Issue of May 5, 1949

Excerpted, with permission, from the Havana Herald, Havana, FL.

Articles were photographed by Angela Cassidy and typed by Eunice Herren. Where the full names of people are known,
they have been added in parentheses by Angela Cassidy.

Boy Scout Troop 211 Camporee Bound

Front row: Patrol Leader Kenneth Haskins, Charles Noack, Bobby Phillips, Billy Edmunds, David Stallings, Johnny Brude and Patrol Leader Sheldon Loch. Back row: Jerry Clenney, Bobby Harvell, Guinn Haskins, Millard Harrison, Jack Leonard, Potter Woodbery, John Howard Robinson and Glen Loch.
Herald Photo

The Office Cat

You won't be surprised that this column begins with a review of the Kiwanis minstrel. In my early days, I used to be a drama critic, and in my opinion, the Sugarfoot show should go on the road, it was GOOD! Each year a whole crop of new talent shows up. For instance, who knew that O. E. Yearty could put Arthur Murry in the shade? My nomination for the perfect natural goes to C. W. Tullos. Among the new faces in this year's production, Lloyd Greer and Louise Blackburn rate first honors. The only improvement I could think of for the show would be a repetition of Ed Bell's impersonation of the mayor, which he gave in last year's show.

After careful consideration, I've decided that hard work is the safest course to take these days. (The above cut shows that I practice what I preach). You might think a man would be in very little danger while playing golf, but Henry Slappey proved the fallacy therein last Monday afternoon in Tallahassee by breaking his ankle. Henry's name, to date, has appeared on the sports page of several newspapers in the state (which is more of a distinciton than most of the local golfers can claim.) The articles are all wrong in that they state Henry missed the ball that caused all the trouble, the ball was hit so hard that it's probably still flying through space. At any rate, it hasn't been recovered yet. Henry, needless to say, gets a six weeks' rest out of it. What some people won't do to get a vacation.

Another reason I'm giving up golf is the rattlesnake that Alvin Stephens brought home from the Attapulgus golf course last week. Things like that defeat the purpose of the healthful exercise one gets from playing the game.

I used to think naively that softball was a harmless recreation, but since Fred Shelfer broke his finger at ball practice Monday night, I've decided to take up tiddley winks or checkers as a diversion. The boss says the thinks he'll go back his former pasttime, boxing. He says it's safer.

Mrs. Boss' cat is the proud mama of one lone kitten, whom we named "Pica" because it was so small. Since then his name has been changed successively to "Twelve em" and now "Two Column". If he keeps growing at the present rate, I don't know what we'll wind up calling him. And guess who they asked to be godparent to the little fellow. Naturally THE OFFICE CAT.

Gym Is Accepted by County Board, Gets State OK

The county school board accompanied by the architect of the State Department of Education, James E. Garland, officially inspected the new Havana gymnasium, lunchroom and bandroom last Monday.

The board accepted the new $124,003.24 facilities, which included rewiring of whole school, two new classrooms, ect.; as also did architect Garland for the state office.

The new additon to the existing school center were made under the state foundation building program following the voting of a bond issue for $60,000 prior to the consolidation of the county into one school district over a year ago.

Garland explained that the construction was completed and his acceptance for the state department, which was mainly to check for compliance with safety building requirements of the state laws, was contingent upon the final check and certification of architect Robert Maybin, the designer.

The construction contract was undertaken and completed by Williams of the firm Albritton and Williams.

Architect Garland told a representative of the Herald that in his opinion the Havana gymnasium and new facilities were "comparable to any in the state for the size of the school." He said that the gym has a very fine floor, adequate shower and dressing facilities and should provide full opportunity for the conduct of a well rounded physical education program.

He pointed out that under the state physical ed program, every child in the school will be able to have one hour or period a day with facilities provided.

When asked as to equipment to outfit the shell, Mr. Garland said that the equipment largely depended upon the physical education teachers, the coaches and the county board. For example, the board often provide such things for interior equipping as bleachers and backboards. Although any frills and fancy extra equipment are not usually furnished by county board funds.

Perfect Attendance Winners Announced At Kiwanis Club

Kiwanian Ben Meginnis from Tallahassee presented perfect attendance awards to several members of the Havana Kiwanis Tuesday.

Two received perfect attendance buttons for three years, since the club received its charter in the national organization. They were D. F. Burns and H. N. Alewine.

Four were recipients of two year perfect attendance, B. E. (Blanks) Leverett, J. C. Keith, J. E. Robinson and P. W. (Wallace) Shelfer, Jr. One year perfect attendance awards went to the immediate past president Fred Arrington and Aubrey Butler and W. K. (Kenneth) Cowart.

Honorable mention was accorded several members who just missed by a few meetings perfect records. Members missing a perfect record for the past year by four meetings were Cecil Butler, Jack Dudley and president James Mitchell. Howard Daniels, Max Dees and Davis Smith came within five of a perfect attendance score and J. C. Morgan, Jr., and W. L. Williams, Jr., missed it by six each.

Meginnis also inducted W. (Bill) Stalvey into the local club as a new member.

Secretary John Keith gave a tentative report on the financial results of this year's minstrel, pending the receipt of a small amount of ticket money still not turned in. Total gross of the annual show by the club including advertising in the program, cake chances and admission was $1,330.05. Expenses were $157.42, leaving a balance of $1,2272.62.

Dinner was served by the Easter Star.

Local Cast In Record Kiwanis Minstrel

Here are the Ladies and "gem-mums" of the Kiwanis Sugarfoot Minstrel shown just after they presented a hilarious show last Thursday night at the school auditorium. James Mitchell, president of the club, was the interlocutor and to settle any disputes as to the other members of the cast, they are as follows: front row, left to right: Fred Arrington, W. L. Williams, Jr., Lloyd Greer, Herschel Darsey, O. E. Yearty, (yes, it is too), Mitchell, C. B. Shelfer, Jr., C. W. Tullos, Ed "Gong" Bell, John Keith. Second row, l to r; H. N. Alewine, director of the show, Sheldon Loch, Doris Hooks, Mary Lou Gandy, Julie Griner, Mrs. Hugh Blackburn, Mrs. G. H. Loch, Gail Cooper, Marjorie Moreland, Mary Ann Butler and Jimmie Dolan.
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Lawson B. Ellinor, Pioneer Resident, Taken by Death

Lawson B. (Benjamin) Ellinor, prominent retired merchant and farmer, and pioneer citizen of this community died at the age of 67, at his home here Tuesday afternoon. He had been in poor health for several years.

Ellinor was born and spent his boyhood in Scotland community near here. In 1902, he and the late E. B. Shelfer of Quincy organized Shelfer and Ellinor Company, which Ellinor managed continuously until 1931, when he acquired control of the firm. In addition to being president of the hardware firm, Ellinor was a well known farmer, and was at one time the largest independent grower of shade tobacco in Gadsden county.

Ellinor was a charter member of the town council, a charter member and deacon of Havana Baptist church, and a director of Havana State Bank. He was a former director of the Monticello Credit Production Association. He was a Shriner and member of the Masons.

Rev. J. D. Willingham, assisted by Rev. E. F. Quarterman, conducted funeral services from Havana Baptist church at 5 p. m., Wednesday. Burial was at Havana (Woodland) cemetery, with Butler-Morgan as funeral directors.

He is survived by his wife (Roberta Woodbery Ellinor), two sons, Merrill F., of Ormond Beach and Robert A. of Havana; three brothers, Joe of Havana, Sam F. and Arthur, both of Ft. Pierce; eight grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Pallbearers were Conrad Harrell, Walter H. Truluck, Bryant Walsh, T. S. Yawn, Hugh Zeigler, Wayland Jones, E. B. McFarland and James Mitchell.

County Softball Opens Monday

The curtain will rise next Monday night on the county softball show as five teams get underway with their opening games of the season.

The Quincy Methodists dropped out of the league this year as did one of the Havana teams and one new team has been added, the REA. The dropping out of the Methodists necessitated a reorganization of the schedule according to a report of the officials after their final pre season meeting last Tuesday.

Now the five teams still entered in the league will play a split season 36 game schedule with games scheduled on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays of each week. The winner of the first half will play the winner of the second half in the play off following the regular season for the championship. The playoff series will be four out of seven games.

If one team should win both the first and second half, the play off will be between the winners and the runner up.

Officials said today that they had uncovered a softball fund of $75 on deposit in a Quincy bank that had been left over from the league funds of eight years ago. They voted to use the money to purchase two trophies for this years play, three sets of new bags and three umpire masks.

Rappers in Exhibition

The Rappers will give their fans a pre season look at their '49 club when they play the Presbyterians of Quincy here tomorrow night in an exhibition game.

Monday, Mayor Slappey will throw out the first ball in the opening game here with the locals taking on the Presbyterians. Rappers roster on page three.

Council Favors Swimming Pool

Monday, members of the town council voted to purchase a power moving machine (one man Planet Junior) to be used in mowing the cemetery and sub station grounds and cutting the weeds and tall grass on the right of way on the town's streets.

Preliminary plans and estimates on a public swimming pool were submitted by councilman Benny McFarland and the council members voted to appoint Benny as a committee of one, representing the council to contact local civic clubs, as to the possibility of making the swimming pool an all cooperative project of all Havana organizations.

The members of the council felt that the town, barring any unforeseen financial difficulties in the next 12 months, would be in a position to put $2,000 toward the construction of a public pool. They also agreed to furnish the site and maintain it.

Estimates of the 50' by 100' pool including a filter system to meet all the state board of health requirements, with industrial or storm fence, rest rooms and pumping facilities run in the neighborhood of $10,000.

The plan calls for a wading pool on one end 25' by 50', which is included in the overall length of 100 feet.

With the completion of the new gymnasium, tennis court, existing playgrounds and lighted softball field, the addition of a swimming pool would afford the children and the adults too, a well rounded and full opportunity to participate in almost any sport that they desire.

Dolan Wins JRC Award To Summer Training Camp In Alabama

Leadership qualifications and willingness to assume responsibility in the promotion of Junior Red Cross work have won Ann Crownover, junior, Quincy high school, and John Dolan, sophomore, Havana high school, ten days extensive training at the Junior Red Cross Leadership Training Center, according to Mrs. C. R. Shaw, Jr., chairman of Gadsden county Junior Red Cross.

The center is called Camp Mac and is located near Talladega, Alabama. Two training periods, June 7-17 and July 19-29, are to be conducted and the young people will select one of these sessions to attend, with expenses paid by the local Junior Red Cross chapter.

Selection of two students from Gadsden county schools each year to attend Camp Mac is made in order to provide specific training for student leaders who will direct and encourage the promotion of Red Cross activities among fellow students.

The selection is made by the principal and teacher-sponsors of each school, the latter being appointed annually by the principal to serve as sponsors of Red Cross work in the classroom.

Teacher-sponsors this year are Miss Edna Feinberg, Miss Ruth Wheat, and Miss Louise Quarterman at the Quincy high school; and Miss Hilda Grant and Mrs. Nonnie Zeigler, at Havana high school. Greensboro and Chattahoochee were the schools to select students for training last year.

Juniors Entertain Seniors With Tour To St. Augustine

One of the most enjoyable entertainments ever given in honor of Havana high school seniors by a junior class, was the educational trip which the two groups took last week-end.

Forty two juniors and seniors, accompanied by Miss Ruth Moore, Max Walker, Miss Mary Pat Warner, Fred Strange and Mrs. D. F. Burns, left by school bus at 6:30 a. m., Friday with Silver Springs as their destination. Miss Ruth Moore accompanied the students in her car. Guy Weeks was the driver of the school bus.

The party arrived at Silver Springs in time for a visit to the Ross Allen Institute before lunch. At noon the group enjoyed a picnic lunch which they took with them. The afternoon was spent in riding in glass bottom boats and photo subs, making the jungle cruise, swimming, and visiting souvenir shops. At 5 o'clock, a picnic supper was served, and the party went on to St. Augustine, where they spent the night at St. Augustine Beach Hotel.

Saturday's activities began at 6 a. m., when some of the braver boys and girls went swimming in the Atlantic. The group ate breakfast at the Chinese restuarant in St. Augustine, and immediately afterward went to Marineland. Despite rain during the morning, they were able to enjoy watching attendants feed the fish, and to view the many specimans exhibited in the aquarium.

A sight seeing tour of the oldest city in the United States included visits to Fort Matanzas, the oldest house, Fort Castilla de San Marcos, the old school house, and the Fountain of Youth.

The young people started homeward in the afternoon arriving at the Suwannee River for supper and reaching home about 11 o'clock Saturday night.

The trip included 570 miles through fifteen counties. The students saw many of Florida's well know points of interest and educational value, as well as having a pleasant outing.

The junior class planned the tour for the seniors early last fall, and has been raising money toward it during the school term. A junior play, suppers, candy and rummage sales and other fund raising projects (plus a great deal of hard work) went into providing the $550 needed for the trip. The activities throughout the year were directed by Max Walker and Miss Ruth Moore. The cost of the trip was approximately $10 per person.

The junior class wishes to express its sincere thanks to every person and business house for their help in making the project possible for them and for the seniors.

Negro Nabbed in Bolita Raid Here

Sheriff Otho Edwards and John Blount nabbed Freddie Douglas, Havana negro, in a bolita raid here last Saturday. Douglas was charged with possession of bolita tickets when he was caught leaving the back door of Bootsy Byrd's house here in Havana. He is under $750 bond.

Rapper Softball Roster for '49 Season Released

Manager Gus Bert said todya that his roster of Rapper players is taking form, and though not complete as yet, he plans to carry the following 17 players to start the season on May 9th.

Billy miller, Dan Miller, Jack Boynton, Edwin Herring, H. C. Bert, Jr., Julian Thompson, Otto Joiner, Harold Rogers Bert, Don Williams, Garrett Brooks, Jack Bert, Bill Dun, Max Walker, H. C. Bert, Sr., Howard Gray, O. E. Yearty, Pat Butler and Bobby Dennon.

Five of the boys who are in school will not be available for duty until after school. They are: Don Williams, Dan Miller, Garrett Brooks, Howard Gray and H. C. Bert, Jr. Bert Jr., will be available for Friday games, however, to relieve the pressure on the mound staff.

Player positions have not been cyrstalized as yet and the opening line up will probably be released next week, Manager Bert said.

Plans to complete and adopt the season's schedule were finished this Tuesday's meeting of county league softball managers, Gus Bert said today.

There are still several uniforms not taken up by local merchants according to latest reports. The team plans to finance their player uniforms by allowing a sponsor merchant or individual to buy one or more uniforms. The new uniforms cost $8.50.

Firms who have participated in the plan so far are: Powell's Drug Store, Gandy's Super Market, Dees-Jefferson Furniture Co., Havana Equipment Co., Bert Bros., and a cup known as Penn's fund has been turned over to the club.

Ask Hinson About Weather In Africa

Jimmy Hinson, well known to many of the folks in Havana as owner and operator of the Lake Jackson Airport and grill did some mighty long distance selling the other day.

Since closing the airport, Jimmy has patented a fuel oil gauge and just shipped fifty of gadgets to Johannesburg, Africa.

They must have "weather" there too.

Party Given For Ollie Mae Johnson

Ollie May Johnson celebrated her fourteenth birthday with a party given last Saturday afternoon by her mother, Mrs. T. A. Johnson. The party took place at the Johnson home.

The honoree and her guests were entertained with several games and contests. A game prize was awarded to Ruth Lambert.

Later in the afternoon, the hostess served refreshments of birthday cake, cookies and punch, and candy and chewing gum were given as favors to the guests. Ollie Mae received a number of attractive gifts from her friends.

Enjoying the occasion with Ollie Mae were Marcia Swisher, Ruth Lambert, Shirley Vickers, Judy Hooks, Marion Spooner, Mary Scott, Alice McCullough, Mary Clenney, Betty Jean Nelson, Geraldine Jowers, Gwin Holman and Snooks Shores.

Presbyterian Women Have Anniversary Party at Cantey Home

The local Presbyterian Women of the Church enjoyed a party Monday evening at the home of Mrs. J. S. Cantey in observance of the 27th anniversary of the organization's establishment. The birthday party is traditionally held at the first meeting in May by the group which was formerly known as the Presbyterian Auxiliary.

The party was held on the lawn at the Cantey home, with Mrs. Guyte Chester as co-hostess.

Mrs. John Dolan had charge of the program, which dealt with the need for foreign missions work in Brazil. Mrs. J. B. Harrison led the inspiring devotional at the beginning of the meeting. Separate phases of Brazil's needs were outlined by the following members who took part on the program: Mrs. Guyte Chester, Mrs. C. W. Mahaffey, Mrs. O. M. Tillis, Mrs. C. V. Butler, Miss Louise Quarterman and Mrs. Inez Eubanks.

A special anniversary offering of $29 was taken at the meeting. This amount will be divided between foreign mission work in Brazil and the American Bible Society to help supply all peoples of the world with Bibles.

An attractive outdoor refreshment table was decorated with a punchbowl encircled with yellow cosmos and fern. Mrs. C. V. Buter, president of the group, cut the birthday cake, which was green and yellow with yellow candles. Other refreshments served were chicken sald sandwiches, potato chips, nuts and mints.

Those enjoying the evening in addition to the hostesses were Mesdames Don Penn, William Doss, J. L. Reinhardt, S. A. Thompson, T. A. Norman, M. E. McCorquodale, E. F. Quarterman, Ed Bell, Lloyd Greer, Sam Lester, Mellie McLellan, Inez Eubanks, C. V. Butler, John Dolan, O. M. Tillis, C. W. Mahaffey, Ruby Womack, W. M. DeCostas, Jack Dudley, J. B. Harrison and Misses Kathrine Peabody, Ollie Belle Schwall, Ruth Moore and Louise Quarterman.

Miss Womack, Mr. Gillem Wed In Home Ceremony

A lovely and simple ceremony united in marriage Miss Rebecca Womack and William Gillem at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Womack, last Saturday afternoon at 6 o'clock.

The living and dining room of the home were decorated with beautiful arrangements of Easter lilies and Queen Anne Lace, and bouquets of pink roses.

The service was performed in the presence of a few close friends and relatives by Brother Fred Plumhoff of Tallahassee, Minister of the Watchtower Society. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy of Tallahassee.

The bride was attractive in a spring suit of light blue gabardine with which she used black accessories. Her hat was trimmed with a decoration of pink and lavendar tulle and a corsage of pink carnations tied with white ribbon completed her costume.

Mrs. Kennedy wore an afternoon lenght dress of aqua shantung with matching bolero and her corsage was of mixed spring flowers.

The bride's mother was becomingly gowned in a pink and black print crepe with which she wore a white carnation corsage.

In the dining room, the bride's tables was laid with the two tiered white wedding cake. A miniature bride and groom figure standing beside a tiny wedding bell formed the top decoration. The cake was surrounded by pink snapdragons and larkspur mixed with fern. A lovely arrangement of Easter lilies and Queen Ann Laacae was on the buffet between pink candles in white holders. The wedding gifts were also displayed in the room.

During the reception period, ice cream and individually decorated cakes were served the guests.

Later in the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Gillem left for a two weeks wedding trip in which they plan to visit the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Gillem of Saylorsburg, Pa. Upon returning the couple will reside in Havana.

Mrs. Gillem is employed at the local telephone office and Mr. Gillem is connected with J. W. Baggerly, local builder.

Out of town guests included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holton of Maryester, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. Berry, Miss Lillian Cochran, Mis Clara Bradshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plumhoff and the attendants, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, all of Tallahassee.

Al Goble Celebrates Second Birthday

Al Goble, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Goble, celebrated his second birthday recently with a party given in Tallahassee at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sullivan.

Decorations of balloons and arrangements of bright summer flowers were used to carry out a circus theme in the party rooms. A birthday cake decorated to complete the motif was the table centerpiece.

During the afternoon, games were enjoyed by the young guests and pictures were made of the group. The children received pastel baskets of mints and surprise packages of favors.

Forty two of Al's little friends enjoyed the party with him.

Bridge Clubs Enjoy Joint Meeting

Mrs. Tom Aldred and Mrs. John (Sarah) Boynton entertained members of the Chat and Play and the Havana Bridge clubs Wednesday afternoon of last week at the home of Mrs. Boynton.

Four tables of players enjoyed the afternoon. In addition to regular club members present, Mrs. C. W. Mahaffey and Mrs. W. P. (Mae) Woodbery were guest players.

At the conclusion of the games, Mrs. A. M. (Kathleen) Butler and Mrs. Conrad (Belle) Harrell were awarded duplicate prizes for high score in the Chat and Play club. High score prize for the Havana club was won by Mrs. J. G. (Grace) Fischer. Mrs. Marvin (Thelma) Miller was the recipient of cut award.

During the refreshment period, the hostesses served frozen fruit salad, sandwiches, crackers and iced tea.

50th Wedding Anniversary To Be Celebrated Sunday

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Morgan, Sr., will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary next Sunday, May 8th with a family dinner at their home here.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan's children, sisters and brothers and other close relatives have been invited to enjoy the occasion with the couple.

In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan will be home to their friends who wish to call and congratulate them on the event.

Personal Items
Phone Your Social News to 132

Mrs. Essie Collins of Thomasville, Ga., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Laing last Friday through Sunday. Mrs. Collins is Mr. Laing's sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hunt and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tullos enjoyed spending last week-end at the beach near Panama City.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Garrett of Macon, Ga., and Mrs. W. D. Murray of Ft. Valley, Ga., arrived here Monday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Womack.

Alvin Stephens spent Tuesday afternoon in Thomasville, Ga., on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Bert and daughters, Anne and Jane, and Mr. and Mrs. Davis Smith and daughters, Frances Cornelia and Betty Jo, spent last week-end at Bahama Beach near Panama City.

Miss Hilda Grant was the week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Herring, in Tallahassee.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Darden, whose home is in the Panama Canal Zone, spent last week end here at the home of Mr. Darden's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. (John and Sarah) Boynton.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. (Sam and Annelle) Thompson and little son (Terry), who are guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cantey, were visitors in Panama City last week end.

Mrs. R. G. Tinkler, of Baltimore, Md., is here on a two week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Loch and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holder, of Memphis, Tenn., visited here last week with Mr. Holder's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Holder. Mrs. Holder plans to remain here for a few more weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. A. O. (Alvin and Virginia) Stephens spent Tuesday and Wednesday at Pensacola.

Friends of Mrs. E. C. Tillis will regret to learn that she is confined to her home here because of illness.

Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Jefferson are attending the annual convention of the Florida Retail Furniture Dealers Association, Wednesday and Thursday of this week in Jacksonville.

Misses Mary Pat Warner and Bobbie Willis of Quincy were overnight guests of Miss Julia Ann Tullos Saturday.

James F. Goff of Miami was the luncheon guest Tuesday of his mother in law, Mrs. Nellie Cliatt. Mr. Goff returned home Tuesday afternoon, making the trip by plane.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cooper attended a Jitney Jungle Foods Convention at Jackson, Miss., Sunday through Thursday of last week.

Mrs. Madge Allen and son, Terry, of Tallahassee, were recent guests of Mrs. Allen's brother, L. D. Singleton.

E. B. (Bennie) McFarland and son, Robert Hampton, spent Friday through Sunday of last week in Baltimore, Maryland.

Henry Slappey, who suffered a leg injury while playing golf at Tallahassee Country Club Monday, returned home yesterday from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. His condition is reported satisfactory, and friends are invited to visit him at his home.

J. A. Arnold Dies At Sopchoppy May 1

J. A. Arnold, 79 year old Sopchoppy resident, died Sunday night at the home of his son, R. W. Arnold, in Quincy.

A lifelong resident of Sopchoppy, Arnold was a member of the Primitive Baptist church.

Graveside services were conducted Tuesday by Rev. Calvin Scarborough. Interment was at Oak Park in Sopchoppy, with Butler-Morgan in charge of arrangements.

Arnold is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Ann Arnold of Sopchoppy; a son, R. W. Arnold of Quincy; a sister, Mrs. Fluce Oliff of Tallahassee; and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

H. W. C. Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Members of the Havana Woman's Club celebrated the 20th anniversary of the club last Tuesday afternoon and honored sixteen past presidents as a special feature of the afternoon's program. The presidents were presented with corsages by Mrs. J. W. Sapp and as they formed a line, members came by and greeted each one. The group included; Mrs. O. M. Tillis, Mrs. J. E. Robinson, Mrs. T. J. Cook, Mrs. J. G. Bert, Mrs. W. V. Smith, Mrs. Lee Womack, Mrs. J. W. Sapp, Mrs. J. H. Crickenberger, Mrs. A. M. Butler, Mrs. H. C. Bert and Mrs. Carl Moreland. Mrs. H. E. Masters, first president, Mrs. Harry Womack and Mrs. C. V. Butler were not at the meeting and another past president, Mrs. J. D. Odom has moved away. These members have served as presidents from the first year of the club's organization in 1929, until the present administration of Mrs. Sapp. The local group joined the National Federation of Woman's clubs in 1939.

Mrs. J. G. Bert presented the club an attractive handmade sampler bearing the words, "Havana Womans Club, 1929-1949." The letters were cross stitched in pink on green linen and a row of pink petunias, the club flower, was embroidered above the wording.

Special guests for the afternoon were Mrs. Rodman Porter, District Director, and Mrs. Chauncy, State Child Welfare Chairman, both of Apalachicola. Mrs. Porter gave an interesting report of the National and State Conventions held last month in Hollywood, Fla., and presented the Club with the first prize for the best year book submitted in the State Program Building Contest. (Story on Page 1).

Following the presentation, Mrs. H. C. Bert, Parliamentarian, conducted the installation of new officers for the 1949-50 year as follows:

President, Mrs. E. J. Stephens; 1st vice president, Mrs. H. C. Bert, 2nd vice president, Mrs. J. W. Sapp; 3rd vice president, Mrs. Eugene Thompson; 4th vice president, Mrs. Clark Plemmons; Recording Secretary, Mrs. G. H. Loch; corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. G. Bert; Treasurer, Mrs. H. N. Alewine; Reporter, Mrs. Jack Dudley; Parliamentarian, Mrs. W. V. Smith.

During the brief business session, the club passed a resolution opposing President Truman's Compulsory Health Insurance program.

At the social hour, hostesses served punch, cookies and sandwiches, and guests and members enjoyed the exhibits of hand work, paintings and china displayed in attractive settings around the hall.

This meeting was the last social meeting of the club until the first Tuesday in September.

Concord News
By Jeannette Joiner

Miss Audrie Gray visited her mother in Jacksonville last week end.

Friends of Mrs. G. W. Barber are sorry to hear she is ill in Riverside Hospital in Bainbridge.

Mrs. Charles (Ruth) Britt of Tallahassee, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Perritt, last Thursday.

Mrs. Claudia Bell visited her son, Taylor, who is in the Veterans Hospital, Lake City, Fla., Thursday. We are pleased to hear that Taylor is much improved from injuries received in a motorcycle wreck five week ago.

Dr. Love Resigns As County Health Officer

Dr. E. C. Love's resignation as county health officer was accepted by the county board at their regular bi monthly session last Monday.

Dr. Love stated in his letter that he was resigning in order to take a post graduate course away from here.

The county board tentatively named Dr. Jack Shoemaker to the county post vacated by Dr. Love.

Jeffersons Attend Dealer's Convention

Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Jefferson are attending the 36th annual convention of the Florida Retail Furniture Dealers Association May 4-5 in Jacksonville.

The convention is being held at the George Washington Hotel. Alden Clark, president of the association is presiding at the meetings, which were opened with a welcome address by Mayor C. Frank-Whitehead of Jacksonville.

Special entertainment was arranged for the ladies attending the meeting. The convention will be climaxed tonight by an informal banquet at the Hotel George Washington auditorium, followed by a floor show and dance.

Mrs. Ruby Walker Dies at Jacksonville

Funeral services were conducted in Quincy at 11 a. m., Monday for Mrs. Ruby Claire Walker, 57, who died in Jacksonville, April 30. Mrs. Walker was a native of Quincy.

Rev. E. F. Quarterman was in charge of the services, and interment was at Eastlawn cemetery in Quincy.

Survivors include her husband, George Walker of Oakwood Villa; three daughters, Mrs. Eugene T. Patronis of Quincy, Mrs. Virginia Reedy of Harlan, Ky., and Mrs. Bernard Kelly of New York City; four sons, Frank of Jacksonville, William V. and Eugene A., of Thomasville, Ga., and John Green, of Honolulu, T. H.; and a brother, Benjamine Smith of Quincy.

GJ Park Association Meeting Set May 17

A meeting will be held Tuesday May 17, at 8 p. m., at the courthouse in Quincy, for the purpose of reorganizing the Glen Julia Park Association, it was announced this week by Miss Elise Lafitte, county home demonstration agent.

The function of the association will be to give people of Gadsden county an opportunity to use Glen Julia and its facilities.

The Park Association, organized in 1936, became inactive during the war years. The last elected officers, G. D. Fletcher, Mrs. Amos Davis and Arthur Macon, have continued to serve, however, and in this manner the skeleton of the organization has existed. New officers are to be elected and rules for the maintenance of the park will be formulated at the May 17 meeting.

Paid membership in the association will entitle a member to use all facilities at the park.

All interested persons are urged to attend the meeting.

Services Conducted For C. C. Guy, Sr.

Charlie Calhoun Guy, Sr., 71, died of a heart attack early Sunday at his home on North Carolina street in Quincy.

Guy was born in Trion, Ga., but has been a resident of Quincy since he moved there about 45 years ago. He was a retired salesman and served four years as voting registrar for Gadsden County. He was a member of the Presbyterian church at Gretna.

Rev. E. F. Quarterman and Rev. T. I. Deane officiated at the funeral, which was conducted from the home at 4 p. m., Tuesday. Interment was at Eastlawn (Eastern) cemetery, J. B. Adams Funeral Home in charge.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. C. C. Guy, Sr., of Quincy; a son, C. C. Guy, Jr., of Keystone Heights; a daughter, Mrs. Rees Williams and a grand daughter, Carolyn Williams, both of Tallahassee.

Reburial Rites Held For Delmar Mercer

Reburial rites were conducted for Delmar Mercer, Technician 5, who was killed on Okinawa during World War II. Mercer, who was 25 at the time of his death, was a native of Telogia and had spent most of his life in that section.

Services were held from Holiness Church of Hosford, with A. D. Parramore in charge. Interment was at Hosford.

Survivors include his mother, Mrs. Jessie Mercer of Hosford; a sister, Miss Nellie Goodwin of Telogia; and a brother, Ollie Mercer of Tallahassee.

Havana School News

Editor in Chief..............Venice Walsh
Assistant Editor...........Barbara Powell
Sports Editor..................Dan Miller
Grade News Editor.......Mary Zell Haskins
Circulation Manager.........Bobby Lambert


It probably seems strange for Seniors to try to give advice. It is strange for them, too, to realize enough to be able to give advice. It takes something like knowing high school is about over, to make them offer advice, too.

All the way through school, teachers and parents alike tried to explain to us why we should study, and do this or do that. We just didn't see a point to it then. It sort of takes growing up to make us realize and appreciate things that have been lying around all of the time, things that we now wish we had taken advantage of all the time.

School work, which we all have experienced, is the best example, of what we merely take for granted. Only toward the end of our Senior year do we fully realize what is happening and wake up. This is usually too late to do much good, for the present, but it is good that we have awakened. Maybe, if we continue to go to school, we will make up for lost time.

Being a Senior is more than merely being in another grade. There are responsibilites, maybe not real ones, but moral. Children all the way through school watch or notice us, and our conduct sets the pattern of their behavior to a certain degree.

It is in our Senior year, too, that the reflection of what we have done throughout school is brought to the surface again and reviewed, first by our rank in the class, and then by what we know on the Senior tests, that rank you in the state. Good or bad, these rankings will stick with us all though life.

Perhaps you wonder what meaning this has. Well, in a way it is advice, to students to prepare today for tomorrow, in knowledge and in grades. It will mean a lot to you later when you can think back over your school career with deep satisfaction and the pride of something well done.

Facts About The Seniors

The Senior Class of 1949, consisting of eight boys and nine girls, began their formal education back in the fall of 1936. Though many members have come and gone, eight have remained in HHS throughout their 12 years of public school education. Now that that graduation is approaching, the seniors like to recall some of the facts and a chievements of their classmates of which some of the outstanding ones are:

Noteworthy in the educational field is Dick Fischer, who has been selected alternate appointee to West Point, (Ed, note: Dick has now moved up into principal place due to the failure of the original principal to qualify) and is Valedictorian of his class. Annette Darsey is Salutatorian and Venice Walsh is Historian.

Dan Miller, David Burns, and Dick Fisher have been outstanding basketball players for the consecutive State Championship years, 1947, 1948, 1949. Dan Miller is captain of Havana Bears baseball team while David Burns assists as alternate captain. Mary Zell Haskins, Bobbie Willis and Barbara Powell have served as cheerleaders.

Three Seniors were leaders of various organizations: Joe Cantey was elected 5th vice president of State FFA and also president of the local chapter; Annette Darsey was made president of Havana FHA; Dan Miller is president of the Key Club.

Persons worthy of mention in the music field are Barbara Powell, drum majorette of HHS band and Dick Fischer, former drum major, Orien Womack, former majorette won first division rating in the twirling contest; and was selected Tobacco Queen of hte 1948 Tobacco Festival.

Who's Who

Sandy colored hair, green eyes, and about 5' 10' height is the description of our personality for this week. He is a member of the Junior class, looks exceptionally good in yellow T shirts and his favorite past time is working on cars. He has attended Havana school for the past five years. After telling you that his nickname is "Pete" and you still can't guess, then you must not get around much anymore.

Charles Lester Is New Key Club President

Charles Lester, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Lester, was chosen to succeed Dan Miller as president of the Havana Key Club for the coming year, at a regular luncheon meeting of the group last Thursday.

Others named to serve with Charles are Bernard Blackwood, vice president; and Dick Williams, secretary treasurer.

The new officers will assume their duties officially two weeks before school closes, and will serve during the 1949-50 school year.

The Key Club, a school service organization sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club, is beginning its second year at the Havana school.

Band News

In an act of appreciation the HHS band played "Cruising Down The River" in front of the Southern Auto Store last week. Recently, Joe Carroll, the owner of the store, purchased this number for the band. If any of the other merchants of Havana wish to buy a number for the band, they will likewise be serenaded in front of their business establishments.

Last Thursday night at the Kiwanis Minstrel, the band presented a short concert before the show. At intermission, a few popular numbers were played.

The band is making plans to play at the annual Spring Festival which will be held May 5.

Presenting The Seniors

Mary Edwina Hartsfield

Mary Edwina Hartsfield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hartsfield, was born June 25, 1931, at Jacksonville, Florida.

She is 5 feet 5 3/4 inches tall, weight 125 pounds, has brown hair and light brown eyes.

She has attended Havana High School from the 1st grade through the 12th. She is a member of the Glee Club and was a member of the band until her Junior year of school.

Mary Ed's favorite colors are blue and light green; her favorite songs are "I'll Always Be In Love With You," and "Far Away Places."

The greatest weakness she possess are eating and liking to go somewhere.

In September, she plans to enter St. Lukes School of Nursing at Jacksonville.

Mary Zell Haskins

One of the few people living who doesn't worry, that's Mary Zell. Worry makes one old and she firmly believes in a long life! She loves navy blue and white together and her favorite dish is Italian spaghetti with banana pudding for desert.

She has blue eyes, light brown hair, is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs, well, we won't go any further with that.

She has been a member of the band since its organization and was a cheerleader in the 11th grade. She loves children, horses and sports (especially softball.)

She plans to attend her first two years of college in LaGrange, Ga., and then transfer to FSU. Her major will be physical education with psychology as her minor. Mary Zell's life's ambiton is to become a camp director and work with the things she loves, children, horses and sports.

Around the Town
By Miss Teen

The Juniors and Seniors really did have a wonderful time down at Silver Springs, St. Augustine and Marineland. However, there were a lot of blistered people as the result of sunbathing. It was a very enjoyable trip, and one everyone will remember.

What happened on the trip will be disclosed in another issue of the paper, but for now we'll go into some "Good Gossip."

What happened to the Doris Hooks-Bernard Blackwood romance? It must have hit the rocks, or at least it looks that way.

Does Henry Atkinson write lots of notes. He was seen giving one to Martha Vickery recently.

Mary Ed certainly changes boy friends fast. She's now going with a boy from Calvary and before that it was one from Attapulgus.

Were Martha Pearl and Winston invited as a "couple" to Gene Belser's birthday supper? Now, now...

Douglas V., seems to have favorite names for Mary Ed, and June! And why does he have such a great interest in Joye Hitson? Hmnnn.

Why was Ray Gregory so reluctant to hand in his bookkeeping practice set? Couldn't have been because, on almost every book, a certain Senior girls' name was written.

This editor certainly slipped up last week. The interest Pat Gray has certainly wasn't for the person mentioned. That is a "mighty purty" ring of Pat Butler's she's wearing.

Now why don't we get two Bobby's going together and really have a novelty around school.

Talking about rings, that is also a pretty one David is wearing. The only trouble (so some girls say) is that it is from Attapulgus.

Audry Ann Blackmon is seeing a lot of W. H. now days. There is a little rumor of jealousy among others. W. H. seems to be a popular fellow. When Miss Warner asked for the name Gary, does anyone know how Orien spelled it? Gerry. Does that have a significance to you? Does to us!

What two sophomore boys did "Babs" have such a good time rabbit hunting with Tuesday night?

Ella Jean and Bobby Harrell seem to have patched things up again. When will there be another argument? That's quite a question.

We're signing off for now, but we'll be around next week to find what happened on the Jr.-Sr. trip and during preparations for May Day.

Grade News

Second Grade

We are busily practicing for the Spring Festival.

Second and Third Grade

We have two new girls in our room, Helen and Elsie Yawn from Quincy.

Fourth Grade

We are going to dance the May Pole May 5th. We are all trying to make the Honor Roll.

5th Grade, Mrs. Zeigler's Room

We have been studying about Canada. The class had a Reading test. In arithmetic we are studying about areas and perimeters. We had a language test.

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade has been busy on the May Festival. In our room we are learning to use decimals in arithmetic and every morning we have a small program we have different things and different people in charge of the program. In Health we are studying about how to prevent germs.

Eighth Grade

The eighth grade is looking forward to the May Festival which is coming soon. We have a new member, Danny Bullock, from Georgia. The boys in our room are making seats for the old chairs that have been thrown away, for agriculture.

Ninth Grade

The ninth grade has been studying about taxes and insurance in math and analysing sentences in English. Three boys went to Thomasville for the Scout meet last Friday.

Tenth Grade

We have a new member, Hubert Bulocks from Ga. We are still waiting for school to be out, but, oh, those exams.

Eleventh and Twelfth

You all know what the Jr. and Srs. are ready to do. Yes! go to St. Augustine.

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