Western Cemetery, Quincy, Florida

Photographed by Donna Warlick and Angela Cassidy on December 28, 2008. Indexed by Angela Cassidy. Below
the table are names of people who were found by Wayne Carpenter in his August 2000 survey, for which we either
missed the graves or the stones are now broken or unreadable.

Description: This cemetery is old, with ornate grave markers. Many first and second generation Gadsden Countians
are buried here, a large proportion of whom were born in Scotland or were of Scottish descent. People in this cemetery
were the early political leaders and social elite.

Directions: In Quincy city limits behind the brick building at 500 West King St. Using navigational GPS, enter 315 Key
Street, Quincy, FL, and it will take you to a house beside the cemetery.




Surname Given Born    Died    Relationship Notes
Ballou Elizabeth Margaret 11-21-1850 12-10-1850 daughter of Ezra B. and Maria C. Ballou  
Ballou Ezra B. 3-16-1818 8-10-1859 Born in Rhode Island, Died in Quincy Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh.
Banks Martha A. (no birth date) 12-9-1889   At rest
Barcalow G. C. 8-8-1841 9-7-1885 Beloved Husband and Father Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Bizzell Henry Franklin (no date) (no date) d/s with Sallie Everett  
Bizzell Sallie Everett (no date) (no date) d/s with Henry Franklin  
Booth Harriet Muse 4-8-1812 12-17-1858 Daughter of Wm. & Mary Ann Booth, born in Botelourt Co, VA and died in Quincy, Fla. Consecrated to God in early life, she lived a Christian, and died in peace. She is not dead but sleepth.
Booth Dr. Wm Fitzgerald 1796 1858 Son of Wm. Fitzgerald and Mary Ann Fitzgerald Booth - Born in Dinwiddle Co. VA, died Quincy, Fla. Married Sarah Gillianm Coe 1827 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Bruce Alexander 1842 8-18-1913   Born in Caithness Co. Scotland
Bruce Donald 1838 1866    
Bruce Rebecca 1869 1947   Funeral Home Marker only
Bruce William 11-18-1848 11-4-1914   Remember friends as you pass by that all mankind are born to die, then let your cares on Christ be cast, that you may dwell with him at last.
Buford Mary C. Munroe 9-16-1881 9-13-1924 Beloved wife of Rivers H. Buford  
Buford Mary Hollingsworth (no birth date) 12-29-1963 Married Rivers H. Buford January 27, 1926  
Buford Rivers H. 1-18-1878 3-17-1959 Attorney General January 4, 1921 - December 4, 1925, Justice of the Supreme Court December 4, 1925 - April 3, 1948 of the State of Florida
Buford Rivers Henderson 7-19-1905 7-20-1905 Son of R. H. & Mary Buford  
Burghard Dr. August 8-28-1858 6-61928   Born Quincy, Fla, died Macon, Ga.
Burghard Conrad (no date) (no date)    
Burghard John M. 7-21-1852 1-30-1859 Son of C. & F. Burghard  
Burghard Martin (no date) (no date) Husband of Rachel Burghard Father
Burghard Rachel 8-29-1833 9-9-1903 Wife of Martin Burghard Asleep in Jesus, Our Mother
Burghard William (no date) (no date)    
Callis Andrew J. 11-16-1828 12-18-1852   In Memory of
Callis James F. 4-11-1792 8-20-1853   In memory of
Campbell Amanda F. (no date) 6-9-1851 To the memory of, wife of W. M. Campbell who died in the 26th year of her age
Cantey Alice Munroe 9-29-1883 1-26-1950    
Cantey Robert Edward 8-271875 4-20-1932    
Cantey Thomas Robert 9-7-1840 10-22-1923   Born in Clarendon County, SC, Died in Quincy, Fla.
Condrey Catherine M. 2-22-18?? 7-12-1857   Was born Duplin Co., NC
Covington A. D. 11-8-1868 1-3-1913   He loved his friends
Covington A. D. 12-6-1924 10-28-1925 son of J. L. & M. B. Covington  
Covington Daisy Munroe 1-3-1877 8-24-1904 Wife of A.D. Covington Asleep in Jesus
Cox Darris Helen 9-21-1912 10-23-1918 Daughter of J. A. and Ada Cox Blessed sunbeams
Cox Jeptha A. 6-5-1871 1-27-1925   An honest man the noblest work of God
Crawford Alice Davidson 1-19-1895 8-20-1896 Daughter of T. A. & S. D. Crawford For such is the kingdom of God.
Cupper Alice M. 1877 1965   The Lord is my Shepherd
Cupper Thos. E. 1875 1945   Forever with the Lord
Davidson Alice V. J. (no date) (no date)    
Davidson Harriet R. (no date) (no date)    
Davidson James C. (no date) (no date)    
Davidson John M. W., M.D. 11-9-1801 11-16-1879 (John Matthew Winslow Davidson) In memory of - A ruling elder of the Quincy Presbuterian Church and superintendent of the Sunday School for almost forty years. When near his departure he said, " I am not afraid to die, His time is my time."
Davidson Lelia A. 3-4-1834 1-3-1884 In memoriam - w/o R. H. M. Davidson Jesus can make a dying bed feel soft as downy pillows are.
Davidson Lucy E. 2-1-1862 8-17-1868 daughter of R. H. M. & Lelia A. Davidson  
Davidson Mary J. S. 4-13-1809 4-24-1855 (Mary Jerusha Sylvester) Wife of Dr. John M. W. Davidson It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.
Davidson Robert H. M. 10-2-1810 10-17-1841 (full name was Robert Hamilton McWhorter Davidson) Sacred to the memory of - Born in Mecklenburg County, N.C., died at Quincy, Florida
Davidson Col. R. H. M. 9-23-1832 1-18-1908 (full name was Robert Hamilton McWhorter Davidson) CSA - Having served his generation by the will of God he fell asleep.
Dilworth George A. 9-1-1820 12-11-1846 Born in Camden County, Ga - Died in Quincy, Fla.  
Grubb Elizabeth R. 8-23-1810 10-29-1864 Born Philadelphia, Pa., died Quincy, Fla. She sleeps in Christ. Erected by her son Thomas L Grubb who departed this life in Richmond Va. March 23, 1865 Aged 34 years, 3 months
Gunn or Richardson (in their plot) Charley (no date) (no date)    
Dismukes Alice Munroe 4-23-1851 3-2-1915 Wife of George W. Dismukes She has passed to the world of the redeemed and holy.
Dismukes Arthur (no date) 7-10-1873 Children of E. P. & Annie Dismukes (d/s with sister Robena) Aged 6 years, 9 months and 5 days
Dismukes "Little" Cora (one date) 7-17-1883 Infant daughter of E.P. & A.E. Dismukes, Aged 5 months, 15 days "Suffer the little children to come unto me"
Dismukes George W. 5-11-1845 4-24-1876 Born in Davidson county, Tenn. - Died in Quincy, Florida I know my Redeemer liveth
Dismukes Helen (one date) 9-27-1886 Daughter of E.P. & A.E. Dismukes, aged 5 years, 6 mos 22 ds "Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein"
Dismukes Herbert (one date) 2-2-1876 Infant son of E.P. & Annie Dismukes, aged 6 mos. "And he took them up in his arms, put His hands upon them and blessed them."
Dismukes Mrs. Jane 12-12-1795 8-11-1858   Mother we cherish thy memory
Dismukes John T. (one date) 1-27-1889 Son of E.P. & A. E. Dismukes, aged 14 years, 11 mos. & 27 days I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me"
Dismukes Mary Ellen (one date) 9-16-1880 Infant daughter of E.P. & A.E. Dismukes, aged 1 mo. & 28 days Then there were brought unto Him little children"
Dismukes Robena (one date) 7-10-1873 Children of E.P. & Annie Dismukes (d/s with brother Arthur) aged 4 years, 10 mos, & 23 days
Dismukes Sallie Virginia 12 Jan 1871 11 oct 1872 Daughter of George and Alice Dismukes  
Dismukes Thomas M. 1-13-1875 3-8-1877 Son of George W. and Alice Dismukes Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not.
Dismukes Willie <one date> 30 April 1873 Infant son of E.P. & Annie Dismukes, aged 1 year For of such is the Kingdom of God
Donaldson Janette V. G. 9-13-1815 1-1859 Born in Norfolk, Virginia Died in Quincy, Florida It is sowed in corruption; It is raised in incorruption; It is sown in dishonor; It is raised in glory.
Donnell Thomas P. 8-14-1855 8-29-1860 T.P.D. - Even so Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight.  
Dowman George Ray (one date) 8-15-1889 Son of G.E. and Julia R. Dowman Aged 8 Mo. 3 D's - The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.
Dupont George (no date) (no date) Infant son of J.E. and Susie Dupont, aged 7 mo's & 18 days Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe on his gentle breast; There by his love o'er shaded, Our darling shall sweetly rest.
Durr Andrew E. 8-24-1885 8-30-1901 Son of Martha A. and Ralph M. Durr Asleep in Jesus
Durr Charles Joseph 2-3-1892 4-18-1892 Infant son of H.D. and Julia Durr  
Durr M. A. 9-18-1811 7-17-1860 In memory of - Wife of R.E. Durr  
Durr Martha A. 3-29-1864 9-3-1927 d/s Ralph M. Durr Simply to thy cross I cling
Durr Ralph M. 5-30-1857 12-11-1939 d/s Martha A. Durr Simply to thy cross I cling
Durr R. E. 3-20-1810 8-28-1865   In memory of
Durr Rebecca 10-17-1850 2-23-1868 In memory of - Wife of H. D. Durr  
DuVal Frank F. (one date) 9-1873 Age 8 Months  
DuVal Harvie 1871 1910    
Edmonds Julia F. (no date) 10-22-1864 Born in Richmond VA. Died Quincy Fla. aged 70 years There is rest in Heaven.
Edmonds R. L. (no date) 9-8-1850 Sacred to the memory of - A native of the North of Ireland and a graduate of the Edinburgh University. Early in life he immigrated to this country and became an accomplished instructor of youth. He departed this life in Montgomery Ala. Leaving a family and many friends to mourn his departure. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
Ellis Julia Florida 9-17-1842 12-7-1921 Wife of Charles H. Ellis - Daughter of Thomas D. and Harriet Wilson Sacred to the memory of
Fillyaw Albert (no date) 7-20-1834 Died aged 16 years (4 names on same obelisk)
Fillyaw James A. (no date) 1-20-1858 Aged 40 years (4 names on same obelisk)
Fillyaw Oscar (no date) 5-30-1858 Aged 37 years - (Correction note on stone:)For 1858 read 1851 (4 names on same obelisk)
Fillyaw Col. Owen (no date) 1833 Our father - A native of New Hanover County, NC. Moved to this county in 1826. Died in 1833 aged 50 years. His remains lie in the old burying ground south end of town. By direction of his son James, this monument is erected.
Forbes Robert 3-1784 1-17-1837 d/s William Forbes was born Latheron Parish, Caithness County, Scotland & died at his residence near Quincy, Fla.
Forbes William 1786 10-17-1852 d/s Robert Forbes was born Latheron Parish, Caithness County, Scotland & died at his residence near Quincy, Fla.
Forman Hon. A. J. (no date) 11-26-1867 Sacred to the memory of - Born in Baltimore, Md. Departed this life in Quincy, Florida, in the 61st year of his age. Gone home to rest.
Forman Francis Booth Fitzgerald 8-21-1838 5-19-1839 Son of Arthur I. & Mary Booth Forman Asleep in Jesus
Forman Mary Booth 1810 5-3-1892 In memoriam - Born in Nottoway Co. Va. Died in Gadsden Co. Fla. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Foster Annie Munroe 3-4-1874 10-14-1922 Wife of O.E. Foster Blessed are the pure in heart
Foster David Frederick 12-2-1862 8-29-1924 Born at Concord, Fla. Died at Quincy Fla. An honest man the noblest work of God.
Foster Francis M, 1910 1911    
Foster Mary S. 4-15-1883 11-11-1969    
Foster Oscar E. 1865 1923    
Fraleigh Mary Cornelia 9-13-1859 10-4-1864 Daughter of E. M. & M. A. Fraleigh Thou art gone from a world of care, the bliss of Heaven to share.
Gareise Mary E. 4-22-1835 1-8-1903 Wife of J. W. Charles Gareise  
Gareiss Charles 12-3-1834 6-11-1886    
Gareiss Lula (no date) (no date) (no surname on stone, but in Gareiss plot)  
Gareiss William 12-30-1836 2-13-1882    
Gareiss Wm. Charles 7-16-1864 12-12-1864 In memory of our only darling -Infant son of Charles & M. E. Gareiss A bud that dropped before matured.
Gibson Mrs. Amanda A. (no date) (no date) Wife of Robert E, Gibson  
Gibson Hanson (no date) 7-23-1857   Aged 37 years
Gibson Mrs. Martha H. 8-22-1783 8-17-1856 Wife of James Gibson. By her first marriage, wife of Joseph Sylvester, dec'd of Sumpter District S.C. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body.
Gibson Robert E. 4-26-1822 9-4-1851    
Gibson My Willie (no date) (no date) (presumed to be a Gibson--at left in their fenced plot)  
Gilchrist Bessie Jan 1860 May 1864 (stone matches William E. Gilchrist) Born in Quincy, Fla.
Gilchrist William E. (no date) 6-8-1860   Born in Edgefield County SC, died Quincy, Fla.
Green (also listed under Holland) Priscilla 12-26-1829 12-19-1858 Wife of D. P. Holland  
Grubb Elizabeth R. 8-23-1810 10-29-1864 Born Philadelphia, Pa. and died in Quincy, Fla. Erected by her son Thomas L. Grubb who departed this life in Richmond Va. March 23rd 1865 Aged 34 years, 3 months All I love in safety keep while in thee I fall asleep
Gunn John G. (no date) 5-23-1857 Departed this life at his residence in Quincy Fla on the 23rd day of May 1857 in the 51st year of his age. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Sacred to the memory of an honest man, kind husband, affectionate parent, indulgent master, true friend and a Christian.
Gunn Sallie Stockton (no date) (no date) d/s Wm. I. Gunn In Memoriam
Gunn Wm. I. (no date) (no date) In memoriam - Wm. I. Gunn and his wife Sallie Stockton, Quincy Fla 1860  
Hall Mrs. Jane K. 2-28-1788 4-26-1858 To the memory of - Daughter of James Kenan, she was born in Duplin County, N.C. and died Quincy Fla.  
Harris Emily E. W. 3-20-1815 9-16-1849 Sacred to the memory of - Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord  
Harris John Colson 4-24-1841 9-2-1841   In memory of - Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade death came with friendly care. The opening bud to heaven conveyed and bade it blossoms there.
Harris Ross G. 7-7-1862 11-17-1946 d/s Sarah A. Harris (childless couple)
Harris Sarah A. 1-29-1867 12-7-1945 d/s Ross G. Harris (Grand Matron Order of Eastern Star)
Harris Thomas Horne 9-6-1839 7-16-1848   In memory of - The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.
Harris William James 9-28-1835 8-28-1837   In Memory of - Such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Harrison Elizabeth Lucas 1818 1907    
Harrison Elizabeth L. 8-10-1848 7-26-1856    
Harrison Robert Henry 6-8-1807 11-1-1851 In memory of - Born in Dinwiddie County, Va. Aged 44 years, 4 mos.  
Harrison Mrs. Sallie B. 1851 1927    
Henry Dr. Thomas Y. 1821 5-31-1869 Born in Red Hill, Virginia, Grand Master of Masons in FL 1857 & 1858 In commemoration of Revolutionary Patriot Patrick Henry's grandson Dr. Thomas Yuille Henry (1821-1869) Placed by Florida Society NS DAR 1978
Hinsey Elizabeth 2-15-1830 9-16-1854 Born in Onslow Co., N.C., Died Quincy, Fla - Wife of George F. Hinsey Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Hollamon David William 20 Apr 1811 1 Mar 1881 Slab View 1, Slab View 2, Slab View 3, Here lies - son of William born 1777 and Seeney born 1784 and brother of Elizabeth born 1806, Fontaine born 1813, Sara born 1808, Korngay born 1816, Needham born 1817, and husband of Sarah Ann Martin of Liberty County, Georgia who died August 22, 1844, leaving a daughter, Rebecca Jeannette, who married Archibald Buie Love. Archibald & Jeannette Love are buried in Old Philadelphia with their children. One daughter, Bessie married Daniel Alexander Shaw. This marker placed by the Great-Granddaughters of David William Hollamon in 1964. "Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations"
Holland (also listed under Green) Priscilla Green 12-26-1829 12-19-1858 Wife of D. P. Holland  
Irwin Narcissa M. 4-5-1827 9-30-1857 In memory of - Wife of Virgil Irwin and daughter of Archibald & Nancy Fain. Died of consumption near Quincy within two days journey of her paternal home.  
Jeffress Sallie 9-29-1848 11-9-1869 Beloved daughter of I.C. and C.G. Jeffress Beautiful in life, more beautiful in death. How calmly she rested in God, to Thy arms my Saviour I come. Come quickly, come quickly, oh Lord, and welcome Thy wanderer home.
Jones Charles Hoffman 1843 1911 d/s Mary Elizabeth Jones At Rest
Jones Mary Elizabeth 1858 1944 d/s Charles Hoffman Jones At Rest
Jones Rebecca A. 8-17-1828 2-23-1910 Wife of Robert F. Jones Mother - She died as she lived a Christian.
Jones Robert F. 3-5-1820 3-11-1890 Born at Courtland Ala. Died at Quincy Fla. Blessed are the pure in heart.
Jordan Edwin B. (no date) (no date)    
Jordan Joseph Edwin (no date) (no date)    
Jordan Sarah Milliken (no date) (no date)    
Kenan Middleton N. 10-2-1859 4-25-1862 In memory of - Son of D. L. & M. A. Kenan  
Lines Joseph Frank 12-2-1854 6-7-1932   He loved his friends
Lines Kate 4-29-1854 6-14-1908 wife of J. F. Lines Mother - Asleep in Jesus.
Lines Sallie Munroe 3-5-1886 9-5-1960 Wife of J. F. Lines She lived for others
Little Margaret Edmonds 2-15-1846 5-2-1846 In memory of - Infant Daughter of Robert & Susan J. Little We lay thee in the silent tomb. Sweet blossom of a day. We just began to view thy bloom and thou art called away.
Little Susan Edmonds (no date) 9-28-1855 To the memory of Many loved her in life, wept for her in death, now rejoice that it is well with her who here sleeps in Jesus.
Love Clarance G. (no date) 9-10-1859 Son of S. B. & M. C. Love, aged 11 mo's & 18 days It is well with the child.
Love E. C. 12-16-1829 10-6-1891    
Love Mary D. G. 3-20-1843 8-7-1883 Wife of E. C. Love Our Mother at rest
Macon Arthur D. "Doc" 10-14-1905 4-24-1983    
Macon Linton Smith 9-2-1911 4-25-1995    
Macon Mary C. "Sue" 3-23-1908 12-7-1990    
Macon Mary Elizabeth 3-20-1873 6-10-19631963    
Macon Thomas Linton 10-15-1874 1-22-1959    
Malone Annie May Ward (no birth date) 10-1-1898 Wife of Wm. B. Malone Jr. Age 24 Yrs. 8 Mos. She was a loving and affectionate wife and mother and made a happy home.
Malone Charles DuPont (no birth date) 9-17-1872 Son of Wm B. & Ermin E. Malone Aged 5 years, 3 months, 19 days Our darling little boy.
Malone Elizabeth Ermine DuPont 7-25-1846 4-9-1904 Wife of Wm Booth Malone Asleep in Jesus
Malone Flossye R. Ward 12-8-1881 4-15-1917 Wife of W. .B Malone Asleep
Malone John Wood (no birth date) 5-15-1883 Son of Wm. B. & Ermine E. Malone, Aged 8 Yrs. 8 Mo. & 27 d.s  
Malone May Ward 2 Mar 1897 3 Mar 1901 Dau. of William B. & Annie May Malone A little comforter on earth, a little angel in Heaven.
Malone Thomas Ward 8-16-1912 4-5-1914 Son of W. B. & F. R. Malone I shall go to Him but He shall not return to me.
Malone William Booth 7-11-1872 25 Oct 1928    
Malone William Booth, Jr. 8-26-1905 8-11-1906 Son of William B. & Flossye R. Malone  
Malone William Booth (no birth date) 2-20-1889 Aged 53 years Another link severed to be reunited in Heaven.
McBride Albert C. 3-25-1820 12-11-1850 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (His stone is the left, front, broken one, in the plot photo)
McBride David Andrew (no date) (no date) Aged 9 years, There is a heavenly shepherd and ere thy infant charms had caught the tinge of care or woe he call'd thee to his arms.
McBride Joseph Milton, M.D. 9 Nov 1818 24 Oct 1859   (his stone is the left, back, broken one with Albert McBride's leaning on it)
McCall Capt. William 8-20-1779 7-28-1863 Born Mechlinberg Co., N.C. Died Quincy, Fla. Fought with Gen'l Andrew Jackson in 1813 mess mate and friend. Jesus Christ, the Captain of my salvation.
McClurg Mrs. Mary (no date) (no date) Born in Price Edward Co., Virginia. Died in Quincy, Fla. in her 85th year. She sleeps in Jesus.
McFarlin Emily (no birth date) 8-6-1905 d/s John L. McFarlin Age 72 Years - He giveth his beloved sleep.
McFarlin Harry (no date) (inscription on McFarlin obelisk)    
McFarlin Jesse (no date) (inscription on McFarlin obelisk)    
McFarlin John L. (no birth date) 2-1-1891 d/s Emily McFarlin Age 63 Years - He giveth his beloved sleep.
McFarlin Mamie (no date) (inscription on McFarlin obelisk)    
McFarlin Obelisk "Our Children" (no date) (no date) Jesse, 16 months 4 days; Harry 2 weeks; Mamie 21 days; Suffer little children to come unto me.
McMillan Eliza F. (no birth date) 6-19-1851 Daughter of J. A. & Emily J. McMillan Aged 8 mo's. 21 d's.  
Miller George R. D. 7-22-1815 10-1-1832    
Milliken Joseph, Jr., M.D. (no date) (no date)    
Milliken Mary Joseph (no date) (no date)    
Milliken Sarah F. A. (no date) (no date)    
Munroe Abbie Budd 9-5-1870 29 June 1966    
Munroe Albert D. 1-23-1898 6-14-1899 son of A.S. and Nellie Munroe Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven
Munroe Albert S. 12-18-1872 7-8-1939 (h/o Nellie Lamar Munroe)  
Munroe Alexander F. 4-10-1871 9-28-1871 Born in Quincy, Florida, son of William & Julia Munroe  
Munroe Aloyse (no birth date) 2-22-1922 Dau. of Alice and Lamar Munroe  
Munroe Benjamin Hersey 12-11-1831 12-31-1873 d/s Jennie Lucy Bowen Munroe Born Dinwiddie County, Va. Died Lake City, Fla.
Munroe Jennie Lucy Bowen 3-10-1847 2-20-1920 d/s Wife of Benjamin Hersey Munroe  
Munroe Bessie 2-19-1892 5-15-1892 Infant daughter of Mark W. & Edith A. Munroe  
Munroe Charles D. 11-13-1869 6-9-1870 Son of Wm & Julia Munroe  
Munroe Clarice Page 12-29-1901 3-1-1988 Beloved wife of George W. Munroe Mother of Clarice Munroe, Adelaide Munroe Suber, George W. Munroe Jr. Respected and loved by all.
Munroe Clarice 4-24-1930 1-8-1946 Beloved daughter of Geo. W. & Clarice P. Munroe In His wisdom God called her Home
Munroe Cornelia 8-12-1828 1-26-1856 Wife of William Munroe - Daughter of Rev. Freeman Fitzgerald Born in Laurence Co. Ma. Died in Quincy.
Munroe Dawson Walker 11-9-1890 7-28-1891 Infant son of Mark W. & Edith A. Munroe  
Munroe Edith Adelaide 9-14-1861 4-22-1897 Wife of Mark W. Munroe Age 35 years, 7 months, and 8 days. Born at Dalton, Ga. Died at Quincy, Fla. She was a devoted wife and mother, and made home happy.
Munroe Fannie Allen 1-10-1885 7-21-1946 Beloved wife of Max Munroe Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Munroe Fitzgerald 8-4-1883 10-19-1883 Infant son of Thos. F. and Martha H. Munroe  
Munroe Freeman F. (no date) (no date) Aged 1 month  
Munroe George Dismukes 6-17-1867 1-19-1917 He was a kind and affectionate husband, a fond father, and a friend to all.  
Munroe George Anthony 7-16-1948 12-12-1982 Son of William Bradley and Francis Phillips Munroe  
Munroe George William 3-17-1895 5-1-1948 Youngest son of Mark W. and Edith A. Munroe A kind and understanding father and devoted husband.
Munroe George William, Jr. 9-17-1938 6-9-1977   A patriotic man.
Munroe Harry (no date) (no date)   Aged 6 weeks
Munroe Harry L. 1-25-1866 7-12-1871 Son of Wm. & Julia Monroe Born in Quincy, Fla.
Munroe Infant son (no date) (no date) Son of Wm and Florence C. Munroe  
Munroe Infant Daughter 11 June 1887 11 June 1887 Daughter of Mark W. and Edith A. Munroe  
Munroe Infant Son (one date) 2-25-1871 Son of Thos. F. and Martha H. Munroe  
Munroe Julia 4-26-1885 8-13-1885 Born in Quincy, Fla. Daughter of M.W. and Edith A. Munroe.  
Munore Julia M. E. 1835 1915 Daughter of Mark and Annie Welch, Wife of William Munroe In Thy presence is fullness of Joy. At Thy right hand there are pleasures forever more.
Munroe Lee Ray 9-5-1889 10-20-1936 h/o Nonnie Radcliffe Munroe  
Munroe Lee Ray Jr. 12-28-1915 1-9-2000 d/s Sara Chason Munroe  
Munroe Linton Stubbs 1-10-1896 3-24-1986 Son of George D. and Abbie B. Munroe  
Munroe Mark Welch 2-25-1860 1-2-1940 Born Quincy, Fla. Died Quincy, Fla. Son of William & Julia Welch Munroe The influence of his personality was so great, and his advice so widely sought, that he seemed an institution in the community, hardly subject to removal by death.
Munroe Martha Harriet Jones 7-16-1849 1-27-1929 Beloved wife of Thomas Freeman Munroe  
Munroe Martha Banks 12-5-1879 9-1-1885 Daughter of Thos. F. and Martha H. Munroe  
Munroe Mary Frances Gray 5-22-1886 5-24-1972 Wife of Mark Welch Munroe. Born at "Friendship", Charles County, Md.- Died at Quincy, Florida All I love in safety keep while in thee I fall asleep
Munroe Max 1-12-1876 1-3-1915   Sheltered and safe from sorrow
Munroe Nellie Lamar 1-25-1878 3-5-1968 Wife of Albert S. Munroe  
Munroe Nonnie Radcliffe 10-19-1890 12-12-1978 Wife of Lee Ray Munroe  
Munroe Richard "Dick" Clagett 5-5-1921 10-3-1991 Son of Mark W. and Mary G. Munroe "Nothing human disgusts me unless it's unkind."
Munroe Robert "Bobby" Fraser 11-25-1922 8-25-1969 Son of Mark W.and Mary G. Munroe He loved his God, country, family and friends.
Munroe Sara "Sally" Chason Wilkinson 5-30-1922 1-20-1944 Beloved Wife of L. R. Munroe, Jr.  
Munroe Sarah Elizabeth 7-5-1816 5-5-1870 Wife of Dr. Thos. Munroe Born in Nottoway County Virginia - Died in Quincy, Florida
Munroe Sarah Elizabeth Lines 4-1-1918 3-5-2008 Beloved wife of W. B. Munroe, Sr. Teacher
Munroe Dr. Thomas F. 12-24-1845 1-29-1909 It is not all of live to live nor all of death to die.  
Munroe William 9-8-1819 9-15-1882 Born in Inverness, Scotland, Died in Quincy, Florida, Aged 63 years & 7 days Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Munroe William Bradley "Pud" 4-13-1918 5-8-1965 Son of Mark W. and Mary G. Munroe Loved and respected by all who knew him
Munroe Wm. 11-4-1884 8-22-1885 Born in Oxford, Ga. Died in Quincy, Fla. Son of Rev. Chas. E. and Julia R. Dowman
Pittman James J. 11-1-1841 4-8-1852 In memory of - son of Owen W. & Elizabeth Pittman  
Plummer S.A.E. 1-9-1829 10-7-1855 Wife of J.R. Plummer, Born in Madison Co. Ala. She sleeps in Jesus
Poindexter John W. 18 Mar 1817 14 Nov 1854 My Husband and Watt's Father Not dead but sleepeth.
Poole Mary C. (no birth date) 10-4-1867 In memory of - Wife of W.G. Poole, Aged 21 years and 19 days  
Random John Seegar 10-16-1861 0-16-1861 Son of Wm. R. & Mary J. Random A little flower of love that blossomed but to die.
Random Mary Jane 11-29-1834 10-10-1917    
Random William R. &10-11-1823 7-29-1907   Thy trials ended, thy rest is won.
Rice Rev. John Jay (no date) (no date)    
Richardson Helen S. Willard 9-16-1846 9-20-1932   Born at Quincy Florida. Died at Homosassa, Florida
Richardson or Gunn Robert (no date) (no date)   infant stone in the Richardson & Gunn plot
Rogers James Madison 1-11-1849 10-23-1850   Sacred to the memory of - Of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Savage Edward 5-10-1813 1-4-1840 Professor of Natural Philosophy in Union College, New York  
Seegar Children (no dates) (no date) The children of J. T. & H. B. Seegar Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Seegar Elfred 4-22-1865 8-30-1881 Born in Quincy, died Fernandina. Aged 16 years She was lovely, she was fair and for a while was given. An angel ame and claimed his own and took Elfred home to Heaven.
Seegar John T. (no birth date) 12-13-1872 In memory of my husband - Died in the 53, year of his age. He rests from his labors.
SeegarSeegar Richard T. 9-13-1872 1-29-1874 Infant son of Benj'n E. & Josie Seegar  
Shaw Elizabeth Bostick 10-3-1905 5-20-2000 d/s Roderick Kirkpatrick Shaw, Married 1-18-1928 Photo, Rod Shaw Plot
Shaw Roderick K. 8-2-1800 5-3-1857 d/s Sarah M. Photo, Rod Shaw Plot
Shaw Roderick Kirpatrick 8-3-1899 5-28-1968 d/s Elizabeth Bostick Shaw, Married 1-18-1928 Photo, Rod Shaw Plot
Shaw Roderick Kirpatrick, VI 11-1-1928 7-6-2008   Photo, Rod Shaw Plot
Shaw Sarah M. 11-2-1815 4-21-1857 d/s Roderick K.  
Smith Loula Horger 12-4-1876 5-6-1954    
Spencer Mrs. S.A. 7-2-1829 5-28-1860 Sacred to the memory of - Born in Gadsden County - Died at Newport, Fla. - Daughter of the late Rev. D.S. & Sophia McBride Died May 28, 1860, when she for the first time pained him whom she had promised to love. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. A husband's tribute of affection.
Stearnes Charley 6-3-1879 3-2-1880 Son of S. & S. E. Stearns  
Stewart Callie Munroe (no birth date) 1880 Wife of Nicholas Stewart, Age 49 years. Born in Virginia, Died in Lake City, Florida
Stewart Nicholas H. 11-10-1817 10-22-1858 Born in the State of New York, died in Quincy, Fla. A faithful instructor of youth, an upright man and a pious Christian; He lived beloved and died lamented. I know my Redeemer liveth.
Stockton James Rush 9-23-1823 9-11-1842   In memory of
Stockton Julia (no date) (no date) Aged 7 years & 2 months - Due to location, surname is probably Stockton We laid the gentle frame in the sod knowing her spirit had fled to God.
Stockton Julian 8-6-1844 12-28-1852 d/s with Rebecca McKnight Stsockton  
Stockton Mrs. Rebecca McKnight (no birth date) 4-28-1852 d/s Julian Stockton In memory of, Aged 30 years
Stockton William Tennent 1812 1869 In memory of - Legislator, Mayor of Quincy Lt. Col 1st Fla Cav CSA
Sylvester Annie McCall 7-15-1847 5-17-1922 Wife of James H. Sylvestor Rock of ages cleft for me.
Sylvester Annie Pauline 11-12-1886 5-17-1888    
Sylvester J. H. 9-6-1807 6-22-1876 d/s Violett Sylvester My trust is in God
Sylvester James Howard 9-27-1839 9-5-1914 Confederate soldier, brave, chivalious, loyal to his friends who were many. Died in the faith of Jesus Christ.
Sylvester John Hassell Donnell 1-5-1876 5-20-1893    
Sylvester Violett 1-24-1806 1-23-1877 d/s J. H. Sylvester My trust is in God
Sylvester Thomas Palmer Hamilton 8-17-1880 5-17-1920 Mason In thee O Lord have I put my trust.
Sylvester William McCall 3-17-1870 9-20-1914 Faithful to his trust as he saw it. God looks upon the heart. Rock of ages cleft for me.  
Tinsley T. A. 12-13-1863 9-3-1885   In memory of
Towers Eliza 12-20-1832 12-11-1851 Married 9 Jul 1851 - Died aged 18 y'rs, 11 mo's. & 21 days Sleep Eliza; calmly rest, Pillowed on thy Saviour's breast, Sister Spirits guard thy tomb; Angel bands attend thee home.
Towers Mrs. Frances (no birth date) 1-17-1855 Departed this life at the residence of her son C. H. DuPont in Quincy, Florida. Aged 73 years Tis sweet to know when life is past, When all its anxious cares are over, There is a resting place at last, Where grief nor sin can enter more.
Towers Laura M. Atwater 12-17-1821 11-8-1895 Wife of Robt. R. Towers Sacred to the memory of- Born in New Haven, Conn. Died in Quincy, Fla.
Towers Robert R. 2-26-1820 5-30-1845   Sacred to the memory of - Born Cincinnati, Ohio, Died Quincy, Florida
Unknown Areanah F.     In memory of - Daughter of ? and Elizabeth (stone broken)  
Unknown in Richardson-Gunn plot Far left in Plot photo        
Unknown #1 near Martha Banks Unknown (no date) (no date)    
Unknown #2 near Martha Banks Unknown (no date) (no date)    
Unknown near Robert Jones Unknown (no date) (no date)    
Unknown near James Rogers Unknown (no date) (no date)    
Unknown near Middleton Kenan Unknown (no date) (no date)    
Unknown near Oscar Fillyaw Unknown (no date) (no date)    
Waller Albert (no date) (no date) Born in Greenwood, S.C.  
Ward Hettie S. 11-2-1853 4-17-1919    
Ward Thomas L. 10-7-1850 10-18-1916   Born North Hampton, England
Welch Mary S. 8-19-1845 11-14-1862 In memory of our beloved sister - born in Norfolk Va. Died in Quincy Fla. Aged 17 years & 9 mo's Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God.
West Lula W. (no birth date) 10-25-1889 Aged 37 years At Rest
White Emily Gibson 2-22-1826 12-11-1902 Wife of Pleasants Woodson White Born in Leon County, Florida - Died in Quincy, Florida
Wilson Elizabeth P. 3-25-1829 8-8-1883 Wife of David H. Wilson In life she exhibited all the graces of a Christian; In death her spirit returned to God, who gave it. She sleeps the sleep of the righteous.
Wilson David H. 4-23-1828 9-9-1913 He giveth his beloved sleep. He was Tyler of Washington Lodge No. 2 for 50 years. Amiable and beloved brother, farewell; not on this pershing stone, but in the book of life and in the hearts of thy afflicted friends is thy worth recorded. Mason.
Wilson Our Daughter (no date) (no date) Our daughter-David H. And E. P. Wilson  
Wilson Lena 10-6-1857 12-4-1863 Daughter of David H. and E.P. Wilson Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade, death came with friendly life. The opening bud to Heaven conveyed that bade it blossom there.
Wilson Mary S. 1848 1914   Peace Perfect Peace
Wilson Overton 3-25-1860 7-18-1884 Son of David H. and E.P. Wilson Blessed are the pure in heart
Woldridge Rev. A. J. 3Jun 1836 3Oct 1871 Of the Fla Conference. Born in Franklin Tenn. Died in Quincy, Fla. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, He sleeps in Jesus.
Wright Lydia A. (no birth date) 9-23-1858 Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Died at Quincy, Fla. in the 66th year of her age. Rich in the hope of a blessed immortality _____ of the just made perfect. In memory of
The following names appear on Wayne Carpenter's survey conducted in 2000. Grave stones for these people were not found on the date we photographed the cemetery./Angela Cassidy
Hentz Josie Brooks 2-1-1858 11-14-1858 Daughter of C. A. & M. E. Hentz  
Hentz Mary Elizabeth 9-20-1831 9-13-1871 Wife of Dr. C. A. Hentz  
Low Samuel S <one date> 5 Jul 1841 In memory of - of Bath ME, Aged 26 years Reader pause and remember you must die and meet your God.
McFarlin Annie 12-3-1855 10-12-1881   In memory of our daughter
Munroe Infant (no date) (no date) son of Wm. and Florence G. Munroe  
Munroe Infant son (no date) (no date) son of Robert L. and Myrtle Curtis Munroe  
Munroe Mark 12-18-1883 11-30-1902 Eldest son of Mark W. and Edith A. Munroe  
Munroe Robert E. 11-19-1905 10-18-1994   US Navy WW II
Munroe Thomas 9-1-1803 7-4-1880 Born in Inverness, Scotland, Died in Quincy, Florida - Age 76 years, 10 months and 3 days Into Thine hand I commit my spirit; Thou hast redeemed me O Lord God of Truth.
Munroe William L. 1-25-1866 7-12-1871 Son of William and Julia Munroe Born in Quincy, Florida
Nathans Isaac (Maj) 1-10-1783 4-10-1861   In memory of
Nathans Thomas B. 3-31-1805 12-28-1889   In memoriam - I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.
Sauls Willie (no date) (no date) Our Willie, W. H. & S. J. Sauls  
Shaw Infant 4-16-1857 5-10-1857 son of Roderick K. & Sarah M. Shaw  
Stephens Samuel Barron 1814 8-4-1882   Born in NC, Grand Master of Masons in Florida 1869
Suber Frank Perry (no date) (no date) Infant son of J. J. & Zillah Suber Aged 6 months, 13 days
(Unreadable) Johnnie T. 9-91885 4-20-1886   At the golden gate
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