Issue of September 23, 1948

Excerpted, with permission, from the Havana Herald, Havana, FL.

Articles were photographed by Donna Warlick and typed by Eunice Herren. Where the full names of people are known,
they have been added in parentheses by Angela Cassidy.

Let's Go Scouts and Cubs---And Parents Too

You've all seen these future citizens and leaders of Havana, but we though you'd rather look at them again than a news shot of UN sessions. Four of this group graduate to the Scouts this fall. Let's all give a helping hand to our scout and cub leaders, Elbert Poppell and Duncan Lester, and make both American boy organizations the best in this district.

The Office Cat

That mouse that lives in George's desk has really been giving me a fit this past week. I used to think he was a pretty good fellow, as rats go, but recently I've changed my opinion. The first thing he said was that the Herald showed a vast improvement the last two weeks, especially the front page, and more specifically the top of the left hand column. Not being thick in the head, I gathered that what he meant was the brevity of my column. I let that one go by. When, however, I caught him reading a certain column written for another newspaper in this county by a rival columnist, and actually smiling over the poetic works therein, THAT did it. Convinced that he was a subversive element in this office, I promptly banished him to the Hell-box. (The Hell-box, for the inforamtion of those of you who don't speak the language we journalists use, is the repository for scrap metal, used type, etc., and is not a particularly comfortable resting place. Believe me; I know.) That'll teach him to be disrespectful to me. It was extremely gratifying to hear that dozens of subscribers were threatening to cancel their subscriptions if the Herald published another issue without a full length column by me. Many thanks to my reading public. You're bound to have noticed the new look all over town, and I don't mean on the local women. With the metal awning removed from the Shelfer & Ellinor block, the street looks wider and lighter (contrary to popular tourist belief, that is NOT the damage the tornado did to Havana) and the pool room and the shoe shop are having their faces lifted. I thought that new fenced in spot by the picture show was a trap for me until they put up a sign "Used Car Lot". I ought to get a medal for thinking up the Havana Merchants Association. I probably won't get any credit, but the whole idea was mine, and I am a charter member of the organization. Actually, I got the most votes for president, but because of pressing duties, I relinquished the post to Benny McFarland, who, I am sure will do his best with the job. Seen Around Town: Kenneth Cowart in his latest role as matchmaker. I hear it rumored that a certain local golfer of some renown has a decided aversion to flying, even when it's free. Maybe he just wants to be sure he keeps both feet on the ground. Mrs. Boss can't slip up on me (rest missing) continued on Page Ten.

Duncan Lester Named Cub Master Of Pack 211
Large Attendance At Initial Meeting of Club Enthusiasts

Havana Cub Pack 211 has started off their fall activities with a bouncing enthusiasm. It is going to take some "stepping" on the part of their parents and cub leaders to keep up with them.

Twenty one cubs attended the reorganization meeting held last Monday night and most of them were accompanied by one or both parents. Of this group, seven boys joined as new cubs, having had their ninth birthday since last Spring.

Principal business at the meeting was the selection of new cub leaders by the parents present while the boys met with den chiefs Haskins, Loch, and Edmunds and discussed the formation of two football teams among the three Dens.

Duncan Lester was unanimously elected Cubmaster for the 1949 period and Henry Slappey will serve as assistant. Den Mothers selected were Mrs. W. D. Lester, Mrs. G. H. Loch, and Mrs. J. B. Harrison. Den chiefs are Kenneth Haskins, Sheldon Loch, Ray Gregory and Billy Edmunds.

It was decided also that retiring Cubmaster Shelfer and the former Den Mothers will serve out their registered time, which is until December of this year. The new group will officially take over on January 1, 1949.

Due to the reorganization, all the cubs will be divided into three Dens according to the convenience of their homes to those of the various Den Mothers. After a meeting this week of the Cubmaster and Den Mothers, Cubs will be notified by mail and in the Havana Herald as to the time and place of their Den meetings.

New Cubs joining at the meeting last Monday were: Daniel Harrison, Billy Brady, Richard Gandy, Allen Davis, Jimmie Powell, Jimmie Odom, and Felix Henderson. Other Cubs present included Bernard Lester, Bobby Arrington, Bobby Ray Durden, Charles Dudley, Gary Harrison, Mark Morgan, Emory Weatherly, Jim Henry Slappey, Davis Stallings, Archibald Freeman, James Shivers, Michael Swisher, John Howard Robertson, Charles Noack, and Potter Woodbery.

Local Teacher Hurt In Auto Accident

Miss Estermary Brown, new librarian at the Havana school, was injured last Saturday, in an automobile accident near Ft. Walton, Fla., as she was driving from Havana to her home in Pensacola.

The accident occurred as Miss Brown, in attempting to pass a car, ran off the edge of the road onto a soft shoulder, throwing the car out of control. The car turned over three times, but Miss Brown was apparently thrown clear on the first turn. She suffered a fractured pelvis, slight concussion, painful bruises and road burns. The car was completely demolished. She was taken by a passing motorist to the Ft. Walton Clinic and later was sent to Pensacola, where she is now in the hospital.

Reports from her family indicate that Miss Brown will be confined to her bed for four or five weeks.

Junior Red Cross Drive Slated

A Junior Red Cross enrollment drive in Gadsden County schools will be held October 17-31, inclusive. It was felt that this time was best suited to the Gadsden county school program.

Contributions made in the enrollment drive will be used for community projects sponsored by the Junior Red Cross, a contribution of $50 to the National Children's Fund and enrollment fees to National Junior Red Cross.

The school children in this county, under the direction of the teacher sponsors, plan to fill one hundred gift boxes for children overseas. Greensboro has accepted the task of making five lamps and twenty unbreakable ash trays for the hospital at Tyndall Field. Havana is planning to make twenty five unbreakable ash trays for the Eglin Field hospital; Chattahoochee will make folding breakfast trays; Quincy will make writing boards and twenty bound copies of stories for hospitalized veterans. The favors and menu covers for holiday seasons have been divided among all the schools.

The teacher sponsors for the white schools in Gadsden county are: Chattahoochee, Mrs. Willie Byrd; Greensboro, Mrs. Wilton Rowan; Mt. Pleasant, Mrs. Ike Shepard; Havana, Miss Hilda Grant and Mrs. Hugh Zeigler; Concord, Mrs. Eva Haviland; Quincy, Miss Edna Feinberg and Miss Louise Quarterman.

The teacher sponsors for the colored school will be announced later.

County Wide Methodist Meeting To Be Held At Glen Julia Park Sunday

On September 26, Rural Life Sunday will be observed in the Methodist churches of Gadsden county at the morning worship hour.

Each church in the county will have an exchange of ministers for the day. Rev. J. L. Hunter, the local pastor, will fill the pulpit at the Hinson church, and Rev. A. Love Smith of Hinson, will be in charge of the morning service at Salem church. Other pulpit assignments for this special service are: Mr. C. D. Johnson, Associate District Lay Leader, Chattahoochee; Dr. J. W. Blake, District Superintendent at Mt. Pleasant; Rev. Milton H. Wyatt of Quincy at Glen Julia; Rev. T. A. Ferguson of Chattahoochee at Sycamore and Rev. H. L. Boyd of Greensboro at Quincy.

At the close of these morning meetings, the Methodists of the county will gather at Glen Julia Park for dinner on the grounds. The church people are being asked to bring basket dinners and also paper plates, cups, spoons, forks, and sugar for their tea. The dinner is scheduled for 1:15. The dinner committee is composed of Rev. Milton H. Wyatt, Mrs. C. D. Johnson, Mrs. Dan Grubb, Mrs. Christian Rowan, Mrs. L. B. Crosby, Mrs. Edgar Scarborough, Mrs. Aubrey Butler and Mrs. Frank Sunday.

In the afternoon, there will be a short program, at which Mr. Phil Taylor of Tallahassee will be the principal speaker. Dr. J. W. Blake will speak and singing will be directed by Dr. R. R. Kincaid of Quincy. The orchestra of Centenary Methodist church will furnish the accompaniment. A special musical number will be furnished by Stanley and Charles Burns.

The afternoon program will close in time for the meeting of the Quarterly Conference of the Greensboro church at 3:30 p. m., at Glen Julia.

Merchants Association Plans Member Drive
23 Charter Members As HMA Completes Local Organization

The Havana Merchants Association, at their second regular meeting, at the City Hall, Monday evening, completed the organization of their group and adopted the bylaws governing their newly formed organization.

Twenty three members have been listed as charter members of the organization, as was previously announced at last week's initial meeting and in last week's Herald by President Bennie McFarland.

McFarland pointed out that membership in the association is open to any firm or individual in Havana selling direct to the public any food, merchandise or services. The association tentatively set the third Monday of every month as the regular meeting date which brings the next session up on October 18.

Between now and the next meeting, an intensive drive for a 100 per cent membership, under the direction of T. E. Jefferson, chairman of the membership committee, will be made. However, Jefferson stated that merchants and individuals desiring to join, need not wait for his official call. Dues have been set at $2 annually and an amendment to the bylaws passed at the meeting puts no restriction on the number that may belong from any one firm, but does limit voting power to only one vote per firm.

As set forth in the bylaws of the HMA, the purpose of the association shall be to promote commerce and industry in Havana and nearby area and improve the civic welfare of the people of Havana and its trade territory.

A board of seven directors, composed of President McFarland, vice president, T. E. Jefferson, secretary-treasurer, Clarenc Pearce, Lloyd Greer, of the Havana Motor Co., Davis Smith, of Flint River Mills; Winnie Telford, of Harrison's 5 & 10 and J. C. Morgan, Jr., will conduct the affairs of the association for the first crucial six months. Election of officers will be for a six month's period, by a vote of either the board or the membership, and they will be eligible for reelection if so desired.

Immediate plans of the association discussed were the combined promotion of a greater trade day event in the near future, Christmas promotion plans, possible use of a shopper's bus service to outlaying communities and the control of solicitors and solicitations other than Red Cross, Community Chest, Salvation Army, schools, Boy Scouts, and all other know local organizations.

Charter members of the HMA are: Planters Exchange, Inc., Suwannee Store, Gandy's Super Market, Flint River Mills, Inc., Moreland's Hill Top Super Market, Havana Bargain Store, Havana Dry Cleaners, Jitney Jungle, LeVar's Ready-to-Wear, Havana Herald, Shelfter & Ellinor Co., Havana Furniture Co., Gadsden Tractor Co., Havana Motor Co., Dees-Jefferson Furniture Co., Southern Auto Associate Store, Havana Super Market, Penn's, Harrison's 5 & 10, Betty's Ready-to-Wear, Morgan Brothers, and McCall's Dry Cleaners.

Beekeepers Elect Lewis President

Wewahitchka, Sept. 17: Leslie Lewis of Havana was unanimously reelected president of the beekeepers of the Tupelo District at their convention today.

The district is made up of the counties of the third congressional district. Other officers elected to serve with Lewis were: A. C. Lanier, vice president; C. R. Laird, secretary; Clyde Brezeman, assistant secretary, all of Wewahitchka and Gary Larkin of Bristol, treasurer.

Major business of the district convention was the completion of plans by members for the entertainment of the state convention to be held in Blountstown, October 18 and 20.

Speakers scheduled for their state meeting next month, include Congressman Bob Sikes, T. J. Brooks, Phil Taylor and representatives from the department of agriculture in Washington.

The housing committee reports that through the cooperation of the Blountstown and Wewahitchka chambers of commerce, that hotel accomodations and the homes of many beekeepers in the area, will be available to take care of the large number expected.

Entertainment will include a free barbecue in Blountstown Monday night, with boat rides on the Appalachicola and Chipola rivers and the Dead Lakes and a fish fry at Wewahitchka Wednesday morning to conclude the three day convention.

The next meeting of the Tupelo district will be held December 17th in Crawfordville.

Mitchell, Shelfer Chosen To Head Kiwanis Club

The newly elected president of the Havana Kiwanians is James Mitchell, who was chosen for the office by the group at their weekly meeting Tuesday night at the City Hall.

On the same ballot, Wallace Shelfer was reelected vice president, and J. E. (James) Robinson, H. R. (Harold Rodgers) Bert, A. M. (Aubrey) Butler, D. E. (Don) Penn, E. B. (Bennie) McFarland, C. B. Shelfer, Jr., and W. L. Williams, Jr., were named to the Board of Directors.

The new officers will be installed in December and will assume their duties the first of the year.

Mr. Mitchell came to Havana in 1940. He spent four years (1942-46) in the Army Air Corps, and since his return has been employed as office manager at Shelfer & Ellinor Co. A charter member of the local Kiwanis Club, Mr. Mitchell also is a member of the Masonic order and of the Methodist Church. At present he is local chairman of the Red Cross Disaster Committee. Mr. Shelfer is a native of Havana and is engaged in tobacco growing here. Twenty eight Kiwanians were present at the meeting. Guests for the evening were Dr. W. G. Stacener, Pensacola minister, who is conducting a revival at the Baptist church, Dan Miller and Dick Fischer of the Havana Key Club.

Jack Dudley's Editorial -- Welcome To The Herald Staff This week the Herald welcomes back to its "staff of writers and reporters and editors" the members of the senior class who, headed by Venice Walsh, will take over the direction of the school paper. Pre-plans of editor Walsh and his staff indicate that they will have much in store for their readers this year. He will be assisted in his reporting and editorial tasks by Barbara Powell as a feature writer, Dan Miller on sports, Orien Womack, society, Mary Zell Haskins, grade news, Bobby Lambert as circulation manager, and Mrs. Walter (Jessie) Truluck as able advisor. We are glad to have you as members of our staff and shall endeavor to aid you in the publishing of your part of the Hearld in anyway that we can.

Havana School News

Editor in Chief..............Venice Walsh
Feature Editor.............Barbara Powell
Sports Editor..................Dan Miller
Society Editor...............Orien Womack
Grade News Editor.......Mary Zell Haskins
Circulation Manager.........Bobby Lambert

Be Ready To Vote

The future belongs to those who prepare for it. The future of this country depends on how well the youth has prepared to use his constitutional rights. Education makes it easier for one to cope with the future but only the individual determines the exact use of those rights and privileges.

No one can ever appreciate or make good use of an outright gift as something he has worked for. Everyone should work now in order to deserve the privilege of helping govern this country tomorrow. A school, being a democracy, is organized and operated similar to our government. The student, as a direct participant in the school, has an excellent opportunity to secure training for larger tasks to be assumed later in life. Instead of criticizing your school or your govenment, everyone should do his best to improve the situation.

Remember: With every right given you, there is the understood duty that you use it wisely and well. That is a hard duty to fulfil.

The Bears Growl By Dan Miller

Cold weather spells Basketball on the sports bulletin at Havana High School. The Bears, under the able direction of Coach Fred Strange, will begin practice soon and endeavor to produce a state champion ball club for the third successive year. Even though the loss of four regulars has hurt the team, their prospects for a winning club are just as good as in previous years. With the construction of the new gymnasium well underway (Homer's on the ball), the boys, in all probability, will want to have an exceedingly good season. Most of the players would like to get sweet revenge from a certain game that ended 26-17 and it is rumored that they may have a chance to do so.

Here are some of the boys who will possibly be trying out for regular berths on the squad: Howard Gray, David Burns, Dan Miller, Dickie Fischer, Hunter McCullough, Dick Williams, Don Butler, Jimmy Boynton, Emory Atkinson, Wister Willis, Venice Walsh, Charles Lester and probably more.

Some of the recent graduates of Havana High are attending Florida State University and are planning to give the Seminoles some of that Bear talent while a small portion of it goes to Gainesville.

In a survey of the rules with Coach Strange, we discover that there has been a change in the rules for the betterment of the spectators. After a player commits a foul and the official calls it, the player must raise his hand so that the audience may see who it is.

With a Bear team working with spirits high, it is certain that we will have satisfactory results.

Society Notes

Wednesday night, the girls softball players of Havana, with those of Quincy and Greensboro, enjoyed a chicken supper at the American Legion Home in Quincy. Afterwards, the girls danced with their dates to the music of Phil Davis' orchestra.

Sunday, Bobby Lambert and his brother, Mayo, took a pleasure trip to Montgomery, Alabama. Mayo recently arrived from Japan, after being in the army there for twenty months.

Elsie Walsh had thirty five guests at a peanut boil in her home, Friday. It was reported that everyone had a wonderful time.

Friday, September the ninth, a number of young people were entertained with a candy pulling at the Weatherly home. All participated in the various games and songs.

Barbara Powell, who has served as majorette in H. H. H. Band, for two years, will begin her new role as drum majorette, Wednesday, when she will lead them out to practice marching for the first time this school term.

Recently, a group of young girls and boys enjoyed a dance and refreshments at the home of Julie Griner.

Roy Bryan, former student of Havana High, came home Wednesday on a twelve day leave to visit his parents before going overseas. If Roy were in school now, he would be a member of the senior class.

Can You Imagine?

Coach (Fred Strange) not saying, "You can laugh if you want to, but that's a fact."

Mrs. Daniels not saying "right chere."

Mrs. Truluck really stopping when she says, "I don't want to get involved in that."

Dickie (Fischer) and Venice (Walsh) not arguing over some technical point.

Mr. Strange not talking about the increasing population expecially in China, Ec. Geo. Class take note.

Mr. Burns giving the students a holiday just for being good.

A dance the boys got up.

Mr. Blake showing the majoretes how to strut.

David (Burns) getting all the answers right in Bookkeeping class.

This years' Junior play as a flop.

Joe Cantey not saying "Gawja" for Georgia.

Jimmie Boynton being unhappy.

Tex Williams (no relative of Dick's we hope) singing, "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke" as his house burns down.

Vaughn Monroe, racing with the moon on New Year's Eve.

The adults taking a greater interest in the teenagers of the community.

Tommy Dorsey Getting Seminmental over Miss Grant?

Band News

As we hear the melody of the cornet, clarinet and other musical instruments floating through the air, we know that the band has started playing again.

This year, the band is under the direction of Mr. Blake, who has recently been a band instructor in South Carolina.

At the present time, the band is practicing in the agriculture building until the band room is constructed. In the meantime, a temporary band building is going to be constructed. The new band room is going to be built in the gymnasium with private rooms for individual practice.

There are fourteen new members starting, which will now make the band consist of forty members.

The majorettes met with Mr. Blake and Barbara Powell was appointed drum majorette. There will be two new majorettes to take the place of the ones that graduated.

The group will start marching September 22, to be in shape for the tobacco festival on October 14th.

The goal of the band is to make first division at the band festival.

Grade News

The news from the grade school is written as the reporter from each grade has given it. The errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar are not oversights.

First Grade

The first grade is doubtful as to the number of students but they are sure of 36 or 37 being enrolled. So far they have done nothing that they feel like reporting on but we know that in time to come they will havbe as much news as the others.

Second Grade
By Jeanette Swisher

This grade has been writing songs, learning to read better, and having spelling. Most of the students like the second grade very much.

Combination Grade - Second and Third
By Carol Williams

Our grade mothers are Mrs. R. D. Smith, Mrs. L. H. Lock and Mrs. E. D. Weatherly.

We watched a frog eat and found that a frog's tongue is very different from the tongues of most other animals.

We say a prayere every morning before anything else.

We are making a farm in Geography and on the farm we are going to have animals.

We are learning how plants get their food.

We are making a Health book.

Third Grade
By Shirley Lambert

Here we are back in school and enjoying it very much. We have had fun looking at, and studying our new books. We have made a pretty health border for our black board. We have had four classmates absent this week. Glad they're back with us.

Fourth Grade
By Richard Gandy

The fourth grade have been drawing pictures, they have a new science table, one reading group is reading Today and Tomorrow, the other group is reading The Five and a Half Club. We had a picture show Wednesday about boats.

Fifth Grade
By Merle Lowe

The fifth grade had a play in chapel last Friday. They have new work books. They have been drawing picture's, the fifth grade have been studying about green plants and non-green plants. The 1 grade, 2 grade, 3 grade, 4 grade, 5 grade, 6 grade, went to see a show about boats Wednesday afternoon. The fifth grade reads a story in some books and then tells the story they like best.

Fifteh Grade (Mrs. Zeiglers)
By Patsy Fischer

We are going to have a play Friday about a camp. We have made to maps of the United States one map is of salt and modeling clay.

Sixth Grade
By Max Medly

The sixth grade told the first grade some stories this week and the first grade pupils enjoyed them very much. The one who told the stories are Potter Woodbery, Pat Lambert, Bobbie Bryan, Gwynnn Holman, Eva Ferrell, Carolyn Sellars and Guy Medly. We have been studying about Early Civilization week in History.

Seventh Grade
By Mildred Harrison

President, Ann Martin; Vice President, Dewey Mills; Secretary Don Vickers; Treasurer George Harvell, Reporter Millard Harrison.

Ninth Grade

Most of us are having a hard time getting accustom to the 9th grade. Everyone likes it very much.

Officers; President, Sheldon Loch; Vice-President, Beatrice Lambert; Secretary and Treasurer, Carol E.; Reporters, Elise Moore, Yvonne.

Tenth Grade

Officers are as follows: Mary Brock, president; John Dolan, vice-president; Ella Jean Driver, secretary and treasurer; Sarah Bruce, reporter.

The 10th grade has the three new members Mildred Griner from Baldwin, Fla., Martha Vickery from Atlanta, Ga., and Gary Brooks from Quincy.

Eleventh Grade

The officers are, president, Dick Williams; vice-president, Winston Sapp, secretary Pat Gray; treasuere, Martha Pearl Sanders.

The Juniors have a committee on selecting a sponsor and later the class will vote on who the committee chooses.

The Seniors

Officers: President, Venice Walsh; vice-president, Bobby Harrel; secretary, Orien Womack; treasurer, Bobby Lambert.

A series of tests are being given too the 7th, 9th and 11th grades. These tests are to measure what the schools are doing all over the county.

Around The Town
By Miss Teen

WELL!! here we go with all this stuff again. Of course, it's only what happens at and around school but maybe you'll be interested.

We picked the contestants for the Tobacco Festival Queen this past week. Good luck to both of our girls.

What's the trouble Ella Jean? Can't ypu make up your mind about Bobby? We hear that you are having difficulties.

Billy Edmunds has a girl, Can you imagine? We've heard that some of the older girls have a grudge against Billy for causing so much trouble with their boy friends.

Joe Cantey, why don't you get a girl and stop being the Roving Cassanova? Or is there too much fun in being free to roam and take your pick?

Maybe this column will help keep the people abreast of the news!! We know Mr. Strange is three months behind because he remarked the other day when Hunter was talking to "Babs" that he would set Dick Williams on Hunter. Course, we'll excuse Mr. Strange this time because he hasn't had us to tell him all the news, but there'll be no excuse for next time.

Who is the favorite couple around school? It used to be pat and Deede, then Donald and Frannie, and now, natch! it's Dan and Carol.

Howard and Margaret seem to have disagreed on quite a few things. Maybe Don could be the reason.

It's good to see Elizabeth Miller back at H. H. S. But, if I were You, Elizabeth, I'd go back to Lakeland where that cute boyfriend is.

The tenth grade is sure to miss Bill and Lewis Shelfer this year. Now there is no one to pester them for Algebra homework in study hall.

Lillian, do you enjoy going to the show with Wilhoit? We see that it happens quite often.

We are going to have some new majorettes this year. We hope that this will pep up the others. We also want our cheerleaders to be the best ever.

What't this we hear about Joe Peavy saying he dated a certain Senior girl for a Sunday School party at Lake Bradford? She denies it. Now wonder why? Could be taht she didn't go with him.

Orien Womack is seeing a lot of Bert C. lately! Or is it Bert seeing Orien? Oops! my mistake.

That certainly was a cute boy that was with Annette at church about three weeks ago. At least she could have told us where he was from.

Does Ray Gregory still think all the girls in Havana except one are Wild, Wild, Women? He should just look around a little more.

Is Julia Ann still being true to Buddy or has Dickie taken over? Bet Dickie wishes he could take over.

We have seen quite a few boys from Quincy over in Havana lately. Could the girls have anything to do with this?

Maybe our Sadie Hawkins Dance will bring up some new romances. Since the girls have to ask the boys we'll see who likes whom. We'll be around next week to tell you all about it, so look for us.

Who's Who

Height: 5'3"; weight, about 135 Lbs.; Color Eyes, brown; Color Hair, sandy brown; Favorite Expression, "Wouldn't do to say"!! Favorite Pal, Bobby Harrell; Favorite girl, Mary Anne Butler.

He is usually getting some boy or girl in trouble and has a loud mouth. Do we need to say more?

Mary Edith Lester Has Party On 6th Birthday

Mary Edith Lester celebrated her sixth birthday Saturday afternoon at a party given by her mother, Mrs. W. D. Lester, at their home in Hinson.

A number of Mary Edith's friends were entertained with outdoor games, after which the honoree opened the attractive gifts she received.

Her birthday cake was white with pink candles. Mrs. A. M. Butler, whose birthday was on Saturday, was also presented with a birthday cake. Guests were served refreshments of ice cream and iced cupcakes carrying out the pink and white color scheme.

Favors of toy birds on sticks were given.

Those invited to the party were Mary Howard Shelfer, Peggy Leonard, Dorothy Yearty, Carolyn Hinson, Joan Henderson, Frances and Betty Jo Smith, Donna and Betty Jo May, Margaret Alice and Elizabeth Weatherly, Linda Penn, Dianne Hall, Delores Perry, Lynn Mitchell, Linda Peavy, Alice Graham, Betty and Victor Butler, Larry, Ronny and Craig Stephens, Joe Harrell, Joel Keith, Robert Hampton McFarland, Hal Dolan, Max Smith, Tommy Fischer, Hokum Swisher, Irwin Gregory, and Bobbie Lester of Quincy.

Shelfer Boys Attend Military Academy

Bill Shelfer and Lewis W. Shelfer, Jr., sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Shelfer, of Havana, were recently enrolled as cadets in the Sewanee Military Academy at Sewanee, Tenn.

Both boys formerly attended Havana High School, and both are entering the academy as freshmen.

Sewanee Military Academy, which was founded shortly after the Civil War, has a total enrollment of 235, with 85 new cadets this year.

Card Of Thanks

We wish to acknowledge with grateful thanks the many services and kindnesses shown to us during the tragedy of the recent tornado which destroyed our home. May God bless you all.
The Routons

WSCS Holds Regular Meeting Monday

The three circles of the WSCS met jointly last Monday afternoon at the Methodist Church with Mrs. George Gregory presiding. This concluded the joint meetings scheduled during the summer months and regular circle meetings will be resumed in October.

Mrs. A. M. (Kathleen) Butler was in charge of the program, "In His Light Shall The Nations Walk." Mrs. J. W. (Helen) Sapp, Mrs. John (Sarah) Boynton and Mrs. Ray Gregory had parts on the program.

Hostesses for the afternoon, representing the three circles, were, Mrs. W. V. (Sara) Smith, Mrs. Wallace (Edith) Shelfer, and Mrs. Clarence (Olive) Morgan, Jr.

Twenty seven members enjoyed the meeting and the social hour which followed.

Mrs. Womack Entertains Sewing Club

Members of the Havana Sewing Club were guests of Mrs. Harry Womack Tuesday afternoon at her home on Main Street.

Refreshments of lemon chiffon pie and ice cream were served to the members, Mrs. George Gregory, Mrs. Gus Bert, Mrs. E. H. Slappey, Mrs. O. M. Tillis, Mrs. J. E. Robinson and the hostess.

Thanks From Red Cross

Mr. E. C. Mahaffey, county chairman of the Red Cross, expressed his appreciation this week for the splendid response of the people of Gadsden county to the appeals for aid sent out by the Red Cross in the recent tornado disaster.

Furniture, food and clothing were donated by generous citizens from all over the county, Mr. Mahaffey stated, and hte recipients as well as the Red Cross, are most grateful for these gifts.

Williams Hosts At Bridge Supper

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Williams, Jr., were hosts at a bridge supper at their home Saturday night when the members of the Low Score bridge club entertained their husbands.

The regular players were present, and Mr. and Mrs. Hordur Helgason were guests for the evening.

Those present enjoyed a delicious supper of spaghetti, chopped green salad, French bread, cake and coffee.

Enjoying the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Williams and the guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tullos, Mr. and Mr. Alvin Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Arrington, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bert and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lester.

Health Unit To Have New Officers

At the meeting last week of the local Health Unit Council, a nominating committee was appointed to submit a roster of new officers. On the committee are Mrs. W. V. (Sara) Smith, Mrs. J. S. (Nellie) Cantey and Mrs. A. M. (Kathleen) Butler.

Concord News
By Jeannette Joiner

Homecoming To Be Held At Concordia Baptist Church

Special services are being held Sunday, September 26th in observance of Homecoming Day. Regular services will be held Sunday morning. Sunday School at 10:00 o'clock, Morning Worship at 11 o'clock. Picnic dinner will be served. In the afternoon service, Rev. A. C. Camp of Tallahassee, will be the special speaker. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. C. G. (Clarence and Achsa) Perritt visited relatives in Panama City last week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Kiser and daughter, LaNita, have returned from a visit with Mrs. Kiser's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Ogle and other relatives in South Fla.

Miss Lessie Myrl Gray has as her guests Sunday the Misses Nellie May Ferrel, Bobbie Bryan and Annie Margaret Butler.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Willis and baby daughter, Cheryl, of Cairo, Ga., visited Mrs. Willis' mother, Mrs. B. H. Vickers, Friday.

Mrs. C. A. (Charlie and Joyce) Bell and son, John L., Mrs. Ettie Joiner and Jeanette Joiner were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Scoggins, in Bainbridge Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Randal (and Willie Mae Poppell) Saddler announce the birth of a son, born September 17th at Gadsden County Hospital. The baby has been named Ronny.

Personal Items
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Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Markham announce the birth of a little girl on September 21st at Gadsden County Hospital whom they have named Wilma Virginia. Mrs. Markham is the former Margaret Taylor of Dogtown. Mr. Markham is employed at the Havana Motor Company.

Miss Jewel Dees, who is teaching at Blountstown school, spent last week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Dees.

Miss Betty Fletcher spent Sunday and Monday in Atlanta, Ga., on business.

Gene Leverett returned home Thursday from a two weeks visit with relatives in Houston, Texas.

Pfc. Buddy Robertson, who is stationed at San Antonio, Tex., is spending this week here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Robertson and family.

Miss Frances Powell left this week to enter Wesleyan College at Macon, Georgia.

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Routon and their daughter, Miss Sarah Routon, spent Monday and Tuesday in Montgomery, Ala.

Paul Felker of Monroe, Ga., was the guest of Joe Darsey and his family several days this week. Joe returned with him to Monroe for a short visit before going to Birmingham, Alabama to begin work.

Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Laing have as their guests this week Mrs. O. B. Cantrell of Tampa and Mrs. Fant Johnson, of Ellentown, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Whipple have as their guests this week, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whipple and son, Bobby, who recently returned to this country after three years in Japan. Mr. Whipple, who is a Chief Warrant Officer in the Air Force, is on leave and will be stationed at Miami when he returns for duty.

Miss Julia Ann Tullos spent Saturday and Sunday as the guest of Miss Alice Clark in Tallahassee.

Mr. Hayes Sappington returned to Havana with his mother, Mrs. J. H. Sappington from Tampa last week end and will visit here for a few days.

Mrs. Joe Crudell of Tallahassee was a spend the day guest here Tuesday at the home of her mother, Mrs. Rosie Walsh.

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Shelfer and their son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shelfer, all of Leesburg, Fla., visited Mrs. Joe Shelfer for several days last week.

Mrs. Leonard Peabody returned home last week end after a visit in Camilla, Ga., at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Roland Ross.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Shofner of Mobile, Ala., announce the birth of a daughter on September 14th at Gadsden County Hospital. The baby weighed 7 1/2 pounds and has been named Marsha Faye. Mrs. Shofner is the former Miss Dorris Laing.

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