Jason Gregory Family Cemetery

Original Survey Contributed by Jan Gregory Willis.

Surveyed and Photographed by Donna Warlick and Angela Cassidy January 2008.

Directions: From Highway 90 on the west side of Quincy, turn left onto Hwy 274 (Bostick Road) which is just
before the Piggly Wiggly. Pass the concrete plant. Take a right on Harbin Road. Where Harbin Road makes a 90
degree turn, don't turn but go straight ahead into a dirt driveway with a sign that says "Gargiulo Farm #2. Go straight
into the tomato field about 2/3 of the way toward the back and look over to the right, where a little circle of trees is in
the middle of the field. The cemetery is in that copse of trees. From the gate at the tomato field, this copse of trees
would be at about 2 o'clock.

Current conditions: This cemetery is in extreme disrepair. Most of the stones have been toppled and are lying on
the ground. Others are standing but have trees fallen on them. Damage from dead and decaying trees is intense.
One headstone is buried beneath a pile of dirt and sticks and has an animal burrow on it that we didn't disturb. It has
to be Senator Jason Gregory's stone, because that is the only one we didn't find from Jan's original survey. This
cemetery desperately needs to be cleared of trees and vines, the stones need to be righted, and the broken stones
need to be repaired. It also needs to be protected by fencing. The hogwire fence around it has rusted to the ground.
Descendants of this family are urged to take steps to protect it. The phone number of the Gargiulo Company, on
whose land the cemetery is located, is 850-875-0844 and 850-627-2106. Another cemetery is on their property in
the same field about 1/4 of a mile north, and it is in only slightly better condition, with about twice as many graves.
That one is known as Siloam Cemetery. / Angela Cassidy

There is no landscape to be seen due to the overgrown nature of the cemetery, but below are some photos of the
general condition of the cemetery.
General overgrowth, with one stone standing and some on the ground.
Sarah Gregory's stone left and Willoughby Gregory's stone right.
Mary Gregory's stone with others toppled around hers.
Other stones toppled but not broken.
Possibly Sen. Jason Gregory's headstone buried with debris.
Trees with cemetery are showing between the two signs at the driveway.

If one name is in burgundy font, there is one photo, but if both the surname and the given name are
in burgundy, there are two photos. The second photo is usually a closeup of the text.

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Comments on Stone
Gregory Abner B.   7-Sep-1860 Age 23 yrs 2 mos
Gregory Mrs. Amittee   24-Oct-1857 Age 75 yrs & 16 dys
Gregory Amittee S.   11-Sep-1834 Age 14 yrs 11 mos 10 dys
Gregory Ann E. 19-May-1838 18-Sep-1916 d/s Arch S. Gregory "There shall be no night there"
Gregory Arch S. 13-Sep-1843 16-Feb-1915 d/s Ann E. Gregory "There shall be no night there"
Gregory Ella A. 22-Jul-1859 5-Dec-1865 Dau of Willoughby S. & Sarah Gregory
Gregory Eva 22-Nov-1875 17-Jul-1945  
Gregory Jason 24-Oct-1840 9-Dec-1882  
Gregory Sen. Jason   1-Nov-1838 Age 57 yrs 1 mo 6 dys
Gregory Jasson 12-Feb-1884 28-Aug-1884 Son of A S & A E Gregory
Gregory Capt. Lewis 25-Jun-1801 8-Feb-1860 Born in Onslow County N.C.
Gregory Mrs. Mary B. 2-Mar-1813 10-Apr-1857 Age 44 yrs 1 month
Gregory Rena 1-Mar-1879 6-Sept-1882 Dau. of A S & A E Gregory
Gregory Robert L. 6-Aug-1874 8-Feb-1898 Son of A S & A E Gregory
Gregory Mrs. Sarah   11-Jul-1881  
Gregory Willoughby S. 12-Nov-1806 22-Jan-1863  
Love R. Erwin Oct 1886 Apr-1895 Son of HH & J. Love
Love Lurana I.   18-Oct-1876 Age 3 yrs, Our Little Rena
McLauchlin Mrs. Mary C. 16-Mar-1836 6-Jun-1855 Age 19 yrs 2 mos 20 dys
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