Photos of Houses

Chester, Oliver and Lillian
Oliver Chester built this house for his family in Concord in 1918. Oliver was a skilled carpenter. This house was on the Concord Road near the intersection with State Road 12A.
Submitted by Angela Cassidy. Original photo from Liz Gerlits.
Walsh, Patrick and Nancy
The first home of Patrick and Nancy Ann Callahan Walsh was on the road to Cotton's Ferry, near Concord, FL. Later they moved closer to the center of Concord. This photo is estimated to be about 1896. Left to right: Emma, Lawson, Patrick (father), Allene, Roy, Nora, Nancy (mother), Myrean, and Ida Croam. Allene and Myrean were twins. Their eldest son, Henry, had already left home, as well as his sisters Annie, Holland, and Laura. Emma died at age 24 in 1896 of a fever. Myrean (called Marie), afflicted with Down Syndrome, died at age 5 in 1897. Lawson, also afflicted with Down Syndrome, died at age 10 in 1897. Warren died at age 7 in 1892. Nannie died in 1887 at the age of 4. Patrick was a Civil War veteran, having enlisted at the age of 17. On this homestead, he grew corn, cotton, indigo, and rice. Some of their land was in the sloughs of the Ochlockonee River. As with all of the Walsh men, Patrick had an affinity for good horseflesh, so it is not unusual that his horse was in the photo. The picture frames are most likely photos of their dead children (four infants died other than those listed above). It was a common practice of that time to put an empty baby carriage in a family photo to signify a lost child or to hold photographs or paintings of deceased family members. None of those pictures or paintings have been found in their descendants' families.
Submitted by Angela Cassidy
Walsh, Walter, Jr., and Mary Catherine Perkins
The first home of Walter and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh was a log home on Fairbanks Ferry Road. Later, they built a two-story white wooden house in front of the log house and used the log house as a dormitory for the boys to sleep in. This photo is estimated to be in 1897 judging by the size of the children. Audrey (male) must be the baby in Mary's arms, and he was born in 1896. Bryant was born in 1898, and he isn't there yet. Before Aud were two girls, Sarah, born 1893, and Edrie, born 1895. That must be Edrie in Walt's arms. The children appear to be in this order, left to right: Jim, Ella, Clyde "Buddy", Edrie in her father's arms, Sarah, and either Norman or Leonard (one of them is missing from the photo), Pasco, and Miles.
Submitted by Angela Cassidy. Original photo from Pasco Walsh's family.
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