McMillian Cemetery

Surveyed by: Wayne Carpenter in January 2000.

Directions: From Chattahoochee, take Hwy 269 south for 4 miles. Turn left on Hardaway Road (paved) and go 3 miles
to McMillian Road (dirt). Turn left and go .8 mile until you come to gate and the start of McMillian land. Bear left and go
. 3 mile through the woods. At the end of road the cemetery is on your left (south). Walk on a trail for maybe 300 feet and
the cemetery is on your left about 50 feet into woods.

Notes by Wayne Carpenter: 1) At one time John 'Florida' McMillian owned this land (3,000 acres). Today a timber
company owns it and leases it out to a hunting club. 2) The word "consort" was used to mean "wife." 3) The total number of
graves is unknown.

Notes by Gwen Johnson Kodad: My direct line family (among many others) is the Johnsons, beginning with Randal
Johnson who settled in Gadsden County in 1822, and eventually at Sycamore. The Old Sycamore Church and cemetery
are located on his original land, and many of his descendents are buried there. Please correct your records that say
beside Catherine McMillan is her husband, John "Florida" McMillian. Catherine was not Florida John's wife. Catherine
is too old to be his wife and is more likely to be his mother. Florida John's wife is well documented and was Mary Gilchrist
McPhaul. It is probable that his father (reported to be Archibald McMillian), his aunt Elizabeth McMillian, and his wife are
also buried somewhere in the cemetery. Margaret McMillian Gregory, consort of Charles T. Gregory, is Florida John's
daughter. Amanda, consort of James C. Evans, is also his daughter.

Amanda M
Consort of
Died 27 Oct 1854
Age 21 years, 2 months, 27 days

In memory of
Catherine McMILLIAN
Died Oct 1846
Age about 80 years

Buried next to Catherine McMILLIAN is
John "Florida" McMILLIAN
There are no markers for this grave.

Margaret McMILLIAN
Consort of
Born in Gadsden Co FL
10 Nov 1828
Died 30 Oct 1857
Age 28 - 11 months, 11 days
Her presence ever Made home happy

In memory of
Jason R
Son of Charles R & Margaret GREGORY
Died 28 Nov 1857
Age 3 months & 12 days
Gone home to thy mother -
Oh; who can express the
Full fountain of love;
That arose at her breast
As she welcomed her
Darling in Heavenly dress
To the home where the
Weary and grief worn Will rest
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