Marlin and Gause Cemetery

Surveyed and photographed by Angela Cassidy, Donna Warlick, and Jackson Miller on March 20, 2011.

Directions: From Quincy, proceed west to Greensboro on S.R. 12. Continue through Greensboro on S.R. 12 and
turn right on Pine Grove Church Road just before the Liberty County line. Go one or two miles and turn left on Boykin
Road, a big clay road. The cemetery is on the right at the intersection with another unnamed clay road. It is visible from
Boykin Road.

Landscape views: Entrance, Landscape View


Surname Given Born Died Notes
GAUSE Annie Mae 1889 1970 d/s Kinlow
GAUSE Eddie 1926 1963  
GAUSE Kinlow 1883 1955 d/s Annie Mae
HAGGIN Baby (no date) (no date)  
JACKSON Twins     Twins of Linda and Robert Jackson
JAKES Abel "Buddy" 14 July 1914 25 Feb 1989 d/s Annie Laura, wed 28 apr 1931
JAKES Annie Laura 26 Feb1916 22 Jan 2004 d/s Abel, wed 28 Apr 1931
JAKES Benjamin 26 Feb 1939 17 May 1963  
JAKES Beulah Mae "Shot" Gunn 16 Sept 1943 31 Oct 2007 d/s Kinlow "Fred"
JAKES Kinlow "Fred" 5 Apr 1940 (living) d/s Beaulah Mae Gunn
JONES Clyde 4 June 1927 10 Oct 2005 d/s Lexy M.
JONES Lexy M. 22 Jan 1933 (living) d/s Clyde
MARLIN Henry 1852 1945 d/s Rose
MARLIN Rose 1862 1945 d/s Henry
MURRAY Joseph Willie Lee 7 Dec 1911 14 Dec1957 FL S1 USNR WW II
MURRAY Roseann 22 Oct 1915 7 May 1985  
MURRAY Timothy 7 Feb 1945 29 Nov 2003  
PONTONE Sallie Mae Gause 26 Dec 1927 20 Mar 2008 Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Sister and Aunt
POSTELL Carrie B. 14 Jan 1924 18 Mar 2001 d/s Rev. Robert, Sr., wed 16 Sept 1990
POSTELL Rev. Robert, Sr. 14 Mar 1911 30 Dec 2008 d/s Carrie B., wed 16 Sept 1990
SAILOR Sally Marlin 1844 1933 (in plot with and next to Henry and Rose Marlin)
SCOTT Mellie B. 1916 1942  
UNKNOWN (adult)      
UNKNOWN (adult)     (New slab in back right of cemetery, no info)
UNKNOWN       Seven stones in a row with no names, only 6 shown in photo
UNKNOWN Child     (immediately left of Mellie Scott)
UNKNOWN Child     (left of and on the row below Mellie Scott)
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