Shelfer Cemetery, near Havana

This index is of the section where black people are buried. The section with white people is just to the west.

Surveyed and photographed by Angela Cassidy and Donna Warlick on May 27, 2007.

Directions: From U.S. Highway 27 in Tallahassee, FL, travel north to the town of Havana. At the first traffic light,
turn right on State Road 12-A and travel east. From Georgia, take U.S. Highway 27 south to the town of Havana
and at the 2nd traffic light, turn left onto State Road 12-A and travel east. From Quincy, take State Road 12 east to
Havana and proceed through the traffic light at U.S. Highway 27. You are now on State Road 12-A. Continue past
the City Limits, and from there, it is just over one mile to Leslie Lewis Road. Turn right, and make another right onto
the oak canopied road that runs beside the cemetery. The cemetery is on the right and is immediately visible. The
large live oak trees lining both sides of the road were planted on December 23, 1880, by Nathan Shelfer, patriarch
of the Shelfer family and donor of the cemetery land. The section with graves of black people was set aside by the
Shelfer family for their slaves and later for their long time employees. People who descend from those buried in this
cemetery continue to be buried here.

The older grave stones in the cemetery are badly eroded and no name or date is visible. There are some
depressions without markers and one sunken grave, indicating that there are probably many more graves here than
can be found marked today. The setting is beautiful, with huge live oaks within the grounds of the cemetery, along
with some smaller trees and shrubs, covered by a carpet of Virginia Creeper. The landscape photos of the cemetery
are well worth looking at.

Canopy road entrance to cemetery.
Tall live oak in center of cemetery.
Graves under the trees.
Looking into the cemetery from the canopy road.
Looking east.

Each surname that is in burgundy font is a link to a photo of that person's tombstone. If the given name is also in
burgundy, there is a second photo, either one taken up close in order to read names and dates better or to see a
military plaque or slab.

Surname Given          Birth          Death Notes
BELL Abe 2-19-1909 7-1-1996  
BELL Joseph 1-1-1886 3-29-1977  
BOYD Jaleyn T. 12-30-05 (one date only) Strong-Jones funeral home marker only
BROWNING Beatrice 6-14-1913 9-18-2000  
BROWNING Bertha B. 11-30-1885 4-4-1974  
BROWNING Charles 1837 1904 As a slave and freedman, a faithful servant his entire life to William H. Shelfer and family. [Note by Angela Cassidy: Oral family history tells us that Mr. Browning accompanied William Hardy Shelfer to the camps of the Civil War and served as his manservant. This was a common practice of the wealthy. There are no records of Mr. Browning having enlisted as a Confederate soldier.]
BROWNING Eddie 4-11-1912 7-4-1977  
BROWNING George D. 10-12-1927 1-16-1999 RCT, US ARMY WW II
BROWNING Gregory D. 1-16-1946 7-17-1999 US ARMY VIETNAM
BROWNING Horace, Sr. 2-10-1906 5-26-1982  
BROWNING John 3-31-1900 11-16-1917?  
BROWNING (unreadable)     2nd from Eddie Browning
BROWNING Wiley 1-7-1883 3-24-1970  
BROWNING Wiley 6-10-1934 10-26-2002  
BROWNING Zeb 1911 1967  
BUTLER Marshon Duval 8-22-1986 8-22-1986  
CLEVELAND Archie (no date) died 4-20-1946 At Rest
CLEVELAND Rossy R. Mar 1890 9-18-1977  
CLEVELAND Rufus 2-10-1930 1-1-1960  
COLLINS Courtney L. 5-25-1910 7-3-1943 FLORIDA SGT 1956 OM TRK CO AVN WW II
CULVER? Illinois 1-1[3?]-180[8?] 8-14-188[9?] (the name is our best guess)
GILLIAM Nellie 1948 1968  
HAYES Alberta 1899 1987 d/s with Judge
HAYES Judge 1896 1981 d/s with Alberta
HENRY Garfield 9-15-1902 11-24-1988  
JACKSON Emmitt 11-19-189[3 or 8] 8-5-1968  
JEFFERSON Bertha 2-11-1919 10-3-1959  
JOHNSON Mary Florence 4-2[3?]-1872 5-1[7?]-197[8?]  
JOHNSON Samuel 3-10-1867 11-4-1937  
LANE Rose 8-1-1834 2-8-1931 Erected by Webb Miller Family
MCCLOUD Virginus 1-1-1903 5-12-1994  
MITCHELL Hattie 1919 2004 Funeral Home marker only
MOORE Elbert 1900 1958  
MOORE Mary 11-12-1896 7-11-1954  
OWENS Ellis 8-17-1896 4-9-1969 FLORIDA PVT US ARMY WW I
OWENS (unknown) 2-?-1900 (one date only) (unreadable)
RICHARDSON General 1877 1948  
RICHARDSON Issac 10-7-1908 9-28-1981  
SMILEY Claudia 10-8-1913 5-25-2001  
SMILEY Jack 3-10-1875 3-3-1939  
SMILEY James 11-6-1907 7-1-1992  
SMILEY Johnny 1897 1918  
SMILEY Mack 8-3-1914 6-3-2000  
SMILEY Mary Rance 1877 1966  
SMILEY Mattie 1898 1922  
SMILEY Rastus 11-5-1905 9-1-1970  
Unknown       next to unknown Owens
Unknown       3rd from Eddie Browning
Unknown       next to Eddie Browning
Unknown       right of James Smiley
Unknown Shantaria     faded funeral home marker
Unknown       sunken grave right of Hanna Washington
Unknown       Unreadable, left of Bertha Jefferson
Unknown       unreadable left of Joseph Bell
Unknown       unreadable right of Rossy Cleveland
WAITERS Annie 10-19-1906 7-10-1957 At Rest
WASHINGTON George 1910 1966  
WASHINGTON Hanna 6-10-1912 10-31-2000  
WASHINGTON Hattie Mae 11-18-1944 11-11-1984  
WATSON James 2-16-1929 5-27-1985  
WILLIAMS Katie 12-10-1865 1-18-1943 A Loving Mother
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