John "Virginia" Smith Cemetery, Quincy

Directions: This cemetery is in the area called "Santa Clara", and it was John "Virginia" Smith's plantation. From Quincy,
travel east on U.S. Hwy. 90 about 1 mile and turn right on Strong Road. The cemetery is in woods to the left and cannot be
seen or driven to. A small dirt track runs beside a house and disappears behind it. If you walk the track, it is about 1/4
mile to the cemetery, which is marked on the left by surveyor's tape tied to some bushes. Walk straight into the bushes and
about 15 feet in, you will see the grave stones. This is private land but the owners in the past have been very
accommodating about letting family members visit. I visited in summer 2005 and this is what the monuments looked like at
that time. These are obviously not original monuments. I know Smith family members had a restoration project led by Drane
Dupont Smith sometime in the mid-1900's, and this is probably when the new monuments were put up. It is unlikely that they
are in the original places because they are lined up like soldiers, and in family plots, mother and father were usually at
the head, with children at their feet. In this lineup, Lucy Snellings' husband is on the other end of the row from her, and
John H. Smith's two wives are not both beside him. One is at the end of the row beside his sister. It appears that those
who erected the new monuments did not realize the relationships. At least one headstone is missing, probably covered up by
the roots of a tree as it fell over. There is a downed tree near a foot stone that has no headstone with it, and the JJS
foot stone stands for John J. Snellings, husband of Lucy Snellings.
/Angela Cassidy

Submitted by Angela Boynton Cassidy

John "Virginia" Smith Cemetery

Flag marking entrance to cemetery

Back side of monuments showing footstones

 Footstone JJS  (no headstone)

 Smith, John
John Smith born in Brunswick County Virginia
May 8, 1789
died December 13, 1851
Reader, pause and think that you too must die.

 Smith, Martha (Wyatt), wife of John "Virginia" Smith
Martha Smith was born May  21,1792
and died May 21, 1857 age 65 Beautiful in life, tranquil in death.
She waits a glorious resurrection to immortality and eternal life.

and below that are these words
There is a world above
Where parting is unknown
A long eternity of love
Formed for the good alone
And faith beholds the dying here
Translated to the glorious sphere

 Smith, John H.
Sacred to the memory of John H., Smith
born February 15, 1824
died November 25, 1862
He leaves a name as pure as the morning, he was a man of large benevolence,
to need, was to have his sympathy, to ask was to secure his charity. He reaps his reward in heaven.

and below, separately, are these words:
A wife's tribute to virtues which though buried still live in memory.

 Smith, Susan J., wife of John H. Smith
In memory of Susan J. wife of John H. Smith
born February 27, 1832
died May 14, 1858
She sleeps in Jesus
and below, separately, are these words:
Hope looks beyond the bounds of time
When what we now deplore
Shall rise in full immortal prime
and bloom to fade no more

 Smith, Winnie E.
Winnie E. Smith was born January 18, 1828
and died June 2, 1856
age 35 years 6 months
A life of piety closed in a death of peace
Where the weary are at rest
She is gathered unto God
And with endless glory blessed
Heaven is her bright abode

 Snellings, Lucy A. E.
Lucy A E Snellings was born Sept 9th 1826
and died Jan 20th 1856
aged 29 years 8 mos & 11 days
She lived beloved as an affectionate daughter, a devoted wife
and an humble Christian and died in peace.

and below, separately, are these words:
We will not mourn the dead
In Jesus Christ, who die
From care and sorrow fled
They live, and reign on high
We wait the time when Christ shall come
And all shall meet in heaven, our home.

Notes by Linda Clark Smith about the relationship of the people buried here:
John (father) was known in Gadsden County as John "Virginia" Smith to distinguish him from John Gadsden Smith
Martha (mother) Her maiden name was WYATT.
Lucy A E SNELLINGS is a daughter. "E"= "Emily"; married John J. SNELLINGS (whose foot stone is there but not headstone)
John H. is a son of John and Martha. The "H" = "Harris"
Susan J. was the first wife of John Harris; maiden name: ROUNTREE
Winnie E. was the second wife of John Harris; maiden name: ROUNTREE
(Susan & Winnie were sisters)