Vickers Cemetery Historical Marker Dedication, October 9, 2010

Bobby Ray Durden, Trustees Chairman, unveils the new marker, with Angela Cassidy looking on.

Dedication written and delivered by Angela Cassidy

We dedicate this marker…………

To those who lay
beneath this hallowed ground,
Whose rewards long sought,
have now been found.

To every mother who worried
how another mouth she’d feed.
To every father who worried
if he’d have money for seed.

To babies who never saw
their own mother’s eyes,
And the ones who lived days,
then gave their last sighs.

To young lovers who shared dreams
of family and home,
But childbirth took the wife,
and left the husband alone.

To all the young women
who found themselves in disgrace,
and who were then married off
in a great deal of haste,
Often to a man
who wasn’t well known,
but who needed a mother
for children of his own.

To grandmothers who had
no place to call home,
after their husbands were dead
and their children were grown.

To the young matrons who waited
while their husbands would roam,
to Texas, for land,
and would never come home.

To the youngest child in every family,
who saw that duty to Maw and Paw
would never let him be free,
and could only dream of who he wanted to be.

To parents who wouldn’t give their infant a name,
until he or she lived at least to age three.
For sickness came often
and life was not long to be.

To those who served their country,
not for glory or for fame,
but who fought for the honor
and integrity of their name.

To those we loved and knew so well,
and on whose lives we still often dwell,
who brought us to this day and time,
and taught us our duty to ones who had died.

To all of the ordinary people
whose lives we did not share,
who will be remembered, though
by monuments under our loving care.

To all who sleep here,
in their place of eternal rest,
Our promise to them is,
We’ll do our very best.

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