 1930
Whittle Sergt. William Edward 17 Nov 1896 13 Apr 1925 (brother of J. C. Whittle) Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to heaven. A friend to his country, and a believer in Christ
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