Jesse Gregory Cemetery

Contributed by Jan Gregory Willis

Directions: From U.S. Highway 90 in Quincy, go west on State Road 12 towards Greensboro. Enter Imperial Wholesale
Nurseries. The office of the nursery is the old Federal style Jesse Gregory House. Ask permission to visit the cemetery. It is
about 1.5 miles west of the house up several hills from the house, and it is private land belonging to the nursery.

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Epitaphs
Albert William H. 17-Oct-1830 29-Aug-1862    
ALBERT Julia E. 27-Jun-1834 22-Dec-1890    
Gregory Moria J. 22-Jan-1826 1-May-1845 Wife of Jeriha D. Gregory  
Gregory George K.   21-Aug-1883   Age 17 years old
Gregory Infant Dau. of L. B. & M. R. Gregory        
Gregory Mary A. 5-Apr-1824 29-Apr-1855 Wife of A. E. Gregory  
Gregory Zeruial M. 24-Jul-1815 4-Apr-1847    
Hagood William H. 15-Jan-1808 26-Jan-1857    
Gregory Susan A. 6-Nov-1855 11-Jul-1856    
Gregory Owen W. 7-Aug-1831 9-Oct-1831 Son of Jesse & Elizabeth Gregory  
Gregory Jesse 26-Dec-1791 9-Sep-1859    
Gregory Elizabeth 29-Jun-1799 16-Jan-1864    
Long Mary J. 9-Apr-1816 9-Apr-1857    
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