Methodist Church Records

Photos and Transcription by:  Phillip Clark.

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE:I have attempted to transcribe this hand written list as accurately as possible. Please accept my apologies for any mistakes made in the attempt to spell your family names correctly. Old script is very hard to read. As you look at the info you will find it is very fragmented at times. This info was copied from a number of old books that are stored in an old cabinet at Glen Julia Church at Mt. Pleasant, Florida.  There are other books that need transcribing and we are working on them.They often skip many years and many of the books are very badly used. Mt. Pleasant and Old Mt. Pleasant Church are the same church; the name just changed over the years. It was founded in 1824 and continues in service today.  They have now expanded to 5 buildings (as of September 2001).
A note of clarification from Linda Smith:  When we refer to "Old" as in Old Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church, that is the actual name of the Church, not just Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church. This often confuses some people when researching church records in the area. The little community of Mt. Pleasant has a Methodist Church, but it is named Glen Julia. Old Mt. Pleasant community down U.S. Hwy 90 about 4-5 miles to the west of Mt. Pleasant is where Old Mt.Pleasant Church is located.  The history is that a preacher named the Methodist church Mt. Pleasant around mid-1800s and the surrounding community then picked up that name, too. In the later part of the 1800s when the railroad was built through the area, a depot was built on the far eastern edge of this area and, of course, the depot was named Mount Pleasant.  A "new" community built up around the depot and Glen Julia Methodist Church was nearer that area.  So then as time went on, the original community picked up the name Old Mt. Pleasant; therefore, the name of the old historic church added "Old" to its name.

Glen Julia United Methodist Church

Old Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church

Baptism - Infants
Baptism - Adults
Baptism Infants 1883-1884
Baptisms Adults 1882-1884
Chattahoochee Church Roll 1889
Concord Church
Gadsden Circuit 1883
Glen Julia Church Membership
Glen Julia Church II Membership
Glen Julia Church Membership1874-1875
Glen Julia Church Membership 1880
Glen Julia Church Membership 1883
Glen Julia Church Membership 1946
Note: There are approximately 20 more pages of church records being reformatted.