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Old Friendship Cemetery, Wetumpka

This cemetery was photographed by Andy Wright on August 5, 2012. Thank you, Andy for sharing your
wonderful photos. The index was compiled from the photos and Andy's research.

Directions: From U. S. Hwy. 90 on the west side of Quincy, turn south on Pat Thomas Parkway (Hwy 267).
Go past Old Federal Road and past Hwy. 65C which is on the left. At a sandy dirt road on the right within
a mile of CR 65C, turn right and go less than half a mile to a clearing. The cemetery is in the trees on
the right before the clearing. GPS Coordinates are 30-34-384/084-37-627. There is a sign at turnoff on
Hwy 276. See photo.


If there is only one photo, only the surname will be in color in the table below, but if there is a
second photo, the given name will also be in color.

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Epitaphs
BROWN Edward D. 22 Aug 1838 Houston Co., GA 14 Oct 1913 Gadsden Co., FL (f/o Robert E. Lee Brown)  
BROWN M. E. 8 June ???? 22 Apr 1873    
BROWN Martha L. (Sauls) 22 Jan 1869, Randolph Co., GA 9 Dec 1927, Gadsden Co., FL Wife of R. E. L. Brown [1910 census: married 23 years to Lee, children listed as Joe age 22, Sarah 20, James 18, Littleton 15, Bessie 13, Edward 11, Ira 8, Jesse 2
BROWN R. E. L.(Robert E. Lee) 14 Sept 1867, Gadsden Co, FL 18 Jan 1918, Gadsden Co, FL (s/o Edward D. Brown, h/o Martha L. Sauls Brown)  
CHESTER Mary Drake 11 Nov 1841 9 July 1907 (married Mark H. Temple on Jan 2, 1866, married G. B. Hopkins on Aug 11, 1880, married James Chester on May 24, 1888) [1900 census: living in Quincy with James R. Chester, daughter Lola Hopkins, age 15, and son Oscar Chester, age 10.] Also m/o Robert Leon Hopkins (1881-1924).
DAVIS Letha W. 1 June 1919 16 June 1943    
DRAKE Frances M. Gatlin 28 Dec 1847 5 Sept 1928 Wife of Thomas J. Drake (m/o Willie Ida Drake (1870-1874), Joshua Drake (1873-1873)
DRAKE Joshua 2 July 1873 26 Sept 1873 (s/o Thomas J and Frances Gatlin Drake)  
DRAKE Thomas J. 21 Jan 1848 8 Aug 1926 (h/o Frances Gatlin Drake, f/o Willie Ida Drake, Joshua Drake)  
DRAKE Willie Ida 16 Jan 1870 20 Sept 1874 (d/o Thomas J. and Frances Gatlin Drake)  
HOPKINS Robert Leon 18 July 1881 7 Nov 1924 (s/o Mary Drake Chester) [WWI registration shows that Robert was a clerk in a restaurant in Ocala, FL. His nearest relative was Lola E. Gregg of Grand Ridge, FL, his sister.] May he rest in Peace
HUBBARD Nancy Nora Williams Williamson 29 June 1896 26 Sept 1978 (d/o Jerry and Isabelle Williams, m/o Pauline Williamson)  
MOORE Adeline Tharp Jan 1872 1909 (unmarked grave, w/o William Franklin Moore, m/o William Elbert Moore, John Thomas Moore, Robert Lee Moore, and Charlie Randall Moore)  
MOORE William Elbert Oct 1896 Oct 1916 (s/o William Franklin Moore and Adeline Tharp Moore) Obituary from Gadsden County Times 10-19-1916 in the Sedalia News column.
OWENS Almhena (Allie) Strom 9 Sept 1854 2 July 1932 (d/o William C. Strom and Sara Wellington. From 1900 census: married 12 years to Lafayette Owens, mother of Linton L, age 10, Ula B, age 6 and Paul W age 2)  
OWENS Clara 17 Dec 1884 6 Oct 1886 (In Memory of Clara, d/o Lafayette S. and Clara C. Drake Owens) Gone before us O our sister to the spirit land, Vainly look we for another in thy place to stand.
OWENS Clara C. Drake 3 Aug 1850 24 Dec 1884 (w/o Lafayette S. Owens, married 12-18-1866, m/o Lilla B. Owens and Clara Owens) Dear is the spot where Christians sleeps and sweet the strain that Angels pour. O why should we in anguish weep, They are not lost but gone before.
OWENS Lieut. Lafayette S. 15 July 1838 27 Sept 1909 (h/o Clara C. Drake Owens, h/o Almhena Strom Owens, f/o Lilla B., Clara, and Pasco Owens) CO A. 4 FLA INF, C.S.A.
OWENS Lilla B. 10 Apr 1879 27 Oct 1903 (d/o Lafayette S. and Clara C. Drake Owens)  
OWENS Pasco 31 Aug 1888 18 Oct 1888 (s/o Lafayette S. and Almhena Strom Owens) (In Memory of Pasco, son of L. S. & Allie J. Owens)Happy infant early blest, rest in peaceful slumber, rest.
TEMPLE A. J. 1851, GA 7 May 1928, Gadsden Co, FL (probably related to Mark Temple, husband of Mary Drake Temple Hopkins Chester) (unmarked grave)
TEMPLE Mark H. 1838, GA unknown (1st h/o Mary Drake Temple Hopkins Chester) [He served in Company A, 4th Florida Infantry, enlisting on 10 July 1861. Company A. was one of 10 companies mustered as the 4th Florida Regiment on 1 Jul 1861. The unit was under Captain Charles A. Gee. Reorganized in May 1862 as a part of Bragg's army. The unit saw action at Stone River, in the relief of Vicksburg, Chickamauga and in campaigns from Chattanooga to Greensboro, NC. The command surrendered at Greensboro. He was captured 2 Jan 1863 at Murfreesboro and paroled at Fort McHenry on 3 Jun 1863, then exchanged. He was a 4th Corporal by the summer of 1863. Wounded in the finger at Chickamauga, 20 Sep 1863. Promoted to 2nd Corporal on 12 Jan 1864. Captured again 22 Jul 1864 near Atlanta, GA, and sent the prison at Camp Chase. Paroled on 4 Mar 1865, he was exchanged at City Point, VA, and finally paroled 17 May 1865 at Tallahassee.]
THARPE Robert 4 Sept 1907 (one date)    
THORPE Presley 22 Sept 1873 1 July 1951    
WILLIAMS Isabelle May 1874, Florida (unknown but before the 1920 census in which Jerry is listed as widowed) (w/o Jerry Williams, m/o Nancy Nora Williams Hubbard and Mansel W. Williams)  
WILLIAMS Jerry April 1850 (unknown, still living on 1900 census) [1900 census: living in Wetumpka with wife of 8 years, Isabella, and children: Lovie, Horace< Ettie, Nancy, Wilson, Pinky, Mansa (Mansel)]  
WILLIAMS Mansel W. Jan 1900 Gadsden Co, FL 1 Jan 1930, Wetumpka, Gadsden Co, FL (h/o Callie Parramore, s/o Jerry and Isabelle Williams)  
WILLIAMSON Pauline 8 Feb 1933 17 July 1934 Daughter of Nora & William Williamson  
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