Week of November 12, 1925

Excerpted from the Gadsden County Times newspaper, Quincy.

Articles were photographed by Donna Warlick and typed by Eunice Herren.


Mr. and Mrs. Gholson Entertained
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gholson entertained delightfully Thursday evening with a beautiful bridge party between the hours of 7 and 11 at their home. The interior of this lovely abode was abloom with yellow marigolds and cosmos and the lights were hooded in yellow crepe paper. The score cards were dainty in black and yellow, carrying out the Hallowe'en idea. Pot plants were placed everywhere, making a lovely setting for the assembled guests. At five tables the popular game of bridge was indulged in until near the midnight hour, when a delicious salad in lettuce hearts, wafers, and coffee was served the guests.

The guest list for this occasion included the club members with their husbands and a few visitors. Those sharing this lovely courtesy were Dr. and Mrs. J. Q. Folmar, Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Beggs, Dr. and Mrs. W. C. McConnell, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Woodall, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Vanlandingham, Mrs. White, from Quincy, Mr. and Mrs. Heuei, from Erie, Penn., Mrs. P. L. Laing, Miss Rosalie Green and Mrs. A. C. Blount.

Mr. and Mrs. Gholson's party was replete with charm. The captains for the two sides of the club for the new term are Mrs. Morgan Simmons and Mrs. Olin Bell. Mrs. J. Q. Folmar resigned as captain and Mrs. Simmons was elected to take her palce. At an early date the losing side, which is Mrs. Folmar's side, will entertain the winners, or the side which scored highest and their husbands, for last term with a lovely party. The husbands are planning an entertainment in the near future for their wives and a committee consisting of Mr. Vanlandingham, W. O. Bell and Dr. W. C. McConnell was appointed to decide just what they will have and the place.

W. M. S. Meet
Mrs. E. H. Boykin's home was very lovely Monday afternoon for the Baptist W. M. S. meeting. The interior of this charming abode was beautifully decorated with fall flowers placed everywhere by an artist's hand, which made a lovely background for the assembled guests. The regular business meeting was conducted by Mrs. J. M. Rowan. The meeting was then given over to the junior leader, Mrs. J. H. McDonald. The juniors gave a Thanksgiving program. A number which was especially enjoyed was a reading by Mrs. Elizabeth Moore, experession and piano teacher here. She also joined the W. M. S. and will be quite an additon to the earnest band of workers. The hostess served roasted nuts, cakes and hot chocolate, which was enjoyed very much. This meeting was one of the very best the W. M. S. has enjoyed this year.

S. M. Bell was a week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Bell.

J. M. Rowan spent the week-end in Jacksonville as the guest of L. E. Johnson, brother of Mrs. Rowan.

Mr. and Mrs. L. L. McKinnon and family were week-end guests of relatives in Bettstown.

Mrs. J. P. Linton, Mrs. J. R. Kelly, Mrs. L. L. McKinnon, Mrs. Whigham and Mrs. T. J. Edwards spent Thursday in Bainbrige shopping.

Quincy defeathed Chattahoochee in a game of football Wednesday afternoon. Both sides did some good playing. Score was 19 to 7.

Miss Charleen Parrish of Bonifay was a guest of her sisters, Misses Bess and Beulah Parrish, Sunday, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Linton.

Miss Janet Howell, a popular teacher int he school at Carrabelle, was a week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Howell.

Edgar Scarborough and Munger Edwards have returned from Gainesville, where they were guests of friends at the university for a few days.

Mrs. Watts was hostess to Circle No. 1 Monday afternoon for a business meeting and mission study. After the program two kinds of delicious cake with coffee and mints was served.

The boys of the town entertained with a delightful chicken pilau Monday evening at the river. They have formed a club and are planning many social affairs during the winter months.

Among those from here who attended the auction sale in Sneads Monday were Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Gholson, Walter Gholson, Casey Jones, Henry Howell, Mrs. A. C. Blount, Mrs. W. L. Vanlandingham, Mrs. Marvin Rowan, Mrs. W. O. Bell, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Laing and Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Beggs.

The ladies of the Methodist Missionary Society are observing a week of prayer at the Methodist church here every afternoon this week at 2 o'clock. All demoninations are invited to join them in these services.

The Hallowe'en party given Friday by the Chattahoochee Woman's Club was a success in every way, the sum of $110.50 being cleared above all expenses. All committees are to be congratulated upon their good work, and especially Mrs. Vanlandingham, who had charge of the party.

River Junction

Baptist W. M. U. Meeting
The following program taken from Royal Service was enjoyed at the church Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock:
Opening hymn, "Bringing in the the Sheaves."
Prayer by Ms. Baggett.
Bible study, Mrs. Dean.
Personal service period, Mrs. R. J. Green.
Special song, Mesdames Gilchrist and Baggett.
Reading, Mrs. Locklin.
Reading, Mrs. Saunders Smith.
Talk on Regliious responsibility, Rev. Dykes.
Special music, Sara Frances Gilchrist.
Dismissal by Mrs. D. J. McLaughlin, after which a delicious salad with hot chocolate was served. Next meeting to be with Mrs. W. C. Byrd.

The Eureka Club held an interesting meeting at the home of Mrs. J. W. Sammons Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. J. M. Gilchrist was unanimously elected president upon the resignation of Mrs. S. W. Dean, who was prevailed upon to accept the vice presidency. Mrs. W. A. Runkle was appointed literary chairman and Mrs. Henry McDonald recording secretary, this office having been held by Mrs. Gilchrist. A spirit of new life prevailed throughout the meeting, and a large attendance is expected for the Tuesday meeting to be with Mrs. J. O. Baggett. The hostess served sandwiches and hot chocolate after the meeting.

Mrs. D. J. McLaughlin spent a few days visiting relatives in Bainbridge last week and attending the fair in Dothan.

Mrs. A. M. Gissendaner is in Montgomery this week.

Franklin Seaman of Miami has joined his wife and baby in a visit here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Seaman.

Miss Zadie McKeown left Sunday for a two weeks' stay in Panama City with Mrs. Doris Davis.

Mrs. Robert Hosford and children are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Thomas.

D. J. McLaughlin spent Sunday with home folks.

Mr. Munn of Grimes, Ala., and Fred Penn of Dothan, Ala., were in town Thursday.

Robert Gissendaner of Miami is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Gissendaner.

Mrs. Ruby Sapp of North Carolina is the guest of her mother and sister, MRs. Florida Edwards and Mrs. C. L. Herring.

The G. A.'s of the River Junction Baptist church met with Alice Baggett Friday afternoon. A splendid program was rendered by the girls. After the meeting refreshments of hot chocolate and wafers were enjoyed.

Hilton Dolan has returned to Jacksonville, where he has accepted work in the S. A. L. shops.

Muriel Hill is rapidly recovering from a tonsil operation at the Florida State Hospital Friday.

Friends are grieved to know Mrs. George Shaw continues to be ill at her home.

A. Bauer of Montgomery, Ala., is visiting home folks, having arrived Monday.

Louis Locklin was a business visitor to Bainbridge Monday.

Miss Eula Shepard, third grade teacher, was absent from her room Tuesday on account of illness.

Providence News

A number from over this way attended church services at the Methodist church Sunday at Greensboro.

Rev. N. A. Thompson, our new preacher, will be with the Providence church third Saturday and Sunday. Visitors are welcome.

Recently Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Pittman of Tallahassee and Mrs. D. H. Anderson were among those who visited and attended the camp meeting at Wetumpka.

Prayer meeting Tuesday night 7:30. Mrs. C. E. Blount is the leader and Hebrews, two, is the chapter for study. The leader will be encouraged to see a large number present. Come and bring your Bible.

W. B. Richards and children of Chattahoochee were visiting among relatives here the past week-end.

Mrs. J. E. Moses and children, Sarah Elizabeth and Judson, Mrs. Booth and Mrs. O. P. Green of Greensboro were in the community on business a few days ago.

Miss Gertrude Pope, the primary teacher of the school here, entertained her little people Friday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Newton Suber by giving them a most enjoyable Hallowe'en party. The climax of the interesting program seemed to rest upon the Hallowe'en witch, Mrs. Newton Suber. Fruit and Hallowe'en caps were presented to the happy guests during the afternoon.

Buford and Johnson Will Both Seek Vacancies On Supreme Court Bench

Tallahassee, Nov. 1--Two candidates for the seats of Chief Justice West and Judge Ellis, of the state supreme court, in the June primary next year, are already in the field, although neither has as yet started active campaigning. They are Attorney General Rivers Buford and Former State Senator J. B. Johnson, who is now attorney for the drainage board and internal improvement trustees.

Mr. Johnson stated recently that he would run for either the office of Judge West or Judge Ellis, a six year term. It all depends, he said, on which one General Buford decides to run for.

Two other judges of the high court will be affected by the June primary. They are Judges Brown and Strum, who were appointed by the governor to serve until they could run for office in the next election, if they desire to succeed themselves.

Whether or not any of the present members of the supreme court bench, whose terms of office expires with the next primary, will run to succeed themselves has not as yet been made known. One or two of them, when approached on the subject, stated that they had as yet nothing to give out, but that they would announce in ample time to conduct a vigorous campaign, in event they desire to enter the race.

Attorney General Burford stated a short time ago that he was definitely in the running.

"I'm going to campaign when the time comes," the department of justice head declared, "and you might say that I'm going to campaign to win."

V. H. Gregory, Once Gadsden Man, Killed On Lake City Highway
Shot While Backing from Car Without Lights Into Which He Had Crashed

Vernon H. Gregory, formerly of this county, a son of Louis Gregory and cousin of Paul Gregory, of Quincy, was brutally killed Sunday night in the highway between Lake City and Live Oak while he was on his way to the latter city in his car as a representative of the Gulf Refining Company.

On the road he ran into a car parked in the highway without lights, and while trying to back out someone rushed from the side of the road and without warning shot him to death.

Mr. Gregory bore an excellent reputation and was respected by all who knew him. Three men, Theodore Sealy, J. O. Keen and Luther Keen, citizens of Columbia county, have been arrested charged with the murder.

Gretna News

Mrs. John Gilchrist and children of River Junction spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs. J. C. Thompson.

Miss Charlene Parham was spend the day guest of Miss Willie Johnson Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lewis and Miss Estelle Humphrey of Tallahassee were spend the day guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. McN. Humphrey Sunday.

Mrs. Lucy Dykes of Tallahassee was spend the day guest of her mother and family Sunday.

Mrs. D. McN. Humphrey left Tuesday for Tallahassee to spend the week with her daughter, Mrs. Paul Lewis.

Mrs. W. H. Maxwell spent Tuesday in Attapulgus visiting her father.

Misses Belle Davis and Charline Parham spent the week-end in DeFuniak at the West Florida Teachers' Association.

Misses Catherine Humphrey and Addie Mae Mahaffey spent the week-end in Tallahassee.

Mrs. Sophie Skinner and A. S. Weakley left Friday for Miami to spend the winter.

L. L. Weakley of Greensboro was a visitor to Gretna Tuesday afternoon.

The Gretna Woman's Club met with Miss Susie McKeown Wednesday afternoon. An interesting program was rendered and a delightful social hour was enjoyed.

Mrs. R. F. Ward and little daughter left Wednesday for Ft. Lauderdale, after a visit of several weeks with her mother, Mrs. Minnie Sullivan.

Mrs. Senia (Gray) Vickers is spending this week with friends and relatives in Concord.

Clifford and Lane Timmons were supper guests of Mrs. Hattie Hand Monday night.

The Gretna B. Y. P. U. will entertain the Gadsden County Federation Friday night, November 13, at 8 o'clock.

Miss Lou Strom spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Thompson.

Mrs. W. S. Weaver of Miami arrived Friday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. J. A. Humphrey.

Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Bentley had as supper guests Tuesday night Clifford and Lane Timmons and Hugh McKeown, Misses Susie McKeown and Dollie Vickers and Mrs. Hattie Hand.

Lane Timmons made a business trip to Bainbridge Tuesday.


Woman's Club Meet
A very interesting meeting of the Chattahooche Woman's Club was held Friday afternoon between the hours of 2 and 4:30 in the home of Mrs. A. K. Gholson with Mrs. A. C. Blount, Mrs. Ben Hunt, Mrs. A. K. Gholson and Mrs. Marvin Rowan as hostesses. Red, white and blue were carried out in the decorations in observing Armistice Day. Alice Levern posing as Miss America greeted the members at the door. Many business matters were discussed, a report from the Hallowe'en committee shoed that the club netted $11.37; a committee will go at an early date to inspect the logs which will be sued in the building of the club house to see they are in good condition. The club decided, beginning the first of the year, to have a chain of __ as means of raising funds, which is a good idea. This plan was suggested by Mrs. L. F. Moseley and each member thought it a fine plan. The delegates to the sectional meeting are Mrs. L. F. Moseley and Mrs. L. L McKinnon. A number of the club members will go over for the day session. An interesting program, subject being James Whitcomb Riley, was carried out. A sketch of his life and a poem by Mrs. E. H. Boykin was given, also one of his poems was read by Mrs. Morgan. After the program sandwiches and hot chocolate was served. This was an interesting meeting of which the club and all members seem very much interested in the work.

Masked Hallowe'en Ball
The senior class in the hospital girls training class entertained with a beautiful masked ball Hallowe'en evening. The grand march was led by Dr. and Mrs. W. O. McConnell. The ball room was lovely in crepe paper decorations. There were many lovely and comical costumes. Miss Inez Kaylor won the prize for the prettiest costume for ladies, while Fred Bassett won the prize for the best costume for the gentlemen. The popular Florida State hospital orchestra furnished music throughout the evening and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening of fun and frolic.

S. M. Bell of Quincy was a visitor here Saturday.

R. M. Pooley of Havana spent Friday night as guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Bell.

All the high school teachers attended the teachers' meeting in DeFuniak Springs last week.

Mrs. Willis Kelly has returned from a week's visit to relatives in Thomasville, Ga.

Marvin Rowan, Walter Gholson, M. W. Peacock and C. L. Moore spent Wednesday in Panama City.

Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Moseley, Mrs. Marvin Rowan and L. P. Linton spent Tuesday afternoon in Quincy.

Circle No. 2 of the Presbyterian church met with Misses Hilda and Margaret Linton Tuesday afternoon. After the foreign mission program a weiner roast was enjoyed.

Mrs. P. L. Laing was hostess to the Chattahoochee W. M. S. Monday afternoon. The house was made beautiful by the use of fall flowers. After the Bible study a delicious chicken salad in lettuce hearts, wafers and coffee were served.

Mrs. Olin Bell was hostess to Circle No. 1 of the Presbyterian church Monday afternoon. Decorations which consisted of autumn leaves were used. After the home mission program and mission study, refreshments was served.

Death of Mrs. J. Baxter Campbell in Quincy Last Thursday Afternoon

Despite all that medical skill could do to save her, on last Thrusday afternoon at 4 o'clock at her home on South Madison street in Quincy, Mrs. Frances Campbell, wife of J. Baxter Campbell, passed to that rest which remaineth to the people of God after nearly two weeks of unconscious prostartion resulting from a stroke of apoplexy on October 24. She died without pain, and after only a momentary struggle her pure spirit passed into the mystery of God which her devoted husband and children and sisters grouped about her bedside bowed their heads in sobbing resignation to the degree from which there is no appeal.

Dear, good woman of Quincy had done what they could to relieve the strain on the family and alleviate their sorrow during Mrs. Campbell's long period of unconsciousness and when it became known in the city that she was dead there were expressions of deep regret from all who knew her.

Friday afternoon at the Methodist church, where a large audience, representative of the best men and women of Quincy had gathered, the funeral sermon was delivered by Rev. F. J. Patterson, an impressive address, with appropriate music by the choir, and followed by a long line of cars the hearse containing the remains moved to the Eastern cemetery where amid solemn and tearful silence the beloved body was consigned to its last resting place.

After the grave had been filled ladies came forth with so many tributes of rare and beautiful flowers that the new made mound was literally covered from sight and the gloom of the graves seemed to disappear under their rich and glowing loveliness. The bar of Quincy, the city government, the city employees, Methodist Women's Missionary Society and many others sent those tender and appealing symbols of their respect and sorrow and love; and if the spirit of the dear lady whose frail body rested beneath them was there to look on she must have loved that wonderful tribute, for her fine and gentle soul always found a subtle and restful sympathy in her flowers and she sought their company as though they were living things.

The pall bearers at the funeral were W. W. Wright, O. J. Clayton, E. P. Gregory, W. B. Greer, J. H. Harrell and Hugh Taylor, all members of the Quincy lodge.

Mrs. Campbell was born and reared in Gadsden county, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchel, both long dead, and her girlhood was passed on the old Mitchell plantation about eight miles from Quincy, where her great grandfather settled nearly a century ago. She was of old Virginia colonial stock and inherited the fine qualities of the sturdy pioneers who were among the first to subdue the wilderness of Florida and plant American civilization on its soil.

She was born July 9, 1973, and was 52 years old at the time of her death. She is survived by her husband, J. Baxter Campbell, the Well known lawyer, her son, John B. Campbell, Jr., her daughters, Mrs. Agatha Poston, of Quincy, and Mrs. Gladys McDuffie, of Lake City, her sisters, Miss Kate Mitchell, of Chicago, and Miss Lucy Mitchell, of Americus, Ga., and her brothers, W. G. and E. A. Mitchell, of this county.

The writer of these lines could fill columns in heartfelt tribute to the memory of Mrs. Campbell, but space will not permit. She was a rare and beautiful character, so quiet, so gentle, so thoughtful of others, and the presiding spirit of duty dominated all her life. A member of the Methodist church for many years, she was a Christain without guile or cant, and she loved her husband and children with utter devotion and made her home a dear resting place from which she sought to exclude the turmoil and troubles of the outside world.

Only time can heal the anguish of such grief as her dear ones left behing now feel, but she has passed to the peace of God that passeth understanding, and in that faith the selfishness of sorrow will pass away and leave only the gently, fragrant memory of a good woman gone to her reward.

Havana Items

Mrs. Harold Bert Entertained
Mrs. Harold (Jean) Bert entertained her sewing class most delightfully Tuesday afternoon of last week. The personnel of this club are busy young housewives and mothers and yet they are gladly making with their clever fingers a generous box of clothing to be given to a non sectarian orpahage in Jacksonville. They also are giving a book to the school library. During the social hour Mrs. Bert assisted by Mrs. Gus (Bessie) Bert, passed a salad plate with hot coffee.

Mrs. Howard Gray was shopping in Tallahassee Monday afternoon.

Miss Pauline Murrell has returned from a week's visit to Climax.

Willie Perkins of Tallahassee spent last Monday evening here.

Miss Ruth Martin is visiting Miss Jessie McElvey in Jacksonville.

J. H. Perrett of Jacksonville spent last week here.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bert were shopping in Quincy Thursday.

Dr. P. A. Brinson and J. J. Winburn spent several days fishing at Shell Point recently.

Mrs. T. L. (Nora) Edwards and Miss Nan spent last week in Bainbridge attending the fair.

Mr. and Mr. R. T. (Richmond Terrill and Ella Holley) McDavid left in their car for Montgomery last Friday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Lester and children were shopping in Bainbridge Friday afternoon.

Misses Belle and Edna Raker and David Arrington were in Quincy Friday evening for the pictures.

Miss Eva McKenzie and F. P. Haviland spent Sunday with the former's parents in Cordele.

Mrs. W. C. Lambert, Miss Gladys and Mr. Willie Lambert spent Sunday in Bainbridge.

Rev. J. A. Hendry's friends are glasd that he won out in the Ford contest in a Tallahassee daily paper contest.

The Presbyterian Woman's Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Jim Darcey at 2:30 next Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Bryon (Frances) Ellinor and Master Harry spent last Sunday in Greensboro.

Farris Mayton, student of Palmer College, spent last week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Mayton.

Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Harrioson, Mrs. Osgood Smith, Roy Harrison and Bob Merrell were in Bainbridge for the fair Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Strickland, Misses Kathleen and Ruby Strickland of Cordele spent last Sunday with Mrs. Lavonia Winburn and family.

Misses Mary Lang, Maggie May Hall, Messrs. Hugh Weatherly and J. T. Prine motored to Bainbridge Wednesday for the fair.

Carnie Ward, Holland Turner, Winston and Watson Sapp motored to Quincy for the pictures Wednesday evening.

Judge and Mrs. Paul S. Thomson of Quincy and Miss Eleanor Nicholson of Chattahoochee spent last Sunday with Mrs. Eliza Nicholson.

Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Sapp, Miss Helen and Watson Sapp, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Morland II spent Friday at Shell Point.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Masters, Miss Janet and Miss Eloise Dugger were in Bainbridge Saturday evening for dinner and the pictures.

Mrs. E. F. Mayton has returned from Jacksonville where she was most beautifully entertained as the guest of Mrs. J. L McElvey.

Tom Cook and Floy Radney are moving their Chevrolet display and office into one of the Shelfer Ellinor stores.

Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Harrell and children have returned from a motor trip in South Florida made thoroughly satisfied that East Gadsden is the garden spot of all this big wide world.

The series of meetings being conducted by Rev. S. S. Centerfelt of Marianna in the First Baptist church are being used of good not only to bring sinners to the cross, but to quicken and deepen the spiritual lives of Christians.

Quincy Society

Miss Lucile Bailey of Gretna spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bailey.

Ralph Long and F. M. Brumby left Sunday for Jacksonville for a visit of a few days.

J. T. Grimes was the guest of relatives in Tallahassee over the week-end.

Misses Susie Mae Millirons, Lucile and Gladys Reynolds and Mary Sanders, Elbert Sowell and J. A. Shanks attended the fair in Bainbridge Saturday night.

Mrs. J. T. Metts of Wilmington, Del., will arrive here tomorrow to be the guest of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Budd, Sr.

Miss Elizabeth Guy of the Woman's College in Tallahassee spent Sunday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Guy.

Herschel Munroe left Thursday night for a visit of a few days to Jacksonville, returning home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Love Gregory, Miss Evelyn Gregory and Miss Lila Luten motored to Bainbridge Thursday to attend the fair.

Miss Virginia Anglin, Miss Mary Ella Davidson, Ben Baur and Otis Clarke attended the fair in Bainbridge Friday night.

Mrs. Sydnor Laffitte and Miss Valita Shelfer of Lloyd spent the week-end here as the guests of Miss Elise Laffitte.

Mr. and W. W. Wester of Inwood were in the city Monday buying furniture from S. L. Yon for their new home at Sneads.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Collins returned to their home in Okeechobee Sunday, after a delightful visit of ten days here with Mrs. Collins' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sharon.

Mrs. Charles Conboy, Mrs. Jack Vrieze and Misses Marie Conboy and Mary Celia Davidson motored to Tallahassee Thursday and spent the afternoon shopping.

Mrs. E. B. Embry, Mrs. E. G. Beinhart and Misses Sora and Sally Embry and Pauline Edwards spent Friday in Bainbridge, going over to attend the fair.

Miss Cora Richards of Charlotte, N. C., A. F. Embry and Ernest Moss, of Washington, D. C., arrived here Tuesday and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Embry.

Bob D. Woodward returned to DeFuniak Springs Wednesday, where he is a student at Palmer College, after a visit here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Woodward.

Misses Marguerite Hendrix, Pauline Edwards, Edith Blackburn and Inez Bush spent Monday at Havana assisting in giving the intelligence tests in the school there.

Misses Erma Kemp, RUth and Minnie Meinscher and Eugenia Thrower assisted in giving the intelligence tests in the Greensboro school Monday. Philip Davis spent Tuesday in Tallahassee, going over for Misses Eloise Gardner and Elizabeth Davis, students of the Woman's College, who will visit relatives in Greensboro until Thursday.

Miss Elizabeth Wilson, who is attending school at the Woman's College in Tallahassee, motored to Quincy Sunday and was the guest of her aunt, Miss Emmie Wilson, for the day.

Fred Nordhaus returned to Quincy Sunday to spend a few days. He will return to Ft. Lauderdale the last of the week and will be accompanied by Mrs. Nordhaus and son to make their future home there.

Blair Burwell, Jr., of Jacksonville and Julian Howard of Orlando will arrive here the first of next week to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Jordan for a few days, coming over to attend the opening of the hunting season.

Rev. and Mrs. Henry Holmes and daughter of Monticello arrived here Sunday to spend a few days with Mrs. Holmes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Budd, Sr. Rev. Holmes will leave from here for DeFuniak Springs to attend the Presbytery.

Mesdames P. H. Thomas, Frank Sharon, A. B. Collins, J. W. Moore and Misses Elizabeth Thomas and Ellen Sharon motored to Talllahassee Saturday and spent the day shopping.

Mr. W. F. White, who has been visiting relatives in Chattahoochee for the past five days, will arrive here tomorrow to join Mr. White. who is engaged in business in that city.

Mr. and Mrs. Lafarr Lipscomb and three children of West Palm Beach arrived in Quincy Monday to make their home. Mr. Lipscomb being engaged in the gravel business at Chattahoochee. They are making their home with Mrs. Pearl Woodward on King street.

Mr. and Mrs. Guyton Hall of Inverness are receiving congratulations on the arrival of a daughter born last week at the home of Mrs. Hall's mother, Mrs. J. W. Scott, in Tallahassee. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hall are former residents of Quincy, Mrs. Hall will be remembered here as Miss Mildred Scott.

Miss Addie Mae Mahaffey spent the week-end in Tallahassee with her sisters, Misses Katy and Maggie Mahaffey. She was accompanied by Miss Catherine Humphrey, who visited with Mrs. Paul Lewis for the week-end. They returned home Sunday and were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lewis and Miss Estelle Humphrey, of the Woman's College, who visited relatives in Gretna for the day.

Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Morgan and family motored to Bainbridge Thursday and spent the afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Woodbery and Miss Mary Lela Woodbery attended the fair in Bainbridge Thrusday.

J. M. Marlin left Monday for a business trip of a few days to Marianna, returning home Wednesday.

Mrs. Josh Haire and Miss McDonald of River Junction were visitors to Quincy Monday.

Misses Hattie and Inez Bush and Jack Martin motored to Bainbridge Friday and spent the evening.

Byron Bevis left Tuesday for Okeechobee, where he will engage in the jewelry business.

Sheriff G. S. Gregory returned home Friday night from a business trip of several days to Daytona.

Mrs. J. M. Barnes and family were guests of friends in Tallahassee Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Y. L. Watson and Y. L. Watson, Jr., motored to Tallahassee Friday and were the guests of Mrs. W. J. Oven for the afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Brandis of Tampa are here on a visit to Mrs. Brandis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McCullagh.

Mrs. M. A. Love returned home last week from Ft. Lauderdale, where she attended a meeting of the Federation of Woman's Club.

Mrs. R. E. Blitch and little son and daughter and Mrs. G. W. Lamar motored to Madison Wednesday and visited friends for the day.

William Cantry, who is a student at the University of Florida, spent the week-end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cantry.

Mrs. H. H. Williams and family of River Junction motored to Quincy Friday and were the guests of Mrs. W. H. Baur for the day.

Mrs. R. E. Cantry, Mrs. Lamar Munroe and son and Mrs. A. S. Munroe were visitors to Tallahassee Thursday.

S. L. Yon was a business visitor to Sneads Tuesday, going over to take furniture of W. W. Wester's new home.

Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Carman and Willis Carman motored to Tallahassee Monday and spent the day on business.

Miss Lena May returned to Quincy Sunday from a delightful visit of five weeks with relatives in Birmingham, Ala.

Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Gregory and Miss Doris Skipper motored to Tallahassee Thursday and spent the day shopping.

Mrs. William Wiggins and son of Dowling Park are spending a few days here with her sister, Mrs. E. C. Behrens.

Mrs. Janet MacGowan returned Sunday afternoon to Gainesville, after a week-end visit here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. w. L. MacGowan.

Miss Marie Behrens, who is teaching at Palmer College, returned to DeFuniak Wednesday, after a visit of several days here with her mother, Mrs. E. C. Behrens.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Williams returned Sunday from Chicago, where they were called last week to attend the funeral of a brother of Mrs. Wildman.

Miss Lucile Reynolds, a student at the Woman's College in Tallahassee, spent the week-end here with her sister, Miss Gladys Reynolds, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Millirons.

Miss Mary Scott Clancy, who recently moved to Quincy, her father having bought the Reid Lumber co. mill at Midway, spent the week-end in Tallahassee with friends.

Miss Lois Carter and Steve Edwards motored to Bainbridge Sunday afternoon to meet Miss Lena May, who has been the guest of relatives in Birmingham.

Otis Clarke, who is employed with the Reid Lumber Co., returned to Quincy last week from a three weeks' business trip to Selma and other points in Alabama.

Miss Janie Gregory left Sunday afternoon for Jacksonville, where she was joined by Miss Grace Bruce and Mrs. Neil Rhodes and left from there for Vancouver, B. C., where they will take the boat for New Zealand.

Mrs. Ida Smith left Sunday for Blakely, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. Carl Fryer. She was accompanied as far as Colquitt by Miss Jewel Chapman and Cleve Andrews, who visited there for the day.

Troop No. 2 of the Boy Scouts of Quincy and their master, N. F. Fain, formed a congenial party Friday evening, leaving the court house at 7 o'clock and hiking about three miles out by the experiment station. On arriving there a business meeting was held and following this supper was cooked.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Bauknight of Jacksonville are receiving congratulations on the arrival of a daughter, Emily Carleen, November 2. Mrs. Bauknight was formerly Miss Margaret Willis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Willis, of Quincy.

Hospital Notes

Chattahoochee, Nov. 9.--Miss Bertha Garlockj has recently accepted a position at the hospital as dietitian. Besided being most efficient and diligent in her work, Miss Garlock conducts two classes in dietetics in the school of nurses.

Mrs. Knott and daughter, Dr. Mary Knott-Bazemore, have just returned from St. Louis, where the latter took a post graduate course in pediatrics. Mrs. Bazemore returned to her home in West Palm Beach, after spending two days visiting her parents.

Hon. and Mrs. J. C. Luning of Tallahassee spent the week-end with Supt. Knott and his family.

Miss Anne McQueen, who has been visiting the superintendent's family, has returned to her home in Tallahassee.

Messrs. Trapnell, Potts and Sackett entertained quite a number of friends with a party last Wednesday at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. McConnell. After a delightful pastime of outdoor games, the guests assembled indoors, where they were entertained with drawings by Mr. DeForest Sackett, of Chicago, who is visiting his brother at this time.

One of the lastest improvements at the hospital is the installment of huge electric ranges in the diet kitchens of the receiving hospital and infirmaries.

The foundation is being laid for a new hospital for the men. This will afford more space and greater comfort and the work will go forward speedily.

Christmas for more than twenty eight hundred requires advance activities. These are already in motion, as the hospital never procrastinates in its proparations to give everybody the best possible Christmas.

The recreation hall was a scene of a Hallowe'en dance sponsored by the senior class of the Nurses' Training School Saturday evening, October 31. The hall was lighted with many rainbow colors and about three hundred masked guests were present. Miss Inez Taylor was awarded the prize, which was a box of Hallowe'en candy for the best ladies costume. She wore a Pierette model of black with yellow. A box of dominoes was awarded Fred Basset as a prize for the best costumed man. His representation of a Villa being most unique. Dancing was enjoyed throughout the evening. Music furnished by the hospital orchestra.

Dr. Truett and family visited relatives in DeFuniak Springs Sunday.

Mrs. W. Perry of Lake City is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Clark.

Dr. Dalton and J. O. Nixon of Vernon were over Wednesday visiting Mrs. S. B. Marshall, who is in the hospital recovering from a severe illness.

Mrs. E. T. Russell, representing the Franklin Life Insurance Co., was a visitor to our hospital Friday afternoon. She has just returned from convention trip, which was held at headquarters, Springfield, Ill. Mrs. Russell was given this trip for winning membership in the Hundred Thousand Dollar Club, this business being written in this city.

Mrs. Isabel Mawhinney and Mrs. Alva Moran were shopping in Quincy Thursday afternoon.

We are glad to see Mr. Vason out, after an illness of several days.

Misses Inez Taylor and Janie Watson spent their off duty afternoon in Quincy.

Pretty little Miss Martha Elizabeth Folmar has been quited ill this week.

Charle Knott made a business trip to Panama City Wednesday. He states that things are going bigger than ever.

Master Beryl Mawhinney spent the week-end in Quincy as the guest of his grandparents.

The Y. W. M. was enjoyed by quite a number of hospital employees last Thrusday evening. Mr. McKinnon led the service and a beautiful quartette was the special feature in music.

Ed Lambert of Chappells, S. C., has recently been employed on the hospital force.

Little Miss Marjorie Barnes, one of the hospital's favorites, is ill in the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wright spent part of last week in Jacksonville on business for the hospital.

Misses Mable Blair and Shellie Robinson spent Sunday in Faceville visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gissendaner of Miami visited their mother, Mrs. Waldon, last week.

Brantley Kirkland spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives in Dellwood.

Miss Tishie Nettles spent the week-end with her parents at Sycamore.

Greensboro News

T. B. Fletcher was a business visitor to Apalachicola last week.

Miss Ruth Harpe, one of our teachers, spent the week-end at her home in Cusseta, Ga., and returned.

Rupert Strickland of Cordele, Ga., spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Strickland.

Mrs. Byron Ellinor and baby, Harry, of Havana came over to attend the carnival Saturday.

Prof. and Mrs. J. E. Moses were business visitors to Quincy Saturday.

Mrs. W. H. Dones and son, Henry, are spending this week in Tallahassee.

Wilbur S. Dezell of Clearwater is spending this week at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dezell.

Dr. and Mrs. O. W. Gardner, daughters, Margaret and Christine and Mrs. R. L. Green spent Friday in Tallahassee.

Several patrons and friends of the school enjoyed the Armistice Day program at the school Thursday morning during the chapel hour.

There was a business meeting of the officers of the Baptist church at the home of the pastor, Rev. N. A. Thompson, Monday night.

R. O Collins and family and Mrs. Collins' mother, Mrs. Jackson, of Tallahassee, spent Sunday at the home of J. C. Brewer.

Senator S. W. Anderson recently sold his turpentine interests here to Messrs. J. A. McMullian and T. E. Hines of Bainbridge, Ga.

Gardner McPherson came over from Palmer College Friday with some of the teachers on their return and enjoyed a brief visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McPherson.

Col. J. D. Gardner, accompanied by his wife and Misses Grace Gardner and Rachel Creech came down from Camilla Saturday and returned Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Petschel returned Saturday from St. Augustine, where they had spent about six weeks. Mr. Petschel's health is somewhat improved, though he is not entirely well yet.

M. R. Strickland and family spent Sunday at Havana as guests at the home of his sister, Mrs. Lavonia Winburn. Other members of the family also met there, it being Grandmother Strickland's birthday anniversary.

It was found necessary to rush little Dick Green, three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Green, to a Bainbridge hospital Saturday night. He underwent an operation and is doing nicely now.

Among those who attended the Teachers' Association at DeFuniak Springs last Thursday and Friday were the following from Greensboro: Prof. J. E. Moses, Mrs. D. H. Clarke and Misses Anna Lee Cowan, Lucile Garnder, Lillian Shelfer, Lynda Cumbie, Jean Parker and Iva Delle McCoy.

The Woman's Club carnival held here Saturday evening was a great success in every way. There was a larger crowd in attendance than ever before and the club is very grateful to the public for their patronage. The Junior Girls' club had charge of most all the midway attractions and they are to be congratulated on their achievements. Also Mrs. Cumbie deserves special mention for "carrying on" in the absence of our president, Mrs. Petschel.

Monthly Social of W. B. C.

The Woman's Bible Class of the Presbyterian church held its regular monthly social meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. F. P. May, Jr.

Providence News

Miss Allie Richards was the week-end guest of Misses Fannie and Beulah Mullaney of Greensboro.

A number from here attended the Woman's Club carnival at Greensboro Saturday evening.

Rev. and Mrs. N. A. Thompson were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Dean Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Rowan and children of Sycamore were visiting in the community Sunday afternoon.

The Providence W. M. S. meets Friday afternoon, November 20, at the home of Mrs. Tom Fletcher.

Leonard Blount and Clifford Cox of Quincy were out this way Sunday afternoon. Leonard has a position in Jessup's Pharmacy.

Preaching services at the church here Saturday and Sunday by the pastor, Rev. N. A. Thompson.

The Providence B. Y. P. U. will take this method of inviting the Gadsden B. Y. P. U. Federation to meet with them in December.

The B. Y. P. U. here is looking forward to the meeting of the Federation in Gretna, Friday evening, November 13, at 8 o'clock.

Recently the news has been received here of the arrival of a fine daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Sharod Rudd of South Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Rudd are located near Miami.

Miss Zenith Armstrong of DeLand, a freshman at the college at Tallahassee, also Miss May Dean, a sophomore of the same college, were visiting at the home of J. E. Dean and family the past week-end.

Monday Mrs. J. E. Dean received a message from her sister, Mrs. A. C. Bratcher, of Pine Castle, that her husband, A. C. Bratcher, had recently had an operation for appendicitis and is now improving nicely.

W. H. Dean and Miss Nellie Dean attended the funeral and burial services of Mr. Vickers at Concord Saturday. Mr. Vickers had been living for some time at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Black and Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Bowen.

Mount Pleasant

Get Together Meeting
Monday afternoon Rev. H. W. Tyler and wife called a get together meeting at the parsonage. Ladies from the three churches were present. Gretna was represented by Mrs. Will Bassett, Mrs. C. L. Timmons and Mrs. S. B. Timmons and from Old Mt. Pleasant came Mrs. W. P. H. Crane, Mrs. Ralph White, Mrs. Jack Rice and Miss Ola Nixon. Glen Julia church, or Mt. Pleasant station, was represented by Mrs. H. L. Shepard, Mrs. G. H. Shepard, Mrs. J. T. Evans, Mrs. S. A. Paramore, Mrs. W. W. Hamilton, Misses Susie Floyd, Bessie Blythe and a visitor from Brooksville, Fla., Miss Alice Peterson, an aunt of Mrs. George Shepard. This call meeting was for the purpose fo organizing a Woman's Missionary Society. Officers were elected from the three churches and the society will organize as one. After the business hour our hostess, Mrs. Tyler, passed some nice homemade candy, which was enjoyed by each one present. After announcing the next meeting, which will be at Old Mt. Pleasant church on first Monday afternoon in December at 3 o'clock, Eastern time, we adjourned. On account of the hard rain Sunday we didn't have services, so failed to get the meeting announced as generously as we wished.

Rev. H. W. Tyler and family were visiting Rev. Hancock and family at River Junction last Friday.

Misses Edna Annis and Nellie Clark attended the teachers' meeting at DeFuniak Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. S. A. Paramore and children were in Quincy last Wednesday on business.

Rev. Kersey of Greensboro was visiting with Rev. H. W. Tyler of this place last Friday afternoon.

Sorry to hear of the illness of Miss Fannie Hubbard; hope she will soon be well again.

Ed Bevis and sister, Mrs. Jennie Grubb, motored to River Junction Monday.

Mrs. Bateman and Mrs. Virgie Clark Bateman and children of Bristol spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Clark of this place.

Joe Booth spent last Sunday at the Gadsden County Hospital with his wife, who is sick, but we are in hopes Mrs. Booth will soon be well.

Miss Katie Sullivan of Gretna and Mrs. Ward of Ft. Lauderdale were visiting their cousin, Mrs. Whigham, on Monday afternoon.

Mrs. George H. Shepard, Miss Alice Peterson, Miss Irma Bevis, Mrs. L. K. Holman and children and Mrs. Scott Moody and baby motored to Quincy last Friday to do some shopping.

Prof. F. N. Whigham and wife left Wednesday afternoon for Malone to visit Mrs. Ward's family, who are Mrs. Whigham's parents. From there they went to DeFuniak Springs to attend the Teachers' Association on Thursday and Friday.

The Ladies' Aid met Tuesday afternoon with quite a few members present. After the devotional program a social discussion was taken up and plans arranged for an oyster supper for Friday night week, November 20. Look for the announcement later.

Tuesday afternoon S. A. Paramore and children, Mrs. George Shepard and children and Miss Alice Peterson motored to River Junction, Sneads, etc. This party was showing Miss Peterson some of the improvments along the road No. 1, as she is from the prosperous little town of Brooksville, Fla., where the real estate boom is on.

River Junction

J. G. Grice of Cantonement was in the city Friday on business.

Rev. Floyd Dykes and family are visiting in Bonifay this week.

Mrs. A. Dormer and children of Pensacola are guests of Mrs. W. A. Runkle and family.

C. S. Johnson and children spent the week-end in Marianna with relatives.

Mrs. W. C. Byrd and baby are enjoying a visit in Donalsonville, Ga., with relatives.

Robert Gissendaner and wife have returned to Miami, after spending several days here visiting home folks.

Almond Strain of Montgomery, Ala., was the guest of his siter, Mrs. J. W. Sammons, Wednesday.

Mrs. J. M. Gilchrist and children spent several days recently with relatives in Gretna.

G. E. Whiddon and family are moving to thier new home in Chattahoochee this week.

Saunders Smith, Jr., of Tallahassee spent the week-end with his parents here.

Among those taking in the fair in Bainbridge Friday and Saturday were O. E. Locklin and family, Mrs. S. W. Dean, Mr. Whitfield and others.

The many friends of Miss Estelle Emanuel are glad to know she has returned to the city, and is employed by Scarborough & Co.

The River Junction W. M. U. met with Mrs. S. W. Dean Monday afternoon and the G. A.'s met with Dorothy and Allie May Byrd Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Seaman and baby, accompanied by their mother, Mrs. L. S. Seaman, left for their home in Miami Monday. They are motoring through after a delightful visit here with relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Baggett had as their guest for the week-end their sister, Miss Myna Frances Baggett, who is a student at the F. S. C., Tallahassee. Miss Baggett was accompanied by a friend, Miss Kathleen Borland, also of the college.

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