Photos from the Vickers Descendants Reunion 2010

Family Group Portraits

The Don Albin Vickers Family
Pictured above are descendants of Don Albin Vickers and Florence Jane Laing. Four of their grandchildren are in the photo: Marion Vickers, Millard Vickers, Joyce Bell, and Jeannette Singletary. Front row, left to right: Jean Vickers, wife of Millard; Millard Vickers, son of Arthur Livingston Vickers and Maggie Ezella Perkins; Joyce Joiner Bell, daughter of Ettie Vickers and John Benjamin Joiner; Venice Walsh, son of Homer Bartow Walsh and Minnie Vickers; Georgia ?Pete? Vickers, widow of Mosco Vickers; and Marion Vickers, son of Arthur Livingston Vickers and Maggie Ezella Perkins. Second row, left to right: Greg Beechler, husband of Camille; Camille Vickers, daughter of Marion; sisters Kay Patterson, Alice Vickers, and Kim Abel, daughters of Pete and Mosco Vickers; Jeannette Joiner Singletary, daughter of Ettie Vickers and John Benjamin Joiner; and Eunice Joiner, widow of Fred Joiner. Standing: Dale Joiner, son of Fred and Eunice Joiner, with wife Sabrina, son Caleb, and daughter, Faith.
The Miles "Cap" Walsh Family
Pictured above are descendants of Miles "Cap" Walsh and his second wife, Emma Jane Clay. Two of their grandchildren are in the photo: Edwin "Paul" Walsh and Gordon Walsh, Jr. In the photo, from left to right, front row: Rachel Clemons and Nikki Walsh, granddaughters of Gordon and Geneva Walsh; Geneva Walsh; Hunter Walsh, grandson of Gordon and Geneva; and Mary Walsh, wife of Robert. Back row, left to right: Gordon Walsh, son of Gordon Walsh, Sr. and Della Tanner; Ron Walsh and Robert Walsh, sons of Edwin Walsh. Additionally, Geneva Walsh and her grandchildren are descendants of George Walsh, brother of the other Walsh men whose families are included in the photos.
The Patrick Walsh Family
Pictured above are descendants of Patrick Walsh and Nancy Ann Callahan. Patrick, being the next to eldest of the children, had children before his brothers' families represented here, and therefore, he has no grandchildren surviving at this time. He has six great-grandchildren in this photo: Barbara Boynton and her sister Donna Warlick, granddaughters of Nora Walsh Edwards; Judy Smith and her sister Pat Barber, granddaughters of Ida Croam Walsh Barber; Bobby Ray Durden, grandson of Lee Royal Vernon Walsh; and John Daniels, grandson of Holland Walsh Perritt. In this photo, left to right, seated on the ground: Angela Cassidy, daughter of Barbara Boynton, and 4 of her grandchildren; Jackson Miller, son of Jessica Miller; Savannah Smith, daughter of Casey Smith; James Miller, son of Jessica Miller; Shelby Smith, daughter of Casey Smith. Second row: Judy Barber Smith, daughter of Rufus Barber; Susan Boynton, wife of Ben; Donna Warlick, daughter of Nan Edwards Warlick; Kari Smith, wife of Casey, and holding their daughter Dalynn Smith; Barbara Boynton, daughter of Nancy Edwards Warlick; Fenton Woodward, daughter of Linda Fletcher Woodward. Third row: Phoebe Durden, wife of Pat; Camille Hathaway, daughter of Bobby Durden; Linda Woodward, daughter of Lucille Walsh Fletcher; Leiland Woodward, daughter of Linda Fletcher Woodward; Linda Daniels, wife of John; Jessica Miller, daughter of Angela Boynton Cassidy; Pat Barber, daughter of Rufus Barber. Fourth row, standing: Nora Boynton Bobek, daughter of Barbara Boynton; Andy Miller, husband of Jessica; Mary Taylor, mother of Carrie Durden; Carrie Durden, wife of Bobby Ray; Bobby Ray Durden, son of Lizzie Walsh Durden; Walter Taylor, father of Carrie Durden; Casey Smith, son of Angela Boynton Cassidy; Ben Boynton, son of Barbara Boynton; David Woodward, husband of Linda Fletcher Woodward; Tom Thornton, son of Nancy Powell Thornton; and John Daniels, son of Joyce Daniels.
The Walt Walsh Family
Pictured above are descendants of Walter Walsh, the junior, and Mary Catherine Perkins, descendant of Joshua and Martha "Patsy" Vickers. Walt is a brother of the other Walsh men whose families are represented in photos. Front row, from left: Michelle Walsh, wife of Hank, holding baby Olivia; Andrew Walsh, son of Hank; Horace Winston ?Hank? Walsh, Jr.; Carolyn Walsh Newsome, daughter of Loren and Ruth Walsh; Ruth Walsh, widow of Loren Walsh; Douglas Walsh, son of Loren and Ruth Walsh; and Lonnie Walsh, wife of Douglas. Back row: Sisters Sherry Rudd Steele and Linda Rudd Lewis, daughters of Laverne Walsh Rudd; Marcene Walsh and Laverne Walsh Rudd, daughters of Loren and Ruth Walsh; Audrey Wood, daughter of Zane Wood; Helen Wood, widow of Dennis, and descendant of both Bryant Vickers and Joshua Vickers; and Wilbur Wood, son of Dennis and Helen Wood.
The Drew Walsh Family
Pictured above are descendants of Drew Walsh and Amanda Perritt. Drew is a brother of the other Walsh men whose families are depicted in these photos. All of this family is from out of town, as Drew moved from Concord to Holmes County, Florida, and then to Louisiana. Dora Coffey is the only grandchild of Drew's and Amanda's present. From left, from row: Sue Coffey, daughter of Dora; Dora Coffey, daughter of Martha Illinois Walsh Dupree; Shirlie Baxter, daughter of Wayne Walsh; and Delores Gallien. Back row: Barbara Hollis, daughter of Lura V. Walsh Holland; and her husband Don Hollis.
The Jordan V. Vickers Family
Pictured above are descendants of Jordan V. Vickers and Idella Barber. Jordan was the brother of Don Albin Vickers and son of Jordan and Mary Vickers buried in this cemetery. He moved to the Whigham, Georgia, area, and many of his descendants are from Georgia. Pictured are Mark Hinkley on the right, son of Louise Vickers Hinkley; with his son, Steven and wife, Janice.
The Edward "Ned" Walsh Family
Ned Walsh was the brother of all the other Walsh men in our photos. He married Virginia "Jenny" Connell. They have other living descendants, but Venice Walsh, a grandson, is the only one present. Venice is the son of Homer Bartow Walsh and Minnie Vickers. Sitting with Venice is his cousin from the Pat Walsh family, 4-year old Jackson Miller.
The Alfred Vickers Family
Alfred Vickers, son of Joshua and Martha "Patsy" Vickers, is buried in this cemetery, with his wife, Matilda Brady. Although they have no stones, it is believed that they are buried on the top row of the cemetery, where only faint depressions give evidence of unmarked graves. Pictured is Lucille Mills Dalton, whose mother was Ora Vickers Mills, whose father was Ephraim Vickers, whose father was Alfred Vickers.
The Mamie Vickers Brady Family
Mamie Vickers, daughter of Lal and Mary Ann Vickers and granddaughter of Jordan and Mary Vickers buried in this cemetery, married Solomon Brady. Solomon and Mamie are buried in this cemetery, and although they have many descendants, this year only Earl and Michelle Brady and their grandson, Brady Wilson, were able to attend. Earl is a grandson of Sol and Mamie, and through Mamie descends from both Jordan and Mary Vickers Vickers, so he descends from both lines of Vickers. Michelle is a descendant of Andrew Jackson Johnson and Dora Vickers of this cemetery. Dora Vickers was a daughter of Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers Vickers, so Michelle descends from both lines of Vickers, since Ezekiel was the son of Martha "Patsy" Vickers, and Arrena Vickers was the daughter of Bryant and Frances Vickers. Since both Earl and Michelle descend from both lines of Vickers, about seven generations back, they have a very rich Vickers heritage to pass to their children and grandchildren.
The Jacob and Melissa Perkins Stephens Family
Barbara and Neil Stephens are both descendants of Jacob and Melissa Perkins Stephens of this cemetery. Additionally, on her mother's side (Pearl Stephens Poppell), Barbara descends from James B. Perkins and Evelyn Vickers, and Evelyn's parents, Alfred and Matilda Brady Vickers, and Alfred's mother, Martha "Patsy" Vickers. On her father's side (Raymond Poppell), Barbara descends from Sarah Alwilda Vickers Poppell, sister of Don Albin Vickers and Jordan V. Vickers, who is buried in the Concord Cemetery with husband, Vernon Gandy Poppell. Barbara has a very rich heritage in the Vickers Cemetery, descending from Vickers multiple ways, Bradys, Perkins, and Stephens.

Casual Snapshots

                                             The Cousins Begin Arriving                                                                                                                           Jessica and Andy Miller
                                             Nora Bobek patroling the food line                                                                                                              Joyce Joiner Bell and sister-in-law Eunice Joiner
                                          Nikki Walsh and her grandfather, Gordon Walsh                                                                                Bonnie and Al Wimberley
                        Linda Rudd Lewis and friend Yvette                                                      Casey Smith                                                Kari Smith                                       Dalynn Smith
                        Geneva Walsh and son Pat, and granddaughter Rachel Clemons                                            Sherry Rudd Steele and her grandmother, Ruth Walsh
                                     Mary and Walter Taylor and their daughter, Carrie Durden. Bobby Durden's daughter, Camille Hathaway, and daughter-in-law, Phebe Durden.
                                 Front Row: Gordon Walsh and grandson, Hunter Walsh; Lucille Dalton; Sue Coffey and her mother, Dora Coffey
                                 Savannah Smith, dad Casey Smith, sister Shelby Smith                                                                      Jackson Miller and his mom, Jessica Miller
                             Walter and Mary Taylor, Phoebe Durden, Camille Hathaway, Bobby and Carrie Durden                                                                       Foolin' around with James Miller
                                 Pete Vickers and her daughters, Kay and Kim                                                                                    Angela Cassidy giving the lineage of the Trustees
                                     Venice Walsh and his first cousin, Millard Vickers                                                                                                                Jessica Miller snapping photos
                                       Linda and David Woodward                                                                                     Jean Vickers                                   Jackson Miller taking photos
        Robert Walsh and Hank Walsh                                  Barbara Boynton and her children, Ben and Nora                   James Miller the apprentice photographer
                             Edwin Walsh, Bobby Ray Durden and Mary Walsh                                      Wilbur Wood, his mother Helen, and her twin sister Hazel
       Historical Marker about to be Revealed          Bobby Ray Durden unveiling the Marker, Angela Cassidy and granddaughter Shelby looking on
This photo was taken on October 7, 2010, the day Casey Smith completed
his first assignment as a Trustee, by mounting our new historical marker.
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