Pittman Cemetery inside Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation

Surveyed November 1999 by Richard White.

Part of Wallwood was donated to the Boy Scout Council by the Pittman family and part by the Wall Family.
Directions: To get to the Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation, go to the Quincy exit on I-10 (Exit No. 26), and turn south on SR-267, which is Pat Thomas Parkway. Travel 4.9 miles south on SR-267. You will pass a flashing light on CR-65B (Old Federal Road). At the top of the next hill, turn left on CR-65C (McCall Bridge Road). The volunteer fire department is on the corner to your left, a country store is on your right, and as you turn the corner onto CR-65C you will see the cemetery at the Antioch Baptist Church, which (along with the church itself) you will pass and continue on down CR-65C for 1.4 miles to the very first paved road on the right. Turn right onto Lake View Point Road, and go for 1.3 miles down it untill you come to a low and unremarkable limestone rock-bordered sign on the right that identifies the entrance to Wallwood. You pass the ranger's house on the left as you go a very short distance to find a grass parking lot on the right. I understand that a large swimming pool will be constructed at the back of that lot in the near future, but for right now it is just a parking lot.

I could include a map of the camp and give a very close approximation of the location of the cemetery on it, but I don't want to do that because depending on what is going on at the camp and other matters... such as a need to get the gate unlocked so that you can get inside the cemetery...visiting the cemetery needs to be done only by specific arrangement.

To gain admittance to the Reservation, please call the ranger. His residence is on your immediate left as you enter the Reservation. As of December 1999 the ranger is Dave Jameson and his telephone number is (850) 627-8020. If this number becomes outdated you can reach the Boy Scouts of America, Suwannee River Area Council, office in Tallahassee at (850) 576-4146.

Important note: Due to danger to scouts, vehicles are not generally allowed inside Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation past the parking lot just inside the gate, except by specific permission. Wallwood includes live fire rifle and shotgun ranges, so I would not suggest wandering around in the woods inside the reservation without having some idea of where you are going. / Richard White
The marked burials are:
PITTMAN, John B.born 18 November 1818  died August 1868 ,(there may be a day of death but I don't think so. The gate was locked and I had to look from outside the fence.)
PITTMAN, Mary C., wife of John B. Pittman, born 10 May 1827  died 4 May 1902.

In addition to the marked graves, there are perhaps as many as a dozen mounds of dirt unmarked except by blank boards.
The Pittman Family Cemetery has been adopted for improvements to its appearance and security by several successive Wood Badge classes. Wood Badge is a leadership training program for adult scout leaders which was initiated by Baden Powell at Gilwell Manor, near London, England, in1919, and is now used worldwide. The improvements include some wooden headboards, signs, and a stout fence made of pressure treated lumber and having a locked gate. This is not just a decorative fence. It was designed to keep people out of the cemetery. You will not be able to get in except by having the gate unlocked.
From: pdreiss@stic.net (Patricia Dreiss)

Hi there Folks, Bonanza!!! I knew being on the mailing list would pay off!

The John B. PITTMAN and wife, Mary C., buried in the Pittman Cemetery in Gadsden Co., FL, are my relatives. John B PITTMAN, oldest son of John T and Eliza PITTMAN, has been very elusive to this date. Your date of birth coincides with the DOB that I have.

Mary, according to my records, was Mary Caroline Anderson, prior to her marriage to John B. They had at least these children:

1. John Avener PITTMAN b 29 Sep 1846 in Gadsden Co., FL
2. James Elbert PITTMAN b Gadsden Co., FL date unknown
3. Mary Ida PITTMAN b and place unknown
4. Jesse E PITTMAN b and place unknown

I am desperate to locate the father of John B. PITTMAN, who is John T. PITTMAN and, according to the 1850 Census for Gadsden County, FL, who was b. in NC. The 1830 and 1840 Territorial Census for FL show a John PITTMAN with sons in the appropriate age bracket for the sons of John T. and wife Eliza PITTMAN.

These are the children (that I know of) of John T and Eliza PITTMAN:
1. Cynthia Pittman b 16 May 1815
2. John B Pittman b 18 Nov 1818
3. Milbrey(Melbrey) Pittman b 20 Mar 1820
4. William E Pittman B 7 Apr 1822
5. Phillip Pittman b 29 Aug 1825 (My ggrandpa)
6. Elizabeth Pittman b 16 Feb 1827
7. Benjamin Pittman b 10 May 1832
8. Mary Ann Pittman b 24 Dec 1833

The above dates have not been verified and the dates of birth of William and Phillip do not agree with the Census of 1850. Place of birth of the above children was probably Gadsden Co., but, again, no verification.

In our PITTMAN family there is no existing family Bible and no other specific documentation of any birth, marriage, or death records. My search on these PITTMANs has been going on for about 10 years now and I would appreciate any assistance y'all might be able to give.

A number of the children of Phillip PITTMAN are buried in the Antioch Cemetery, but no John T. PITTMAN and wife and no Phillip PITTMAN and wife.

One last note! John B. and John T. PITTMAN both served in the Indian Wars in FL.

Thanks ever so much for putting the info about John B. and Mary PITTMAN online. Y'all have made my day with the FIRST real connection to a PITTMAN anywhere!!


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