Shepard (New McMillan) Cemetery

Surveyed by Wayne Carpenter in November 1999. Survey submitted by Gladys Rowan.
Photographed on March 27, 2011, by Angela Cassidy and Donna Warlick. Thanks to Mr. Carlton
Rogers of Hardaway for showing us the way.

Old Directions: From Mt. Pleasant post office go west on Hwy 90 for 3.3 miles. Turn left on Atwater Road and
go 3.6 miles until it dead ends at Hardaway Road. Turn right (west) on Hardaway Road (Hwy 268) and go 2.7
miles. Turn left on dirt road (south side of old sawmill) for .3 mile. Turn right on trail barely wide enough for a
vehicle and go .1 mile.

New directions: From Quincy, go west on U.S. Hwy 90 to Gretna. At the caution light in Gretna, turn left on
Hwy. 268 (Hardaway Road). Continue past a 90 degree right turn and a 90 degree left turn, pass Faircloth Road
on your right, and continue another mile or so until you see McMillian Road on the right. Turn left across from
McMillian Road into the drive beside mailbox number 2980. Follow the trail behind the mobile home, past a huge
trash pile and an abandoned mobile home on your right, with open fields on your left. At a gate on your right, look
down a two-rut lane across an open area and you will see the cemetery at the edge of the tree line straight ahead.
The cemetery is cleared even though it is in woods, and the stones are well maintained. Having a Confederate
soldier in the cemetery puts it on the watch list of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and this adds a measure of
protection for it, although the owner has taken very good care of it. Trespass at own risk.

Landscape Photo, Map from Hardaway Road

Surname Given Birth Death Relationship Notes
Green N. E. 20 Aug 1893 27 Oct 1894   Scared to the memory of
McClain Jennie (Miss) 27 Dec 1847 16 Oct 1923   Gone but not forgotten
McMillan Archibald (no date) (no date) [See notes on military service and birth date below table.] Co A 2nd FL CAV C.S.A.
McMillan Gussie 23 Mar 1888 7 Dec 1925    
Shepard Daughter (no date) 13 July 1896 d/o H. L. & I. L. Shepard  
Shepard George 13 July 1930 (Died in Service)   FL PVT 157 Depot Brig
Shepard Henry L. 14 Sep 1851 15 Apr 1924    
Shepard Ida Lou 1866 1940    
Shepard J. Graves 18 Feb 1855 1 Feb 1908    
Shepard Mary Elizabeth 30 Jun 1857 3 Jun 1919   Tho lost to sight to memory dear
Shepard Pearl 10 Apr 1896 25 Apr 1911   There will be no sorrow there
Shepard Vivian A. 8 Sep 1890 18 Jan 1891    
Thrasher M. A. (Miee) 29 Oct 1881 13 Oct 1904    
Unknown         (unmarked slab right of Gussie McMillan)
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Notes on Archibald McMillan submitted by Barbara Boynton.
Here is info from Archibald McMillan's Civil War pension application-Florida Archives.

(Application #) A 01520 Archibald McMillan, 2nd Regt Cav, First Application for pension 1 Nov 1913, Widow: Fannie Shepard McMillan
She lived at P. O. River Junction. They were married 3 July 1880 and she had been in Florida since marriage.

Soldiers Claim- 22 July 1909. He was 73 years old, born 13 June 1836 Gadsden County. He enlisted at Rico's Bluff 1 June 1862 Co "A"
Smith's Regt and was discharged at Baldwin, Florida, 1865. He was slightly wounded at the Battle of Natural Bridge. Comrade witnesses:
D. H. Morgan, C. J. Atwater.

Soldier's Claim 5 Nov 1901. In 1 June 1862 Co. "A" Smith's Regt. Comrade affidavit: Benj F. Watson and Henry Rogers, River Junction
5 Nov 1901.

Also: another bit of info on Archibald McMillan found in other pension applications:
5 Oct 1903 Archibald McMillan gave a comrade certification to service of John McMillan, born 2 Feb. 1842, Gadsden County, who was in
2nd Regt Cav Co A "Milton's Co.", Jackson Co. John McMillan 6 Mar in Wakulla Co was wounded over left eye at Natural Bridge which
resulted in loss of vision in that eye.