Mt. Pilgrim Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Surveyed by and photographed by: Angela B. Cassidy, March 25, 2007.

Directions: Leave Quincy on High Bridge Road, go .2 mile east of junction with Old Federal Road, and church
and cemetery are on the right at 4730 High Bridge Road. From Midway, FL, turn on M. L. King Rd., turn right on High
Bridge Road, and travel almost to junction with Old Federal Road. Church and cemetery will be on the left .2 miles
from that intersection. This cemetery is still in use for burials, although not many new ones are there. It is not
maintained well, and the surfaces of many stones are being destroyed by fungus and tree detritus. Maintenance of
the stones has taken the form of painting them white, with so many coats of paint that the letter indentations are
unreadable anymore.

Church and Cemetery Photos: Mt. Pilgrim Church Sign, Mt. Pilgrim P.B. Church, Cemetery View

Baker, Susie, b. 10-31-1899, d. 5-6-1978

Barnes, Earnest B., b. 12-8-1940, d. 1-21-1990

Bradwell, Maggie, b. 3-1-1904 d. 12-5-1989

Bradwell, Pearl, b. 8-30-1918 d. 12-22-1999

Carter, Smart E., FLORIDA A2C 1141 SA SQ AF b. 11-10-1941 d. 1-27-1967

Brown?, Mazzine, 18(??) - ??(37 or 57?)

Collins, Jimmie Lee, b. 9-6-1937, d. 11-3-1979

Colston, Isabella, b. 2-9-1914 d. 8-7-1993(?)

Colston, Leroy, b. 10-12-1914 d. 12-24-1995

Cook, Henrietta, unreadable under Cedar bush(3-17-1913?) (3-20-1988?)

Cooper, Delores Smith, b. 4-16-1952, d. 2-4-2002, Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and sister

Costa, Rosa, 1901-1968

Cox, Frank James, Pvt. US Army WW II, b. 9-22-1927 d. 7-10-1983

Cox, Maude, b. 9-5-1908 d. 6-17-1978

Cox, Robert, FLORIDA PVT 438 RES, LABOR BN QMC, WW I, b. 11-14-1891, d. 9-28-1967

Dasher, Rosa, b. 10-12-1888 d. 12-22-1971

Amy? G. Dorsey, under azalea bush and almost unreadable, b. 10-26-1921, d. 2-(8 or 9)-19(7?)8

Farmer, Daisy, b. 3-31-?? d. 10-(9?)-1984

Howard, Debra A., 1968-1969

Jackson, Daisy, b. 1-28-1923, d. 1-28-1997

Jackson, Elise B., 1896-1967

Jackson, Fletcher, b. 1924, d. 2002

Jackson, Gwendolyn B., b. 4-1-1958, d. 7-14-1997

Jackson, Isaiah, Sgt. US Army Korea, b. 8-1-1928, d. 10-24-1986

Jackson, Juanita, b. 11-11-1926 d. 9-21-1975

Jackson, Louella, b. 10-14-1931 d. 6-24(?)-1980

Jackson, Mary E., b. 10-16-1949 d. 11-16-1971

Jackson, Roland, FLORIDA PVT CO C, 807 Pioneer Inf WW I, b. 5-7-1896, d. 8-3-1962

Jones, Henry, b. 12-14-1919, d. 3-6-2004

Keaton, Betty W., b. 12-4-1937 d. 10-8-19(8 or 9)2

Keaton, Millie, b. 7-7-1918, d. 4-7-1992

March, Lelia, b. 4-6-1941, d. 3-21-2006

Moore, Alonz, b. 11-7-1942 d. 3-6-1987

Nesmith, Sadie b. 9-18-192(6?) d. 7-22-1981

Perkins, Arthur, b. 7-4-1970, d. 7-4-1970

Perkins, Cassandar D., one date: 12-4-1871

Reed, Esaw, b. 12-23-1905, d. 10-28-1982

Reed, Susie , 12-(6?)-1900 d. 9-18-1984

Robinson, Annie, b. 3-6-1898, d. 1-31-1971

Robinson, Jack, b. 7-17-19(38 or 88), d. 10-30-1997

Rohn, Henrietta M., b. 3-7-1922, d. 10-13-1985

Rollins, Willie C., Dec (1909?) Sept. 10, (1987?)

Russell, Spencer W., FLORIDA TEC 5, 135 PORT CO TC WW II, b. 1-6-1919, d. 3-2-1971

Unknown adult slab left of Alonz Moore

Unknown, adult with headstone that has been painted into oblivion, under Cedar bush

Unknown, adult with headstone that has been painted into oblivion, under Cedar bush

Unknown child left of Casy Boy Williams, painted over too many times and indentions are gone

Unknown child?s slab left of unmarked adult slab left of Alonz Moore

Unknown, right of Roland Jackson

Wa_ _??, Elnora K., 1889 ? 19(8?)9

Williams, Casy Boy, May 22 197(2?) one date

Williams, Delia Jones, b. 2-5-1918, d. 1-25-1982

Williams, Dorsey, b. 1-1-19(04?) d. 9-20-1975

Williams, Henry, 1892-1961

Williams, Hozie, b. 12-30-1926, d. 9-16-1979

Williams, Maggie, b. 5-21-1913 d. 9-22-1979

Williams, Mary Frances, b. 12-2-1935, d. 6-5-2004

Williams, Willie Mae, b. 8-28-1953, d. 10-23-1979

Wright, Ethel B., b. 4-7-1938, d. 10-15-1984

Wright, Tyron, baby, d. 1-5-1965, faded funeral home marker only

Zander, Major, b. 8-4-1965, d. 6-28-1989

Zanders, Jimmy L., CPL US ARMY, b. 1920, d. 1974

Zanders, Smart, FLORIDA PFC US ARMY WW II, b. 8-23-1914, d. 1-23-1970

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