Vickers Cemetery, Concord, Florida


Submitted by Angela Boynton Cassidy 
November 23, 2009

The Vickers Cemetery is an active family cemetery located about halfway between Havana, Florida, and the unincorporated community of Concord, Florida.  It is on the west side of State Road 12 (Fairbanks Ferry Road) about 3 miles east of Havana.  It is 1.5 miles west of the Concord crossroads of Fairbanks Ferry Road and Concord-Bainbridge Rd.

Vickers Cemetery Entrance
Landscape View, right side

The deed, made June 9, 1905, cut this portion out of a larger purchase by Eli Sanders and refers to the cemetery as the "The Vickers Graveyard" indicating that the land was already in use for burials.  The deed is recorded in OR Book PP, pages 140 and 141, public records of Gadsden County, Florida, and is made to Don A. (Don Albin) Vickers and Walter Walsh as Trustees.  The cemetery is incorporated as Vickers Cemetery, Inc., and is administered by a Board of Trustees. In 2011, the Trustees are: Bobby Ray Durden, Donna Warlick, Douglas Walsh, Venice Walsh, Angela Cassidy, Dale Joiner, and Casey Smith.

In October 2010, the Trustees erected a historical marker commemorating 165 years of stewardship of the cemetery. See the dedication ceremony and the photos of the 2010 Vickers Descendants Reunion on the Reunions tab of this web site.

From oral history obtained from many people now deceased, it is believed by local genealogists and Vickers family members that the earliest burial could have occurred during or shortly before 1845 with the death of Simeon Vickers' wife, Nancy (death documented in 1845 Vickers Family Letter).  A child, Rite Sanders, was buried in 1866 and his stone remains as the earliest marker.

The grave markers were wooden for the first two and sometimes three generations of people buried here, and when they rotted away, they were not replaced.  Stories from the old people who have now passed on about their grandparents and great-grandparents being buried here are the reason that some people are included in the index but have no physical marker.   The fence row at the top of the hill, farthest back from the highway, has dips in the ground that indicate graves are there.  Oral family history tells us that the first burials were on that fence row at the back of the cemetery and along the fence row on the left side of the cemetery.  The left fence row has been removed because the cemetery has expanded into new ground on the left.  One old cedar tree marks the line of the former left fence row.

There were two Vickers families who settled in Gadsden County about the same time, before Florida was a state: 1) Bryant and Frances Vickers and 2) Joshua and Martha "Patsy" Vickers.  They both came from Georgia, but the ancestors of neither family have been ascertained yet.  They may have been related, but that has not been established.  Two children of Bryant Vickers married two children of Joshua Vickers once they arrived in Gadsden County.   Neither Bryant and Frances nor Joshua and Patsy are mentioned in the cemetery index.  It is known that Joshua did not remain in Gadsden County as he is not on the census records, although Patsy is found in the home of her children.  Joshua may have gone to Texas with his son Harris, who went there to get land.  No stories have been passed on about what happened to him.  Bryant and Frances Vickers may be buried in this cemetery along with some of their children, but they may also be buried on their homestead.  No one knows.

The Walsh family is prominent in the cemetery through the marriage of Bryant and Frances Vickers' daughter, Sarah, to the progenitor of the Walsh family in Concord, Walter Walsh.  Walter was born on the Atlantic Ocean in 1818 and settled in Florida before it was a state. His ancestry remains a mystery, although clues point to his family arriving from Ireland into the port of  Charleston, SC.  His children, on the census records, gave his birth variously as "at sea", Ireland, or SC.  It is thought by several genealogy researchers that his family was emigrating from Ireland, that the ship was quarantined in Charleston Harbor due to illness on board, and baby Walter was born during that extended stay.  If so, he was born in U.S. territorial waters.  He apparently did not talk about his origins, as no oral history survived about where he lived or who his parents were, and contact has been made with every branch of his descendants.  No ship passenger lists have been discovered to date that list a family who could be his.  Nevertheless, he has left many descendants, who are scattered all over the United States now.  Every Walsh who came from Concord descends from him, and through his wife, Sarah, every Walsh from Concord also descends from the Bryant Vickers family.

With the exception of about two dozen people, everyone in this cemetery is related by blood or marriage to a Vickers or a Walsh.

Information on people in this cemetery was compiled by Barbara Boynton and by Angela Boynton Cassidy.  Most of the genealogical information comes from research Barbara Boynton performed for her book "Seven Eastern Gadsden County Cemeteries with Genealogical Information," published in 1999.  Entries after 1999 have been added up through August 2011 by Angela Boynton Cassidy.

Submitter and contact person for this cemetery is: Angela Cassidy (E-mail:  Angela Cassidy has an extensive photo collection of early Concord residents (in all cemeteries) and has photos of persons whose names are in ALL CAPS.  She would be glad to share those photos by e-mail and would appreciate receiving photos of people she does not have.

Name and birth and death dates are exactly as shown on the tombstone.  Other information has been supplied by Barbara Boynton and Angela Cassidy.  No inscriptions are included, as there are very few, probably only a dozen in the entire cemetery.

To see a photo of the tombstone, click on any name in burgundy font.

Name, Birth/Death Date, Marriage Date if known, Parents/Spouse and other genealogical notes

Anderson, Daniel H., b. 12-17-1879, d. 11-17-1946, husband of Mamie Anderson Bradford

BARBER, BANNIE, b. 11-15-1921, d. 1-5-2009, w/o Rufus Barber, d/o Charlie and Lilla Ruth Hough, Slab View, Photo with Rufus Barber

BARBER, GEORGE W., b. 1-23-1883, d. 12-06-1963, m. 2-23-1907, s/o George Washington Barber and Sophia Whiddon Poppell Barber, husband of Ida Croam Walsh Barber. Photo

BARBER, IDA WALSH, b. 4-28-1881, d. 12-20-1973, m. 2-23-1907. Ida Croam Walsh, dau/o Patrick Walsh and Nancy Callahan Walsh, wife of George W. Barber Photo

BARBER, RUFUS, b. 9-30-1914, d. 9-18-1963. Son of George and Ida Croam Walsh Barber, husband of 1) O.Z. Yawn, 2) Bannie Hough Photo

Baxley, Michael A., b. 6-9-1982, d. 1-2-1985, son of Sherry B. Baxley

Baxley, Sherry B., b. 6-9-1942, d. 1-2-1985, daughter of Paul and Elnora Brown.  Mother of Michael Baxley and Melodye Baxley Walsh.  Both mother and son killed in automobile accident.

Beaty, Kathleen Walsh, b. 05-10-1913, d. 12-12-1985, Dau/of Lee Roy and Ellen Clay Walsh Photo

BLOUNT, GRACE BARBER, 1909-1982, Dau/of George W. and Ida Walsh Barber, wife/o John Blount, no surviving children.

BLOUNT, JOHN W., b. 1899, d. 10-22-1977, Husband of Gracie Rae Barber, Police Chief of Town of Havana, Florida. Their only child buried beside them.

Blount, Johnnie Ray, b. 3-11-1930, d. 4-21-1931, son of John and Grace Blount.

Bradford, Mamie Anderson, b. 1-10-1890, d. 3-31-1981, wife of Daniel H. Anderson.

Brady, Buford E., b. 03-26-1922, d. 05-01-1945, Son of Harris and Laura Poppell Brady, killed in action in Phillipines, WW II, awarded Silver Star for gallantry in action. Obituary Havana Herald 2-17-1948

Brady, Donald Lal, b. 10-31-1931, d. 07-29-1986, son of Solomon and Mamie Vickers Brady.

BRADY, HARRIS, b. 01-04-1882, d. 06-03-1953, Son of Nathan and Mary Ann Delany Vickers Brady, husband of Laura Poppell Brady. Photo

Brady infant, 03-27-1927, Infant dau/o Harris and Laura Poppell Brady.

Brady, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brady, 5-01-1940

Brady, Jesse Green, Pvt. U.S. Army, WW II, b. 07-13-1922, d. 12-13-2001, husband of Kate Elizabeth Brady, son of Solomon and Mamie Vickers Brady.

Brady, John J., b. 07-27-1898, d. 07-03-1969, Son of Nathan and Mary Ann Delany Vickers Brady

Brady, Kate Elizabeth, b. 10-18-1925, d. 11-18-1992, wife of Jesse Green Brady.

BRADY, LAURA POPPELL, b. 01-21-1883, d. 01-01-1960, m. 10-03-1906, dau/o Vernon Gandy Poppell and first wife, Laura A. Johnson; wife of Harris Brady.

BRADY, MADISON V., b. 07-01-1907, d. 07-29-1940, Son of Harris and Laura Poppell Brady; husband of Evie Lowe. Photo, Madison and Evie Brady

BRADY, MAMIE VICKERS, b. 07-09-1896, d. 01-06-1966.  Dau/o Karallas "Lal" Vickers and Mary Ann Strickland Vickers, husband of Solomon B. Brady Photo as child, Photo, older, with family

Brady, Mary Delany, b. 01-04-1854, d. 06-06-1916 (or 1918 cannot read stone), m.3-6-1881, Dau/of Jordan Vickers and Mary Vickers Vickers, wife of Nathan Brady

Brady, Nathan, b. 04-08-1853, d. 05-19-1924, m. 3-6-1881, Son of Mary Brady, husband of Mary Ann Delany Vickers Brady

BRADY, SOLOMON B., FL PFC Med. Dept. WW I, b. 04-29-1892, d. 01-27-1965.  Son of Nathan and Mary Ann Delany Vickers Brady, husband of Mamie Vickers Photo-1, Photo-2

Brigance, Charles Lamar, b. 7-24-1934, d. 7-19-2008, h/o Rochelle M.

Brightwell, Ella, b. 05-05-1874, d. 09-16-1902, m. 11-19-1901, Died in childbirth, husband brought her body here to be buried with her family, Dau/o Drew and Sarah Ann Caroline Collins Vickers; wife of G. W. Brightwell, who was not buried in this cemetery.

Brown, Elnora, b. 10-28-1921, d. 2-24-2007, w/o Paul D. Brown, Order of Eastern Star Photo

Brown, Paul D., d. 1-23-1986, Paul Davis Brown, husband of Elnora A. Brown, Mason.

Brown, unknown, d. ca. 1910, farm worker for F. P. Haviland.

Browning, Clement Walker, Jr. "Buddy", b. 7-14-1928, d. 4-09-1999, husband of Helen Abrams Browning

Browning, Helen Abrams, b. 12-27-1930, d. 8-13-2011, w/o Clement Walker Browning, Jr.

Burns, John B., b. 5-22-1884, d. 3-12-1946, Son of Mary Laing Burns.

Burns, Mary Laing, b. 11-25-1880, s. 11-14-1961, Wife of John B. Burns, dau/of William R. andDelila Vickers Laing.

Callahan, Grandmother,  b. ca. 1796, d. after 1870, Memorial stone for Nancy Callahan Walsh's grandmother Nancy Callahan who died on a trip to Lake City and was buried along the way.

Camp, Naaman Daniel, b. 6-9-1921, d. 12-31-1926, Son of Rev. A. C. Camp and S. B. Camp, killed when piano fell on him. Newspaper Account of Death

Clark, Kimberly Dawn, (from obituary: b. 9-12-1976, d. 2-9-2009, w/o Carl Clark, dau/of Jimmy Zorn and Linda Coulliette, m/o Heather, Cassie, and Amber Clark)

Clemmons, William C., Co. 1, 3rd FL Inf., C.S.A.

Coleman, Bonnie Collier, b. 4-15-1912 in Seattle, WA., d. 5-25-1997, m. 10-22-1940 wife of Wilson McConnell Coleman

Coleman, Wilson McConnell, USN WWII Ace , b. 02-02-1912 in Eutaw, AL, d. 6-22-2001, husband of Bonnie Collier Coleman

Collins, Essie Laing, b. 8-22-1902, d. 6-12-1983, dau/o Elbert H. & Minnie Byrd Laing, formerly married to Charles Collins.

DURDEN, ELIZABETH LEE, b. 11-2-1903, d. 4-25-1983, "Lizzie", Dau/of Lee Roy and Elizabeth Callahan Walsh, first wife of Lamar Durden Photo

Durden infant, d. 1922, infant of Marian and Matilda Vickers Durden.

Durden, Johnnie L., b. 3-19-1920, d. 2-8-2007, s/o Marian and Matilda Vickers Durden, 1st h/o Doris Dalton Hambrick, f/o Marie Zunk.

DURDEN, LAMAR ADRIAN, b. 9-26-1912, d. 11-20-2001, Son of Marian and Matilda Vickers Durden, husband of 1) Elizabeth Lee Walsh, 2) Flonnie Vickers Barber Photo

DURDEN, MARIAN, b. 04-19-1887 in Jackson Co, FL, d. 6-22-1924, m. 9-24-1911, husband of Matilda Lugenia Vickers Durden.

DURDEN, MARION LEROY, b. 3-31-1924, d. 10-14-2009, s/o Marian and Matilda (Tillie) Vickers Durden. Military plaque, Photo, age 22

DURDEN, TILLIE L., b. 07-08-1890, d. 12-01-1978, m. 9-24-1911, Matilda Lugenia Vickers, dau/o Wm. Lafayette and Maliscia Lugenia Finklea Durden, wife of Marian Durden Photo, age 16

Dykes, Eva Mae, b. 8-3-1902, d. 12-22-1932, wife/o G. B. Dykes

Early, David Carl, b. 10-2-1958, d. 5-28-2008, husb/of Lisa M. Early, son-in-law of Joan Durden, Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps

EDWARDS, MORRIS CHASON, b. 2-21-1906, d. 10-16-1966, Son of Thomas and Nora Walsh Edwards, never married.  Was deaf from childhood illness. Photo

EDWARDS, NORA WALSH, b. 5-14-1879, d. 11-07-1948, m. 2-25-1904, "Nolie", Dau/of  Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh, wife of Thomas Lee Edwards. Double Marker, Photo, Obituary, Gadsden County Times

EDWARDS, THOMAS LEE, b. 2-15-1876, d. 8-26-1974, m. 2-25-1904, Son of William W. and Elizabeth McKeown Edwards, husband of Nora Walsh Edwards.double marker, Obituary 8-29-1974, Photo with Nora

Finklea, Johnnie Lee, 1898-1964, son of Andrew and Alice Lenora Burns Finklea.

Fletcher infant, d. 1941, son of Sam and Lucille Fletcher

FLETCHER, LUCILLE WALSH, b. 12-13-1911, d. 10-03-1995, Married in Gadsden Co, FL.   Dau/o Lee Roy and Ellen Clay Walsh, wife of Samuel Carl Fletcher.full view double marker, Photo with Sam and daughter Mary Ellen

FLETCHER, SAMUEL CARL, b. 05-03-1907 in Irwin Co., GA, d. 12-16-1978, married in Gadsden Co., FL, husband of Lucille Walsh Fletcher. Photo with Lucille and daughter Mary Ellen
Military Marker, Obituary, Havana Herald, 12-16-1978

Graham, Hugo S., b. 2-19-1895, d. 12-24-1981, Hugo Shell Graham, son of Ruth E. Graham, native of Savannah, GA

Graham, Ruth E., b. 2-19-1895, d. 12-24-1981, Wife/o Hugo S. Graham

Greene, Reid Patterson, b. 1-10-1920, d. 6-4-2004, h/o Lola Ruth Greene, S1 US Navy, World War II, back of stone: Honored WW II Navy Veteran, Military Stone

Hall, George W., 1872-1944, husband of Lugenia G. Finklea Hall, farmer who lived in Sawdust area of Gadsden County on 1910, 1920, and 1930 U.S. Federal Census records.

Hall, Henry Rufus, 1863-1938, m. 1-18-1888 to Mattie J. Finklea Hall, son of Rufus and Amanda Hall (1870 U.S. Census, Gadsden Co.).  A farmer, he lived in Quincy on 1900, 1910, and 1920 U. S. Census records.

Hall, Lunie G., 1868-19__ (stone was never carved with death year), "Lugenia", dau/of Andrew J. and Martha Godwin Finklea, wife of George W. Hall.

Hall, Mattie J., 1866-1952, m. 1-18-1888. Dau/of Andrew J. and Martha Godwin Finklea, wife/o Henry Rufus Hall. Obituary 12-11-1952

Hanlon Slabs-no names or dates

1920 Census, Cuyahoga Co. Ohio, Cleveland, Ward 3
Household #213 Irving Hanlon, age 47, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Ohio
Zella, born PA, father b. PA, mother born PA
Clifford, age 20, born PA, father b. PA, mother born PA
(This is inconsistent, as Irving was born in Ohio, but on Clifford's line, it says father was born in PA)
In the 1930 U.S. Census for Gadsden County, Concord precinct
Irving Hanlon, age 54, married 21 yrs, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio
Zella, age 48, married 15 years, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio
(Clearly Mrs. Hanlon's birth place is at question. Mr. Hanlon was married previous to Zella.)

     Hanlon plot, unmarked, thought to be "Boots", Dau/o Cleo Hanlon

     Hanlon plot, unmarked, thought to be Cleo, son of Mrs. I.S. Hanlon

     Hanlon plot, unmarked, thought to be Clifford, son of Irvin Hanlon

     Hanlon plot, unmarked, thought to be Zella, wife of Irvin Hanlon

     Hanlon, I. S., "Irvin", husband of Zella Hanlon, Obituary 10-6-1960

Harbuck, Bessie, 1901-1980

Hardzog, Betty Anderson, b. 7-31-1951, d. 9-15-2009, w/o Robert Hardzog, d/o Leslie and Emma Alverna Johnson.

Harrington, Emma Jean, b. 1-7-1942, d. 9-27-2009, wife of Charles Eugene Harrington, daughter of Leslie Lige Anderson and Emma Alverna Johnson, granddaughter of Webster Johnson and Annie Lee Walsh.

Harrison, Charlie C., 1920-1988, Husband of Nettie Lee Johnson Harrison

Harrison, Deloy V., b. 11-10-1948, d. 12-11-1999, son of Nettie and Carlton Harrison.

Harrison, Nettie Lee, 1922-1964, Dau/of Webster and Annie Walsh Johnson, wife of  Carlton Harrison

Hicks, Zack R., b. 10-23-1933 in Dixie Co., FL, d. 11-25-2008 in Dothan, AL. Husband of Karia Vickers Hicks, father of Sandra Ward. US Army veteran, a Mason.

Hill, Lawrence Clair, (one date) 12-10-1952, infant son of Basil E. and Evelyn Jones Hill.

Hinson, Steve Daniel, b. 1-24-1955, d. 11-9-2005, GMMSR US Navy

HOUGH, CHARLIE C., b. 1-14-1899, d. 6-9-1940, Son of Richard Frank Hough of S.C., husband of Lilla Ruth Hough Photo

Hough, Frances Jean, b. 4-24-1936 in Havana, d. 1-5-2009 in Cairo, GA. Dau/of Charlie and Lilla Ruth Hough, sis/of Hazel Creel, Mary Darsey, and Bannie Barber.

Hough, LILLA RUTH, b. 6-8-1901, d. 6-2-1977, m. 1) Charlie C. Hough, 2) O. L. Smith, Dau/o George and Mary Brown, Monroe Co., GA Photo

Jarrard, Daisey H., b. 6-22-1894, d. 3-01-1937, Daisy Henrietta Matthews Jarrard, w/o George Gabriel Jarrard, d/o Relom Joseph and Julia Ann Delila Smith Matthews, who are buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Thomas Co., GA.  Mother of Kenneth and Carl Jarrard.

Jeter, unknown, b. 6-22-1894, d. 3-01-1937, Itinerant tinker who died in Concord, no relatives there

Jewett, W. S., 1850-1926, lived near Lowry's Grist Mill

JOHNSON, A. J., no birth date, d. 10-17-1906, m. 1-21-1869 to Dora Vickers; Andrew Jackson Johnson in Co. L, 1st FL Res. Inf., C.S.A. Obituary 3-14-1919, Photo, Left to right: A.J., brother Irvin, Irvin's wife Arrenvie, AJ's and Irvin's sister, Sophronia (Mrs. William Lloyd Poppell)

Johnson, A. L. "Fate", b. 9-16-1872, d. 12-16-1964, m. 4-12-1896, "Andrew Lafayette", son of A. J. and Dora Vickers Johnson, husband of Ella A. Finklea Johnson.

JOHNSON, ANNIE LEE, b. 4-30-1888, d. 5-12-1979, m. 8-25-1910, Dau/of Miles "Cap" Walsh and Emma Jane Clay Walsh, wife/o Rev. Webster Johnson Photo, Annie Lee(l) and Maggie Perkins(r)

Johnson, Clarence A., b. 5-19-1902, d. 3-01-1975, Son of George M. and Maggie Finklea Johnson

JOHNSON, CLOYCE  H., b. 12-11-1915, d. 10-10-2001, son of Hunter and Nannie Pearl McRae Johnson.

Johnson, Curley Mae, b. 10-02-1906, d. 12-29-1986, Wife/o Thomas Johnson, born GA.

Johnson, Dora Vickers, no dates on stone. 1850 U.S. Census, Gadsden Co.: born 1848. Died before 8-29-1895, as that was date of estate settlement. Married 1-21-1869 to Andrew J. Johnson. Dau/of Ezekiel and Arena Vickers.

Johnson, Earnestine, b. 8-16-1911, d. 3-29-1912, Dau/of Webster and Annie Lee Walsh Johnson

Johnson, Ella F., b. 4-12-1876, d. 11-03-1939, 1880 Gadsden Co. Census shows Ella age 3, b. 1877, m. 4-12-1896, Dau/of Andrew J. and Martha Godwin Finklea, wife of A. L. Johnson.

Johnson, Elmo Joe, b. 12-6-1916, d. 2-20-2006, h/o Lois Wynelle Elkins, s/o Joe C. and Sarah Walsh Johnson Photo

Johnson, Emma Sanders, b. 3-3-1879, d. 3-7-1954, Wife of John Walter Johnson Photo with husband John Walter

JOHNSON, ESSIE VICKERS, b. 2-29-1908, d. 12-05-1982, m. 1-28-1928, Dau/of John and Maggie Mills Vickers, wife/o Wm. Taylor Johnson Photo with husband William Taylor Johnson

Johnson, George M., b. 10-21-1869, d. 6-03-1948, m. 8-22-1895, Son of A. J. and Dora Vickers Johnson, husband of Margaret A. Finklea Johnson

JOHNSON, HUNTER I., b. 01-10-1891, d. 01-08-1969, Son of Irvin E. and Arrenvie Poppell Johnson, husband of Nannie Pearl McRae Photo with wife Pearl

Johnson, Infant, 3-30-1912, son of Hunter and Pearl Johnson

JOHNSON, JOE, b. 12-15-1895, d. 2-20-1949, Son of Irvin E. and Arrenvie Poppell Johnson, husband of Sarah Walsh Johnson, Obituary 2-24-1949
view 2, Photo

JOHNSON, JOHN WALTER, b. 8-12-1877, d. 2-12-1964, 1880 Gadsden Co. Census shows him born 1879, Son of Irvin E. and Arrenvie Poppell Johnson, Obituary 2-13-1964, Photo with wife Emma

Johnson, Lois A., b. 12-23-1927, d. 12-30-2002, Dau/o Webster and Annie Walsh Johnson, Photo

Johnson, Lois Wynelle Elkins, b. 9-22-1917, d. 4-15-2006, w/o Elmo Johnson Photo

Johnson, Margaret A.., b. 4-05-1874, d. 1-06-1962, m. 8-22-1895, Dau/o Andrew J. and Martha Godwin Finklea, wife of George M. Johnson

Johnson, Martha Elizabeth, b. 4-05-1874, d. 1-06-1962, Wife/o Clarence A. Johnson, born Franklin Co.

Johnson, Myrtle L., b. 07-06-1910, d. 02-29-1968, In family plot with Philip and Julia McRae and Hunter and Nannie Pearl McRae Johnson

Johnson, Nannie Pearl McRae, b. 06-24-1889, d. 01-05-1980, Dau/o Philip C. and Julia Ann Stephens McRae, wife of Hunter I. Johnson Photo with husband Hunter

Johnson, Nelda Fay, b. 12-12-1932, d. 12-28-1933, Child of Clarence A. and M. E. Johnson Obituary

JOHNSON, SARAH W., b. 12-28-1893, d. 3-30-1958, Dau/of Walter Walsh, Jr. and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh, wife of Joe Johnson,
View 2 Obituary 4-3-1958, Photo with son, Albert

Johnson, Thomas Edwin, US Navy  Korea   January 22, 1931-June 30, 1994

Johnson, Thomas S., b. 10-20-1906, d. 01-15-1987.  Son of Thomas and Mary Ollie Bryant Johnson, husband of Curley Mae Mobley Johnson.

JOHNSON, WEBSTER B., REV., b. 8-24-1883, d. 9-24-1966, 1910 Gadsden Co.  Census shows Webster as age 24, m. 8-25-1910.  Son of Irvin E. and Arrenvie Poppell Johnson, Pentecostal Minister, Concord, FL. Husband of Annie Lee Walsh Johnson. Photo with Annie Lee

JOHNSON, WILLIAM TAYLOR, b. 11-30-1900, d. 01-05-1994, m. 1-28-1928.  Son of James Pat Johnson and Mattie Bell Johnson, husband of Essie Vickers Johnson Photo with wife, Essie

JOINER, ETTIE VICKERS, b. 2-22-1894, d. 8-26-1992, m. 4-21-1921.  Dau/of Don Albin Vickers and Florence J. Laing Vickers, 2nd wife/o John Benjamin Joiner Photo

JOINER, JOHN BENJAMIN, b. 4-29-1876, d. 6-04-1932, m. 4-21-1921, Husband of Ettie Vickers Joiner Photo

Joiner, John Frederick, b. 11-25-1929, d. 11-25-1997, Fred, son of John Benjamin Joiner and Ettie Vickers Joiner, husband of Eunice Strickland Joiner

Jones, Amos D., 1897 ? 1976, Husband of Nancy Lena Jones

JONES, DONNIE PERKINS, b. 12-14-1908, d. 03-13-1999, wife of Sidney C. Jones, dau/o John E. and Emma Perkins. Photo

Jones, Jack, b. 4-07-1931, d. 10-07-1932, child of Sidney C. and Donnie Perkins Jones

Jones, June, b. 4-07-1931, d. 10-07-1932, child of Sidney C. and Donnie Perkins Jones

Jones, Nancy L., b. 1897, d. 10-30-1986, Wife of Amos D. Jones, Sr., born Estill, KY

Jones, Sidney C., b. 2-13-1901, d. 12-07-1978, husband of Donnie Perkins Jones Photo

KELLY, S. OLIVE, b. 3-08-1908, d. 03-08-1997, Dau/of John E. and Emma Perkins, wife of William H. Kelly Photo

KELLY, WILLIAM H., b. 6-16-1899, d. 6-01-1961, Husband of Sarah Olive Perkins Kelly, son of Archie Kelly.

Kemp, America E. Perkins, b. 11-29-1870, d. 11-26-1956, Dau/o James B. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins, wife/o George Ebenezer Kemp

Kemp, George Ebenezer, b. 9-3-1872, d. 3-21-1954, Son of Benjamin A. and Sarah Isabella Kemp, husband of America Perkins Kemp

Kemp, Hardy E., b. 9-5-1894, d. 1896, child of George E. and America E. Kemp

Kemp, infant daughter, b. 3-8-1897, d. 4-12-1897, child of George E. and America E. Kemp

Kemp, Mada Florence, b. 8-04-1893, d. 7-12-1909, child of George E. and America E. Kemp

Kemp, W. W. (unmarked grave), b. ca. 1859, d. 04-1934, m. 12-17-1884, Son of W. B. and Isabella J. Kemp, husband of Carrie Laing Kemp

Laing, Arabella, b. 9-22-1865, d. 5-30-1948, never married, "Belle", dau. of William R. and Delila Vickers Laing.

Laing, Carl (unmarked grave), child of Elbert Harris and Minnie Byrd Laing

Laing, Delila, b. 6-07-1835, d. 12-04-1926, Dau/of Alfred and Matilda Brady Vickers, wife of William R. Laing, 1860 Decatur Co., GA., Census shows Delila b. 1838

Laing, Elbert Harris, b. 2-1876 in FL, d. 11-29-1942, Clinch Co., GA, m. 12-18-1896 in Decatur Co., GA, son of William R. and Delila Vickers Laing, son of Minnie Byrd Laing

Laing, Emily, b. 8-25-1860, d. 10-21-1900, never married, Dau. of William R. and Delila Vickers Laing

Laing, Infant, child of William M. and Maggie Lou Walsh Laing

Laing, James, b. ca. 1901, FL, d. 1908, FL, child of Elbert Harris Laing and  Minnie Byrd Laing

Laing, James Arthur, born about July 1870, died about 1946, 1st h/o Mary Elizabeth Moore Laing Boyett

Laing, Jeanette, b. and d. 1928, Infant of William M. and Maggie Lou Walsh Laing

Laing, Lamar, b&d 1930, Infant of William M. and Maggie Lou Walsh Laing

Laing, Louis, b&d 1926, Infant of William M. and Maggie Lou Walsh Laing

LAING, MAGGIE L., b. 08-16-1892, d. 10-05-1934, m. 4-26-1916, Dau/o Miles "Cap" Walsh and Emma Jane Clay Walsh, wife/o William M. Laing Photo on wedding day with William

Laing, Minnie Byrd, b. 12-1877, GA, d. 1929, GA, m. 12-18-1896 in Decatur Co., GA, Minnie Lucille, wife of Elebert Harris Laing

LAING, WILLIAM M., b. 4-15-1868, d. 5-18-1938, m. 4-26-1916, Son of William R. and Delila Vickers Laing, husband of Maggie Lou Walsh Laing. Photo on wedding day with Maggie

Laing, William R., b. 4-08-1834, d. 10-21-1900, 1850 Decatur Co., GA, Census shows William b. 1836 in home of R. Laing, Husband of Delila Vickers Laing. Headstone was broken; repaired 2005.

Langley, Martha Camp, b. 1-8-1929, d. 1-3-2008, d/o Rev. and Mrs. A. C. Camp, w/o William B. Langley

Lucas, Leila Leone Sanders, b. 07-18-1885, d. 07-31-1923, Dau/o Eli and Mattie M. Sanders, wife of W. S. Lucas

Mathieux, Elizabeth Walton Jones, b. 9-28-1927, d. 10-23-2007, dau/of Amos Sr. and Nancy Lena Jones, b. Carrolton, Alabama, d. Longwood, FL. (d/s with her sister, Evelyn Jones Stocks)

McRae, Ettie, b. 12-15-1892, d. 08-27-1987, in family plot with Philip and Julia McRae and Hunter and Nannie Pearl McRae Johnson

McRae, Infant daughter, b&d 06-14-1906, child of Philip and Julia McRae

MCRAE, JULIA ANN, b. 06-18-1864, d. 02-06-1949, dau/o Jesse Stephens, born Decatur Co, GA, wife of Philip McRae

McRae, Martha, b. 03-01-1839, d. 05-31-1923, 1870 Gadsden Co. Census age 57, born GA, mother of Philip C. McRae.

McRae, O. L., 1867-1935. Son of Martha McRae.

MCRAE, PHILIP C., b. 08-27-1811, d. 10-01-1837. Son of Martha McRae. 1870 and 1880 Gadsden Co. Census in house of John Riggins (Regan), husband of Julia Ann Stephens McRae.

Mills, Margaret Adell, b. 08-04-1929, d. 08-12-1971, Buried beside Otis E. Mills.

Mills, David Byron, Memorial Marker. Birth date estimated at 1874, death date estimated 1931. Known to be buried in this cemetery as his granddaughter, Lucille Mills Dalton, remembers her father, Eskey Mills, showing her the place where her granddaddy Mills was buried.  1900 U.S. Census, Gadsden County: Byron Mills, age 26, single in household of parents, John M. and Ann Mills.  1910  U.S. Census, Gadsden County: David B. Mills, head of household, age 34, married for 7 years.  He was the son of John M. and Ann Mills.  On the 1910 census, David B. Mills was married to Ora Vickers, age 32 (daughter of Ephraim Vickers, who was son of Joshua Vickers), and they had the following children: Ira, son, age 5; Jessie, son, age 4; and Eskey, son, age 2.

Mills, Ora C. Vickers     Memorial stone. Buried in or around Albany, GA. Born February 1880, died around 1914. Daughter of Ephraim and Angeline Brady Vickers  wife of David Byron Mills, married January 18, 1903, Gadsden County.

Mills, Otis E., b. 01-05-1927, d. 11-24-1991, Buried beside Margaret Adell Mills.

MILNER, REBECCA ANN STARNES, b. 1-21-1986, d. 3-26-2005, killed in auto accident.  Wife of Anthony Milner, dau/of John Starnes and Cindy Kimbrell, granddaughter of Paul and Elnora Brown.

Moody, James T., d. 7-29-1977, Husband of Mary J. Moody

Moody, Mary J., b. 2-3-1911, d. 2-11-1988, Wife of James T. Moody

Moore, Mary E. Laing, b. 01-17-1873, d. 02-11-1925, Wife of James A. Laing; view2

Morris, Emory Leroy, d. 1937, Child of Bill and Theresa Walsh Morris

Morris, Emory L. "Bill", b. 3-14-1910, d. 9-11-1987, m. 9-1-1935, Husband of Theresa Walsh Morris

Morris, infant daughter, d. 1936, child of Bill and Theresa Walsh Morris

Morris, Theresa Walsh, b. 10-29-1916, d. 4-9-2001, m. 9-1-1935, Dau/of Lee Roy and Ellen Clay Walsh, wife of Emory L. "Bill" Morris

Newton, Hazel Elizabeth, b. 3-25-1919, d. 11-21-2008, Hazel Elizabeth Walsh, Dau/of Miles and Eva Walsh, "Now Gardening in Heaven" Photo

Perkins, Alice, b. 12-06-1871, d. 02-07-1899, m. 5-23-1890. Alice M. Dortch, wife of John E. Perkins (grave shows wife of J. F. but should be John E.)

Perkins, Emma, b. 09-04-1869, d. 10-03-1942.  Married 1901, Gadsden Co., FL, to John E. Perkins. Mary Emma Rodgers, dau/of William and Mary Ann Rodgers. Photo

Perkins, Emma Rita, b. 04-02-1877, d. 10-23-1885, Perkins Family Bible shows Emereta b. 4-8-1877, Dau/o James B. Perkins, Sr. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins

Perkins, Evelyn Vickers, 1835-1930, Perkins Family Bible has birth date as 1832.  1850 Gadsden Co. Census says Eveline b. 1840, m. 1-22-1857, Dau/o Alfred Vickers, Sr. and Matilda Brady Vickers, wife of James B. Perkins Photo

Perkins, James B., b. 8-27-1830, d. 11-10-1885, 1880 Gadsden County Census shows birth date as 1831, Husband of Evelyn Vickers, enlisted Civil War 8-14-1862, discharged 3-23-1864, 1880 Gadsden Co. Census says father born NC, mother born SC, father of 13 children

Perkins, James B., Jr., b. 01-08-1865, d. 11-05-1885, Perkins Family Bible has death date as 11-6-1885.  Son of James B. Perkins, Sr. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins.

PERKINS, JOHN E., John Ephraim, b. 03-31-1868, d. 11-25-1952, Married: 1) 5-23-1890 to Alice M. Dortch, 2) 1901 to Mary Emma Rodgers.  Son of James B. Perkins, Sr. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins. Photo

Perkins, M. A., b. 3-01-1906, d. 9-08-1941, buried with the family of William and Sarah Olive Perkins Kelly, presumed to be Sarah's brother.

PERKINS, NAOMI SIMMONS, b. 5-5-1906, d. 6-23-2003.  Naomi Suletia Simmons, born in Boyd (Taylor County), FL, dau/of John Henry Simmons and Cleopatria Hendry Simmons.  Wife of William Benjamin Perkins.  On his slab, additional marker: "By his side Naomi Simmons Perkins, b. 5-5-1906, d. 6-23-2003". Her ashes buried beside his slab. Photo with husband, William Benjamin

PERKINS, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, b. 4-12-1902, d. 8-01-1990, husband of Naomi Simmons Perkins, son of John E. and Emma Perkins. Brother of Sarah Olive Kelly, M. A. Perkins. Photo with wife Naomi

Phillips, Darthy Brady,b. 04-17-1929, d. 04-28-2004, m. 06-21-1947, Dau/o Solomon and Mamie Vickers Brady, wife of Hubert Hudson Phillips

Phillips, Hubert Hudson, b. 9-30-1925, d. 5-31-2001, m. 6-21-1947, Husband of Darthy Brady Phillips

Phillips, Hubert Lloyd, b. 6-10-1948, d. 1-2-1950, Child of Hubert Hudson Phillips & Darthy Phillips, Obituary 1-5-1950

POGGIE, Margaret Marie Walsh, b. 4-30-1923 in Concord, d. 2-6-2011 in Tallahassee, FL. Dau/of Miles Walter and Eva Chester Walsh. Photo

Poppell, Ada Bell,b. (no dat), d. 7-24-1927, Child of Mainor and Claudia Poppell

POPPELL, CLAUDIA MAE, b. 6-11-1888, d. 12-09-1968, m. 7-9-1911, Dau/of Nathan and Mary Ann Delany Vickers Brady, wife of Mainor S. Poppell, Sr. Photo

Poppell, Daniel B., Daniel Boone Poppell, b. 9-11-1921, d. 1-1-2009 in Sandy Springs, Ga. AS U.S. Navy. Son of Mainor Scott Poppell, Sr. and Claudia Mae Brady. Husband of 1) Gladys Rouse, 2) Vera Florence Messer, 3) Annette Whitaker Barber. Survived by 3 children: Veronica Pauley, Heidi Arnold, and Lamar Poppell.

POPPELL, MAINOR S., SR., Mainor Scott Poppell, b. 3-10-1888, d. 1-25-1973, m. 7-9-1911, Son of Winfield Scott Poppell and Mattie R. Poppell, husband of Claudia Mae Brady Poppell Photo

Poppell, Mary, b. 07-15-1925, d. 11-03-1931, child of Mainor and Claudia Poppell

Poppell, Rastus, b. 6-18-1919, d. 6-12-1920, child of Mainor and Claudia Poppell

Regan, John, Pvt., b. 04-21-1811, d. 10-01-1887, Private, Fla. Indian Wars, 1870 Gadsden Co. Census age 57, born GA.  1880 Gadsden Co. Census: Age 73. In family plot with Philip and Julia McRae.  1870 and 1880 Gadsden Co. Census shows Philip McRae in household of John Riggins (Regan) Regan-McRae-Johnson coping

Regan, Robert T., No dates, In family plot with Philip and Julia McRae., Co. A, 4th FL Inf., C.S.A., Mustered in 5-1861, out 4-26-1865, wounded at Murfreesborough, TN 1-2-1863, 4th FL Inf. At Chicamauga, Missionary Ridge, Vicksburg, MS.

Roach, Curtis L., b. 4-22-1915, d. 6-22-1995, Shared stone with Mozell S. Roach, not deceased

Robinson, Florence E., b. 06-08-1888, d. 10-10-1889, Possibly child of Arin Robinson who married Florence E. Laing on 10-21-1877.view 2

Rudd, Lottie Johnson, b. 3-16-1902, d. 7-9-1984, Dau/o John W. and Emma Sanders Johnson, wife of Shaird George Rudd Photo

Rudd, Shaird George, b. 9-16-1901, d. 3-9-1994, Husband of Lottie Johnson Rudd Photo with Lottie

SANDERS, ELI M., b. 03-13-1852, d. 12-17-1937, 1880 Gadsden Co. Census says Eli age 24. Husband of Mattie Martha Spooner Sanders. Photo with Mattie

Sanders, Elizabeth, d. 10-15-1888, Age 65. Elizabeth Rackley married Wright "Rite" Sanders, Jr. 7-15-1830 in Deccatur County, GA. Rite was thought to have been born in 1806 in NC. He died 1855 in Leon County, FL, which is why he is not buried in this cemetery. 1860 Gadsden Co. Census:  Elizabeth, 41, widow, b. GA. Elizabeth is thought to have been born in Burke county, GA, in 1813.

Sanders, Ethel, b. 06-08-1892, d. 03-18-1893, in plot with J. J. and Mary Ellen Sanders

Sanders, G. W., b. 04-14-1881, d. 09-16-1922, Masonic Emblem, buried in plot with Elizabeth Sanders, J. J. and Mary Ellen Sanders

Sanders, J. J., b. 02-06-1847, d. 02-29-1896, husband of Mary Ellen Sanders

SANDERS, JAMES TROY, b. 02-07-1899, d. 11-17-1959, Son of Eli and Mattie Sanders, husband of Leslie Maxwell Sanders Photo with Leslie

SANDERS, LESLIE MAXWELL, b. 01-19-1905, d. 01-07-1974, Wife of J. Troy Sanders Photo with Troy

Sanders, Mary Ellen, b. 04-09-1851, d. 12-24-1935, Wife of J. J. Sanders

SANDERS, MATTIE MARTHA SPOONER, b. 05-18-1863, d. 12-10-1939, wife of Eli Sanders, d/o James Spooner and Frances Bonds Spooner who are buried in Salem Cemetery Photo with Eli

Sanders, Rite, Age 11 years, son of Wright & Elizabeth Sanders, 1860 Gadsden Co. Census: Wright, Age 5, son of Elizabeth.(oldest marked grave in the cemetery; died 1866)

Sanders, William, b&d 8-15-1877, in family plot with J. J. and Mary Ellen Sanders, G. W. Sanders, and Elizabeth Sanders

Scoggins, Elizabeth Joiner, "Wissie", b. 09-06-1925, d. 05-17-2005. Lived in Plantation, FL. Wife of Lester Steele Scoggins, daughter of John Benjamin and Ettie Vickers Joiner.

Scoggins, Lester Steele, "Toby", b. 05-01-1929, d. 09-07-2004.  Lived and died in Plantation, FL, husband of Elizabeth Joiner Scoggins, son of John and Ida Scoggins of Rock Hill, SC.  World War II Veteran, Bronze Star.

Sego, John T., No dates, Co. D. 50 GA Inf., C.S.A., father of Lula Sego Walsh who was the wife of Perry Walsh

Shepherd, Martin McCaskill Mack, 1922-1937, grandson of George and Lunie Hall

Smith, Calvin Collis, b. 7-14-1926 in Midland City, AL, d. 8-5-2011, US Army Veteran. Husband of Wylene Walsh Bass Smith.

Smith, John S., b. 5-30-1924, d. 2-4-2004, RDM2 US Navy, World War II, memorial stone. Believed to be the brother of Calvin Collis Smith, Sr.

Smith, Wylene Walsh, b. 2-3-1926, d. 4-16-2009, d/s with Calvin Collis Smith. Dau/of Audrey Walsh and Rossie Vickers Walsh; married 1) Edward Neal Bass, Sr., 2) Collis Smith

Souls, W. D., b. 9-11-1879, d. Novmber 12, 1920 buried with the family of William and Sarah Olive Perkins Kelly

Stephens, Charley J., b. 12-08-1894, d. 10-15-1902, Son of Jacob and Melissa Stephens

Stephens, Infant, 1896-1896, Buried in Jacob and Melissa Stephens family area

Stephens, Jacob Henry, b. 12-18-1859, d. 07-29-1940, Son of Ebenezer and Mary Elkins Stephens of Decatur, Co., GA. Husband of Melissa Perkins Stephens, half bro/of Julia McRae, brother of Sarah Isabella Stephens Kemp

Stephens, JAMES E., b. 11-09-1890, d. 08-14-1914, Son of Jacob and Melissa Stephens, first husband of Tip Barber Photo

STEPHENS, MELISSA, b. 03-25-1865, d. 09-27-1958, Perkins Family Bible shows Malisse J. born 3-23-1866. 1910 Gadsden Co. Census shows Ezelar M. b. 1865. Dau/o James B. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins, wife/o Jacob Henry Stephens. Descendant stated her name as Melissa Ezilla. Photo with child Veronica Bell

Stephens, unknown, adult marker in area of Jacob and Melissa Stephens family

Stephens, unknown children, two children's markers in the area of the Jacob and Melissa Stephens family

STEPHENS, WILLIE HENRY, b. 09-26-1899, d. 02-14-1977, son of Jacob and Melissa Stephens

Stocks, Evelyn Jones, b. 10-8-1925, d. 1-17-2008, married 1) Basil E. Hill, 2) Charles Stocks, d/o Amos Sr. and Nancy Lena Jones. D/s with her sister, Elizabeth Mathieux. Photo

Stocks, Susan Ann, b. and d. 2-17-1958, infant dau/of Charles and Evelyn Jones Stocks

Synhoff, Ernest August, Jr., b. 7-24-1939, d. 04-5-2008, h/o Sheron Synhoff, s/o Ernest August Synhoff, Sr. and Kathleen Walsh Synhoff Beaty. Photo

Synhoff, Ernest August, Sr., b. 12-07-1913, d. 07-27-1987, 1st husband of Kathleen Walsh Beaty.

Synhoff, Roy Patrick, b. 7-31-1942, d. 1-7-2007, s/o Ernest August Synhoff, Sr. and Kathleen Walsh Synhoff Beaty.

Taylor, Dealie Sanders, d. 11-27-1898, Age 49, Dau/o Elizabeth Sanders. 1860 Gadsden Co. Census: Dealie, age 18, b. GA.

THORNTON, NANCY POWELL, b. 10-01-1928, d. 4-30-1979, m. 11-10-1946, Dau/o James Miner Powell and Nancy Edwards Powell, wife/o Wesley James Thornton, Obituary 5-3-1979, Photo

THORNTON, WESLEY JAMES, b. 10-02-1925, d. 02-23-1988, m.11-10-1946, Lowndes Co, GA, Son of Charley Henry Thornton and Etta Fell Thornton, husband of Nancy Powell Thornton Photo with Nancy

Unknown, left of Henry Hall.

Unmarked outlined with bricks, near the Elbert & Minnie Laing family

Unmarked slab

Vickers, Alfred, Memorial Marker. Known to be buried here from oral family history. Born ca. 1812, Georgia, died after 1902 and before 1910, Son of Joshua and Martha "Patsy" Vickers, husband of Matilda Brady Vickers

Vickers, Andrew J., b. 12-07-1841, d. 11-26-1897, Tombstone says husband of Hattie T. Vickers. Son of Ezekiel Vickers and Arrena Vickers Vickers

Vickers, Arrena. Memorial Marker: "Presumed to be buried in this cemetery, born 1820 Georgia, died between 1885 and 1895 FL, dau/o Bryant and Frances Vickers, Wife of Ezekiel Vickers"

VICKERS, ARTHUR D., b. 5-5-1897, d. 9-01-1984, son of C. H. and Sallie Vickers, husband of Holland Perritt Vickers. Childless.

Vickers, Arthur L. 1904-1941, near John & Maggie Ollie Vickers

Vickers, Charles H., b. 08-04-1855, d. 08-02-1932, m. 12-10-1886, Son of Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers Vickers, husband of Sallie Vickers

Vickers, Cenie, 1856-1937, wife of John Vickers, daughter of James and Keziah Gray. Civil War Pension application states her name as Senie A. Gray, and that she married John Vickers 10-14-1875, Gadsden Co. Husband John Vickers, son of Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers, died 2-21-1921, buried in Siloam Cemetery, Quincy, FL.

Vickers, Curtis Ray, memorial stone, b. 6-25-1943, d. 11-12-2010, s/o Council and Elsie Walsh Vickers

Vickers, D., Pvt. 5 BN. FL CAV. C.S.A., b. GA around 1820, probably Washington Co. d. 02-06-1899, m. 8-1-1846 in Decatur Co, GA, Drew Vickers, son of Bryant and Frances Vickers, husband of Sarah Ann Caroline Collins, view 2

VICKERS, D. A., b. 09-13-1847, d. 10-14-1928, m. 2-1877 in Gadsden Co, FL, Don Albin Vickers, son of Jordan Vickers, Sr. and Mary M. Vickers Vickers, husband of Florence Laing Vickers, named in cemetery deed as Trustee of Vickers Cemetery Photo with Florence

Vickers, Edith Marie Weeks, b. 01-04-1914, d. 5-16-2003, Wife of Willard H. Vickers, childless.

Vickers, Ezekiel. Memorial Marker: "Presumed to be buried in this Cemetery, born 1810 GA, died 6-11-1865 FL, son of Joshua and Martha "Patsy" Vickers, Husband of Arrena Vickers Vickers

Vickers, Fannie, b. 06-28-1879, d. 06-03-1927, Married: 1) J. E. Johnson before 1908, 2) 7-25-1901 to G. R. Logue, Gadsden Co, FL, 3) 11-26-1916 to Hardy Benjamin Vickers. Daughter of James B. Perkins, Sr. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins. Mother of: Emory Johnson, Maxie Logue, Earl Vickers, Willard Vickers, Florence Evelyn "Cricket" Vickers Photo

VICKERS, FLORENCE J., b. 06-03-1854, d. 06-25-1938, m. 2-1877 in Gadsden Co, FL, Dau/o Early E. and Lucretia Ann Thompson Laing, wife of Don Albin Vickers Photo with Don

VICKERS, GEORGE HOWARD, b. 06-06-1937, d. 06-13-1998, Son of George Oma Vickers and Pauline Vickers, husband of Linda Alday Vickers

Vickers, George Oma, b. 5-6-1899, d. 1-25-1990, m. 6-10-1932, Son of William Lafayette Vickers and Maliscia L. Vickers, husband of Pauline Howard Photo

Vickers, Hardie J., 1884-1955, 1900 Gadsden Co. Census, Hinson Prec., b. 2-1880. Son of John and Cenie Gray Vickers, husband of Margaret M. Vickers

VICKERS, HARDY, b. 01-09-1881, d. 05-04-1957, married 1) 1-11-1906, Gadsden Co, FL , 2) 11-26-1916, 3) date unknown. Hardy Benjamin Vickers, son of Don Albin and Florence Vickers. Husband of 1) Lula Stephens, 2) Fannie Perkins Johnson Logue, and 3) Ada Lewis Glenn Whittaker Photo

Vickers, Herbert F., 1914-1934, near John & Maggie Ollie Vickers

VICKERS, HOLLAND P., wife of Arthur D. Vickers, dau/o Francis Marion and Laura Walsh Perritt. Photo

Vickers, infant, daughter of Hardy & Lula Vickers

Vickers, Jennie, b. 11-27-1852, d. 01-08-1928, Dau/o Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers Vickers.

Vickers, John Oliver, b. 4-24-1872, d. 4-24-1956. Husband of Maggie Ollie Mills, son of Ephraim Vickers and Angeline Brady. Father of Eva, Arthur, Ollie, Essie, Ralph, Herbert, Robert, Edgar, Alma, Cleo, Lee (daughter), and Maurice (daughter), lived in Sycamore District on 1910 U. S. Census, Gadsden County, lived in Havana Precinct on 1930 U. S. Census, Gadsden County.

Vickers, Jordan, d. about 1900. 1860 Gadsden Co. Census: b. 1813, GA; 1870 Gadsden Co. Census, b. 1820, GA; 1880 Gadsden Co. Census: b. 1810, GA. m. 1-15-1845, Gadsden Co, FL. Jordan Vickers, Sr., son of Bryant and Frances Vickers, husband of Mary Vickers Vickers.; Signer of Memorial to Congress for admission of Territory of Florida to the Union.

Vickers, Letha, memorial stone, as she is presumed to be buried here with her parents, brothers and sisters. Letha Missouri, dau/o Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers Vickers, born about about 1847, died after 1910 and before 1920, never married.

VICKERS, LULA STEPHENS, b. 08-30-1886, d. 07-10-1914, m. 1-11-1906, Gadsden Co, FL.  Dau/o Jacob and Melissa Perkins Stephens, wife of Benjamin Hardy Vickers. Photo

VICKERS, LUNIE D., b. 04-04-1892, d. 11-03-1962, never married. Dau/o William Lafayette and Maliscia Lugenia Vickers

Vickers, Maggie Ollie, b. 3-4-1880, d. 5-17-1944, dau/of J. M. and Annie Mills, wife of John Oliver Vickers.

VICKERS, MALISCIA LUGENIA, b. 10-15-1858, d. 04-16-1935, m. 9-15-1886. Dau/of Andrew J. and Martha Godwin Finklea, wife of William Lafayette Vickers

Vickers, Margaret M., b. 1893, d.____ (death date never inscribed on stone), wife of Hardie J. Vickers.

Vickers, Martha "Patsy". Memorial Marker" Presumed to be buried in this Cemetery, born about 1790 GA, died 1870 or after FL, wife of Joshua Vickers

Vickers, Mary, d. about 1910. 1880 Gadsden Co. Census, Mary b. 1816, 1860 Gadsden Co. Census: Mary b. 1825, m. 1-15-1848 in Gadsden Co, FL. Dau/o Joshua and Martha "Patsy" Vickers, wife of Jordan Vickers, Sr.

Vickers, Matilda Brady, unmarked, b. ca.1914, d. ca. 1880-90, known to be buried here from oral family history. Wife of Alfred Vickers. 1870 Gadsden Co. Census listed birth place as NC.

Vickers, Narcissis, b. 05-08-1857, d. 07-25-1925. Dau/o Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers Vickers, never married. Spinster sisters Narcissus, Nettie, Letha, and Jenny lived together after their parents died.

Vickers, Nettie, b. 07-27-1847, d. 11-12-1924, daughter of Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers Vickers. 1870 Gadsden Co. Census: Finetta P. b. 1849. 1910 Gadsden Co. Census: Finetta P. b. 1854. Never married.

VICKERS, OLIVER V., b. 12-01-1877 Gadsden Co, FL, d. 2-18-1905, Tampa, FL. Son of Don Albin and Florence Vickers, Woodmen of the World monument. Photo

Vickers, Orin, d. about 1900. Son of Jordan and Mary Vickers Vickers. 1870 U. S. Census, Gadsden County, FL: Orrinbur, age 5. 1900 U. S. Census, Gadsden County, Concord, June 22, 1900: Arin R., head of household, age 36, born January 186(6?), with widowed mother Mary in household. Descendants say his name was Arringburgh, never married.

VICKERS, PAULINE HOWARD, b. 12-11-1904, d. 07-08-1992, m. 6-10-1932, wife of George Oma Vickers Photo with their children, Karia and George Howard

Vickers, Sallie, b. 09-19-1860, d. 10-27-1945, m. 12-10-1886, Sallie R. Johnson, wife of Charles H. Vickers

Vickers, Sarah Ann Caroline Collins. Memorial Marker placed at footstone beside Drew Vickers, presumed to be his wife, Sarah Ann Caroline Collins Vickers, born about 1833, died after 1870 and before 1880, m. 8-1-1846 in Decatur Co., GA. Dau/o Jesse and Deborah Collins of Decatur, Co, GA.

Vickers, unknown, 4 markers, thought to be children of Drew Vickers and Sarah Ann Caroline Collins Vickers, in a row beside Drew Vickers

Vickers, unknown adult marker beside Andrew J. Vickers, thought to be Hattie Thompson Vickers, wife of Andrew J. Vickers and dau/o D. N. Thompson.

Vickers, Willard, b. 12-11-1917, d. 6-24-2000, m. 6-3-1962, son of Hardy Benjamin Vickers and Fannie Perkins Vickers, husband of Edith Marie Weeks, childless. Photo

Vickers, Wm. Lafayatte, b. 06-18-1859, d. 12-10-1929, m. 9-15-1886. Son of Alfred and Matilda Brady Vickers, husband of Maliscia Lugenia Finklea Vickers Obituary 12-19-1929

WALSH, ALLENE, unmarried d/o Patric and Nancy Callahan Walsh, Photo

WALSH, ALFRED PASCO, b. 11-25-1882, d. 03-09-1971. Alfred Pasco, eldest son of Walter Walsh, the junior, and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh, husband of Mary Emma Finklea Walsh Photo

WALSH, ALLEN C., b. 02-12-1915, d. 11-05-1954. Son of Miles W. and Eva A. Walsh, husband of Effie Mills Photo

WALSH, AMANDA J., 1855-1939. Perritt Family Bible shows Amanda Jane, b. 1-28-1856. Died 11-17-1939, Chestnut, LA, m. 9-2-1879 to Drew Walsh. Dau/o Josiah and Lucretia Strickland Perritt. Photo

Walsh, Anastacia, b. 05-25-1890, d. 01-05-1891. Margaret Anastacia Walsh, dau/o Jordan and Laura Perritt Walsh.

Walsh, Anne, b. 1820, d. 9-15-1903, never married. Anastacia Walsh, sister of Walter Walsh,Sr.

Walsh, Ann, 1870 Gadsden Co. Census: Ann, Age 7, m. 1-23-1879. Dora Ann Poppell, dau/o Brinkley Gandy Poppell and Badora Robinson Poppell, wife of Miles "Cap" Walsh

WALSH, AUDRY P., b. 11-07-1896, d. 10-13-1964. "Aud", son of Walter Walsh, the junior, and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh, husband of Rossie Vickers Walsh Photo

Walsh, baby Child of Miles "Cap" Walsh

Walsh, Baby, 1889, infant of Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh

WALSH, BLANNIE N.,1894-1983, Never married. Dau/o Miles and Emma Jane Clay Walsh Photo, Madie (l) and Blannie (r)

Walsh, Bryant, b. 10-12-1844, d. 4-12-1912, m. 10-28-1867. Co. 2, 2nd FL Cav., C.S.A. First son of Walter Sr. and Sarah Vickers Walsh, husband of Eliza Harrison Walsh. view 2

Walsh, Charles, son of Ned and Virginia Walsh (child's slab).

Walsh, Charles Oliver, b. 1919, d. 2006, husb/of Dorothy Nell Walsh, s/o Homer Bartow Walsh and Minnie Vickers Walsh.

Walsh, Claudie Mae, 1900 Gadsden Co. Census: b. Feb. 1890, child/o Miles and Emma Jane Clay Walsh

Walsh, Clyde "Buddy", b. 11-19-1892, d. 03-05-1946. Son of Walter Walsh, the junior, and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh, husband of Hattie Howard, who is not buried in this Cemetery Photo with Hattie

WALSH, CORA ELLEN CLAY, b. 06-19-1887, d. 04-03-1965, Married in Decatur Co, GA., 2nd wife of Lee Roy Walsh. Photo with Roy, wedding 1911

Walsh, Douglas L., b. 10-12-1935, d. 05-04-1937, child of Miles H. and Eva A. Walsh

WALSH, DREW, 1854-1939, 1860 Gadsden Co. Census: Drew, age 4. Family records indicate born 8-20-1854, d. 11-15-1939 in Chestnut, LA, m. 9-2-1879 to Amanda Jane Perritt. Son of Walter and Sarah Vickers Walsh. Family records indicate name was Lloyd Drew Walsh. Photo

WALSH, EDRIE, b. 03-14-1895, d. 07-01-1983, never married. Dau/ of Walter Walsh, Jr. and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh Photo

WALSH, EDWARD "NED", 1848-1925. 1850 Gadsden Co. Census: Edward. Edward "Ned" Walsh, son of Walter and Sarah Vickers Walsh, m. 11-28-1878 to Martha Virginia "Jenny" Connell.

Walsh, Eliza Harrison, b. 12-09-1844, d. 02-21-1930, m. 10-28-1867. Dau/of Thomas J. Harrison, Sr. and Nancy Grice Harrison, wife of Bryant Walsh.
view 2

Walsh, Emma, 1871-1896, unmarried, died of typhoid that went through their family. Dau/o Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh, Photo

WALSH, EMMA JANE, no dates, 1870 Gadsden Co. Census: Jane E. age 12,
m. 5-21-1885.  Second wife of Miles "Cap" Walsh. Dau/of William H. and Leticia Clay. Photo

Walsh, Emma Lee, b. 3-31-1936, d. 3-03-1937.  Dau/of Miles H. and Eva Laing Walsh.

WALSH, EVA AMELIA, 1895-1976, dau/o George H. and Melissa Johnson Chester, wife/o Miles W. Walsh

WALSH, EVA L., b. 9-14-1897 GA, d. 5-19-1987 FL. Eva Lavada Laing, dau/o Elbert Harris Laing and Minnie Byrd Laing, wife of Miles H. Walsh. Photo with Miles and son Francis

WALSH, FRANCIS B., b. 8-8-1934, d. 12-12-1992, Son of Miles H. and Eva Laing Walsh Photo

WALSH, FRANK, b. 11-14-1928, d. 8-22-2010, h/o Joyce Dalton Walsh, s/o Miles Walter and Eva Chester Walsh. Photo with Joyce

Walsh, George F., b. 7-3-1905, d. 3-13-1976. Cpl. U.S. Army WW II

Walsh, infant, 1892. Infant of Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh

Walsh, Jerome B., b. 12-08-1891, d. 08-08-1906. Jerome Bartow Walsh, son of Jordan and Laura Perritt Walsh, twin of Manie Elizabeth Walsh Parrish, who is buried in Adel, GA, cemetery.

WALSH, JESSE ALLENE, b. 01-21-1892, d. 08-15-1971, unmarried. Allene, d/o Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh, Photo

Walsh, John Arthur, child/o Miles and Emma Jane Clay Walsh

Walsh, John J., b. 12-29-1880, d. 05-28-1891. John Jordan Walsh, son of Jordan and Laura Perritt Walsh.

WALSH, JORDAN, b. 11-13-1848, d. 9-24-1908, m. 1-8-1874.  Son of Walter and Sarah Vickers Walsh, husband of Laura Perritt Walsh, Photo

Walsh, Josiah L., b.12-08-1874, d. 06-04-1907. Josiah Lewis Walsh, son of Jordan and Laura Perritt Walsh, husband of Louise Rebecca Chitty.

WALSH, JOYCE DALTON, b. 11-20-1935, d. 08-13-2001. Dau/o William Henry Dalton and Ethel Marie Walsh Dalton, wife/o Frank Walsh Photo at age 14

WALSH, LAURA PERRITT, b. 4-21-1853, d. 1-21-1923. Family Bible shows Laura b. 4-23-1854. 1860 Decatur Co., GA, Census: Laura L., age 6, b. GA. Laura Lavinia, dau/o Josiah Lewis Perritt and Lucretia Strickland Perritt, wife of Jordan Walsh Photo

WALSH, LAWSON, 1887-1897, Son of Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh. He had Down Syndrome. Photo of Lawson (right) with sisters Allene (left) and her twin Myrean (center)

WALSH, LEE ROY, b. 7-9-1877, d. 3-11-1956, married: 1) 5-23-1903 2) date unknown. Lee Royal Vernon Walsh, son of Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh, husband of 1) Elizabeth Lee Callahan (buried Lake City, FL) and 2) Cora Ellen Clay. Photo with Ellen, wedding 1911

Walsh, Leonard Walton, b. 10-03-1915, d. 07-02-1943, never married. Son of Pasco and Mary Emma Finklea Walsh.

WALSH, MADIE E., 1902-1990, never married. Dau/o Miles and Emma Jane Clay Walsh Photo, Madie (l) and Blannie (r)

Walsh, Marie, 1891-1897, Dau/o Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh, twin of Jesse Allene Walsh, name was Myrean which rhymed with Allene. She had Down Syndrome, but died of typhoid that went through their family. Photo

Walsh, Martha Virginia "Jenny" Connell, b. 1860, d. 1918, wife of Edward "Ned" Walsh

WALSH, MARY, 1863-1930, Perkins Family Bible has Mary Cathrine b. 2-12-1863. Mary Catherine Perkins, dau/of James Bennett Perkins, Sr. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins, wife of Walter Walsh (the junior).

Walsh, Mary Armelia, d. 02-14-1917, age 7 days, Dau/o Miles W. and Eva A. Walsh

Walsh, Mary Emma, b. 09-21-1892, d. 02-18-1985.  Dau/o Andrew and Alice Lenora Burns Finklea, wife of Pasco Walsh

WALSH, MILES (CAP), b. 1850, d. 6-25-1916, married: 1) 1-23-1879, 2) 5-21-1885. Miles F. Walsh, called "Cap", son of Walter and Sarah Vickers Walsh, husband of 1) Dora Ann Poppell and 2) Emma Jane Clay Photo

WALSH, MILES H., b. 7-21-1898, d. 7-15-1977.  Miles Hobson "Little Miles" Walsh, son of Miles "Cap" Walsh and Emma Jane Clay Walsh, husband of Eva Laing Photo with Eva and son, Francis

WALSH, MILES RUSSELL, b. 11-16-1919, d. 04-__ 1921.  Son of Miles H. and Eva Laing Walsh

Walsh, Miles W., b. 10-09-1888, d. 8-11-1957. Miles Walter Walsh, called "Big Miles" Walsh, son of Walter Walsh, the junior, and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh, husband of Eva Amelia Chester Walsh Photo

WALSH, NANCY C., b. 9-20-1849, d. 02-10-1945. Nancy Ann B. Callahan Walsh b. in Calhoun Co., FL. Married 6-3-1866, Gadsden Co., FL to Patrick Walsh. Dau/o William and Eliza Cooper Callahan. Photo

Walsh, Nannie, 1883-1887, dau/o Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh

WALSH, PATRIC, Co. D. 2nd FL Cav., C.S.A., b. 02-24-1846, d. 05-12-1926, m. 6-3-1866, Gadsden Co., FL. "Pat" Patrick Walsh, 2nd son of Walter and Sarah Vickers Walsh, husband of Nancy Ann B. Callahan. In C.S.A. from 4-1863 to 5-1865, fought at battle of Olustee Obituary 5-20-1926, Photo

WALSH, PATRICK HENRY, b. 12-04-1914, d. 08-24-1939, unmarried. "Paddie Henry", only son of Lee Roy and Ellen Clay Walsh, killed by log truck

WALSH, ROSSIE V., b. 11-15-1900, d. 12-02-1976, Gadsden Co. Census for 1910: age 3. Dau/of Hardy and Lula Stephens Vickers, wife of Audry Walsh. Photo

Walsh, Ruth J., b. 1-04-1890, d. 6-14-1927, m. 12-28-1908. Ruth Ellen Johnson, wife of Walter Walsh who was son of Jordan Walsh.

Walsh, Sarah, b. 2-16-1816 in Sandersville, Washington Co., GA, d. 11-11-1885, Gadsden Co., FL (all this on one side of obelisk shared with husband). Married in 1843 or 1844 in Gadsden Co., FL. Dau/of Bryant and Frances Vickers, wife of Walter Walsh, Sr.

Walsh, W. L., b. 09-16-1892, d. 09-26-1911.  Son of Walter Walsh, Jr. and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh

Walsh, Walter, b. 12-08-1876, d. 08-09-1954, m. 12-28-1908. Son of Jordan and Laura Perritt Walsh, husband of Ruth Ellen Johnson

WALSH, WALTER, 1858-1942. (Implied that he is the junior, as he had no middle name and neither did father, the one born on the Atlantic Ocean). Son of Walter Walsh, Sr. and Sarah Vickers Walsh, husband of Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh

Walsh, Walter, b. 1-1-1818 on the Atlantic Ocean, d. 11-18-1869 Gadsden Co., FL (all this on obelisk shared with wife). Married in 1843 or 1844 in Gadsden Co., FL. Parents unknown. Florida Militia-Florida Indian War, Capt. McIver's Co., FL Mounted Militia, 1st Regiment FL mounted Militia- Capt. McElvey's Co. 1839, 1840, and 1841. Pvt. 2 FL Cav., C.S.A. Co. D. Served from 1-1863 to 11-1863 as a substitute for G. H. Meginnis. Signed Memorial to Congress petitioning statehood for the Territory of Florida. view 2, Walter'slab on right, Sarah's on left

Walsh, Walter P., b. 05-17-1945, d. 03-21-1964. Son of Allen and Effie Mills Walsh

Walsh, Warren, 1885-1892, Son of Patrick and Nancy Callahan Walsh

WARD, ELVIRA WALSH, b. 11-26-1878, d. 05-27-1910. Sarah Elvira Walsh, dau/o Jordan and Laura Perritt Walsh, wife of Thomas Jefferson Ward. Photo with Thomas Jefferson Ward

WARLICK, DON P., b. 7-14-1914, d. 9-5-1975, m. 11-9-1941. Son of W. Crisler and Pauline Cobb Warlick, husband of Nancy Edwards Warlick. [He had no middle name; the "P" was just put on the stone.] Photo

WARLICK, NANCY EDWARDS, b. 9-5-1907, d. 8-14-2002, married: 1) 2-5-1927 to James Miner Powell, 2) 11-9-1941 to Don Warlick. Dau/of Thomas and Nora Walsh Edwards. Photo

Wilmer, Mark E., Sgt. U.S. Army, b. 12-11-1950, d. 01-18-1998. Husband of JoBeth Browning Wilmer.

WOOD, ANSEL C., 1905-1945, born near Orland, Maine. Ansel Crowell Wood, son of Lewzon A. and Fannie Mae Partridge Wood, husband of Lottie Walsh Wood, Obituary

WOOD, DENNIS ALFRED, b. 12-19-1929, d. 01-02-2004. Son of Ansel and Lottie Walsh Wood, husband of Helen Lowe. Photo of Dennis holding son, Wilbur

Wood, Fannie M., 1872-1926, wife of Lewzon A. Wood.

WOOD, FANNIE  M., b. 10-21-1906, d. 04-05-1998, never married. Dau/o Lewzon A. and Fannie M. Wood

Wood, Lewzon A., 1862-1939, husband of Fannie M. Wood.

WOOD, LOTTIE WALSH, b. 1905, d. 11-1985. Dau/ of Walter and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh, wife of Ansel C.Wood. Photo

WOOD, ZANE CARSON, U.S. Navy, b. 09-12-1940, d. 01-04-1980. Son of Ansel C. and Lottie Walsh Wood, husband of Alice Camile Wood. Killed in tree cutting accident. Photo

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