Werthington Family Cemetery, Providence

Photographed by Angela Cassidy in November 2010. Many thanks to Willard Rudd for being my escort.

Here are some landscape shots of the cemetery and its entrance. It was very grown up during the fall, but it is
obviously mowed once or twice a year, because there are no saplings coming up.

Gate and entrance from Juniper Road. I won't put the exact address because it is on private property,
and the family desires to control access.
Entrance Lane
View from gate at cemetery
Row of Strom family stones in front
Strom family in center (tall stones) and Annie Suber in front
Frederick and Lovey Werthington's row
Rena Fletcher on left and the Edinfields right

This family cemetery off of Juniper Creek Road, was started in the early 1830s, and the last person buried here was
in 1927. Frederick and Lovey Werthington had only daughters, so although they have many descendants in Gadsden
County and elsewhere because of the marriages of their daughters into other Gadsden County families, there are none
bearing the Werthington name. (Source: "The Frederick Weathington Family of Gadsden County Florida 1830-1984"
by Laura Belle Edwards)

Most of the stones in this cemetery, including Frederick and Lovey Werthington's are very short, like children's
stones. It is my belief that many of them are not original. One child died in 1853, and her father, W. C. Strom,
died in 1862. Florida does not have granite, so stones had to be obtained from north Georgia. In 1853 and especially
in 1862, people wouldn't have had access to north Georgia to get the stones. There weren't railroads to this area
that early. They would have had to come by steamship, and that wasn't likely during the War Between the States. It's
more probable that these stones were placed there in the early 1900s, especially since Mrs. Strom's stone exactly
matches her husband's and child's in design, and she died in 1919. Some of the stones appear to be cast concrete.

Surname Name Birth Death Relationship Notes
EDINFIELD J. W. no date no date (h/o Lou Edinfield)  
EDINFIELD Lou no date no date (w/o J. W. Edinfield)  
FLETCHER George W. 1842 1924 (h/o Harriet Werthington Fletcher)  
FLETCHER Harriet (Werthington) no date (abt. 1837) 19 Oct 1889 Wife of Geo. W. Fletcher Age 52 Yrs
FLETCHER Rena E. 18 Jan 1911 6 Aug 1911    
GREEN (Rev.) Richard Prior 1825 1895 (husband of Susan Werthington Green)  
GREEN Susan Werthington 1830 1912 (wife of Rev. Richard Prior Green)   
STROM Frederick P. 4 Dec 1861 1 Apr 1862    
STROM Harry W. 9 Oct 1896 30 Sept 1898    
STROM Leila 19 Feb 1889 27 Nov 1890    
STROM Lou C. 9 Oct 1859 28 Jan 1927    
STROM Missouri 24 Nov 1852 2 Jan 1853    
STROM Sarah J. 4 June 1834 25 May 1919 (Wife of W. C. Strom)  
STROM W. C. 15 Jan 1810 18 Mar 1862 (Hus of Sarah J. Strom)  
SUBER AnnieName 14 Oct 1869 14 Oct 1874 Dau of L. P. & E. Suber Our Darling
WERTHINGTON Frederick (no date - abt. 1797) 20 May 1887 (Husband of Lovey Werthington) Age 90 Yrs. & 20 Ds.
WERTHINGTON Lovey (no date - abt. 1809) 24 Dec 1885 Wife of Frederick Werthington (Note by Angela Cassidy: Although many people have her maiden name as Jackson, including the book "A Clark Family in America" by Evelyn Clark Reeves, research since then has proven her maiden name to be Smith.)
Harriett Fletcher was the youngest child of Frederick and Lovey Werthington (they had seven daughters). Annie Suber was the daughter of Emiline Werthington and Lemuel Pinckney Suber. Emiline was the daughter of Frederick and Lovey Werthington. Sarah Strom was the daughter of Frederick and Lovey Werthington and the wife of William C. Strom. The other Stroms are their children. Source: "The Frederick Weathington Family of Gadsden County 1830-1984" by Laura Belle Edwards.
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