Siloam Cemetery

Directions: From Highway 90 on the west side of Quincy, turn left onto Hwy 274 (Bostick Road) which is just before
the Piggly Wiggly. Pass the concrete plant. Take a right on Harbin Road. Harbin Road makes a 90 degree turn
right, then a 90 degree turn left. After the 2nd 90 degree turn go about .3 or .4 mile past the mobile home situated on
the corner of that turn. There is a driveway on the left with a locked gate. There was a tobacco barn there, but it was torn
down recently. There may still be a white concrete building not far behind the gate. If you climb over the gate and walk
straight back to a group of trees, the cemetery is just inside the tree line.

Current conditions 2008: This cemetery is in extreme disrepair. Most of the stones are still upright; however trees have
grown between the graves and it is only a matter of time before limbs and dying trees fall and topple the grave stones.
Briars and shrubby undergrowth have taken over. There is no maintenance of this cemetery. It is obviously used by the
migrant tomato workers as a place to seek shade during lunch break, judging by the litter inside the tree line. The fence,
which is only hogwire fence, is trampled down in some places. This cemetery desperately needs protection and major
tree removal and underbrushing. Descendants of these people are urged to take steps to protect it. The phone number
of the Gargiulo Company, on whose land the cemetery is located, is 850-875-0844 and 850-627-2106 in Quincy, FL.
Angela Cassidy

The cemetery was photographed in spring of 2013 by Keith Balon and he has graciously assented for us to use the
photos here.

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Epitaphs/Notes
EDGERTON Jane Catherine LOVE 4 Feb 1825 4 Oct 1905 (w/o Charles Munnerlyn Edgerton)  
FINKLEY Martha J. 4 Dec 1838 31 May 1907 Wife of A. J. Finkle  
GREGORY Clara Belle 20 Aug 1922 27 Aug 1922 (Dau/of William B and Clara Belle DONALD Gregory)  
GREGORY Infant 21 Oct 1904 22 Jan 1905 Dau/of L.B.(Lewis B) and Nellie M. Gregory  
GREGORY Hugh L. 17 Apr 1880 15 Oct 1910 (h/o Nina M. Gregory, whose stone is right of his, s/o Jesse B. and Ruth Ann BROWN Gregory)  
GREGORY Jesse B. 24 Oct 1847 4 Dec 1918 (h/o Ruth Ann BROWN Gregory)  
GREGORY Lewis B. 2 Sept 1875 19 June 1907 (h/o Ettie Gregory, s/o Jesse B. and Ruth Ann BROWN Gregory)  [Notes by Andy Wright: 1910 Census states his occupation was a clothing merchant in Gadsden County]
GREGORY Nina M. 1884 1908 Wife of H. L. Gregory  
GREGORY Ruth A. 7 Dec 1849 11 Sept 1920 (w/o Jesse B. Gregory, dau/of George and Rebecca Whittle Brown)  
GREGORY Walter Lewis (one date) 25 Nov 1906 Son of L. B. & Nellie M. Gregory  
HAGOOD Arthur William "Will" 21 Aug 1865 1914 (s/o Susan Estelle JETER and Richard Randall Hagood of Virginia, h/o Mary Mildred "Molly" King) (from the research of Emily Priest Brockman whose family history indicates he is buried here)(biographical notes and photo on the Gadsden County GenWeb page for People Photos)
Hagood Helen 30 Apr 1903 1913 (dau/of Arthur William Hagood and (from the research of Emily Priest Brockman whose family history indicates she is buried here)
JOHNSTON Infant (one date) 22 Oct 1881 Son of Geo. A. & F.C. Johnston  
LANCASTER D. B. (Darling Benjamin) 30 Oct 1887 13 Oct 1916 (s/o Larkin H. and Julia HUTTO Lancaster) WOW monument
LANCASTER Howard R. 28 Feb 1912 2 Apr 1913   Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven
LANCASTER Werner 6 Oct 1913 6 Oct 1913    
LEE Rev. William S. Lee 25 Dec 1875 3 Nov 1915    
MAHAFFEY Edward 30 Apr 1902 6 Feb 1903 Inf son of J. W. & Addie Mahaffey  
MAHAFFEY Fred 15 Jan 1904 14 Sept 1906 Inf son of J. W. & Addie Mahaffey  
MCDONALD Flora 9 June 1817 12 July 1902   Our Mother
McDONALD Mary C. 8 Dec 1852 27 Sept 1910   Our Sister
MCDONALD Neil James 1 May 1856 Sept 1924 (h/o Rachel Elizabeth BROCKMAN McDonald, s/o Flora JOHNSON and John Alexander McDonald (presumed to be buried here based on family history information compiled by Emily Priest Brockman)
MCDONALD Rachel Elizabeth "Betty" 26 Feb 1869 27 Feb 1908 (w/o Neil James McDonald, dau/of Mary Mildred MOSELEY King Brockman McDearmid and John M. Brockman (presumed to be buried here based on family history information compiled by Emily Priest Brockman)
SEABROOK Alexander Love 12 Jan 1892 in Quincy, FL 13 Sept 1920 in Havana, FL (s/o Whitemarsh and Mary Isabella EDGERTON Seabrook) [Biographical notes by Andy Wright: On the February 1920 census, Alexander is stationed at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston, Massachusetts. His occupation is sailor. A service record for Alexander shows he served as a fireman during World War I on various ships and in naval hospitals. He was discharged on 9/3/1920, just 10 days before his death.
SEABROOK Infant birth death Son of W.A. & M. B. Seabrook  
SEABROOK Jean E. 18 July 1884 4 Aug 1900 (d/o Whitemarsh and Mary Isabella Seabrook) Daughter
SEABROOK Mary Isabella EDGERTON 17 Mar 1854 28 Dec 1921 Wife of Whitemarsh A. Seabrook  
SEABROOK Given birth death    
SEABROOK Whitemarsh A. 1 May 1856 15 June 1936 Hus/of Mary Isabella Edgerton  
SMITH Caroline L. 10 Sept 1826 26 Nov 1903    
SMITH George W. 25 Aug 1878 Apr 6 1915    
VICKERS John 20 Mar 1840 21 Feb 1921 (husb/of Cenie Gray Vickers, s/o Ezekiel and Arrena Vickers of the Concord area, all of whom are buried in the Vickers Cemetery, Concord)  
WHITTLE Sarah Anteonette 14 Oct 1856 7 Nov 1917 Wife of Wm. A. Whittle  
WHITTLE William Ambrose birth death    
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