Gilcrease Cemetery

Surveyed by: Wayne N Carpenter in December 1999. Originally typed by: Betty James Smith

Directions: From Gretna, FL, take Solomon Dairy Road (Hwy 268) East 2.2 miles to Gloria Road and turn left.
Go 1 mile on Gloria Road, and the cemetery is on the left side of road. Walk about 250 to 300 feet through
some planted pines. Cemetery has been badly vandalized. Number of persons buried there unknown. Headstones
thrown face down and over the years, all the writing has been eaten away. A group of trees has grown up on a
couple of stones and all you can see are two small corners. In a few years the trees will have enclosed the

Surname Given Birth Death Notes
SMITH Edward L 23 Aug 1820 1 Dec 1827 In Memory of - and killed by a sugar mill
SMITH Mary Ann 24 Dec 1822 11 Jun 1881 w/o John G Smith -In memory of
SMITH John Gadsden 8 Sep 1822 6 Nov 1870 Erected to the memory of - His affectionate wife Mary Ann - Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Rev. 14, C.13, V.
Correction to: Gilcrease/Smith/Love Cemetery, submitted by Pat Hurst March 2002.

My ancestors are James Munroe and Frances Elizabeth Bradwell Smith. I went to Quincy and talked to Mr. Bill Crawford after going to the cemetery which you are listing as the Gilcrease Cemetery. I had found the information in "The Loves of Gadsden County" that my ancestors were buried on the Edward Love Plantation called the Barclow Indian Agency, later owned by Carl Spooner in 1941 and now Bill Crawford. James Munroe's brother, John Gadsden Smith, settled in Gadsden Co about 1822, having his Indian Agency on the plantation. I also saw the same tombstones that were listed on your website when I went there. However, from Mr. Bill Crawford I was able to get some old papers given to him when he bought the land where a Mrs. Clark gave information about the tombstones that were in the cemetery to an E.B.Shaw. There is no date on the handwritten sheet. Mr. Crawford told me that the cemetery had been vandalized before he got the property and that some renters had carried off some of the stones. I read somewhere in my grandmother's things (Mrs. John Love Fain) that my ancestors James Munroe and Frances Elizabeth were also buried there. However, from the information given to me, those tombstones were not there at the time this information was gathered. Here it is and I hope you will list it somewhere so someone who is looking for their family can find it. If you want me to send you a copy of what I have I will gladly do it.

On the tombstone:
In memory of Simon B. Smith who was born Oct.29.A.D. 1833 and died October 21-A.D.1834. On the footstone S.B.S.

In memory of Archibald Smith Jr. who was born on June 18th A.D. 1796 and departed this life on the 21st day of January A.D.1853 Aged 56 years 7 months and 3 days. "Let this be thy epitaph, thy memory's boast. That they who knew thee longest loved thee most." Note: This is the husband of Jane.

In Memory of Jane Love Smith wife of Archibald Smith Jr. who was born July 22 A.D. 1797 and Departed this life on 22nd October A.D. 1854 Age 57 years and 5 mo. "Our dear Mother is gone and Oh may we too be prepared When our last summons shall come. There is no union here of hearts."

Erected to the Memory of John Gadsden Smith Born Sept.8th 1822 Died Nov.6th 1870 by his affectionate wife Mary Ann "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." Rev. 14c-13v.

In Memory of Mary Ann wife of John G Smith Born Dec.24 A.D. 1822 Died June 11 A.D. 1881. Note: This is the mother of John Gadsden Smith, the first white child born in Gadsden County.

In memory of Edward R. Smith who was born August the 23rd A.D. 1820, Killed by a sugar mill Dec. 1 A.D. 1827

In Memory of Benjamine F. Smith who was born May 5th A.D. 1831 and died Oct. 21st A.D. 1834
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