St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church, Sawdust

Surveyed and photographed by Angela Cassidy on August 3, 2007.

This is an African American cemetery on the grounds of St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church. Directions: From State
Road 12 west of Quincy, turn south on State Road 65. Go south six miles and the church and cemetery are on the

Landscape Photos: Landscape Photo 1, Landscape Photo 2, Church Sign

Each surname that is in burgundy font is a link to a photo of that person's tombstone. If the given name is also in
burgundy, there is a second photo

Surname Given          Birth          Death Notes
BROWN George 3-2-1910 4-18-1992 Beloved Husband & Deacon
GAINOUS Jerome 2-8-1951 10-4-1991  
GUNN James "Kenny" 2-9-1956 8-20-1992 Our Brother
ISAAC Ruthie "Deanna" 11-2-1915 7-7-1994 Our Mother
JACKSON Edward 11-30-1919 5-30-1982 S1 US NAVY WW II
JACKSON Janie Lou 10-27-1925 10-25-1992  
JAMES Enoch Adren "Bo Pete" 1-30-1943 3-21-2002 Beloved husband, father, brother and uncle
JAMES Ethel Lee Isaac 2-20-1908 7-29-1997 Mother
LENNEAR Mae Bell 11-19-1907 12-4-1982  
MATHEWS Charlie "Buck" 9-16-1909 10-20-1999 Beloved husband, father, grandfather and brother
MATHEWS Robert B. 3-25-1935 7-31-2000 Beloved husband, father, grandfather, son and brother
MCCLAIN Bobbie 5-25-1917 4-18-2000  
MCMILLIAN Brenda Faye Britt 7-22-1963 4-14-2001 Beloved wife, daughter, sister, aunt and niece
NORTHERN Melvin Lamar 2-17-1980 2-17-2004 Beloved son, brother, nephew and friend
PETERSON Howard H. 3-8-1941 8-6-2001  
PETERSON Richard Romeo 4-17-1941 8-16-1995 PFC US ARMY Vietnam
SMITH Wilma Cecil 12-5-1927 8-25-1993  
THOMAS Leonard, Sr. 4-13-1913 3-18-1996 Father (d/s Corine)
THOMAS Corine M. 11-11-1919 1-4-2003 Mother (d/s Leonard)
UNKNOWN       (adult slab right of Ethel James)
UNKNOWN       (adult slab right of Tanetia Williams)
UNKNOWN       (adult slab 2nd right of Tanetia Williams)
WARD Mary Katherine Brown 10-10-1955 1-28-1996 A loving mother, daughter, wife, sister, and friend
WILLIAMS Tanetia 10-19-1988 10-19-1988  
WILSON Emma Bell Kendrick 12-25-1923 1-2-1982 d/s with Robert Wilson
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