Poley Branch/Popular Branch Cemetery

This cemetery has been called Poley Branch and Popular Branch. I don't know which one is correct
and there is no name on the cemetery gates. If anyone knows the history of this cemetery and the
true name, please contact me: Angela Cassidy.

Originally surveyed by Wayne N. Carpenter in September 2000. Surveyed by Angela Cassidy
on April 15, 2007. Wayne's original survey has been invaluable in deciphering some of the text that
is now unreadable. I have built upon his survey by keeping his same order and putting new graves at
the bottom of the chart. Apparently I missed a few graves on my photographing or either they are not
marked anymore. /Angela Cassidy, County Coordinator.

Directions: From the flashing traffic lights in Greensboro, FL go S.R. 12 South for 6.0 miles. Watch for
Fellowship Assembly of God Church on the right just before the Liberty County line. Turn right into the
church driveway and find the cemetery beside the church.

Landscape Church and Cemetery Photos:
Mailbox with Church Address, Turn in Here
Church and cemetery view from driveway
Fellowship Assembly of God Church
Right side of cemetery
Middle of cemetery
Left side of cemetery
Contact Sign

In the table, if only the surname is in color, there is one photo. If the given name is also in color,
there is a second photo, either of a military plaque, a closeup view of the text, or a photo of the person.

Surname,    GivenName,    Birth Date,    Death Date,    Notes
McALPIN, Fate, b. 3-28-1912, d. 1-17-1979
MCALPIN, Audrey Wade, b. 1927, d. 1986, funeral home marker only
MILLER, Robert Durwood, b. 3-14-1921, d. 9-12-1985, m. 9-9-1946, US Army WW II, d/s Ruby Dell Dean
MILLER, Ruby Dell DEAN, b. 4-23-1924, d. 4-12-1986, m. 9-9-1946, d/s Robert Durwood Miller
MILLER, Jeanette, b. 9-10-1946, d. 9-11-1946
WHITED, William C., b. 9-21-1874, d. 7-5-1936, d/s Alice E. Whited
WHITED, Alice E., b. 6-20-1886, d. 12-30-1966, d/s William C. Whited
KENNEDY, Chester Lee, b. 1954, d. 1992
DALTON, Grace B., b. 1-15-1929, d. 1-3-1996
McALPIN, Jaby H., b. 1-4-1905, d. 4-28-1994, d/s Velma E. McAlpin
McALPIN, Velma E., b. 1-25-1909, d. 7-16-1965, d/s Jaby H. McAlpin
McALPIN, Judson B., b. 5-10-1888, d. 4-19-1977, d/s Mary L. McAlpin
McALPIN, Mary L., b. 6-4-1891, d. 3-16-1975, d/s Judson B. McAlpin
McALPIN, Gordon L., b. 3-20-1911, d. 4-20-1968, PFC US Army WW II
McALPIN. David Lea, b. 2-12-1916, d. 12-31-1970, Beloved father
EDWARDS, Robert D., b. 5-12-1898, d. 5-29-1980, d/s Mattie Proctor
EDWARDS, Mattie PROCTOR, b. 8-5-1900, d. 12-4-1933, d/s Robert D. Edwards
WHITED, Benjamin C., b. 7-13-1906, d. 11-25-1957, FL PVT 3556 Service Unit WW II
WHITED, Irma, b. 9-??-1929, d. 3-4-1937
HARRELL, Larry Randolph, b. 8-13-1944, d. 4-24-1980, SP 5 US Army - He was a kind and affectionate husband, father and son, and a friend to all.
MILLER, C. W. (Tony), b. 9-18-1923, d. 6-24-1995, d/s Marguerite E Miller - Go rest on that mountain your work on earth is done.
MILLER, Marquerite E., b. 1-21-1921, d. (no date), d/s C. W. Miller
WATSON, David Eugene, b. 3-24-1918, d. 12-4-1967, FL Sgt Co E 9 Regt CBT Team WW II - Korea
WATSON, Robert Edward, b. 9-15-1930, d. 8-7-1956, FL CPL Co A 321 Signal BN
WATSON James Walter 14 Sep 1928 6 Dec 1971 GA PVT Army Air Forces WWII
MILLER, Joel Columbus, b. 2-10-1943, d. 12-5-1997, Gone but not forgotten
MILLER, Berry C., b. 7-12-1912, d. 12-5-1983, d/s Pearl M. Miller
MILLER, Pearl M., b. 10-9-1914, d. 1-21-1987, d/s Berry C. Miller
EDWARDS, Carl B., b. 9-15-1907, d. 11-19-1965
EDWARDS, Nettie Geneva, b. 4-15-1877, d. 8-19-1942, d/s Joseph E. Edwards - Tender and loving until death.
EDWARDS, Joseph E., b. 6-22-1868, d. 9-6-1942, d/s Nettie Geneva Edwards
EDWARDS Ann, b. 1-15-1848, d. 8-12-1933
WORTHINGTON, Howard K., Jr., b. 1-21-1956, d. 1-23-1956
WORTHINGTON, Tammy Lyn, b. 10-5-1971, d. 10-7-1971
REVELL, Thelma McALPIN, b. 6-22-1921, d. 2-10-1991, One more angel in Heaven.
McRAE, infant, (no dates), I/o Mr & Mrs J. McRae - At Rest
MORRIS, Roscoe F., b. 9-22-1851, d. 9-11-1931, At Rest
MORRIS, Dicy, b. 7-6-1846, d. 10-27-1930
Unknown adult
EARNEST, Joseph N., b. 1862, d. 1934
CROWSON, Mary E., b. 4-25-1894, d. 2-16-1979
EARNEST, Margaret R., b. 1866, d. 1930
LAWRENCE, Myrtle Aline, b. 1-7-1921, d. 5-21-1954
EARNEST, George W., b. 1892, d. 1971
CRUMPTON William Stanley, b. 5-21-1953, d. 5-23-1982 US Army Vietnam
CRUMPTON, William O., b. 1906, d. 1976
CRUMPTON, Patricia Ann, b. 2-1-1946, d. 2-1-1946, Gone to be an angel.
McALPIN, Alfred, b. 1-9-1912, d. 12-1-1934
McALPIN, William R., (one date) Oct 1966
McALPIN, Nancy H., (one date) 4-21-1954, has replaced former stone: McAlpin, Nancy H., b. 1880, d. 4-21-1951
MORRIS, Zonie M., b. 11-10-1906, d. 4-2-1929
Unknown, infant
THOMAS, Elisha R., b. 1-15-1840, d. 11-28-1925, Gone but not forgotten.
MATTHEWS, Daniel P., b. 2-3-1878, d. 1-6-1954, Children as you pass by, you must Ly As low as I.
PARRISH, Houston Kenneth, b. 5-26-1926, d. 4-26-1984, US Army WW II
MORRIS, Lillie M., b. 7-29-1911, d. 1-26-1944, A Loving Mother & A Faithful Friend; Replaces previous stone: CRUMPTON, Lillie M. MORRIS, w/o W D Crumpton - A tender mother and a faithful friend.
MORRIS, Jacob E., b. 5-7-1882, d. 1-19-1925, d/s Minnie N. Morris
MORRIS, Minnie N., b. 12-1-1879, d. 1-27-1968 d/s Jacob E. Morris
DARBY, Alice Alies, b. 5-10-1910, d. 8-28-1929 Our darling asleep.
DARBY, Henry W., b. 9-28-1881, d. 1-19-1965, d/s Maggie G. Darby - Gone but not forgotten.
DARBY, Maggie G., b. 11-6-1884, d. 2-10-1979, d/s Henry W. Darby
HOLLOWAY, Omie Lee, b. 11-28-1909, d. 4-27-1992, In God's Care, Love you always.
McALPIN, Sarah J., b. 10-27-1866, d. 10-3-1936
McALPIN, W. H. (Rev), b. 3-11-1853, d. 5-31-1936
McALPIN, Della E., b. 3-31-1902, d. 3-11-1928. There is rest in Heaven.
MORRIS, Willie J., b. 1910, d. 1991
MORRIS Jessie Lee, b. 8-29-1922, d. 9-16-1926
MORRIS, infant, 8-10-1921 (one date)
MORRIS, John C., b. 10-26-1884, d. 9-2-1973, d/s Fannie M. Morris
MORRIS, Fannie M, b. 8-13-1883, d. 12-31-1974, d/s John C. Morris
MORRIS, Ozzie Jacob, b. 9-3-1917, d. 10-23-1971, d/s (?)
BURGESS, Kenneth C. (Shorty), b. 4-13-1942, d. (no date), d/s Brenda C Burgess
BURGESS, Brenda C., b. 9-24-1955, d. (no date), d/s Kenneth C. Burgess - Asleep in Jesus.
ROBBINS, Dallas R., b. 5-26-1923, d. 12-24-1974, PFC US Army
FIGLER, John Valentine, b. 2-5-1903, d. 3-26-1991, d/s Anna Smith Figler - Father and Mother of George Norman Figler.
FIGLER, Anna SMITH, b. 3-28-1906, d. 3-24-1988, d/s John Valentine Figler
FIGLER, George Norman, b. 11-18-1922, d. 5-14-1980, Sgt US Air Force WW II - Korea
McALPIN, Eveline Estelle "Dutch", b. 8-15-1911, d. 8-26-1998
McALPIN, W. Develard, b. 10-14-1909, d. 1-21-1985
McALPIN, William Thomas "Buddy", b. 3-15-1941, d. 5-7-1984
BURDESHAW, Grady Ronald, b. 8-22-1940, d. 7-20-1999, Beloved husband
NEW since survey
BURKE, Thomas D., b. 9-17-1941, d. (no date), triple stone w/ Mary L. Sinner and Lottie M. Robbins
EDWARDS, Natasha D., born and died 2002
HOSEY, Bryan, b. 1963, d. 2005
HOSEY, Hugh Bryan, b. 1-31-1963, d. 10-8-2005, Don't Know, Do Ya?
MEREDITH, Mildred T., b. 1-7-1921, d. 6-28-2005
MORRIS, Evelyn D., b. 5-4-1926, d. 12-15-2003
MORRIS, George I., b. 10-25-1924, d. 7-17-1979
PARRISH, Earline M., b. 10-12-1933, d. 10-13-2003, Loving Mother, Grandmother and Friend
PEDDIE, Elvie Proctor, b. 11-3-1930, d. (no date), d/s Maurice E.
PEDDIE, Maurice E., b. 8-10-1924, d. 9-19-2005, d/s Elvie Proctor
ROBBINS, Lottie M., b. 4-12-1924, d. (no date), triple stone w/ Thomas D. Burke and Mary L. Sinner
SINNER, Mary L., b. 10-25-1940, d. (no date), triple stone w/ Thomas D. Burke and Lottie M. Robbins
STANDRIDGE, Tommy L., b. 7-6-1937, d. 2-14-2007, A Loving Husband and Father
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